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Francis Edwards

Antiquarian Bookseller

(Colvin). Gibson, Trish. BRENDA COLVIN. A career in landscape. Francis Lincoln Limited 2011. £25.00

Treleaven, R.B. IN PURSUIT OF THE PEREGRINE. Tiercel SB Publishing, Herts 1998. £25.00

Poole, Alan F. OSPREYS A Natural and Unnatural History. C.U.P. 1989. £25.00

Martin, Brian P. BIRDS OF PREY Of the British Isles. David & Charles, Newton Abbot 1992. £20.00

Scott, Captain R.F. SCOTT’S LAST EXPEDITION. Being the Journals of Captain R.F. Scott; Being the Reports of the Journeys & the Scientific Work Undertaken by Dr E.A. Wilson and the Surviving Members of the Expedition. Arranged by Leonard Huxley. With a Preface by Sir Clements R. Markham. Smith, Elder & Co. 1913. £250.00

Bruce of Kinnaird, James. TRAVELS TO DISCOVER THE SOURCE OF THE NILE, In the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, & 1773. Edinburgh Printed by James Ballantyne ... 1804-5. £1850.00

Beves, Brigadier-General Control Officer P.S. MARTIAL LAW NOTICE. Women and children and persons well disposed towards the Government are advised to leave between 6 and 11 a.m. to-day that part of Fordsburg and vicinity where the authority of the Government is defied and military operations may take place. They will proceed to Show Ground with such blankets, food, and personal belongings as they can carry with them. They will take the following route:-Through Vrededorp Sub-way along Kaffir Street and 17th Street, then via Toll Street to the tram line, following tram line to main entrance of Show Ground. No immunity from arrest and punishment is guaranteed to any person coming out under this notice who has broken the law. ... Johannesburg 14th March 1922. £150.00

Chardin, Sir John. TRAVELS IN PERSIA. With an Introduction by Brigadier-General Sir Percy Sykes. N. Israel Amsterdam Da Capo Press NY 1971. £25.00

(Victoria). FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING THE CONSTITUTIONAL QUESTION IN VICTORIA. (In continuation of [C.-2173.] August 1878). Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty, December 1878. George Edward Eyre and WIlliam 1879. £25.00

Waterton, Charles. WANDERINGS IN SOUTH AMERICA The North-West of the United States, And the Antilles, in the Years 1812, 1816, 1820 & 1824. With Original Instructions for the Perfect Preservation of Birds, &c. For Cabinets of Natural History. B. Fellowes ... 1828. £125.00

Walcott, Charles D. TWENTIETH ANNUAL REPORT ... 1898-’99. In Seven Parts. Part VII [only]-Explorations in Alaska in 1898. Washington ... 1900. £60.00

(Bishop). Roe, Michael (Editor). THE JOURNAL AND LETTERS OF CAPTAIN CHARLES BISHOP on the North-West Coast of America, in the Pacific and in New South Wales 1794-1799. CUP for the Hakluyt Society 1967. £25.00

Walsham, Sir J. TRANSLATION OF THE NEW SPANISH TARIFF, Dated July 17, 1877; With an Explanatory Report. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty 1877. Harrison and Sons 1877. £25.00

Nani, [Giovanni] Bapt[ista Felice]. HISTOIRE DE LA REPUBLIQUE DE VENISE. [With] SECONDE PARTIE. A Cologne Chez Pierre Marteau [With] Amsterdam Chez Henri Schelte 1682 [With] 1702. £450.00

Coxe, William. TRAVELS INTO POLAND, RUSSIA, SWEDEN AND DENMARK. Interpersed with Historical Relations and Political Inquiries. J. Nichols 1784. £600.00

Butlin, F. M. AMONG THE DANES. Methuen & co. 1909. £25.00

Huish, Marcus B. BRITISH WATER-COLOUR ART In the First Year of the Reign of Kind Edward the Seventh, and during the Century Covered by the Life of the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours ... A and C Black 1904. £35.00

(Greenaway). Spielmann, M.H. & Layard, G.S. KATE GREENAWAY. A & C Black 1905. £85.00

Compton, E. Harrison. CHESTER. Described by Francis R.G. Duckworth. A. & C. Black 1910. £25.00

