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George Jeffery Books

GIbson Edmund A preservative against popery, in several select discourses upon the principal heads of controversy between Protestants and Papists London: Printed For H. Knaplock, 1738. £450.00

Thurloe John A Collection of the State Papers of John Thurloe ( Complete in 7 Volumes ) London: Mr Fletcher Gyles, Thomas Woodward, 1742. £850.00

GIbbon Edward The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ( 8 Volumes in Fine Bindings ) London: John Murray, 1862. £575.00

Mill John Stuart Principles of Political Economy with Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy ( 2 Volumes Fine Bindings ) London: Longmans, Green, Reader and Dyer, 1871. £350.00

Warner Richard Rev. An History of the Abbey of Glaston and of the Town of Glastonbury Bath: Printed by Richard Cruttwell, 1826. £350.00

Dodsworth William An Historical Account of the Episcopal See, and Cathedral Church of Sarum, or Salisbury: Comprising Biographical Notices of the Bishops, Etcetera Salisbury: Printed by Brodie & Dowding, 1814. £260.00

Milner Isaac Rev On the Precession of the Equinoxes Produced By the Sun's Attraction ( published in the 'Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London' ) London: Royal Society, 1779. £475.00

Paul William The Rose Garden. In two Divisions. 1. Embracing the history of the rose, the formation of the rosarium . 2. Containing an arrangement, in natural groups, of the most esteemed varieties of roses recognised and cultivated. London: Sherwood, Gilbert, & Piper, 1848. £420.00

Metchnikoff Elie Immunity in Infective Diseases Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1905. £180.00

Jonathan Edwards ( Published By ) An Account of the life of Mr David Brainerd. & The Journal of a two months tour with a view of promoting religion among the frontier inhabitants of Pensylvania. ( 2 Works Bound in 1 Volume ) Edinburgh: Printed By T. Mac Cliesh and Co for J. Ogle, 1798. £450.00

Scaramelli, Giovanni Battista Directorium mysticum, sive Norma dirigendi animas ad perfectionem Christianam per vias contemplationis extraordinarias. In lat. conversa. Published:Brixinĉ, 1778.: Impensis Episcopalis Seminarii et Typis Thomae Weger, 1778. £120.00

Casaubon Isaac. Casavboniana sive Isaaci Casavboni varia de scriptoribus librisque judicia, observationes sacrae . & animadversiones in annales Baronii ecclesiasticos ineditae . a Jo. Cristophoro Wolfio . Accedunt duae Casauboni epistolae ineditae . Published:sumptibus Christiani Libezeit : typis Ph: Published:sumptibus Christiani Libezeit : typis Philippi Ludovici Stromeri, Hamburgi. 1710., 1710. £120.00

Osiander Lucas Epitomes Historiae Ecclesiasticae Centuriae Decimae Sextae pars prima. Tubingen : 'excudebat Phiippus Gruppenbachius (volume 2, typis Theodorici Werlini), impensis Johan: Berneri', 1608-1610., 1610. £120.00

Goethe Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe-Gallerie : nach Original-Cartons Munich: Published München : F. Bruckmann., 1890. £150.00

Gulielmum Forbesium ( William Forbes ) Considerationes modestĉ et pacificĉ controversiarum : de justificatione, purgatorio, invocatione sanctorum et Christo mediatore, eucharistia. Per Gulielmum Forbesium S.T.D. & Episcopum Edenburgensem primum. Opus posthumum, diu desideratum. London: Londini : typis Thomĉ Roycroft impensis Jo. Martin, Jacobi Allestrye, & Tho. Dicas, ad insigne Campanĉ in Cemiterio D. Pauli, MDCLVIII. [1658], 1658. £150.00

Mallinckrodt a, Bernardus. Supplementa et observationes ad Vossium de historicis Graecis et Latinis.Sive Volumen quadripartitum quo continentur: 1. Bernardi a Mallincrot Paralipomenon de historicis Graecis centuriae circitur quinque; 2. Lud. Nogarolae ... De viris , Etcetera Hamburg: Hamburgi : Sumtu C. Liebezeit : Typis Schultzianis, 1709], 1709. £120.00

