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Grampian Books

Cox, E H M: ''A History of Gardening in Scotland''. Chatto & Windus (London) 1935. £25.00

Gwynne, Fanny Price: ''Sketches of Tenby and its Neighbourhood. An Historical and Descriptive Guide to all the chief Places of Interest in the Vicinity''. E S Lockyer (Tenby) 1852. £60.00

Rodger, Ella Hill Burton: ''Aberdeen Doctors at Home and Abroad. The Narrative of a Medical School''. William Blackwood and Sons (Edinburgh) 1893. £25.00

Nelson, J. Bryan: ''The Sulidae. Gannets and Boobies''. Oxford University Press 1978. £35.00

Halliwell, Marcus: ''Highland Landscapes. Paintings of Scotland in the 19th Century''. Garmond Publishing Ltd (London) 1990. £25.00

Davidson, John: ''Inverurie and the Earldom of the Garioch. A Topographical and Historical Account of the Garioch from the earliest times to the Revolution Settlement''. David Douglas (Edinburgh) 1878. £95.00

Cowie, Robert: ''Shetland : Descriptive and Historical. Being a Graduation Thesis on the Inhabitants of the Shetland Islands, and a Topographical Description of that Country''. John Menzies & Co (Edinburgh) 1874. £45.00

Wainwright, A: ''Scottish Mountain Drawings. Volume Two. The North-Western Highlands''. Westmorland Gazette (Kendal). No date [1976?]. £20.00

Wainwright, A: ''Scottish Mountain Drawings. Volume Five. The Eastern Highlands''. Westmorland Gazette (Kendal). No date [1978?]. £20.00

Wainwright, A: ''Scottish Mountain Drawings. Volume 4. The Central Highlands''. Westmorland Gazette (Kendal). No date (1977?). £20.00

Wainwright, A: ''Scottish Mountain Drawings. Volume 3. The Western Highlands''. Westmorland Gazette (Kendal). No date (1976?). £20.00

Kenney, James F: ''The Sources for the early History of Ireland : Ecclesiastical. An Introduction and Guide''. Irish University Press (Shannon) 1968. £30.00

Hapgood, Isabel Florence: ''The Epic Songs of Russia''. Charles Scribner's Sons (New York) [1886]. £30.00

Burnett, John G (Editor): ''Powis Papers, 1507-1894''. Third Spalding Club (Aberdeen) 1951. £30.00

O'Driscoll, Robert (Editor): ''The Celtic Consciousness''. Canongate Publishing (Edinburgh) 1982. £20.00

Oliver & Boyd (Printers): ''The Edinburgh Almanack, or Universal Scots and Imperial Register, for 1825''. Edinburgh 1825. £35.00

Grant, I F: ''The Social and Economic Development of Scotland before 1603''. Oliver & Boyd (Edinburgh) 1930. £20.00

Godwin, H: ''The History of the British Flora. A Factual Basis for Phytogeography''. Cambriodge University Press 1956. £25.00

Farquhar, William A G: ''The Fyvie Lintie. A Collection of original Poems and Songs, partly in the Aberdeenshire Dialect, and chiefly relating to Fyvie''. Aberdeen Daily Journal Office (Aberdeen) 1904. £20.00

Scrope, William: ''Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing in the Tweed ; with a short Account of the Natural History and Habits of the Salmon, Instructions to Sportsmen, Anecdotes, etc''. James Thin, The Mercat Press (Edinburgh) 1975. £25.00

Pennell-Elmhirst, E: ''The Best of the Fun, 1891-1897''. Chatto & Windus (London) 1903. £95.00

Paul, James Balfour (Editor): ''Diary of George Ridpath, Minister of Stitchel 1755-1761''. `Scottish History Society (Edinburgh) 1922. SHS Publication, Third Series, Volume II. £25.00

New Statistical Account of Scotland: ''The New Statistical Account of Scotland. By the Ministers of the respective Parishes, under the superintendence of a Committee of the Society... Volume VI. Lanark''. William Blackwood and Sons (Edinburgh) 1845. £60.00

Mackay, Charles: ''A Dictionary of Lowland Scotch. With an introductory Chapter on the Poetry, Humour and Literary History of the Scottish Language, and an Appendix of Scottish Proverbs''. Gale Research Company (Detroit) 1968. £20.00