Calthrop, Dion Clayton. THE CHARM OF GARDENS. A. & C. Black 1910. £28.00

Allingham, Helen. HAPPY ENGLAND. With Memoir and Descriptions by Marcus B. Huish. A and C Black 1904. £60.00

Allingham, Helen. HAPPY ENGLAND. As Painted by ... With Memoir and Descriptions by Marcus B. Huish. A. & C. Black 1909. £60.00

Maundevile, Sir John. THE MARVELLOUS ADVENTURES of ... Being his Voyage and Travel which treateth of the Way to Jerusalem and of the Marvels of Ind with other Islands and Countries. Edited and Profusely ills. by Arthur Layard. With a Preface by John Cameron Grant. Westminster Archibald Constable & Co. 1895. £30.00

Mandeville, Sir John. THE TRAVELS of ... A Manuscript in the British Library. Introduction and Commentaries on the Plates by Josef Krása. Translated from the Czech by Peter Kussi. George Braziller/New York 1983. £30.00

Hübner, M. le Baron de. A RAMBLE ROUND THE WORLD, 1871. Translated by Lady Herbert. Macmillan and Co. 1874. £30.00


Coxe, William. AN HISTORICAL TOUR IN MONMOUTHSHIRE; Illustrated with Views by Sir R.C. Hoare ... T. Cadell, Jun and W. Davies 1801. £600.00

Coxe, William. AN HISTORICAL TOUR IN MONMOUTHSHIRE; Illustrated with Views by Sir R.C. Horace, Bart ... T. Cadell Jun. and W. Davies ... 1801. £500.00

Clark, J.H. REMINISCENCES OF MONMOUTHSHIRE. Usk County Observer 1908. £45.00

Sharpe, Reginald R. LONDON AND THE KINGDOM. A History Derived Mainly from the Archives at Guildhall in the Custody of the Corporation of the City of London. Longmans, Green & Co. 1894-5. £40.00

Rowntree, Arthur (Editor). THE HISTORY OF SCARBOROUGH Contributors: R.E. Mortimer Wheeler, A.J. Grant, R.G. Collingwood, D. Montgomerie, A. Hamilton Thompson, M. Black, Jean Rowntree, the editor. J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd. 1931. £30.00

Palk, Deirdre. (Editor). PRISONERS’ LETTERS TO THE BANK OF ENGLAND 1781-1827. London Record Society 2007. £20.00

[Oldfield, Thomas Hinton Burley]. AN ENTIRE AND COMPLETE HISTORY, POLITICAL AND PERSONAL OF THE BOROUGHS OF GREAT BRITAIN. To Which is Prefixed, an Original Sketch of Constitutional Rights, From the Earliest Period until the Present Time; And the Principles of Our Ancient Representation Traced From the Most Authentic Records, Supported by Undeniable Testimonies, and Illustrated by a Variety of Notes and References, Collected from the Most Respectable, Legal, Political and Historical Authorities. G. Riley 1792. £125.00

Atkinson, Richard et al. (Editors). ENGLAND. The Photographic Atlas. HarperCollins 2001. £45.00

Allingham, Helen. HAPPY ENGLAND. With Memoir and Descriptions by Marcus B. Huish. A & C Black 1909. £60.00

Allingham, Helen. HAPPY ENGLAND. As Painted by ... With Memoir and Descriptions by Marcus B. Huish. A & C Black 1909. £50.00

Patterson, Robert Leet. THE CONCEPTION OF GOD In the Philosophy of Aquinas. George Allen & Unwin 1933. £30.00

Place, Rear-Admiral B.C.G. Place. (Foreword by). THE REGISTER OF THE VICTORIA CROSS. This England Books 1981. £20.00

Macdonald, Captain R.J. THE HISTORY OF THE DRESS OF THE ROYAL REGIMENT OF ARTILLERY, 1625-1897. Henry Sotheran & Co. 1899. £75.00

Lawson, Cecil C.P. A HISTORY OF THE UNIFORMS OF THE BRITISH ARMY. Kaye & Ward .... 1969-74. £50.00

Elliott, Major W.J. THE VICTORIA CROSS IN AFGHANISTAN, And on the Frontiers of India. During the Years 1877, 1878, 1879 & 1880. How It Was Won. Dean & Son N.d. c.[1882]. £85.00

Cardona, Ricardo Recio and Sánchez, Antonio González. GERMAN ARMY UNIFORMS HEER 1933-1945. Acción Press S.A. 2002. £45.00