Magnus Crusius Magni Crusii, S.R.M. Danicĉ legationis in Gallia pastoris, singularia Plessiaca, sive Memorabilia de vita et meritis, fatis, controversis et morte Philippi Mornĉi de Plessis : maximam partem ex ipsis Mornĉi scriptis, prĉcipue vero ejus Memoriis, Etcetera Published Hamburgi : apud Christophorum Kisnerum,: Published Hamburgi : apud Christophorum Kisnerum, anno M DCC XXIV. ( 1724 ), 1724. £120.00

Anon The History of Popish-Sham-Plots from the Reign of Queen Elizabeth to this present time. Particulary of the present Popish Plot. London: Published:London. Printed for Richard Janeway. 1682., 1682. £150.00

Anon The Livre Rouge, or Red Book; being a list of secret pensions, paid out of the public treasure of France: and containing characters of the persons pensioned, anecdotes of their lives, an account of their service. And observations tending to shew the Reaso Dublin: Printed by James Moore, 1790. £220.00

Lady of Distinction The Mirror of the Graces; or, The English Lady's Costume: Combining and harmonizing taste and judgment, elegance and grace, modesty, simplicity, and economy, with Fashion in dress . . with useful advice on female accomplishments, politeness and manners . London: Published: London: Printed by B. Crosby and Co. Stationers' Court, Ludgate Street; and sold by All Booksellers. Printed in the year 1811., 1811. £180.00

Apulenius Lucius ApuleI Madaurensis Platonici Opera omnia quae exstant / Geuerhartus Elmenhorstius ex m[anu]s[crip]tis & vett. codd. recensuit, librumque emendationum & indices absolutissimos adiecit.. Francofurti : in officina Wecheliana : apud Daniel: Francofurti : in officina Wecheliana : apud Danielem & Davidem Aubrios, & Clementem Schleichium, Anno M.DC.XXI. 1621., 1621. £180.00

Dibdin Thomas Frognall An Introduction to the Knowledge of Rare and Valuable Editions of Greek and Latin Classics ( First & Second Edition Bound Together in 1 Volume ) Glocester: printed by H. Ruff, 1802. £180.00

Pliny the Younger Epistolarum libri X. Eiusdem Panegyricus Traiano Dictus. Genevae: Published Genevae : Apud Petrum & Iacobum Choue¨t., M. DC. XXV. 1625., 1625. £180.00

Soane John & Wrighte William ( 4 Works Bound in 1 Volume ) Designs in Architecture Consisting of Plans,Elevations, and Sections for Temples, Baths, Cassines, Pavilions, Garden Seats, Obelisks, and Other Buildings ( 4 Architectural Works Bound in 1 Volume ) London: Printed for J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library, 1790. £950.00

Walsh Rev R. Narrative of a Journey from Constantinople to England London: Frederick Westley & A. H. Davis, 1828. £375.00

Shepherd Thomas H. London and Its Environs in the Nineteenth Century & Metropolitan Imrovements or London in the Nineteenth Century ( 347 Views ) London: Jones & Co, 1828. £475.00

Waring J. B. & Others Masterpieces of Industrial Art & Sculpture at the International Exhibition, 1862. Selected and Described by J. B. Waring, Architect. Chromo-Lithographed By and Under the Direction of W. R. Tymms, A. Warren, and G. MacCulloch, Etcetera ( 3 Volumes ) London: Day & Son, 1863. £1350.00

Shakespere William ( Edited By Charles Knight ) The Works of Shakspere Imperial Edition ( Complete in 2 Volumes ) ( Fine Leather Gilt Bindings ) London: Virtue & Company Limited, 1870. £550.00

Petraracha Francesco Il Petrarcha Colla Spositione Di Misser Giovanni Andrea Gesvaldo. Venetia: [Stampato in Vinegia : per Giouann' Antonio di Nicolini & fratelli da Sabbio, nel anno di Nostro Signore 1541], 1541. £850.00

Various Contributors The New Survey of London Life & Labour ( Complete in 9 Volumes ) London: P. S. King & Son Ltd, 1930. £1800.00

Adams Richard Watership Down London: Paradine, 1976. £2200.00

Johnson Samuel ( Complete in 2 Volumes ) A Dictionary of the English Language in Which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals and Illustrated in Their Different Significations By Examples from the Best Writers. To Which are Prefixed a History of the Language and an English Grammar London: Printed for Thomas Tegg, 1832. £475.00