Louden, David: ''The History of Morham (the Birthplace of John Knox). Wm Sinclair (Haddington) 1889. £30.00

Gordon, Esme: ''The Royal Scottish Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, 1826-1976''. Charles Skilton Ltd (Edinburgh) 1977. £20.00

Furst, Herbert: ''The Modern Woodcut. A Study of the Evolution of the Craft. With a Chapter on the Practice of Xylography by W Thomas Smith''. Bodley Head Ltd (London) 1924. £60.00

Dixon, David Dippie: ''Upper Coquetdale, Northumberland : its History, Traditions, Folk-lore and Scenery''. Sandhill Press (Alnwick) 1987. £30.00

Allan, Archibald: ''History of Channelkirk''. James Thin (Edinburgh) 1900. £80.00

Warrender, Margaret: ''Marchmont and the Humes of Polwarth''. William Blackwood and Sons (Edinburgh) 1894. £60.00

Walker, David: ''The Border Pulpit. Being a series of Sketches of a number of Ministers of various Denominations in the Border Counties of Past and Present Times. With an Introduction on the Church of the Future''. Edinburgh 1877. Printed for, and published by, the author. £25.00

Tancred of Weens, George: ''Rulewater and its People. An Account of the Valley of the Rule and its Inhabitants''. Borders Regional Library (Selkirk) 1992. £20.00

Sinton, James (Editor): ''Journal of a Tour in the Highlands and Western Islands of Scotland in 1800 by John Leyden''. William Blackwood and Sons (Edinburgh) 1903. £40.00

Russell, James: ''Reminiscences of Yarrow''. George Lewis & Son (Selkirk) 1894. £25.00

Royal Commission on the Ancient Monuments of Scotland: ''An Inventory of the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Roxburghshire''. Her Majesty's Stationery Office (Edinburgh) 1956. £80.00

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments and Constructions of Scotland: ''Sixth Report, and Inventory of Monuments and Constructions in the County of Berwick''. His Majesty's Stationery Office (Edinburgh) 1915. £60.00

Ridpath, George: ''The Border History of England and Scotland, deduced from the Earliest Times to the Union of the Two Crowns...'' Mercat Press (Edinburgh) 1979. £20.00

Reid, David (Editor): David Hume of Godscroft's ''The History of the House of Douglas''. Volume 1 and Volume 2. Scottish Text Society (Edinburgh) 1996. STS Publications, Fourth Series, Nos. 25 and 26. £28.00

Pennant, Thomas: ''A Tour in Scotland in 1769''. Melven Press (Perth) 1979. £20.00

New Statistical Account of Scotland: ''The Statistical Account of Edinburghshire by the Ministers of the Respective Parishes''. William Blackwood and Sons (Edinburgh) 1845. £40.00

Mundell & Son (Printer): ''Mary Stewart. An Historical Drama''. Edinburgh 1801. £40.00

Michie, J G: ''History of Loch Kinnord'' David Douglas (Edinburgh) 1877. £35.00

Lindsay, Ian G ; Cosh, Mary: ''Inveraray and the Dukes of Argyll''. Edinburgh University Press 1973. £40.00

Laing, David (Editor): ''The Diary of Alexander Brodie of Brodie, 1652-1680, and of his son, James Brodie of Brodie, 1680-1685''. Spalding Club (Aberdeen) 1863. £110.00

Fuller, John: ''The History of Berwick upon Tweed, including a short account of the Villages of Tweedmouth and Spittal, etc.''. Frank Graham (Newcastle upon Tyne) 1973. £30.00

Fenwick, R O: ''The Goblin Groom. A Tale of Dunse''. Alex Lawrie (Edinburgh) 1809. £75.00

Dunbar, E Dunbar: ''Social Life in Former Days. Second Series. Illustrated by Letters and Family Papers''. Edmonston & Douglas (Edinburgh) 1866. £28.00

Clarendon Historical Society (Publisher): ''The Journal of King Edward's Reign. Written with his own Hand. From the Original in the Cotton Library''. Privately printed for the Clarendon Historical Society 1884. £25.00

Borland, Robert: ''Border Raids and Reivers''. Thomas Fraser (Dalbeattie) 1898. £30.00

Rich, E E: ''The Ordinance Book of the Merchants of the Staple''. Cambridge University Press 1937. £20.00

