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Audrey McCrone

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An Historical sketch of the municipal constitution of the city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh. 1826. lst. £75.00

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Sotheby;s: Art at Auction l987-88 sothebys Publications l988. £20.00

Sotheby: Art at Auction. l985-86 Sotheby publications. l986. £20.00

Sotheby: art at Auction l986-87 Sothebys publications 1987. £20.00

sotheby: Art at auction l981-82 sotheby publications. l982 £20.00

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The Querists birthday book. Language of Flowers. & Confession Album. Maclehose. University Press. Glasgow. nd. £35.00

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Copper, Bob.: Early To rise. A Sussex boyhood. Heinemann. l976. lst. £25.00

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Kane, Elisha Kent: Arctic Explorations. T. Nelson & Sons. 1861. £25.00

Gibson, Charles.: The romance of Modern Photography. Seeley & Co. 1908. £25.00

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Brangwyn , Frank & Shaw Sparrow.: Book of Bridges. John lane. The Bodley Head. 1915. lst. £65.00

Decle, Lionel.: Three Years in Savage Africa. Books of Rhodesia. l974. £35.00

Elvin, C.N.: Anecdotes of Heraldry. in which is set forth the origin of the Armorial Bearings of many families. Bell and Daldy. London. 1864. lst. £25.00

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: Palgrave's Golden Treasury. of the best songs and Lyrics. London. JM Dent. l907. £25.00

Redman, William: The Jewellers' guide and handy reference book. Bradford. Bottomley bros. l883. New edition. £25.00

coxhead, Elizabeth.: the Figure in the Mist. collins. 1955. lst. £45.00

shakespeare.: Shakespeare. a reprint of his collected works. part 1. The Comedies. Lionel Booth. London. l862. £20.00

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Defoe, Daniel.: the life and adventures of Robinson crusoe. Frederick Warne & co. nd. £25.00

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falls, Cyril.: War Books. A critical guide. Peter Davies. l930. lst. £55.00

Forester, C.S.: Hornblower & the Crisis. Michael Joseph l967. lst. £20.00

Pietrangeli, chastel etc.: The Sistine Chapel. Harmony books. New York. l986. lst. £25.00

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: Memoirs of North-Britain. London. printed for J.Baker and J. Graves. 1715. £55.00

: grimm's fairy tales. Routledge and Kegan Paul . London. 1948. lst. thus. £25.00

: Favourite English Poems and Poets. Sampson Low, Son, & Marston. l870. £25.00

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Mackintosh.: Mackintosh's Collection of Gaelic Proverbs Edinburgh. Charles Stewart. 1819. £55.00

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Cumming, Constance F. Gordon.: Memories. William blackwood & sons . l904. £35.00

: The Norwegian Invasion of Scotland. in 1263. glasgow. Bell & Bain. l862. £25.00

: The Battle of Sheriffmuir. Eneas mackay. Stirling. l898. lst. Ltd. ed. 500 copies. £35.00

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baedeker.: Norway, Sweden Denmark. baedeker. 1912. 10th. edition. revised and augmented. £20.00

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Cardonnel, Adam de.: Numismata Scotiae. or a series of Scottish Coinage from the reign of William the Lion to the Union. Edinburgh. George Nicol. l786. £75.00

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britten.: Britten's Watch & clock maker's handbook. Dictionary and guide. Bloomsbury books. l987. 16th. edition. £35.00

barder, Richard C.R.: English Country Grandfather Clocks. The Brass-dial Longcase. david & charles. l983. lst. £35.00

Attwood, Edward L.: Warships. Longmans green & co. l906. 2nd. ed. £20.00

Peachey, Geoffrey E. Editor.: The New Photographer. £25.00

: The Poetical works of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Henry Frowde. l890. £25.00

Green, John. Richard.: Short History of the English People. Macmillan & Co. l892 -l894. £50.00

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Bent, J. Theodore.: The Ruined Cities of mashonaland. Longmans Green & co. l896. new edition. £35.00

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walker, Alexander.: Disblair. 1634-1884 or An Old oak panel and something thereon. Aberdeen. Edmond & spark. l884. lst. £25.00

M'Arthur, John.: The Antiquities of Arran. a&C Black. l873. 2nd. ed. £75.00

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Goodrich-Freer, A.: Arabs in tent & town. Seeley, Service & Col. Ltd. l924. lst. £35.00

Bonington, Chris.: Everest. The Hard Way. The first ascent of the South West Face. Hodder & Stoughton. l976. lst. £25.00

: Johnny Gibb of Gushetneuk in the Parish of Pyketillim. Edinburgh. David Douglas.l880. £25.00

Willetts, William.: Foundations of Chinese Art. Thames and Hudson. London. l965. £25.00

Wainwright, A.: A dales Sketchbook. Westmorland Gazette. Kendall. nd. (cl976) £25.00

Wainwright, A.: A second Dales Sketchbook. Westmorland Gazette, Kendall. nd. £25.00

Tiradritti, Francesco. Editor.: The Cairo Museum Masterpieces of Egyptian Art. Thames and Hudson. 1999. lst. British. £20.00

Strouhal, Eugen: Life in Ancient Egypt. Cambridge University Press. l992. lst. british. £25.00

Smith, Frederick Francis.: A History of Rochester. London. The C.W. Daniel Company. l928. lst. £45.00

Petrie, W.M. Flinders.: The Royal Tombs of the First Dynasty. 1900. part l. reprinted photographically at the university press. Oxford. l975. £45.00

Gardiner, Sir Alan: Egyptian Grammar. griffith Institute. Oxford. 3rd .ed. revised. l979. £20.00

Seddon, Peter J.: A Football compendium. The British Library . l999. 2nd.edition. £20.00

Kirin, Vladimir.: Zagreb. Izdala opcina grada zagreba l925. £35.00

Ivano Rocha.: Grad Osijek. Osijek. Godine. l932. £35.00

Maxwell, Sir William Stirling: Don John of Austria. Longmans Green. l883. lst. £30.00

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Macaulay, James.: Sea Pictures. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. R.T.S. nd. £35.00

Lecornu, J.: La Navigation Aerienne. Vuibert & Nony. Paris. (l906?) 2nd. ed. £55.00

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Lockhart, Robert Bruce: My Rod My Comfort. Dropmore Press l949. Ltd edition of 500 copies. No 393. £35.00

churchill, Winston.: The Second World War. cassell . l948-54. lst editions. £35.00

: The concise Dictionary of national biography. Part l. from the beginning to l900. Oxford University Press. l96l. £20.00

McCarthy, Justin Huntly. Translator.: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. david Nutt in the Strand. l889. £35.00

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Clute, John & Peter Nicholls: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. Orbit. l994. reprint. £20.00

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dickens, Charles: The Battle of Life. Pears Centenary Edition. £20.00

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stokes, Prof. G.G.: On the Beneficial effects of Light. Macmillan & co. l887. lst. £35.00

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Berry, W. Boyd.: The Poor Law and Local government Magazine. Glasgow. l926. £25.00

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