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Dereks Transport Books

Zaloga, Steven J.; Loop, James W. Soviet Tanks and Combat Vehicles : 1946 to the Present Poole: Arms & Armour Press, 1987. £26.00

Connor, Piers. The 1938 Tube Stock Harrow Weald: Capital Transport, 1989. £20.00

Marquez, Edrie J. Amazing AMC Muscle : Complete Development and Racing History of the Cars from American Motors Osceola, WI, U.S.A.: Motor Books International Publishing Company, 1988. £30.00

Wallage, Peter; Wallage, John Repairing and Restoring Classic Car Components Yeovil: Haynes Publishing, 2002. £30.00

Pither, Donald E. Reliant Sports Cars. Stroud: Sutton Publishing, 2000. £20.00

Champion, Ron Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as £250 Pounds - And Race it! Yeovil.: Haynes Publishing, 2001. £20.00

Robson, Graham Triumph Herald and Vitesse : The Complete Story Marlborough: Crowood Press, 1997. £40.00

Pevsner, Nikolaus Wiltshire (The Buildings of England Series) London: Penguin Books, 1997. £20.00

Cowton, Albert, E. With the First in the Field. Norwich: Mrs A. E. Cowton., 1963. £35.00

Holmes, Martin. Audi Sport World of Rallying 8. Daventry: David Sutton Motorsport, 1986. £20.00

Lawrence, Mike World's Greatest Motor Competitions - The Mille Miglia London: B T Batsford Ltd, 1988. £25.00

Brookes, Russell With Perkins, Neil Stage by Stage - Rallying With Russell Brookes Croyden.: Motor Racing Publications, 1991. £20.00

Towle, Philip A. Pilots and Rebels : The Use of Aircraft in Unconventional Warfare 1918-1988. London: Brassey's, 1989. £27.00

Bruce, Victor, (Mrs) Nine Lives Plus : Record-Breaking on Land, Sea and in the Air: An Autobiographical Account London: Pelham Books, 1977. £20.00

Nowill, Julian East European Cars Stroud: Sutton Publishing, 2002. £40.00

Daniels, Jeff British Leyland : The Truth about the Cars London: Osprey, 1980. £50.00

Edwards, Jonathan MGB and MGC - (Crowood Photo Classic) Marlborough: The Crowood Press, 2001. £20.00

Paisley, T. B. (introduction By) Sentinel Steam Waggons - Including, Instructions to Drivers for Running and Tending Wakefield: E.P. Publishing, 1972. £20.00

Hughes, Arthur J. History of Air Navigation London: George Allen & Unwin, 1946. £50.00

Hodgkinson, Vic Beachcomber - The Story Of A Sandringham And Sunderland Civil Conversions Operated In Australia Published By the Author. £20.00

Price, Barry The Lea-Francis Story London: Batsford, 1978. £45.00

Legg, Rodney. Dorset Families Tiverton: Dorset Books, 2002. £40.00

Buske, Norbert; Helms, Thomas Wappen, Farben Und Hymnen Des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Eine Erlauterung Der Neuen Hoheitszeichen Des Landes Verbunden Mit Einem Gang Durch Die Geschichte Der Beiden Landesteile Dargestellt an Der Entwicklung Ihrer Wappenbilder Germany: Edition Temmen, 1993. £20.00

Owen, David. Targa Florio : Seventy Epic Years of Motor Racing Yeovil: Haynes Publishing, 1979. £45.00

Juptner, Joseph, P. U.S. Civil Aircraft Volume 7 (ATC Numbers 601 to 700) California: Aero Publishers, 1978. £25.00

Gardner, Frank ; Nye, Doug Castrol Racing Drivers' Manual Cambridge: Patrick Stephens, 1974. £35.00

Dorr, Robert F. & Scutts, Jerry C. Bell P-39 Airacobra (Crowood Aviaiton series) Marlborough: Crowood Press, 2000. £30.00

Carter, Bruce. Fast Circuit London: Hamish Hamilton, 1962. £20.00

Turner, Charles C. Aircraft of To-day - A Popular Account of the Conquest of the Air. London: Seeley Service & Co., 1917. £20.00

Hamel, Gustav & Turner, Charles. C. Flying - Some Practical Experiences. London: Longmans Green & Co., 1914. £60.00

Healey, Geoffrey Healey : The Specials London: Gentry Books, 1980. £28.00

Pourret, Jess G. Ferrari 250GT Competition Cars Yeovil: Haynes Publishing, 1987. £90.00

Robson, Graham The Cars of BMC. London: Book Club Associates / Motorracing Publications, 1987. £40.00

??? The Wye Valley From Plynlimon to Hereford - Its Stately Castles, Matchless Ruins, Old-World Towns and Loverly Scenery. ('Handy Aids' Series Number 9) Paddington: Great Western Railway, 1923. £20.00