Hayden, Sir Henry ; Coson, Cesar: ''Sport and Travel in the Highlands of Tibet''. Richard Cobden-Sanderson (London) 1927. £145.00

Feiling, Keith: ''A History of the Tory Party, 1640-1714''. Clarendon Press (Oxford) 1924. £20.00

Chrimes, S B: ''English Constitutional Ideas in the Fifteenth Century''. Cambridge University Press 1936. £20.00

Newton, Isaac: ''The Preliminary Manuscripts for Isaac Newton's 1687 'Principia', 1684-1685''. Cambridge University Press 1989. Cambridge University Library, Newton Manuscript Series, Volume 2. £145.00

Southerne, Thomas: ''The Fate of Capua. A Tragedy. As it is acted at the Theatre in Lincolns-Inn-Fields by His Majesty's Servants''. Benjamin Tooke (London) 1700. £70.00

Southerne, Thomas: ''Oroonoko : a Tragedy, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal, by His Majesty's Servants''. Printed for H Playford (London) 1699. £70.00

Smith, Donald: ''Pigeon Cotes and Dove Houses of Essex''. Simpkin Marshall Ltd (London) 1931. £30.00

Otway, Thomas: ''The Souldiers Fortune : a Comedy. Acted by their Royal Highnesses' Servants at the Duke's Theatre''. Printed for R Bentley (London) 1683. £20.00

Keate, George: ''The Monument in Arcadia : a Dramatic Poem, in Two Acts''. Printed for J Dodsley (London) 1773. £70.00

Hill, Aaron: ''Merope : a Tragedy. Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by His Majesty's Servants''. Printed for A Millar (London) 1749. £25.00

Dryden, John: ''The State of Innocence, and Fall of Man : an Opera written in Heroick Verse; and Dedicated to Her Royal Highness the Dutchess''. Printed by H H for Henry Herringman (London) 1678. £350.00

Dryden, John: ''The Spanish Fryar, or the Double Discovery. Acted at the Theatre Royal''. Richard Tonson & Jacob Tonson (London) 1686. £70.00

Colman, George ; Garrick, David: ''The Clandestine Marriage, a Comedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane''. T Becket and P A De Hondt (London) 1766. £70.00

Chuo University Library (Publishers): ''David Hume and the Eighteenth Century British Thought. An annotated Catalogue. With Supplement. The Centennial Publication of Chuo University''. Tokyo 1986-88. £125.00

Bruce, George: ''Destiny, and other Poems''. Printed for the author (St Andrews) 1876. £95.00

Adam, J Collyer: ''Criminal Investigation. A Practical Textbook for Magistrates, Police Officers and Lawyers. Adapted from the System der Kriminalistik of Dr. Hans Gross. Professor of Criminology in the University of Prague''. Sweet & Maxwell Ltd (London) 1924. £45.00

Mill, John Stuart: An Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy and of the Principal Philosophical Questions discussed in his Writings''. Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green (London) 1865. £145.00

Society of Writers to His Majesty's Signet (Publisher): ''The Society of Writers to His Majesty's Signet. With a List of the Members and Abstracts of the Minutes of the Society, the Commissioners and the Council and the early History of the Scottish Signet''. Printed for the Society (Edinburgh) 1936. £30.00

MacKay, Adam: ''Cruden and its Ministers : Being an Historical Description of the Parish of Cruden, with special reference to its ecclesiastical fortunes''. P Scrogie (Peterhead) 1912. £25.00

D Chalmers & Co (Printers): ''The Aberdeen Almanac, and Northern Register, for 1842''. Aberdeen 1842. £40.00

Cole, Richard C ; Baker, Peter S ; McClellan, Rachel (Editors): ''The General Correspondence of James Boswell, 1766-1769. Vol.1: 1766-1767''. Edinburgh University Press 1993. The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell. Research Edition, Correspondence, Volume 5. £25.00

Caillie, Rene: ''Travels through Central Africa to Timbuctoo ; and across the Great Desert to Morocco, performed in the years 1824-1828''. Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley (London) 1830. £950.00

Bell, Tom: ''John Maclean. A Fighter for Freedom''. Communist Party, Scottish Committee (Glasgow) 1944. £20.00