Roberts J. Druidical Remains and Antiquities of the Ancient Britons Principally in Glamorgan Swansea: Printed By E. Griffiths, 1842. £320.00

Ouvaroff M. Essay on the Mysteries of Eleusis ( Translated from the French By J. D. Price ) London: Printed for Rodwell and Martin, 1817. £180.00

Veyssiere de la Croze, Mathurin Histoire du Christianisme d'Ethiopie, et d'Armenie. The Hague: Ches La Veuve Le Vier & Pierre Paupie, 1739. £950.00

Outramo Guilielmo De Sacrificiis Libri Duo Quorum Altero explicantur Omnia Judĉorum, Nonnulla Gentium Profanarum Sacrificia : Altero Sacrificium Christi : utroque ecclesiĉ Catholicĉ his de rebus sententia contra Faustum Socinum, ejúsque sectatores Defenditur London: Richardi Chiswell, London, 1677. £575.00

Occo Adolf Impp. Romanorum Numismata A Prompeio Magno Ad Heraclium Editio Altera, Multis nummorum millibus aucta. Augustae Vindelicorum, Ad insigne pinus, Augsbourg: Augustae Vindelicorum, Ad insigne pinus, Augsbourg, 1601. £1200.00

Churchill Winston S. The World Crisis ( Complete in 6 Volumes ) London: Thornton Butterworth Limited, 1923. £850.00

Crell Johann The Two Books of John Crellius Francus Touching One God the Father Printed in Kosmoburg, at the Sign of the Sun-Beams: Printed in Kosmoburg, at the Sign of the Sun-Beams, 1665. £375.00

Dan Pierre Histoire de Barbarie, et de ses corsaires, diuise´e en six liures. Ou` il est traite´ de leur gouernement, de leurs mœurs, de leurs cruautez, de leurs brigandages, de leurs sortile`ges ... Ensemble des grandes mise`res & des cruels tourmens qu'endurent Le Paris: Paris : Pierre Rocolet, 1637. £2500.00

Malton Thomas A compleat treatise on perspective, in theory and practiceon the true principles of Dr. Brook Taylor. Made clear, in theory, by various moveable schemes, and diagrams; and reduced to practice ... Containing diagrams, views, and original designs, in Archit London: London : printed for the author; and sold by Messrs. Robson; Becket; Taylor; Dilly; and by the author,, 1778. £3500.00

Phillips Edward The new world of words: or, universal English dictionary. Containing an account of the original or proper sense, and various significations of all hard words derived from other Languages London: J. Phillips, 1720. £375.00

Le Comte P. Louis Nouveaux Memoires Sur L'etat Present De La Chine Amsterdam: Published A Amsterdam : Chez Henri Desbordes, & Antoine Schelte, 1698. £1500.00

Tachard Guy Voyage de Siam des Peres Jesuites, Envoyez par le Roy aux Indes & a la Chine. Avec leurs observations astronomiques, et leurs remarques de physique, de geographie, d'hydrographie et D'histoire Paris: Chez Arnould Seneuze & Daniel Horthemels, 1686. £1800.00

Toland John Amynator or a Defence of Miltons Life. Containing 1. a General Apology for All Writings of This Kind. II. a Catalogue of Books Attributed in the Primitive Times to Jesus Christ, Etcetera. III. a Complete History of the Book, Etcetera. London: Printed, and are to be sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster., 1699., 1699. £475.00

Schottus Franciscus Itinerari italiae rerumque romanarum libri tres Antuerpiĉ: Antuerpiĉ : Ex officina Plantiniana, apud Ioannem Moretum, 1600., 1600. £1200.00

Meninski Francisci Mesnien Institutiones linguae Turcicae, cum rudimentis parallelis linguarum Arabicae & Persicae. Vienna: Typographeo Orientali Schilgiano 1756, 1756. £480.00

Blunt Anne Lady Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates ( Edited, with a Preface and Some Account of the Arabs and Their Horses By W. S. B. ) London: John Murray, 1879. £650.00

Palladio Andrea L' architettura di Andrea Palladio : diuisa in quattro libri : ne' quali, dopò vn breue trattato de' cinque ordini, et di quelli auertimenti, ch[e] sono più necessarij nel fabricare; si tratta delle case priuate, delle vie, de i ponti, delle piazze, de i Published. In Venetia: Published. In Venetia : Appresso Marc' Antonio Brogiollo., 1642. £2400.00

