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Claude Cox Books

WHITTINGTON PRESS. MATRIX 11 A Review for Printers & Bibliophiles. Whittington Press,. 1991. £120.00

TSCHICHOLD, Jan. An illustrated history of writing and lettering. A. Zwemmer,. 1946. £30.00

SHAKESPEARE HEAD PRESS. SPENSER, Edmund. The Works. [In eight volumes.] Printed at The Shakespeare Head Press...Oxford,. 1930. £850.00

SCHOLDERER, Victor. RHODES, Dennis E. [Editor] Fifty Essays in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Bibliography. Menno Hertzberger, Amsterdam,. 1966. £50.00

REHAK, Theo. Practical Typecasting. Oak Knoll Books,. 1993. £35.00

RAMPANT LIONS PRESS. FRANKLIN, Colin. Printing & the Mind of Morris. Three paths to the Kelmscott Press. The Rampant Lions Press,. 1986. £55.00

JOHNS, Adrian. The Nature of the Book. Print and Knowledge in the Making. University of Chicago Press,. 1998. £25.00

HUGHES-STANTON. The wood-engravings of Blair Hughes-Stanton [by] Penelope Hughes-Stanton. Private Libraries Association,. 1991. £30.00

HAYNES, Edmund S.P.] More from a Lawyer's Notebook. Martin Secker. 1933. £35.00

HASSALL, Joan. [The Yellow-Hammer, from Fifty-One Poems by Mary Webb] Proof wood-engraving of two birds 'in the eglantine', initialled by the artist. .[1946] £55.00

HASSALL, Joan. Sallow Catkins. [Budding spray with bees, butterflies & other insects from Fifty-One Poems by Mary Webb] Proof wood-engraving, captioned & initialled by the artist. .[1946] £45.00

HASSALL, Joan. The Rowan Tree. Proof wood-engraving, captioned & signed by the artist. .[1946] £45.00

HASSALL, Joan. Master of the Coppice. [Thrush with young in nest from Fifty-One Poems by Mary Webb] Proof wood-engraving, captioned & initialled by the artist. .[1946] £45.00

HASSALL, Joan. Mally Lee. Proof wood-engraving, captioned & signed by the artist. .[1944] £65.00

HASSALL, Joan. The Dance. [Swirling circular design of flowers, birds & stars from Fifty-One Poems by Mary Webb] Proof wood-engraving, captioned & initialled by the artist. .[1946] £45.00

HASSALL, Joan. The Beautiful House. [Landscape with foreground trees and distant hills from Fifty-One Poems by Mary Webb] Proof wood-engraving, captioned & signed by the artist. .[1946] £45.00

GREVILLE, Sir Fulke. Life of Sir Philip Sidney etc. First Published 1652. With an Introduction by Nowell Smith. At the Clarendon Press,. 1907. £20.00

GOLDSCHMIDT, E.P. The Printed Book of the Renaissance. Three Lectures on Type, Illustration, Ornament. Gérard Th. Van Heusen, Amsterdam,. 1974. £45.00

GEHENNA PRESS. CONRAD, Joseph. Conrad's Manifesto: Preface to a Career. The History of the Preface to The Nigger of the 'Narcissus' with facsimiles of the manuscripts. Edited with an essay by David R. Smith. [Printed at The Gehenna Press, Northampton, Massachusetts for the Philip H. and A.S.W. Rosenbach Foundation] Philadelphia,. 1966. £65.00

DUGDALE, Rose Sydenham. ELLIS, I. Anne [Illustrator] A Wreath of Flower Legends. The Weather Oak Press, Birmingham,. 1950. £38.00

DREYFUS, John. Into Print. Selected Writings on Printing History, Typography and Book Production. The British Library. 1994. £55.00

DOVES PRESS. TIDCOMBE, Marianne. The Doves Press. [A History of the Press & Bibliography of its books.] The British Library,. 2002. £45.00