Baker, Peter S et. al. (Editors): ''The Correspondence of James Boswell with David Garrick, Edmund Burke and Edmond Malone''. William Heinemann Ltd (London) 1986. The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell. Research Edition, Correspondence, Volume 4. £35.00

Anderson, P J (Editor): ''Record of the Celebration of the Quatercentenary of the University of Aberdeen, from 25th to 28th September 1906''. Aberdeen University Press 1907. [Aberdeen University Studies No. 29]. £20.00

Anderson, James Maitland: ''The University of St Andrews. A Historical Sketch''. Fife Herald (Cupar) 1878. £45.00

Allan, Elizabeth: ''Burn on the Hill. The story of the first 'Compleat Munroist''. Bidean Books (Beauly) 1995. £20.00

Stuart, John (Editor): ''Extracts from the Council Register of the Burgh of Aberdeen, 1625-1642''. Scottish Burgh Records Society (Edinburgh) 1871. £20.00

McLean, G R D: ''Poems of the Western Highlanders. From the Gaelic''. SPCK (London) 1961. £20.00

Steven, H M ; Carlisle, A: ''The Native Pinewoods of Scotland''. Reprint. c.1992. £35.00

Watson, William J: ''The History of the Celtic Place-Names of Scotland''. William Blackwood & Sons Ltd (Edinburgh) 1926. Published under the auspices of the Royal Celtic Society. Being the Rhind Lectures on Archaeology (Expanded) delivered in 1916. £35.00

Stewart, Alexander: ''Nether Lochaber : The natural History, Legends and Folk-Lore of the West Highlands''. William Paterson (Edinburgh) 1883. £45.00

Scott, W R (Editor): ''The Records of a Scottish Cloth Manufactory at New Mills, Haddingtonshire, 1681-1703''. Scottish History Society (Edinburgh) 1905. SHS Publication, Volume XLVI. £35.00

Ross, Anne: ''Pagan Celtic Britain. Studies in Iconography and Tradition''. Routledge & Kegan Paul (London) 1967. £30.00

Penguin Club (Publishers): ''Verses''. Edinburgh 1926. £28.00

Macphail, J R N (Editor): ''Papers from the Collection of Sir William Fraser, K.C.B., LL.D.''. Scottish History Society (Edinburgh) 1924. SHS Publication, Third Series, Volume 5. £20.00

Mackay, William: ''Urquhart and Glenmoriston. Olden Times in a Highland Parish''. Northern Counties Newspaper and Printing and Publishing Company (Inverness) 1914. £80.00

Mackay, William: ''Life in Inverness in the Sixteenth Century. Their Majesties' Printers 1911. Reprinted for Private Circulation. £25.00

Jerdan, William (Editor): ''Letters from James Earl of Perth, Lord Chancellor of Scotland etc., to his Sister the Countess of Erroll, and other members of his Family Camden Society (London) 1845. £20.00

Gardiner, Samuel Rawson (Editor): ''Letters and Papers illustrating the relations between Charles the Second and Scotland in 1650''. Scottish History Society (Edinburgh) 1894. SHS Publication, Volume XVII. £25.00

Galt, John: ''The Lives of the Players''. Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley (London) 1831. £95.00

Cromek, R H: ''Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song. With Historical and Traditional Notices relative to the Manners and Customs of the Peasantry''. T Cadell and W Davies (London) 1810. £45.00

Anderson, Isabel Harriet: ''An Inverness Lawyer and his Sons, 1796-1878''. Aberdeen University Press Ltd 1900. £20.00

Waingrow, Marshall (Editor): ''The Correspondence and other Papers of James Boswell relating to the making of 'The Life of Johnson''. William Heinemann Ltd (London) 1969. The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell. Research Edition, Correspondence, Volume 2. £40.00

Waingrow, Marshall (Editor): ''James Boswell's 'Life of Johnson'. An Edition of the original Manuscript in Four Volumes. Volume 1: 1709-1765''. Edinburgh University Press 1994. The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell. Research Edition, Life of Johnson, Volume 1. £35.00

Speedy, Tom: ''Sport in the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland with Rod and Gun''. William Blackwood and Sons (Edinburgh) 1886. £25.00

Slaven, Anthony; Checkland, Sydney (Editors): ''Dictionary of Scottish Business Biography, 1860-1960. Volume 1. The Staple Industries''. Aberdeen University Press 1986. £25.00