??? The Illustrated Omnibus Guide Containing Engravings of the Metropolitan Omnibuses with An Original Distance Map of London for Ascertaining Cab Fares for Foreigners and Country Visitors. Oxford: Oxford Publishing Co., 1971. £20.00

Lane, Michael R. Burrell Showman's Road Locomotives - The Story of Showman's Type Road Locomotives Manufactured By Charles Burrell & Sons Ltd. Hemel Hempsread: Model & Allied Publications Ltd., 1971. £45.00

Beazley, Elisabeth. Madocks and the Wonder of Wales. London: Faber & Faber, 1967. £20.00

Hughes. W.J. and Joseph L.Thomas. `The Sentinel' - Volume 1 1875 - 1930. Newton Abbot: David & Charles., 1973. £42.00

Hardy, George The Londonderry Railway Norwich: Goose & Son, 1973. £30.00

Evans, Martin. Model Locomotive Boilers - There Design and Construction. Hemel Hempsread: Model & Allied Publications Ltd., 1973. £30.00

Setright, L. J. K. Mini : The Design Icon of a Generation London: Virgin Publishing, 1999. £28.00

Freeman, Tony Humber : An Illustrated History 1868-1976 London: Academy Books, 1991. £80.00

Hill, Ken The Morgan - Seventy-five Years on the Road. Poole: Blandford Press, 1984. £25.00

Kahl Rudolf Uniforms and Badges of the Third Reich Volume 1 - NSDAP. Holland: Military Collectors Service. £20.00

Price, Bill The BMC/BL Competitions Department : 25 Years in Motor Sport: The Cars, the People, the Events Yeovil: Haynes Publishing, 1989. £60.00

Robson, Graham The Sporting Fords - Volume 1; Cortinas (A Collectors Guide) London: Motor Racing Publications, 1982. £30.00

Cone. J. R. One People, One Reich - Enameled Organizational Badges of Germany 1918-1945 Tulsa. USA.: Mcn Publishing. £60.00

Moss, Stirling; Hailwood, Mike Racing and All That London: Pelham Books, 1980. £30.00

Williams, T. B. Airship Pilot No.28 London: William Kimber, 1974. £25.00

Henry, Alan. Ferrari - The Grand Prix Cars Richmond: Hazleton Publishing, 1989. £20.00

Nye, Doug. Cooper Cars - World Champions. London: Osprey, 1991. £50.00

Bashford, Fiona (editor) Sustaining Beauty - 90 Years of Art in Engineering. Italy: Fiat Auto SpA, 2001. £70.00

Air Commodore P. F. M. Fellows and Others First Over Everest, the Houston-Mount Everest Expedition 1933 London: The Bodley Head, 1933. £27.00

Porter, Philip. Jaguar Project Xj40 - The Inside Story of the New Xj6 Yeovil: Haynes Publishing, 1987. £20.00

Skilleter, Paul; Whyte, Andrew Jaguar Saloon Cars Yeovil: Haynes Publishing, 1988. £55.00

Conway, Hugh Bugatti - 'Le Pur-Sang des Automobiles' Yeovil: Haynes Publishing, 1987. £40.00

Frere. Paul. On the Starting Grid. London: Batsford, 1957. £22.00

Turner, Stuart Stuart Turner : Twice Lucky - My Life in Motorsport Yeovil: Haynes Publishing, 1999. £25.00

Flanagan, P J; Mac an tSoir, C B Dublin's Buses Dublin: Transport Research Associates, 1968. £45.00

??? Motor Show Catalogue October 1954 London: The Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders, 1954. £30.00

Wilson, Jeffrey The Somerset Home Guard - A Pictorial Roll-Call Bath: Millstream Books, 2004. £40.00

Garratt, Colin Golden Years of British Steam Trains (Combined Volume) London: Bounty Books, 2007. £20.00

Hawthorn, Mike Challenge Me the Race London: William Kimber, 1973. £22.00

Crombac, Gerard "Jabby" Colin Chapman - The Man and His Cars Wellingborough: Patrick Stephens, 1986. £25.00

Styles, David G. Alfa Romeo - The Legend Revived London: Dalton Watson, 1989. £33.00

Goddard, Geoff, & Nye, Doug Track Pass, A Photographer's View of Motor Racing 1950-1980 Swindon: Crowood Press, 1990. £20.00

Holmes. Martin and Hugh Bishop. Rothmans World Rallying 2. London: Osprey Publishing., 1980. £42.00

Moss. Stirling with Doug Nye. Stirling Moss - My Cars, My Career. Wellingborough.: Patrick Stephens., 1987. £20.00