CRABBE. AINGER, Alfred. Crabbe. English Men of Letters. Macmillan,. 1903. £65.00

CRABBE, George. The Poetical Works of George Crabbe. With Memoir [signed 'W.R.'] A New Edition, Illustrated [by Birket Foster] With a Life. G. Routledge,. 1858 £35.00

COBDEN-SANDERSON, T.J. Das Ideale Buch oder das Schone Buch. Eine Abhandlung über Kalligraphie, Druck und Illustration & über das schöne Buch als ein Ganzes. Gedruckt von der Offizin Poeschel [for] der Bear Press, Bayreuth,. 1989. £25.00

CLODD, Edward. The Childhood of the World; A simple account of man's origin and early history. New edition, rewritten and enlarged. The Macmillan Company,. 1914. £20.00

CELTIC CROSS PRESS. ROBERTS, Adrian. Angels. Woodcuts by Pauline Jacobsen. The Celtic Cross Press,. 1998. £220.00

BRITTEN & PEARS. LEGROVE, Judith [Editor] A Musical Eye. The Visual World of Britten and Pears. With an Introduction by Colin Matthews [and...] chapters by David Grilly, Caroline Harding, Paul Kildea, Judith Legrove, Julian Potter, Alan Powers, Jane Pritchard, T.G. Rosenthal. Artists' Choice Editions,. 2012 £98.00

BLOOMFIELD, Robert. The Poems. Vol. I. The Farmer's Boy, and Good Tidings. Printed for the Author, Vernor, Hood and Sharpe; and Longman.... 1809. £75.00

BAILEY, Mark. Medieval Suffolk. An Economic and Social History 1200-1500. The Boydell Press,. 2007. £25.00

WHITTINGTON PRESS. TURNER, Jim. Other Days. Poems. with nine wood-engravings by Miriam Macgregor. The Whittington Press,. 1979. £220.00

WHISTLER, Laurence. Scenes and Signs on Glass. The Cupid Press,. 1985. £65.00

WATTS, Isaac. The Christian Doctrine of the Trinity... With their Divine Rights and Honors Vindicated By plain Evidence of Scripture, without the Aid or Incumbrance of Human Schemes. Printed for J. Clark, at the Bible and Crown in the Poultry near Cheapside... 1722. £110.00

TYTLER, M[argaret] Fraser. My Boy's Second Book. Harvey and Darton,. [1842] £45.00

TAMBIMUTTU [Editor] Poetry London / Apple Magazine. No.2 Poetry London,. 1982. £20.00

SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe. RILEY, Derek [Illustrates] Ode to the West Wind. With two other poems. [With three Original Wood-Engravings by Derek Riley.] The Celnius Press [Cullen]. 1976. £25.00

SHAKESPEARE HEAD PRESS. SHAKESPEARE, William, & others. The Phoenix and Turtle by William Shakespeare, John Marston, George Chapman, Ben Jonson and others. Edited by Bernard H. Newdigate. Oxford,. 1937. £40.00

ROSS, Sir E. Denison. [Editor] Sir Anthony Sherley and his Persian Adventure. Including some Contemporary Narratives relating thereto. The Broadway Travellers. Routledge,. 1933. £35.00

ROHSE, Otto. Einhundert Holzstiche. Cent Gravures sur bois. One Hundred Wood Engravings. Offizin Paul Hartung, Hamburg,. 1991. £85.00

RAVILIOUS, Eric. GREENWOOD, Jeremy. Ravilious Engravings. A Complete Catalogue. Compiled by Jeremy Greenwood with an introduction by John Craig. Wood Lea Press,. 2008 £145.00

RAMPANT LIONS PRESS. Twenty Two Lions. The eleven pressmarks used at The Rampant Lions Press since 1934. [Printed by Sebastian Carter at The Rampant Lions Press Swan House, Over,. 1999.] £20.00

NEW YORK EDUCATION. SEDGWICK R[obert] Report of a Committee, appointed by the High School Society of New-York, to prepare a plan of instruction to be published in the High School. Printed by J. Seymour, New York,. 1824. £45.00