Bobé, Louis. DE KONGELIGE DANSKE RIDDERORDENER OG MEDAILLER Historik Indledning ... Biografisk Redaktion Arthur Jensens Forlag. København ... 1950. £40.00

Westlake, Ray. THE TERRITORIAL BATTALIONS A Pictorial History 1859-1985. Hippocrene Books Inc., New York/Spellmount Ltd., Tunbridge Wells 1986. £25.00

Walker, G. Goold. THE HONOURABLE ARTILLERY COMPANY 1537-1926. With a Foreword by the Earl of Denbigh and Desmond. John Lane 1926. £50.00

Sutton, Bragadier D.J. THE STORY OF THE ROYAL SERVICE CORPS AND ROYAL CORPS OF TRANSPORT 1945-1982. Leo Cooper in association with Secker and Warburg 1983. £26.00

Reid-Dalby, Lieut.-Col. R.F. PAMWE CHETE. The Legend of the Selous Scouts. Covos-Day 2000. £45.00

Perrett, Bryan. THE HAWKS A Short History of the 14th/20th King’s Hussars. With a Foreword by Major-General J.M. Palmer. Picton Publishing (Chippenham) Ltd. 1984. £20.00

(Leary, Frederick). THE EARL OF CHESTER’S REGIMENT OF YEOMANRY CAVALRY Its Formation and Services 1797 to 1897. Edinburgh Privately Printed at the Ballatyne Press 1898. £85.00

Kennett, Brigadier B.B. and Tatman, Colonel J.A. CRAFTSMEN OF THE ARMY. The Story of The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. With a Foreword by Field-Marshal The Right Honourable The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein. Leo Cooper in association with Secker& Warburg 1984. £20.00

Graham, Henry. THE ANNALS OF THE YEOMANRY CAVALRY OF WILTSHIRE. Being a Complete History of the Prince of Wales’ Own Royal Regiment From the Time of Its Formation in 1794 to October, 1884. With Six Appendices. Liverpool: D. Marples & Co. 1886. £40.00

Gorman, Major J.T. HISTORICAL RECORD OF THE REGIMENT, 1796-1933. 2nd Battalion 4th Bombay Grenadiers (King Edward’s Own) Formerly The 102nd King Edward’s Own Grenadiers. Made and Printed by Lawrence Bros. Weston-Super-Mare ... 1933. £200.00

Davis, Lieut.-Colonel John. THE HISTORY OF THE SECOND QUEEN’S ROYAL REGIMENT, Now the Queen’s (Royal West Surrey) Regiment. The English Occupation of Tangiers from 1661 to 1799. Richard Bentley & Sons 1887-95. £75.00

Daniell, David Scott. CAP OF HONOUR. The Story of The Gloucester Regiment (The 28th/61st Foot) 1694-1975. With a foreword by H.R.H. the Duke of Gloucester and Additional chapters covering the period 1945-1975 by Major-General A.H. Farrar-Hockley and Major E.L.T. Capel. White Lion Publishers 1975. £20.00

Burkitt, The Rev. H.J. THE HISTORY OF THE QUEEN’S (Royal West Surrey Regiment) in the Form of a Lantern Lecture With Supplementary Notes. With an Introduction by Major-General Sir E.O.F. Hamilton. A.C. Curtis & Co. Guildford 1917. £24.00

Bedford, W.K.R.; Collins, W.E.W. ANNALS OF THE FREE FORESTERS From 1836 to the Present Day. William Blackwood and Sons 1895. £35.00

[Anon]. NOTES ON THE HISTORY OF THE NEW ZEALAND MILITARY FORCES 1840-1935. General Headquarters ... Wellington 1st March 1935. £48.00

Melleman, Tadeusz. PZKPFW. VI TIGER. AJ. Press, Poland 2002-3. £45.00

Gale & Polden Limited. THE BREN LIGHT MACHINE GUN. Description, Use and Mechanism. ... Aldershot N.d. c.[1940]. £25.00

Czerny’s AN IMPORTANT SPRING SALE OF FINE ANTIQUE ARMS ARMOUR & MILITARIA. Fortezza Firmafede, Sarzana March 21st 2010. Czerny’s International Auction House, Italy 2010. £25.00