Robson, Graham Saab Turbo - 99 and 900 Series; 3, 4, 5 Door. (Osprey AutoHistory Series) London: Osprey Pub Co, 1983. £25.00

Whyte, Andrew Volvo 1800 and Family (Osprey AutoHistory Series) London: Osprey, 1984. £25.00

Lehbrink, Hartmut. Formula One : Portrait of the Sixties Colgne: KONEMANN, 1994. £30.00

Smith, Alan R. Fifties Motor Racing : The GP Scene Through the Lens of Alan R. Smith Yeovil: Haynes Publishing, 1990. £22.00

Gauld, Graham Jim Clark - The Legend Lives on Yeovil: Patrick Stephens, 1992. £22.00

Purdy, Ken W. All but My Life - Stirling Moss Face to Face with Ken w Purdy. London: William Kimber, 1973. £25.00

Walton. Jeremy. Audi Quattro - The Development & Competition History. London: Book Club Associates / Haynes Publishing, 1984. £26.00

Hendry, Alan. John Surtees World Champion. Richmond: Hazleton Publishing, 1991. £30.00

Eaton, Godfrey. The Complete Ferrari Osceola: Motorbooks International, 1989. £22.00

Nye, Doug & Dennis, Ron & Murray, Gordon Driving Ambition : The Official Inside Story of the McLaren F-1 London: Virgin Books, 1999. £180.00

Ludviasen, Karl Stirling Moss - Racing with the Maestro. Yeovil: Patrick Stephens, 1997. £22.00

Ward, Ian. Lotus Elan - Coupe, Convertable; Plus 2 (Osprey AutoHistory Series) London: Osprey Pub Co, 1984. £25.00

??? Road & Track on Saab, 1955-1985 Cobham: Brooklands Books, 1985. £30.00

??? Car and Driver on SAAB, 1956-1985 (Brooklands Road Tests) Cobham: Brooklands Books, 1985. £30.00

Jenkinson, Denis Porsche 356 - Coupe, Cabriolet, Roadster, Speedster & Carrera (Osprey AutoHistory Series) London: Osprey Publishing, 1984. £38.00

Paterson, Len The Light in the Glens : The Rise and Fall of the Puffer Trade Argyll: House of Lochar, 1996. £25.00

Niemann, Detlev Price Guide - Orders and Decorations Germany 1871 - 1945 : Bewertungs-Katalog Orden und Ehrenzeichen Deutschland 1871 - 1945: Orden, Ehrenzeichen, Verleihungs-Urkunden, Miniaturen und Etuis Hamburg: Niemann Verlag, 2004. £80.00

Atkinson, Roger The Viable Operators Chester: Published By the Author, 1986. £20.00

??? North British Locomotive : A Catalogue of Narrow Gauge Locomotives Newton Abbot: David & Charles Reprints, 1970. £25.00

Drury, George H. (Compiler) Guide to North American Steam Locomotives - History and Development of Steam Power Since 1900 (Railroad Refernce Series No. 8) Waukesha USA: Kalmbach Books, 1999. £20.00

Drury, George H. (Editor) The Historical Guide to North American Railroads: 160 Lines Abandoned or Merged Since 1930 Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S.A.: Kalmbach Pub Co, 2000. £20.00

Fleischer, Wolfgang The German Sturmgeschutze in WW II 1939 - 1945 ; A Photo Chronicle ( A Shiffer Military History Book) Atglen, Pennsylvania, U.S.A: Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1999. £22.00

Crow, Duncan (Editor) Armored Fighting Vehicles of Germany : World War II New York: Arco Pub Co, 1978. £25.00

Carell, Paul. Scorched Earth (Hitler's War on Russia Volume 2). London: George G Harrap, 1970. £25.00

Various Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union 1941 - 1945 ; A General Outline. Moscow.: Progress Publishers, 1974. £25.00

Carell, Paul. Operation Barbarossa in Photographs - The War in Russia As Photographed by the Soldiers. Atglen, Pennsylvania, U.S.A: Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1991. £25.00

Carell, Paul. Stalingrad : The Defeat of the German 6th Army Atglen, Pennsylvania, U.S.A: Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1993. £20.00

Lederrey, Colonel E. Germany's Defeat in the East - The Soviet Armies at War 1941 - 1945 ( London: HMSO., 1955. £20.00

??? Battle-Fields Of the Marne 1914 (Illustrated Michelin Guides To The Battle-Fields Series). London: Mitchelin Tyre Company, 1919. £20.00

??? A Brief History Of The Kings Royal Rifle Corps. 1755-1948. Aldershot.: Gale and Polden., 1948. £20.00

Vanderveen, Bart H. The Observer's Fighting Vehicles Directory - World War II London: Frederick Warne, 1972. £25.00