NELSON. CLARKE, Rev. James Stanier & M' ARTHUR, John. The Life of Admiral Lord Nelson, K.B. from His Lordship's Papers. [In two volumes] Printed by T. Bensley, for T. Cadell and W. Davies,. 1809. £1200.00

MULLINS, Edwin.. Alfred Wallis Cornish Primitive Painter. Macdonald & Co.Ltd. 1967 £40.00

MONSARRAT, Nicholas. H.M.Frigate Cassell and Company, Ltd.,. 1946 £40.00

MONSARRAT, Nicholas. H.M.Corvette. Cassel and Company, Ltd.,. 1942 £20.00

MILNES, Richard Monckton. The Earl and the Duchess, A Dialogue, Translated and Adapted from De Musset's Proverbe, 'Il faut q'une porte soit ouverte ou fermée,' expressly for Representation at Nuneham, in July, 1850; and dedicated to Frances, Countess of Waldegrave. [Privately printed by Harrison and Son]. 1851. £85.00

MIDDLETON, Michael. Soldiers of Lead. An introduction to layout and typography for use in the Labour Party. [Printed by the Pelican Press.] Published by The Labour Party, May. 1948. £25.00

MEYNELL, Alix]. Francis Meredith Wilfrid Meynell. 12 May 1891. 10 July 1975. [A Memoir by his wife Alix 'Bay' Meynell. Privately Printed at the Cygnet Press, Burford,. 1977]. £30.00

MCLEAN, Ruari & Antonia. Benjamin Fawcett engraver & colour printer. With a list of his books and plates. Scolar Press,. 1988. £75.00

ROSCOE, Thomas. The Last of the Abencerrages; or, The Fall of Granada. With other poems. William Pickering,. 1850. £135.00

LEE, Brian North. CAMPBELL, Ilay. Scottish Bookplates. The Bookplate Society,. 2006. £20.00

KNIGHT, Charles [Editor] The British Almanac for the year of Our Lord 1859. [with] Companion to the Almanac: or, Year-Book of General Information for 1859. Knight and Co.,. [1858] £25.00

KNIGHT, Charles [Editor] The British Almanac for the year of Our Lord 1860. [with] Companion to the Almanac: or, Year-Book of General Information for 1860. Knight and Co.,. [1859] £25.00

IRVING, Lieut.-Commander John. JAMES, Sir William. Naval Life and Customs. Tradition, Lore and Language of the Royal Navy. Sherratt & Hughes. £40.00

WHITTINGTON PRESS. PRINGLE, Roger. Portrait of a Stratford Year. Illustrated by Arthur Keene. [Printed by The Whittington Press for] The Celandine Press [ Halford]. 1985 £40.00

ILLINGWORTH, Frank. Flying Bomb. The Story of V.1 and V.2. The Citizen Press Ltd. 1945 £20.00

HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY. Regimental Records of the 1st Battalion Highland Light Infantry formerly The 71st Highland Light Infantry. 1777 to 1908. Reprinted from the 1906 Edition. Dinapore: The Watling Printing Works,. 1908. £85.00

HERRICK, Robert. Hesperides or the Works both humane and divine. [In two volumes.] William Pickering,. 1846. £165.00

YOUNG, Thomas R. Some Yorkshire Bookplates. The Bookplate Society, Apsley House Press, Birmingham,. 1991. £35.00

GRAHAM, Rigby. McCORD, Margaret. Tower Houses and Ten Pound Castles. Crannog Press [Belfast]. 1970. £125.00

GRAHAM, Rigby [Illustrator] BAUDELAIRE, Charles. Le Spleen de Paris. City Blues. translated by F.W. Hemmings with drawings by Rigby Graham. Brewhouse Press & Saint Bernard Press, Wymondham & Coalville,. 1977. £75.00