Bernage, George. ENFER Sur la Cote 112. Editions Heimdal, Bayeux 2008. £20.00

[Beaufroy, Captain Henry]. SCLOPPETARIA. Or Considerations on the Use of Rifled Barrel Guns, with Reference to Their Forming the Basis of a Permanent System of National Defence, Agreeable to the Genius of the Country. By a Corporal of Riflemen. The Richmond Publishing Co. Ltd. 1971. £20.00

Stafford, David. BRITAIN AND EUROPEAN RESISTANCE, 1940-1945 A Survey of the Special Operations Executive, with Documents Macmillan 1980. £20.00

Wood, M. and Dugdale, J. ORDERS OF BATTLE. Waffen SS Panzer Units in Normandy 1944. Books International, Hampshire 2000. £50.00

Wheeler, Mark C. BRITAIN AND THE WAR FOR YUGOSLAVIA, 1940-1943. Columbia University Press, New York 1980. £30.00

Vago, Bela. THE SHADOW OF THE SWASTIKA. The Rise of Facism and Anti-Semitism in the Danube Basin, 1936-1939. Published for the Institute of Jewish Affairs 1975. £20.00

(Ugaki). Prange, Gordon W. (Foreword by). FADING VICTORY. The Diary of Admiral Matome Ugaki 1941-1945. Translated by Masataka Chihaya with Donald M. Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon. University of Pittsburgh Press 1991. £45.00

Trgo, F.; Lekovic, M.; Bojic, M and Kljakovic, V. TITO’S HISTORICAL DECISIONS 1941-1945. Belgrade 1980. £20.00

Tolstoy, Nikolai. THE MINISTER AND THE MASSACRES. Century Hutchinson 1986. £20.00

Thomas, John Oram. THE GIANT-KILLERS. The Story of the Danish Resistance Movement 1940-1945. Michael Joseph 1975. £20.00

Taylor, Brian. BARBAROSSA TO BERLIN. A Chronology of the Campaigns on the Eastern Front 1941 to 1945. Volume 1 [only] The Long Drive East 22 June 1941 to 18 November 1942. Spellmount Staplehurst 2003. £20.00

Sullivan, Matthew Barry. THRESHOLDS OF PEACE. Four Hundred Thousand German Prisoners and the People of Britain 1944-1948. 1979. £20.00

Smith, E.D. VICTORY OF A SORT. The British in Greece, 1941-46. Foreword by The Lord Hunt of Llanfair Waterdine. Robert Hale 1988. £20.00

Shirer, William L. THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH. A History of Nazi Germany. Folio Society 2004. £50.00

Scott, William Evans. ALLIANCE AGAINST HITLER. The Origins of the Franco-Soviet Pact. Duke University Press, N.C. 1962. £20.00

(Ribbentrop). Weitz, John. HITLER’S DIPLOMAT. Joachim Von Ribbentrop. Introduction by Tom Wolfe. Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1992. £20.00

(Pyke). Lampe, David. PYKE. The Unknown Genius. Evans Brothers Limited 1959. £20.00

Powell, Geoffrey. THE DEVIL’S BIRTHDAY. The Bridges to Arnhem, 1944. Foreword by General Sir John Hackett. Buchan & Enright, Publishers 1984. £20.00

Musgrove, Gordon. OPERATION GOMORRAH. The Hamburg Firestorm Raids. Jane’s 1981. £20.00

Müller, Rolf-Dieter and Ueberschär, Gerd R. HITLERS KRIEG IM OSTEN 1941-1945 Ein Forschungsbericht. Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft Darmstadt 2000. £20.00

Moore, Bob. SURVIVORS. Jewish self-help and rescue in nazi-occupied western europe. O.U.P. 2010. £25.00

(Montgomery). Hamilton, Nigel. MONTY. The Making of a General; Master of the Battlefield 1942-1944; The Field-Marshal 1944-1976. McGraw-Hill Book Company 1981-87. £30.00

Maier, Georg. DRAMA BETWEEN BUDAPEST AND VIENNA. The Final Battles of the 6. Panzer-Armee in the East - 1945. Translated by Robert E. Dohrenwend. [With] MAP BOOK. J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing, Inc., Canada 2004. £50.00