Robertson, William: ''The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V. With a View of the Progress of Society in Europe, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire, to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century''. Cadell and Davies (London) 1809. £35.00

Robertson, John: ''Uppies and Doonies. The Story of the Kirkwall Ba' Game''. Aberdeen University Press 1967. £20.00

R & A Suttaby (Publishers): ''The Royal Kalendar, and Court and City Register for England, Scotland, Ireland and the Colonies for the Year 1858. Containing a Correct List of the Eighteenth Imperial Parliament, summoned to meet for their First Session, April 30, 1857''. London [1858]. £20.00

R & A Suttaby (Publishers): ''Royal Kalendar, and Court and City Register for England, Scotland, Ireland and the Colonies for the Year 1830. Including a correct List of the Eighth Imperial Parliament, summoned to meet for their First Session July 25, 1826''. London [1830]. £20.00

Prebble, John: ''Culloden : Glencoe : The Highland Clearances''. Folio Society (London) 1996-2003. £25.00

Pottle, Marion S ; Abbott, Claude Colleer ; Pottle, Frederick A: ''Catalogue of the Papers of James Boswell at Yale University''. Edinburgh University Press 1993. £115.00

Piggott, Stuart: ''Ancient Europe. From the beginnings of Agriculture to Classical Antiquity. A Survey. Edinburgh University Press 1965. £20.00

Munro, Alexander M: ''Memorials of the Aldermen, Provosts and Lord Provosts of Aberdeen, 1272-1895''. Aberdeen 1897. Printed for the subscribers. £25.00

Mills, Colin (Compiler): ''The Nigel Tranter Bibliography''. Underhill Publications Ltd (Isle of Arran) 2003. £25.00

Mackintosh, H B: ''The Inverness-shire Highlanders or 97th Regiment of Foot, 1794-1796''. J D Yeadon (Elgin) 1926. £55.00

Innes, C (Editor): ''Memoir of Thomas Thomson, Advocate''. Bannatyne Club (Edinburgh) 1854. Presented to the Bannatyne Club by James T Gibson Craig and C Innes. £25.00

Hill, Charles E: ''The Danish Sound Dues and the Command of the Baltic. A Study of International Relations''. Duke University Press (Durham, North Carolina) 1926. £40.00

Fisher, James ; Lockley, R M: ''Sea-Birds. An Introduction to the Natural History of the Sea-Birds of the North Atlantic''. Collins (London) 1954. New Naturalist Series No. 28. £50.00

Fairley, John A: ''Agnes Campbell, Lady Roseburn, Relict of Andrew Anderson the King's Printer. A Contribution to the History of Printing in Scotland''. D Wyllie & Son (Aberdeen) 1925. £20.00

Crawford, Thomas (Editor): ''The Correspondence of James Boswell and William Johnson Temple, 1756-1795. Volume 1: 1756-1777''. Edinburgh University Press 1997. The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell. Research Edition, Correspondence, Volume 6. £45.00

Barron, Douglas Gordon (Editor): ''The Court Book of the Barony of Urie in Kincardineshire, 1604-1747''. Scottish History Society (Edinburgh) 1892. SHS Publication, First Series, Volume XII. £30.00

Anderson, Alan O: ''Scottish Annals from English Chroniclers. AD500-1286''. David Nutt (London) 1908. £25.00

Stevenson, David: ''The Scottish Revolution, 1637-1644. The Triumph of the Covenanters''. David & Charles (Newton Abbot) 1973. £20.00

Campbell of Airds, Alastair: ''A History of Clan Campbell''. Edinburgh University Press Ltd (2000-2004). £115.00

Brown, Archibald: ''Memorials of Argyleshire''. James McKelvie & Sons (Greenock) 1889. £45.00

Blaikie, Walter Biggar (Editor): ''Origins of the 'Forty-Five, and other Papers relating to that Rising''. Scottish History Society (Edinburgh) 1916. SHS Publication, Second Series, Volume 2. £45.00

Cruickshank James (Editor): ''Logan's Collections''. Third Spalding Club (Aberdeen) 1941. £20.00

Barnes, R Money ; Allen, C Kennedy: ''The Uniforms and History of the Scottish Regiments. Britain : Canada : Australia : New Zealand : South Africa. 1625 to the Present Day''. Seeley Service & Co Ltd (London) [1956]. £20.00