GOLDEN COCKEREL PRESS. SWINBURNE, A.C. Pasiphaë. A poem. [Illustrated with engravings on copper by John Buckland Wright] Golden Cockerel Press,. 1950. £110.00

GOLDEN COCKEREL PRESS. MONCRIF, Francois Augustin Paradis de. Cats. Translated by Reginald Bretnor. [With ten collotype prints of the illustrations etched by Coypel for the edition of 1727.] The Golden Cockerel Press,. 1961. £85.00

FULLER, Thomas. The History of the Worthies of England. A new edition containing brief notices of the most celebrated worthies of England who have flourished since the time of Fuller; with explanatory notes and copious indexes by P. Austin Nuttall. In three volumes. Thomas Tegg,. 1840. £110.00

FULLER, Thomas. Good Thoughts in Bad Times, Good Thoughts in Worse Times, Mixt Contemplations in Better Times. William Pickering,. 1830. £45.00

FORD, James. Editor] The Suffolk Garland: or, A Collection of Poems, Songs, Tales, Ballads, Sonnets, and Elegies, Legendary and Romantic, Historical and Descriptive, relative to that County; and Illustrative of its scenery, places, biography, manners, habits and customs. Printed and sold by John Raw, Ipswich,. 1818. £85.00

FLEECE PRESS. LAWRENCE, Stanley [& many others.] Tales from Bleeding Heart Yard. Stories about Stanley Lawrence. The Fleece Press,. [2001] £135.00

FLEECE PRESS. DONNE, John. Mud Walls. Excerpts from the Sermons. With 5 wood engravings by Jane Lydbury. Fleece Press,. 1986. £95.00

ENGSTROM, Albert. Anders Zorn. Albert Bonniers Forlag, Stockholm,. 1928. £35.00

EMMER, Johannes. 60 Jahre auf Habsburgs Throne. Festgabe zum 60-jahrigen Regierungs-Jubilaum Sr. Majestat Kaiser Franz Joseph I. [In two volumes] Pallas Verlag, Wien,. 1908. £65.00

NAPOLEON. The Story of Waterloo; or, The Fall of Napoleon. William P. Nimmo, Edinburgh,. 1876. £25.00

CRAWHALL, Joseph. A Jubilee Thought. Imagined & adorn'd by Joseph Crawhall. Mawson, Swan, & Morgan, Newcastle-on-Tyne,. 1887. £225.00

CORYATE, Thomas. Coryats Crudities 1611. With an introduction by William M. Schutte. Scolar Press,. 1978. £55.00

CORNWALLIS, Caroline] A brief view of Greek Philosophy from the Age of Socrates to the coming of Christ. Second Edition. William Pickering,. 1850. £22.00

COOPER, Duff. Talleyrand. Oversattning fran engelskan av Hugo Hultenberg. P.A. Norstedt & Soners Forlag, Stockholm,. 1939. £25.00

CLARK, Kenneth. STONE, Reynolds [Illustrator] Moments of Vision. With wood engravings by Reynolds Stone. John Murray,. 1973. £25.00

CLARENDON, Edward Hyde, Earl of. The Life of Edward Earl of Clarendon... containing An Account of his Life from his Birth to the Restoration in 1660. Written by Himself. Printed from his Original Manuscripts... [with] the 'Continuation of the Life... being a continuation of his History of the Grand Rebellion, from the Restoration to his banishment in 1667'. [In three volumes.] Oxford, At the Clarendon Printing-House,. 1759 £180.00

CAVE, C.J.P. Roof Bosses in Medieval Churches An aspect of Gothic Sculpture. Illustrated with telephotographs. Cambridge,. 1948. £25.00

CUNAEUS, Petrus. [pseud. Peter Van Der KUN] De Republyk der Hebreen, Of Gemeenebest der Joden. In drie Boeken, door den Geleerden Heer Petrus Cunaeus... Onder de Wet der Ceremonien en Dienstbaar Jerusalem.. [In two volumes.] Wilhelmus Goeree, Amsterdam,. 1682/83. £275.00