(Mahr). Mullins, Gerry. DUBLIN NAZI NO. 1. The Life of Adolf Mahr. Foreword by Cathal O’Shannon. Liberties Press, Ireland 2007. £22.00

(Lindemans). Laurens, Anne. THE LINDEMANS AFFAIR. Translated from the French by Sarah C. Crouch. Allan Wingate 1971. £20.00

Kortüm, Hans-Henning. KRIEG IM MITTELALTER. Akademie Verlag 2001. £25.00

Kahn, David. HITLER’S SPIES. German Military Intelligence in World War II. Hodder and Stoughton 1978. £25.00

Jaconsen, Hans-Adolf et al. KRIEGSTAHEBUCH Des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht (Wehrmachtführungsstab) 1940-1945. Bernard & Graefe Verlag für Wehrwesen, Frankfurt am Main 1961-5. £250.00

Hagger, Nicholas. OVERLORD The Triumph of Light 1944-45. An Epic Poem. 3 vols. [With] THE WARLORDS from D-Day to Berlin. A Verse Drama. Element, Shaftesbury 1995-7. £50.00

Grenzebach, William S. GERMANY’S INFORMAL EMPIRE IN EAST-CENTRAL EUROPE. German Economic Policy toward Yugoslavia and Rumania, 1933-1939. Franz Steiner Verlag Wiesbaden GMBH, Stuttgart 1988. £20.00

Doosry, Yasmin. (Editor). REPRESENTATIONS OF AUSCHWITZ. 50 Years of Photographs, Paintings and Graphics. Published for the Department of European Studies Jagiellonian University, Krabow with the support of the Tempus Project ‘Civil Society and Social Change in Europe after Auschwitz’ Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum Oswiecim 1995. £40.00

Dedijer, Vladimir. THE WAR DIARIES of ... From April 6, 1941 - November 7, 1944. Introduction by John V.A. Fine. An Arbor, The University of Michigan Press 1993. £85.00

Deakin, F.W.D. THE EMBATTLED MOUNTAIN. O.U.P. 1971. £20.00

(Darre). Bramwell, Anna. BLOOD AND SOIL. Richard Walther Darre and Hitler’s ‘Green Party’. Kensal Press 1985. £50.00

Craven, Wesley Frank; Cate, James Lea et al. THE ARMY AIR FORCES IN WORLD WAR II. Plans and Early Operations, January 1939 to August 1942. Europe: Torch to Pointblank, August 1942 to December 1943. Europe: Argument to V-E Day, January 1944 to May 1945. The Pacific - Guadal-Canal to Saipan, August 1942 to July 1944. The Pacific - Matterhorn to Nagasaki, June 1944 to August 1945. Men and Planes. Combat Chronology 1941-1945. [Lacking Services Around the World Volume 7] Univ. of Chicago Press 1948-58. £175.00

Churchill, Winston S. THE SECOND WORLD WAR. The Gathering Storm; Their Finest Hour; The Grand Alliance; The Hinge of Fate; Closing the Ring; Triumph and Tragedy. Cassell & Co. 1948-54. £85.00

(Churchill). Cohen, Ronald I. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE WRITINGS OF SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL. Thoemmes 2006. £450.00

Carter, G.S. (Editor). A TRAGEDY OF BORNEO 1941-45. A Proposal for Commemoration. Printed at Brunei Press Kuala Belait State of Brunei N.d. c.[1946]. £40.00

Braham, Randolph L. THE POLITICS OF GENOCIDE. The Holocaust in Hungary, Volume 2 [only]. Columbia University Press, New York 1994. £25.00

Bernage, Georges. CHARKOW février-mars 1943 le corps blindé SS contre-attaque. Editions Heimdal 1998. £22.00

Barclay, Brigadier C.N. THE HISTORY OF THE 53RD (WELSH) DIVISION IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR. With a Foreword by Major-General C.F.C. Coleman. William Clowes and Sons 1956. £22.00

Baden-Powell, Dorothy. OPERATION JUPITER. SOE’s Secret War in Norway. Robert Hale 1982. £22.00

[Anon]. TAURUS PURSUANT. A History of 11th Armoured Division. Printed ... Printing and Stationary Service British Army of the Rhine 1945. £40.00

Admiralty. FUEHRER CONFERENCES ON NAVAL AFFAIRS 1940-1945 + Index vol. [Lacking vol. 1939]. ... 1947-8. £350.00