Venables, L S V ; Venables, U M: ''Birds and Mammals of Shetland''. Oliver and Boyd (Edinburgh) 1955. £20.00

Stewart-Robertson, James: ''The Athole Collection of the Dance Music of Scotland''. Oliver and Boyd Ltd (Edinburgh) 1961. £30.00

Whitelaw, Alex: ''The Book of Scottish Song; collected and illustrated with Historical and Critical Notices, and an Essay on the Song-Writers of Scotland''. Blackie and Son (Glasgow) 1855. £25.00

Stenhouse, William: ''Illustrations of the Lyric Poetry and Music of Scotland''. William Blackwood and Sons (Edinburgh) 1853. £55.00

Scottish Academic Press (Publisher): ''Ancient and Modern Scottish Songs, Heroic Ballads etc.'' Collected by David Herd. Edinburgh 1973. £35.00

Ross, John D (Editor): ''Celebrated Songs of Scotland, from King James V to Henry Scott Riddell. Edited with Memoirs and Notes''. William Pagan, Jr. & Son (New York) 1887. £35.00

Maidment, James (Editor): ''Scottish Ballads and Songs. Historical and Traditional''. William Paterson (Edinburgh) 1868. £55.00

Logan, W H: ''A Pedlar's Pack of Ballads and Songs. With illustrative Notes''. William Paterson (Edinburgh) 1869. £25.00

Graham, George Farquhar: ''The Songs of Scotland adapted to their appropriate Melodies, arranged with Pianoforte Accompaniments....illustrated with Historical, Biographical and Critical Notices''. Wood and Co. (Edinburgh). No date. [1848-49]. £95.00

Alexander Gardner (Publisher): ''The Ballad Minstrelsy of Scotland. Romantic and Historical. Collated and Annotated''. Paisley 1893. £20.00

Alex Gardner (Publisher): ''The Harp of Renfrewshire. Second Series. A Collection of Songs and other Poetical Pieces (many of which are original) : accompanied with Notes, Explanatory, Critical and Biographical''. Paisley 1873. £25.00

Ord, John (Editor): ''Bothy Songs and Ballads of Aberdeen, Banff and Moray, Angus and the Mearns''. John Donald Publishers (Edinburgh). No date [c.1975]. £20.00

Ramsay, Allan: ''The Gentle Shepherd : a Scots Pastoral Comedy''. Geo. Reid & Co. (Edinburgh) 1798. £45.00

Nimmo, William: ''History of Stirlingshire''. Andrew Bean (Stirling) 1817. £45.00

Wilson, James: ''Lowland Scotch as Spoken in the Lower Strathearn District of Perthshire''. Oxford University Press 1915. £20.00

Tanner, J R: ''Constitutional Documents of the Reign of James I, AD1603-1625, with an historical commentary''. Cambridge University Press (London) 1930. £20.00

Sher, Richard B: ''Church and University in the Scottish Enlightenment. The Moderate Literati of Edinburgh''. Edinburgh University Press 1985. £25.00

Carvel, John L: ''The Coltness Iron Company. A study in Private Enterprise''. Edinburgh 1948. Privately printed by T & A Constable Ltd. £20.00

Anon: ''A Memoir of the late Ebeneezer Henderson (Freeman of the City of Dunfermline), Astronomer and Antiquarian'', by his Niece. Andrew Elliot (Edinburgh) [1909]. £25.00

Orem, William: ''A Description of the Chanonry, Cathedral and King's College of Old Aberdeen, in the years 1724-5''. John Rettie (Aberdeen) 1830. £45.00

Tait, E S Reid (Editor): ''The Statistical Account of Shetland, 1791-1799. Drawn up from the Communications of the Ministers of the different Parishes by Sir John Sinclair, Bart.''. T & J Manson (Lerwick) 1925. £55.00

Stewart, Dugald: ''Outlines of Moral Philosophy''. William Allan & Co (London) 1864. £30.00

Scott, Alexander Malcolm: ''The Battle of Langside, MDLXVIII''. Hugh Hopkins (Glasgow) 1885. £20.00