CALLIGRAPHY. LANGFORD, R. Text Copies. Eng[rave]d by Walkinshaw, 20 Houndsditch. Published Oct. 1st... by J. Chappell, 41 Haydon Square, Minories,. 1827. £155.00

CALLIGRAPHY. CHAPPELL, J. Old English Copies. Mills Sculpt. Published Dec.1st... by J. Chappell, Successor to Mr. Langford, 41 Haydon Square, Minories,. 1821. £145.00

BROWNE, Edward Granville. A Year Amongst the Persians. Impressions as to the life, character & thought of the people of Persia. Received during Twelve Months' Residence in that Country in the Years 1887-1888. With a Memoir by Sir E. Denison Ross. Cambridge,. 1926. £65.00

BOND, Francis. Gothic Architecture in England. An analysis of the origin & development of English Church Architecture from the Norman Conquest to the Dissolution of the Monasteries. B.T. Batsford,. 1906. £30.00

BAWDEN, Edward. MCLEAN, Ruari. [Editor] Edward Bawden War Artist and his letters home 1940-45. Edited by Ruari McLean. Scolar Press,. 1989. £20.00

ANDREWES, Lancelot. Preces Privatae. The introductions to each day's prayers in Greek edited with an English translation by David Scott. The Jericho Press [Oxford]. 1993. £45.00

AMMAN, Jost. Kunst und Lehrbüchlein. Notes and introduction by Eric Quayle. Eugrammia Press,. 1971. £45.00

POWELL, Anthony. VANDERBILT, Robert. The Acceptance of Absurdity. Anthony Powell & Robert Vanderbilt Letters 1952-1963. Edited by John Saumarez Smith & Jonathan Kooperstein. Maggs Brothers,. 2011. £30.00

RODEL, Klaus. Erik Skjoldborg Exlibris. Exlibristen [Frederikshavn]. 1990. £20.00

WARRE, Annesley T. MACFALL, C. Haldane. Large Pictorial lithograph of knight in armour; 'Je trouve bien' at head; 'Annesley. T. Warre his Booke. "Borrowing is the Scissors of Friendship".' at foot. . £35.00

PYOTT] BRAMSTON, Edward. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial; 'Pietatis Amator'. 'Ed. Bramston Sculp.' Central shield with ships & temples behind, globe & music at foot. . £25.00

MATHEWS, Elkin. HAGREEN, Philip. Pictorial Monogram, 'Ex-Libris Elkin Mathews' P[hilip] H[agreen] 1916. . £20.00

LOVETT, Jonathan Esq., Liscombe House, Bucks. HENSHAW, William. Pictorial Armorial; 'Spe'; Angel cradling canted shield, sepia-printed from stipple engraving by William Henshaw (nephew of Cambridge bookplate engraver William Stephens) in the style of Bartolozzi under whom he studied in 1773. . £20.00

IPSWICH. COYTE, William Beeston. Hortus Botanicus Gippovicensis; or, A systematical enumeration of the Plants cultivated in Dr. Coyte's Botanic Garden at Ipswich... Also, Their Essential Generic Characters - English Names... with occasional botanical observations. To which is added, An Investigation of the Natural Produce of some grass-lands in High Suffolk. G. Jermyn, Ipswich. 1796. [Facsimile reprint for A.T. Copsey,. 1984] £55.00

GLADSTONE, Dorothy Mary. [née Paget] D.P. A.P[aget?] Woodcut Pictorial, 'Ex Libris Dorothy Mary Gladstone 1901'. 'Never Withering Banks of Flowers'. Garden path leading to classical portico with lettering border. Signed 'DP' and 'AP'. . £20.00

LATCHAM, Paul. Bookplates in the Trophy Style. The Bookplate Society,. 2006. £20.00

EASTERN COUNTIES Magazine. HENNIKER, Mary [Editor] The Eastern Counties Magazine and Suffolk Note-Book. A Quarterly. Edited by the Hon. Mary Henniker. Volumes 1 August 1900 to May 1901. Jarrold & Sons, Norwich,. 1900-01. £55.00