Wallace, Edgar. KITCHENER’S ARMY AND THE TERRITORIAL FORCES. The Full Story of a Great Achievement. George Newnes, Limited N.d. c.[1915]. £35.00

Seton Hutchison, Lieutenant-Colonel Graham. FOOTSLOGGER. An Autobiography. Hutchinson & Co. 1931. £150.00

(Parker). Winstone, H.V.F. THE DIARIES OF PARKER PASHA. War in the desert 1914-18 told from the secret diaries of Colonel Alfred Chevalier Parker, nephew of Lord Kitchener, Governor of Sinai, and Military Intelligence chief in the Arab Revolt. Quartet Books 1983. £20.00

(Page). Hendrick, Burton J. THE LIFE AND LETTERS OF WALTER H. PAGE. William Heinemann 1923-28. £75.00

Ministère de la Guerre. LES ARMÉES FRANÇAISES DANS LE GRANDE GUERRE. Tome Ier La Guerre de Mouvement (opérations antérieures au 14 novembre 1914).Tome I Volume 1 Text Premier Volume Les Préliminaires - La bataille des frontiéres (opérations antérieures au 24 août 1914)Tome I Volume 1 AnnexeTome I Volume 1 Maps (38 maps)Tome I Volume 2 Text La Manoeuvre en Retaite et les Préliminaires de la Bataille de la MarneTome I Volume 2 Annexe 1Tome I Volume 2 Annexe 2Tome I Volume 2 Maps 1Tome I Volume 2 Maps 2 (78 maps)Tome I Volume 3 Text La Bataille de la Marne (11 maps)Tome I Volume 3 Annexes 1Tome I Volume 3 Annexes 2Tome I Volume 3 Annexes 3Tome I Volume 3 Annexes 4Tome I Volume 3 Maps 1Tome I Volume 3 Maps 2 (76 maps).Tome I Volume 4 Text La Bataille de l’Aisne, La Course à la Mer, La Bataille des Flandres, Les Opérations sur le Front Stabilisé (14 Septembre-14 Novembre 1914). (1 map)Tome I Volume 4 Annexes 1Tome I Volume 4 Annexes 2Tome I Volume 4 Annexes 3Tome I Volume 4 Annexes 4 (3 maps)Tome I Volume 4 Maps 1Tome I Volume 4 Maps 2 (59 Maps)Tome II Text La Stabilisation du Front - Les Attaques Locales (14 Novembre 1914 - 1 Mai 1915).Tome II Annexes 1Tome II Annexes 2 (2 maps)Tome II Maps (30 maps)Tome III Text Les Offensives de 1915 - l’Hiver de 1915-1916 (1 Mai 1915 - 21 Février 1916).Tome III Annexes 1Tome III Annexes 2Tome III Annexes 3Tome III Annexes 4 (map)Tome III Maps (60 maps)Tome IV Verdun et la Somme.Tome IV Text Les Projets Offensifs Pour 1916 et la Bataille de Verdun (21 Février 1916-1er Mai 1916)Tome IV Volume 1 Annexes 1Tome IV Volume 1 Annexes 2Tome IV Volume 1 Annexes 3 (21 maps)Tome IV Volume 1 Maps (38 maps)Tome IV Volume 2 Text La Bataille de Verdun et les Offensives des Alliés (1er Mai 1916-3 Septembre 1916) (14 maps)Tome IV Volume 2 Annexes ITome IV Volume 2 Annexes IITome IV Volume 2 Annexes III (8 maps)Tome IV Volume 2 Maps (26 maps)Tome IV Volume 3 Text Bataille de la Somme (Fin) Offensives Françaises à Verdun (3 Septembre-Fin Décembre 1916) 6 folding plates, mapTome IV Volume 3 Annexes ITome IV Volume 3 Annexes I*Tome IV Volume 3 Annexes IITome IV Volume 3 Annexes II* Plan [supplied in facsimile?], mapTome IV Volume 3 maps (23 maps)Tome V L’Offensive D’Avril 1917 Les Opérations à Objectifs Limités (1er Novembre 1916-15 Mai 1917).Tome V Volume 1 Text L’Offensive 1917 (1er Novembre 1916-15 Mai 1917).Tome V Volume 1 Annexes ITome V Volume 1 Annexes 2Tome V Volume 1 Maps 1Tome V Volume 1 Maps 2 (29 