Shield William An Introduction to Harmony London: Printed for the Author & Sold By G. G. & J. Robinson, 1800. £480.00

Buchanan, Francis. A Journey from Madras Through the Countries of Mysore, Canara, and Malabar, performed under the order of the most noble the Marquis Wellesley, Governor General of India. London: Printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1807. £1200.00

Kaempfer Engelbert Histoire naturelle, civile et ecclesiastique de l'empire du Japon / compose´e en allemand par Engelbert Maempfer ; et traduite en franc¸ois sur la version angloise de Jean - Gaspar Scheuchzer. Amsterdam: Herman Uytwerf, 1732. £2500.00

Bode Clement Augustus De Travels in Luristan and Arabistan London: J. Madden and Co, 1845. £480.00

Junius Franciscus The Painting of the Ancient, in Three Bookes: Declairing by Historicall Observations and Examples, the Beginning, Progresse, and Consummation of that Most Noble Art. And how those Ancient Artificers attained to their still so much admired Excellencie. London: Richard Hodgkinsonne, 1638. £750.00

Le Clerc Sebastien Traite d' Architecture Nurnberg: Weigel, 1782. £475.00

Polehampton Edward Rev. & Good M. John The Gallery of Nature and Art; or, a Tour Through Creation and Science, Comprising News & Entertaining Descriptions. London: Printed for Walker and Co, 1821. £475.00

Seneca Lucius Annaeus L. Annaei Senecae Philosophi Opera quae extant omnia: a Iusto Lipsio emendata et Scholis illustrata. Editio quarta, atque ab ultima Lipsi manu: aucta Lamberti Fromondi Scholiis ad Quaestiones Naturales, & Ludum de morte Claudij Caesaris. Antuerpiae: Ex Officina Plantiniana Balthazar Moretu, 1652. £750.00

Cicero Marcus Tulliu Epistolarum Amstelĉdami: Elsevier, 1677. £600.00

Miller Philip The Gardeners Kalendar Directing What Works are Necessary to be Done Every Month in the Kitchen, Fruit and Pleasure Gardens, Etc, to Which is Added, a List of the Medicinal Plants, Which May be Gather'd in Each Month for Use London: Printed for John and James Rivington, 1751. £120.00

Olympics The Olympic Games of Stockholm 1912 Official Report Stockholm: Wahlstrom & Widstrand, 1912. £450.00

Bacon Sir Francis The Essayes or Counsels Civill and Morall of Francis Lo Verulam Viscount St Alban London: Printed by John Haviland, 1629. £850.00

Ducarel Andrew Coltee History of the Royal Hospital and Collegiate Church of St. Katharine Near the Tower of London from the Foundation in the Year 1273 to the Present Time London: J. Nichols, 1782. £950.00

Bonneval Claude Alexandre Memoirs of the famous Bashaw Bonneval. Containing, an account of the late war in Italy. Likewise The secret Intrigues of France, Spain, Savoy, &c. Intermix'd with a great Variety of genuine Adventures in Love and Gallantry of the principal Persons Concern Westminster: printed for Olive Payne, at Horace's Head in Round Court in the Strand, 1736. £425.00

Dodd George Days at the Factories or the Manufacturing Industry of Great Britian Described and Illustrated By Numerous Engravings of Machines and Processes ( Series 1- London ) London: Charles Knight, 1843. £175.00

Fitzgerald Francis ( Editor ? ) The Artist's Repository and Drawing Magazine Exhibiting the Principles of the Polite Arts in Their Various Branches ( Complete in 4 Volumes ) London: Printed for T. Williams, 1784. £1250.00

Lawrence T. E. Revolt in the Desert ( Limited to 315 Copies ) London: Jonathan Cape, 1927. £925.00

Sassonia Landolfo di Vita di Giesu Christo Nostro redentore Scritta da Landolfo di Sassonia Dell' Ordine Certosino. Et nuouo tradotta do M. Francesco Sansovino Vinegia: Presso Altobello Salicato., 1589. £750.00

Clarke James Stanier & M'arthur John The Life of Admiral Lord Nelson K. B. From His Lordship's Manuscripts ( Complete in 2 Volumes ) London: T. Cadell and W. Davis, 1809. £950.00