CATALANS, C. V.V.(?) Coloured Modern Pictorial, 'Ex Libris C. Catalans'; female nude feeding horse in profile, printed in green from an etched design by 'V.V.'(?). . £20.00

BOOKBINDING. WOOD, Esther [& others] Modern Bookbindings and their Designers. Special Winter-Number 1899-1900. The Studio,. 1899. £65.00

VOYSEY, C.F.A. LIVINGSTON, Karen. The Bookplates and Badges of C.F.A. Voysey. Architect and Designer of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Antique Collectors' Club,. 2011. £25.00

VON BOEHN, Max. Modes and Manners. Translated by Joan Joshua. Illustrated with contemporary paintings, &c. selected by Dr Oskar Fishel. [In four volumes] Harrap,. 1932-5. £45.00

TRIPP, H. Alker ('Leigh Hoe') Suffolk Sea-Borders. Illustrated by the Author. John Lane,. 1926. £30.00

SUFFOLK MAP. SMITH, C. A New Map of the County of Suffolk. Divided into Hundreds. Printed for C. Smith No.172 Strand, January 6th. 1804. £55.00

SHAKESPEARE HEAD PRESS. FIELDING, Henry. The Novels...[Comprising: Joseph Andrews (2vols); Tom Jones (4), Amelia (3), Jonathan Wild. In ten volumes.] Oxford: Basil Blackwell Publisher to the Shakespeare Head Press of Stratford-upon-Avon,. 1926. £135.00

SEVERIN, Mark. Making a Bookplate. Studio,. 1949. £25.00

SANDBERG, Francis. Armorial plate, 'Serva Fidem'; .1908 £35.00

REYCE, Robert. HERVEY, Lord Francis [Editor] Suffolk in the XVIIth Century. The Breviary of Suffolk by Robert Reyce, 1618, now published for the first time from the Ms in the British Museum. John Murray,. 1902. £55.00

PRAYER BOOK. The Book of Common Prayer...Together with the Psalter... William Pickering,. 1844. £550.00

OVID. DRYDEN, GARTH, CROXALL & others [Translators] Metamorphoses: translated from the Latin. [Parts XXIV-XXVI of Sharpe's Edition of Translations from the Greek, Roman, and Italian Poets. Printed at the Stanhope Press. By Whittingham and Rowland.] J. Sharpe,. 1812. £35.00

OFFICER, An. A View of the French Campaign in Russia, in the year 1812, ...containing the movements of both armies, and All the Battles fought from the time of the entrance of the French into the Russian territories at Kowno... to their retreat from Moscow... to which is added a calculation of provisions and forage necessary for the support of a large army one week .... By An Officer. Printed by David Jenkin, Swansea: and sold by Egerton, Whitehall... 1813. £350.00

NONESUCH PRESS. HUDSON, W.H. 153 Letters... edited with an introduction and notes by Edward Garnett. Nonesuch Press,. 1923. £45.00

NONESUCH PRESS. DONNE, John. The Courtier's Library, or Catalogus Librorum Aulicorum incomparabilium et non vendibilium. Edited by Evelyn Mary Simpson. With a translation. The Nonesuch Press,. 1930. £45.00

WHITE, William. History, Gazetteer and Directory of Suffolk, and the towns near its borders... A Reprint of the 1844 issue. Augustis M. Kelley, New York,. 1970. £55.00

MOOR, Edward. Suffolk Words and Phrases; An attempt to collect the lingual localisms of that county. Printed by J. Loder, Woodbridge: for R. Hunter,. 1823. £140.00

MOIR, John] Transactions in India, from the commencement of the French War in 1756 to the conclusion of the late peace in 1783. Containing a history of the British Interests in Indostan... J. Debrett,. 1786. £150.00