Rampini, Charles: ''Shetland and the Shetlanders. Two Lectures delivered before the Philosophical Institution, Edinburgh, on the 5th and 8th February 1884. With Additions, Notes and Appendices''. William Peace and Son (Kirkwall) 1884. £55.00

Purves, Sir William: ''Revenue of the Scottish Crown, 1681''. Edited by D Murray Rose. William Blackwood and Sons (Edinburgh) 1897. £35.00

Pollock, John: ''Some Notes about a Trip from Scotland to Algeria''. Hugh Henry (Ayr) 1879. £45.00

Edgar, James: ''Hawick in the early Sixties''. Hawick Express Office 1913. £30.00

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Mackay, Frank, Forbes (Editor): ''MacNeill of Carskey. His Estate Journal, 1703-1743. Verbatim Extracts from the Original Manuscript''. M Macdonald (Edinburgh) 1955. £20.00

Colman, George: Eccentricities for Edinburgh ; containing Poems entitled 'A Lamentation to Scotch Booksellers'...etc. J Ballantyne (Edinburgh). No date [c.1830]. £20.00

Douglas, George L A: ''Tour in the Hebrides, AD1800''. D Wyllie & Son (Aberdeen) 1927. £45.00

Dingley, Humphrey J: ''Touchers and Rubs on ye Anciente Royale Game of Bowles : a series of Notes, Facts, Records and Comments touching the Development of the Game of Bowls, from Ancient Times to the Present Day''. Thomas Taylor (Glasgow) 1893. £60.00

Clark, Victoria E: ''The Port of Aberdeen. A History of its Trade and Shipping from the 12th Century to the present day''. D Wyllie and Son (Aberdeen) 1921. £25.00

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Mallet, Charles Edward: ''A History of the University of Oxford''. Methuen & Co. Ltd (London) 1924-27. £65.00

Haller, William: The Elect Nation. The Meaning and Relevance of Foxe's 'Book of Martyrs'. Harper & Row (New York) 1963. £25.00

Fletcher, Carteret J H: ''A History of the Church and Parish of St. Martin (Carfax), Oxford''. B H Blackwell (Oxford) 1896. £35.00

Clark, Francis: ''Eucharistic Sacrifice and the Reformation''. Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd (London) 1960. £35.00

Beaven, Alfred B: ''The Aldermen of the City of London, temp. Henry III-1908''. Eden Fisher & Company Ltd (London) 1908-1913. Published by the Corporation of the City of London. £160.00

Anderson, Peter John (Editor): ''Fasti Academiae Mariscallanae Aberdonensis. Selections from the Records of the Marischal College and University, 1493-1860''. New Spalding Club (Aberdeen) 1889-1898. £70.00

Keith, Alexander (Editor): ''Last Leaves of Traditional Ballads and Ballad Airs collected in Aberdeenshire by the late Gavin Greig''. The Buchan Club (Aberdeen) 1925. £55.00

Comrie, John D: ''History of Scottish Medicine''. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum (London) 1932. £70.00

Wyness, Fenton: ''Royal Valley. The Story of the Aberdeenshire Dee''. Alex P Reid and Son (Aberdeen) 1968. £20.00

Morton, Henry Brougham (Editor): ''A Hillhead Album''. Printed by Robert Maclehose and Company Limited (Glasgow) 1973, for the Trustees of the late Charles A Hepburn. £35.00

Lees, J Cameron: ''A History of the County of Inverness (Mainland)''. William Blackwood and Sons (Edinburgh) 1897. £35.00

Stirton, John: ''Glamis Castle. Its Origin and History, with a brief Account of the early Church of the Parish''. W Shepherd (Forfar) 1938. £30.00

Cowan, Lachlan: ''Letters of Mr Lachlan Cowan, written during his Journey round the World, to his Uncle, James Cowan Esq. of Ross Hall''. Privately printed (1892). £50.00

Rutt, John Towill (Editor): ''Diary of Thomas Burton, Esq., Member in the Parliaments of Oliver and Richard Cromwell from 1656 to 1659 : now first published from the Original Autograph Manuscript....''. Henry Colburn (London) 1828. £85.00

Omond, James: ''Orkney Eighty Years Ago (with special reference to Evie)''. Orcadian Office (Kirkwall) 1911. £20.00

Grant, John: ''Legends of the Braes o' Mar''. A King & Company (Aberdeen) 1876. £30.00

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