Murray Alexander Account of the Life and Writings of James Bruce, of Kinnaird, Esq. F.R.S. author of Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, & 1773. Edinburgh: Printed by George Ramsay and Company, 1808. £480.00

Hanson Captain James Route of Lieutenant-General Sir Miles Nightingall , K. C. B. Overland from India in a Series of Letters from Captain Hanson London: T. Baker, 1820. £550.00

Shelley Percy Bysshe The Revolt of Islam; a Poem in Twelve Cantos London: C. & J. Ollier, 1818. £750.00

Skaife Thomas A key to civil architecture; or the universal British Builder, Etc, Etc. London: Printed for the Author By I. Moore, 1774. £600.00

Chippendale Thomas The Gentleman and Cabinet Makers Directory Being a Large Collection of the Most Elegant and Useful Designs of Household Furniture in the Most Fashonable Taste Including a Great Variety of Chairs, Sofas, Beds, and Couches, China Tables, Dressing Etc, Etc London: Batsford, 1910. £520.00

Hancarville Pierre Francois Hugues d' Monumens De La Vie Privee Des Douze Cesars A Caprees Chez Sabellus, 1780. £525.00

Herbinio M. Johanne Dissertationes de admirandis mundi cataractis supra & subterraneis, earumque principio, elementorum circulatione, ubi eadem occasione Aestus Maris reflui vera ac genuina causa asseritur, nec non terrestri ac primigenio paradiso lotus situsque verus in Pal Amstelodami: Janssonio Waesbergois, 1678. £1750.00

Polano Pietro Soave. Translated by Nathanael Brent. The History of the Council of Trent. Containing Eight Books. In which besides the Ordinary Acts of the Council are declared many notable Occurences which happened in Christendom during the space of forty years and more. And Particularly the Practices of t London: Printed by J. Macock, for Samuel Mearne, John Martyn, and Henry Herringman, 1676. £450.00

Rochon Alexis Marie De A voyage to Madagascar, and the East Indies : By the Abbe Rochon, Member of the Academies of Sciences of Paris and Petersburgh, Astronomer of the Marine, Keeper of the King's Philosophical Cabinet, Inspector of Machines, Money, &c. Translated from French London: printed for G.G.J. and J. Robinson, Paternoster-Row, 1792. £750.00

Colomb Philip Howard Slave Catching in the Indian Ocean a Record of Naval Experiences London: Longmans Green And Co, 1873. £750.00

SImes Thomas The military guide for young officers, containing a system of the art of war : parade, camp, field-duty, manoeuvres, standing and general orders, warrants, regulations, returns, tables, forms, extracts from military acts of parliament, for His Majesty's l London: J. Millan, 1781. £425.00

Peck Francis Academia Tertia Anglicana; or, The Antiquarian Annals of Stanford in Lincoln, Rutland and Northampton Shires [Plus The Survey and Antiquitie of the Towne of Stamford by Richard Butcher London: James Bettenham, 1727. £550.00

Fenn G. Manville George Alfred Henty the Story of an Active Life London: Blackie and Son Limited, 1907. £250.00

Hope W. H. St. John The Stall Plates of the Knights of the Order of the Garter 1348-1485 Westminster London: Archibald Constable and Company Ltd, 1901. £450.00

Nesbit E. The Story of the Treasure Seekers Being the Adventures of the Bastable Children in Search of a Fortune ( Fine Binding ) London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1899. £220.00

Selden John Tituli Honorum Autore Clarissimo & Eruditissimo Antiquario Joanne Seldeno Juxta editionem tertiam Londinensem anni 1672. cui accessisse dicuntur Seldeni emendationes & additamenta Latine vertit notasque addidit Simon Johannes Arnold. impensis Jeremiae Schrey, & Henrici Johannis Meyer: impensis Jeremiae Schrey, & Henrici Johannis Meyer, Francofurti, 1696. £575.00

Aesop Aesop's Fables ( A New Translation By V. S. Vernon Jones with an Introduction By G. K. Chesterton ) London: William Heinemann, 1912. £675.00

Omar Khayyam ( Translated By Edward Fitzgerald ) The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam London & Glasgow: Collins Clear Type Press, 1920. £180.00

Fielding T. H. British Castles or a Compendious History of the Ancient Military Structures of Great Britain London: printed by Howlet and Brimmer, 1825. £825.00