MINIATURE BOOK. TAYLOR, John 'the Water Poet', The Thumb Bible. Verbum Sempiternum & Salvator Mundi. [Printed by C. Whittingham, Chiswick, for] Longman & Co.,. 1851. £200.00

MILTON, John. The Poetical Works. [In three volumes. Edited, with a life, by John Mitford] William Pickering,. 1851. £38.00

LIMITED EDITIONS CLUB. AQUINAS, Saint Thomas. Selections from his works made by George N. Shuster. Wood engravings by Reynolds Stone. [Designed by Will Carter.] Printed by W & J Mackay for Members of The Limited Editions Club,. 1969. £75.00

LEE, Brian North. Thirteen bookplates designed for Brian North Lee by many of the leading contemporary artists, including: Simon Brett, Ray Cooney, Martin Pitts & Margaret Tournour. .1968-2005 £20.00

LATIN PRESS. MORRIS, Guido [& others] Crescendo Poetry Series. [Six of the eight pamphlets in the series.] Printed and Published at The Latin Press, Saint Ives, the Private Press of Guido Morris,. 1951-52. £80.00

KIRBY, John. [CANNING, Richard. Editor] The Suffolk Traveller. The second edition, with many alterations and large additions by Several Hands. Printed for J. Shave, Ipswich; and sold by T. Longman,. 1764. £110.00

KELLY, Jerry. A Checklist of Books Published by William Pickering 1820-1853. With essays by Joseph Blumenthal and Arthur Warren. The Kelly-Winterton Press, New York,. 2004. £45.00

KELLY'S Directory of Suffolk. Kelly's Directories Ltd.,. 1937. £55.00

KELLY'S Directory of the Counties of Cambridge, Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex. Kelly's Directories Ltd. 1937. £110.00

HINDLEY, Charles. The History of the Catnach Press, at Berwick-upon-Tweed, Alnwick and Newcastle... and Seven Dials, London. Charles Hindley,. 1887. £35.00

GREEN, Matthew. JAGO, Richard. The Poetical Works of Green and Jago. Collated with the best editions by Thomas Park. [Part LXXVIII of Sharpe's Edition of the British Poets. Printed at the Stanhope Press. By Charles Whittingham.] J. Sharpe,. 1808. £20.00

FOOTE, Shelby The Civil War A Narrative. [In three volumes] Fort Sumter to Perryville. Fredericksburg to Meridian. Red River to Appomattox. Random House Inc.,. 1958-74. £45.00

DINGLEY, Humphrey J. Touchers and Rubs on Ye Anciente Royals Game of Bowles: A series of notes, facts, records, and comments, touching the development of the game of bowls, from ancient times to the present day. With over sixty illustrations specially prepared for this work by the author. Thomas Taylor [&] David Bryce & Son, Glasgow... 1893. £45.00

DE GROOT, Irene. VORSTMAN, Robert. Maritime Prints by the Dutch Masters. Translated from the Dutch by Michael Hoyle. Gordon Fraser [with the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam]. 1980. £30.00

CUNDALL, Joseph.] Songs, Madrigals and Sonnets. A gathering of some of the most pleasant flowers of old English poetry. Set in borders of coloured ornaments and vignettes. Longman, Brown, Green, and Co.,. 1849. £150.00

CROMWELL, Thomas Kitson.] Excursions in the County of Suffolk... In two volumes... with one hundred engravings... Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown... 1818/19. £120.00

CROMWELL, Thomas Kitson.] Excursions in the County of Essex... In two volumes. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown... 1818/19. £110.00

COOPER, Ernest R. A Suffolk Coast Garland. With Pen and Ink sketches by Mrs E.M. Wells and the Author and a foreword by Edward Clodd. Heath Cranton,. 1928. £65.00

CLARKE, W.G. COOPER, A. Heaton. [Illustrator] Norfolk & Suffolk. A.&.C. Black,. 1921. £25.00