Carell, Paul. Der Russlandkrieg - Fotografiert von Soldaten: Der Bildban zu Unternehmen Barbarossa und Verbrannte Erde Berlin: Verlag Ullstein GmbH, 1968. £30.00

??? Formula 1 World Championship Review 2010 Milan: Edit Vallardi, 2010. £25.00

Erickson, John The Road to Berlin - Stalin's War with Germany Volume 2 London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1983. £20.00

Erickson, John The Road to Stalingrad - Stalin's War with Germany Volume 1 London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1977. £25.00

Oswald, Werner Kraftfahrzeuge und Panzer der Reichswehr, Wehrmacht und Bundeswehr.: Katalog der deutschen Militärfahrzeuge ab 1900 Stuttgart: Motorbuch Verlag, 2004. £50.00

Cowsill, Miles; Hendy, John The Townsend Thoresen Years 1928 - 1947 Kilgetty: Ferry Publications, 1988. £20.00

Essery, R. J. London, Tilbury & Southend Railway and Its Locomotives Hersham: Oxford Publishing Co., 2001. £25.00

Quick, M. E. Railway Passenger Stations in England, Scotland and Wales - a Chronology (Second Edition) Richmond: The Railway & Canal Historical Society, 2003. £35.00

York, F.W.; Phillips, A.R. Singapore : A History of Its Trams, Trolleybuses and Buses - Volume One - 1880's to 1960's. Croyden.: DTS Publishing, 1996. £30.00

Donald, David (Editor). The Encyclopedia of World Aircraft Leicester: Blitz Editions, 1997. £30.00

Buckley, James, J. The Chicago & West Towns Railways - Transit Service in Chicago's Near West Suburbs. (Bulletin 138 of the Central Electric Railfans' Association. Chicago: the Central Electric Railfans' Association., 2006. £40.00

Mailer, Stan. The Omaha Road - Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Washington: Hundman Publishing, 2004. £40.00

Hamm, Edward, Jr The Public Service Trolley Lines in New Jersey Polo, Illinois, U.S.A.: Transportation Trails, 1997. £45.00

McIntyre, Dougal Prestwick's Pioneer : A Portrait of David McIntyre Bognor Regis: Woodfield, 2004. £20.00

Taylor, Patrick The West Clare Railway Brighton: Plateway Press, 1994. £30.00

Williams, Glyn. The Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway. Didcot: Wild Swan, 2010. £40.00

Rehor, John A. The Nickel Plate Story Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S.A.: Kalmbach Books, 1994. £40.00

Middleton, William D. South Shore - The Last Interuban Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1999. £30.00

Edge, Graham. L. Gardner & Sons Limited - Legendary Engineering Excellence (Transport Archive Series). Cambridge: Gingerfold Publications, 2002. £40.00

Tuck, Bob Robson's - The History of the Famous Name in Distribution Wellington: Round Oak Publishing, 1990. £35.00

Davies, Peter British Lorries of the 40s and 50s. Wellington: Round Oak Publishing, 1989. £25.00

Baldwin. Nick. The Illustrated History Of Thorneycroft Trucks And Buses. Yeovil: Haynes Publishing., 1989. £23.00

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Moye, Eric, C. Milestones Along My Memory Road 19325 to 1990s Chelmsford: Avalon Associates, 1996. £48.00

O'Hara, George C. Ironfighters, Outfitters and Bowler Hatters Prestwick: Clyard Novella Ltd, 1997. £20.00

Corah, John From Moorlands to Highlands (Transport Archive Series) Cambridge: Gingerfold Publications, 2002. £20.00

Fawdry, Marguerite British Tin Toys - Including and A - Z of British Metal Toy Makers. London,: New Cavandish Books, 1992. £20.00

Harris, Roger. The Allocation History of B. R. Diesels and Electrics Bromsgrove: Privately Published, 1985. £40.00

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??? The Maidstone & District Motor Services Ltd and Subsidiaries.: An Illustrated Fleet History 1911-1995 (Publication No. F.2) Hemel Hempsread: M&D and East Kent Bus Club, 1995. £30.00

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Hawkins, Chris; Reeve, George LMS Engine Sheds: Their History and Development Volume Five - The Caledonian Railway Upper Bucklebury: Wild Swan, 1987. £28.00

Hawkins, Chris; Reeve, George LMS Engine Sheds: Their History and Development Volume Two - The Midland Railway Upper Bucklebury: Wild Swan, 1981. £28.00

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??? Westinghouse interlocked electro-pnematic brake Equipment - Description and Instructions for Use. London,: The Westinghouse Brake & Saxby Signal Company Ltd., 1933. £20.00

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??? Metropolitan Subway And Elevated Systems Connecticut.: Connecticut Electric Railway Association.. £20.00

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