Feddersen, Jutta Soft Sculpture and Beyond : An International Perspective Australia: Gordon & Breach, 1993. £54.99

Erasmus Desideroius Paraphraseon Des. Erasmi Roterodami, in Nouum Testamentum : uidelicet in quatuor Euangelia, & Acta apostolorum, nunc Postremum ab autore non oscitanter recognitus. Basileae : In officina Frob., 1535: Basileae : In officina Frob., 1535, 1535. £1500.00

Maskelyne Nevil & Devant David Our Magic the Art in Magic the Theory of Magic the Practice of Magic London: George Routledge and Sons Limited, 1911. £375.00

Pepys Samuel The Diary of Samuel Pepys ( a New & Complete Transcription Edited By Robert Latham & William Matthews ) London: G. Bell & Sons Limited, 1973. £140.00

Clarendon Edward The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in the Year 1641. Written By the Right Honourable Edward Earl of Clarendon ( Complete in 3 Volumes ) Oxford: Printed at the Theater, 1707. £525.00

Faber George Stanley The Origin of Pagan Idolatry Acertained from Historical Testimony and Circumstantial Evidence ( Complete in 3 Volumes ) London: Printed by A. J. Valpy, 1816. £300.00

Mallory John Quare impedit. In two parts. Part I. Containing an abridgment of the law concerning the patronages of churches, the titles of ecclesiastical persons . Part II. Containing precedents of Pleading London: Printed By E. & R. Nutt and R. Gosling, 1737. £375.00

Haynes Samuel Rev A Collection of State Papers relating to Affairs in the reigns of King Henry VIII, Edward VI, Quween Mary and Queen Elizabeth from the Year 1542 to 1570. Translcribed from Original Letters and other Authntick Memorials left by William Cecil Lord Burghley London: printed by William Bowyer, 1740. £350.00

Ayliffe John Parergon Juris Canonici Anglicani, Or, A Commentary By Way of Supplement to the Canons and Constitutions of the Church of England: Not Only from the Books of the Canon and Civil Law, But Likewise from the Statute and Common Law of this Realm London: Printed for Thomas Osborne, 1726. £475.00

Watson William The Clergy Man's Law or the Complete Incumbent Collected from the Thirty Nine Articles Canons Decrees in Chancery and Exchequer as Also from All the Statutes and Common Law Cases Relating to the Church and Clergy of England In the Savoy London: Printed For Henry Linton, 1747. £250.00

Bullingbrooke Edward. Ecclesiastical law : or, The statutes, constitutions, canons, rubricks, and articles, of the Church of Ireland methodically digested under proper heads ; with a commentary, historical and juridical by Ed. Bullingbrooke Dublin: Printed by Boulter Grierson, printer to the King's most excellent Majesty., M,DCC,LXX.., 1770. £750.00

Johnson Samuel The Works of Samuel Johnson ( 12 Volumes ) London: Printed for G. Walker, J. Akerman, 1820. £380.00

Carew Richard The Survey of Corwall and an Epistle Concerning the Excellencies of the English Tongue Now First Published from the Manuscript London: printed for Samuel Chapman, 1723. £280.00

Ireland Samuel Picturesque Views with an Historical Account of the Inns of Court in London and Westminster London: Printed by C. Clarke and Published By R. Faulder, 1800. £320.00

Boyer Mr A. The Great Theater of Honour and Nobility London: Printed For Henry Woodfall, 1729. £675.00

Campbell Dr John Lives of the British Admirals Containing an Accurate Naval History from the Earliest Periods ( Complete in 8 Volumes ) ( Period Leather Bindings ) London: Printed for C. J. Barrington, 1817. £575.00

Jeffreys Sir George The Tryal and Conviction of Sr Sam Bernardiston bart for High-Misdemeanor at the Session of Nisi Prius holden at Guild-Hall, London for his Majesties Court of Kingsbench before the Right Honourable. ( Bound with The Tryal Of Laurence Braddon ) London: Printed for Benjamin Tooke, 1684. £140.00

Pennant Thomas The Journey from Chester to London London: Printed for Wilkie and Robinson, 1811. £120.00

Boswell James The Life of Samuel Johnson Comprehending an Account of His Studies and Numerous Works in Chronological Order London: T. Cadell F. C. And J. Rivington, 1822. £180.00