CAMPBELL, John] The Military History of the late Prince Eugene of Savoy, and of the late John, Duke of Marlborough, including a particular Description of the several Battles, Sieges, &c. in which either or both those Generals commanded... To which is added, a Supplement, containing a succinct Account of the... late War in Spain... with A Concise History of the last War in Germany and Italy. In four volumes. Printed for Philip Crampton, Dublin,. 1737. £220.00

BUTLER, Samuel. The Poetical Works. [In two volumes. Edited by John Mitford] William Pickering,. 1835. £35.00

BIJOU, The. or Annual of Literature and the Arts. William Pickering, [1827 for]. 1828. £55.00

BEARDSLEY, Aubrey. MACFALL, Haldane. Aubrey Beardsley. The Man and his Work. John Lane,. 1928. £110.00

BACON, Francis Lord Verulam. The Essays or Counsels civill and morall. [Printed and made at The Shakespeare Head Press for] The Cresset Press,. 1928. £180.00

ARNOTT, W.G. The Place-Names of the Deben Valley Parishes. Norman Adlard, Ipswich,. 1946. £25.00

ALDEBURGH. GROOME, John Hindes] Aldborough Described: being a full delineation of that Fashionable and much-frequented Watering-Place; and Interspersed with Poetic and Picturesque Remarks on its Coast, its Scenery, and its Views. Printed and Sold by J. Raw; Ipswich,. [1819] £165.00

SARGEANT, William. A Guide to Genealogical Sources in Suffolk. Suffolk Record Office,. 1981 £22.00

ROCHEFOUCAULD, Francois & Alexandre de La. SCARFE, Norman [Editor & Translator] A Frenchman's Year in Suffolk. French Impressions of Suffolk life in 1784 including a preliminary week in London, brief visits to Cambridge, Colchester, Mistley and Harwich and a fortnight's tour of Norfolk. The Boydell Press,. 1988. £20.00

REDSTONE, Vincent B. [Editor] Memorials of Old Suffolk. With many illustrations. Bemrose & Sons,. 1908. £65.00

RAVILIOUS, Eric. ULLMANN, Anne, WHITTICK, Christopher & LAWRENCE, Simon. Eric Ravilious: Landscape, Letters & Design. With an introductory note by Alan Powers. In two volumes. The Fleece Press,. 2008. £250.00

KLAIBER, Ashley J. The Story of the Suffolk Baptists. The Kingsgate Press,. [1931] £35.00

IPSWICH. SMITH, Richard & FREESTONE, Jill. The Port of Ipswich. Its Shipping and Trades. Malthouse Press,. 2011 £30.00

HEARN, Lafcadio. Insects and Greek Poetry. William Edwin Rudge, New York,. 1926. £35.00

GARLAND, Hamlin. Rose of Dutcher's Coolly. Neville Beeman,. 1896. £25.00

CLOWES. A Catalogue of Selected Display and also a few Book Types for the information and use of the layout man. William Clowes & Sons Ltd.,. [1950s?] £25.00

CIRCLE PRESS. COURTNEY, Cathy. The Looking Book. A pocket history of Circle Press 1967-96. Circle Press,. [1996] £35.00

BOAR'S HEAD PRESS. BINGLEY, Barbara. Tales of the Turquoise. Wood engravings by Lettice Sandford. The Boar's Head Press, 10 Staple Inn,. 1933. £65.00

ALDEBURGH. GODFREY, Michael. The years that the locusts have eaten. War Diary and Sermons of Rupert Godfrey 1914-45 Heather Godfrey,. 2003. £25.00

ADLER, Elmer, STANFORD, Alfred, ADAMS, Frederick B. WINTERICH, John [Editors] The Colophon. A Quarterly for a limited number of subscribing bookmen in all corners of the world. Number Three. [ Pynson Printers [for] The Colophon, New York] September. 1939. £30.00

ADLER, Elmer & WINTERICH, John [Editors] The Colophon. A Book Collectors' Part Eleven. [ Pynson Printers [for] The Colophon, New York]. 1932. £30.00

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