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Jennifer Simpson

Ian McEwan: The Comfort of Strangers Cape 1981 £50.00

Ian McEwan: Black Dogs Cape 1992 £20.00

Ian McEwan: Atonement Cape 2001 £20.00

Simon Houfe: The Dictionary of 19th Century British Book Illustrators Antique Collectors Club 1998 £20.00

Raymond Briggs: The Tin-pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman London Hamish Hamilton 1984 £40.00

Maurice Drake: A History of English Glass Painting Werner Laurie 1912 £20.00

M F Hill: Permanent Way Volume II Nairobi, Kenya, East African Railways and Harbours 1957 £20.00

Juliet Bredon: Peking Shanghai Kelly and Walsh 1931 £30.00

Henry Evans: History and Guide to St Davids 1923 £30.00

Harold Bolitho: Treasures Among Men Yale University Press 1974 £20.00

Georgette Heyer: Sylvester Heinemann London 1957 £20.00

Georgette Heye: The Foundling Heinemann London 1948 £20.00

Enid Blyton: Circus of Adventure Macmillan 1952 £30.00

Enid Blyton: Birds of our Gardens Newnes 1951 £20.00

Elizabeth Goudge: The Little White Horse OUP 1946 £30.00