Carne John Syria the Holy Land Asia Minor London Paris & America: Fisher Son & Co, 1836. £450.00

Sprat Thomas A true account and declaration of the horrid conspiracy against the late King His Present Majesty and the government. As it was order'd to be published by His late Majesty In the Savoy: Printed By Thomas Newcomb, 1685. £180.00

Brayley Edward Wedlake Londiniana or Reminiscences of the British Metropolis Including Characteristic Sketches Antiquarian, Topographical, Descriptive, and Literary London: Hurst Chance and Co, 1829. £350.00

Evelyn John ( Edited By William Bray ) Memoirs Illustrative of the Life and Writings of John Evelyn, ESQ. F.R.S. Author of the Sylva, &c. Comprising his Diary from the year 1641 to 1705-6, and a selection of his familiar letters. To which is subjoined, The Private Correspondence between King C London: Printed For Henry Colburn, 1818. £450.00

Rabelais Francis The Works of Francis Rabelais ( Translated from the French with Explanatory Notes, By Du Chat, Mottaux, Ozell. ) ( 4 Volumes, Leather Bindings ) London: Printed for Lackington, Allen, and Co, 1807. £320.00

Child Sir Josiah A New Discourse of Trade: wherein are recommended several weighty points, relating to Companies of Merchants; the Act of Navigation, Naturalization of Strangers, and our Woollen Manufactures, Etcetera London: Printed for J. Hodges, on London Bridge, 1745. £250.00

Ross Alexander Pansebeia: or, A View of all Religions in the World: With The several Church-Governments from the Creation, till these Times., Also, A Discovery of all known Heresies in all Ages and Places: and choice Observations and Reflections throughout the Whole. Th London: London, Printed for John Williams, at the Sign of the Crown, in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1658. £350.00

Egan Pierce Life in London; or, the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq. and His Elegant Friend Corinthian Tom. Accompanied by Bob Logic, the Oxonian, in Their Rambles and Sprees through the Metropolis London: Printed for Sherwood, Jones, and Co., 1823. £450.00

Nimrod [Apperley,Charles J. 1778-1843] Memoirs of The Life of the late John Mytton, Esqre. of Halston, Shropshire. (.) with Notices of his Hunting, Shooting, Driving, Racing, Eccentric, and Extravagant Exploits. Third Edition. Reprinted (with consideral Additions) from the New Sporting Magazin London: Rudolph Ackermann, 1837. £375.00

Hugo Victor The Hunchback of Notre Dame London: Richard Bentely, 1833. £375.00

Lister Thomas Henry Herbert Lacy London: Henry Colburn, 1828. £160.00

Robinson W. The History and Antiquities of Enfield in the County of Middlesex London: John Nichols and Son, 1823. £380.00

Illustrated London News Illustrated London News ( 19 Volumes ) ( from 1954 to 1966 ) . £1500.00

Spelmanno Henrico Glossarium Archaiologicum: continens Latino-Barbara, peregrina, obsoleta, et novatae significationis Vocabula; quae post labefactatas a Gothis, Vandalisq;, res Europaeas in Ecclesiasticis, profanisq; Scriptoribus Londini, 1664: Apud Aliciam Warren, 1664. £575.00

Haugh David R. Searching for Perfection an Encyclopedia of US Army T-Series Vehicle Development 1925-1958 USA: Portrayal Press, 1999. £49.99

Tregelles J. A. A History of Hoddesdon in the County of Hertfordshire Being a Survey of That Hamlet from the Earliest Times. Hertford: Stephen Austin, 1908. £120.00

Allen Thomas The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Parts Adjacent London: Cowie and Strange, 1827. £425.00

Bowdich T. Edward Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee with a Statistical Account of That Kingdom and Geographical Notice of Other Parts of the Interior of Africa London: John Murray, 1819. £1100.00

Dugdale William Monasticon anglicanuma history of the abbies and other monasteries, hospitals, frieries, and cathedral and collegiate churches, with their dependencies, in England and Wales also of all such Scotch, Irish, and French monasteries, Etcetera London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, & Brown, 1817. £1250.00

Pain William The Practical House Carpenter or Youth's Instructor: Containing a Grat Variety of Useful Designs in Carpentry and Architecture to Which is Added a List of Prices for Materials and Labour, Labour Only and Day Prices London: J. Taylor at the Architectural Library, 1799. £650.00

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