maps)[Lacking Tome V Volume 2 text Petain’s Limited OffensiveTome V Volume 2 Annexes 1Tome V Volume 2 Annexes 2Tome V Volume 2 Maps]Tome VI L’Hiver 1917-1918 L’Offensive Allemande (1er Novembre 1917-18 Juillet 1918).Tome VI Volume 1 Text La Préparation de la Campagne de 1918 L’Offensive Allemande de l’Oise à la Mer du Nord (1er Novembre 1917 - 30 Avril 1918).Tome VI Volume 1 Annexes 1Tome VI Volume 1 Annexes 2Tome VI Volume 1 Annexes 3Tome VI Volume 1 maps (46 maps)Tome VI Volume 2 Text L’Offensive Allemande Contre Les Armées Françaises (1er Mai-18 Juillet 1918).Tome VI Volume 2 Annexes 1Tome VI Volume 2 Annexes 2Tome VI Volume 2 Annexes 3Tome VI Volume 2 maps (32 maps)Tome VII La Campagne Offensive de 1918 et la Marche au Rhin 18 Juillet 1918-28 Juin 1919.Tome VII Volume 1 Text 18 Juillet 1918-25 Septembre 1918.Tome VII Volume 1 Annexes 1Tome VII Volume 1 Annexes 2Tome VII Volume 1 maps (38 maps)[Lacking Tome VII Volume 2 Text End of the War 1918 & 1919Tome VII Volume 2 AnnexeTome VII Volume 2 maps]Tome VIII La Campagne d’Orient (Dardanelles et Salonique).Tome VIII Volume 1 Text La Campagne d’Orient Jusqu’à l’Intervention de la Roumanie (Février 1915 - Août 1916).Tome VIII Volume 1 Annexes 1Tome VIII Volume 1 Annexes 2Tome VIII Volume 1 Annexes 3Tome VIII Volume 1 maps (72 maps, photo.)Tome VIII Volume 2 Text La Campagne d’Orient Depuis l’Intervention de la Roumanie en Août 1916 Jusqu’en Avril 1918.Tome VIII Volume 2 Annexes 1Tome VIII Volume 2 Annexes 2Tome VIII Volume 2 Annexes 3Tome VIII Volume 2 Annexes 4Tome VIII Volume 2 maps 1Tome VIII Volume 2 maps 2 (58 maps and plans)Tome VIII Volume 3 Text La Campagne d’Orient, d’Avril 1918 à Décembre 1918.Tome VIII Volume 3 Annexes 1Tome VIII Volume 3 Annexes 2Tome VIII Volume 3 Annexes 3 (4 maps)Tome VIII Volume 3 Maps (23 maps)Tome IX Les Fronts Secondaires.[Lacking Tome IX Volume 1 Text Egypt and PalestineTome IX Volume 1 AnnexesTome IX Volume 1 maps]Tome IX Volume 2 Text Les Campagnes Coloniales: Camerun - Togo - Opérations Contre les Senoussis (4 maps)Tome IX Volume 2 Annexes 1Tome IX Volume 2 Annexes 2Tome IX Volume 2 Annexes 3Tome IX Volume 2 Annexes 4 (57 maps)Tome IX Volume 2 Maps (26 maps)[Lacking Tome IX Volume 3 MaroccoTome IX Volume 3 Maps]Tome X Ordres de Bataille des Grandes Unités.Tome X Volume 1 Text Avant-Propos, Index Géographique, Abréviations Grands Quartiers Généraux Groupes D’Armées, Armées, Corps de’ArméeTome X Volume 2 Text Divisions d’Infanterie, Divisions de Cavalerie.Tome XI Text La Direction de l’Arrière.Tome XI Maps (27 maps) Paris Imprimerie National 1922-37 £7500.00

Michelin & Cie. THE MARNE BATTLE-FIELDS (1914). ... Clermont-Ferrand 1919. £20.00

(Macnaghten). Millington-Drake, E. (Compiler). IN MEMORIAM HUGH MACNAGHTEN 1862-1929. Being a Reprint of Obituary Notices and Memoirs which Appeared in Newspapers and Other Publications After His Death in the Night of August 10-11 1929. With a Foreword by the Provost of Eton. Privately Printed by Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & Co. 1931. £30.00

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