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Phipps Books

I am on holiday until the 4th April

Aubrey Beardsley, Henry Maas, John Duncan, W.G. Good Letters to Smithers First Edition Club, 1937. £38.00

Helen Walasek Best Of Punch Cartoons Prion Books, 2008. £25.00

Amis Kingsley The James Bond Dossier Jonathan Cape 1965. £45.00

Beeton Mrs Mrs Beeton's household management Ward Lock 1930. £43.00

Beethoven Dorrell W Ed. The sonatas of Beethoven for the pianoforte Complete Edition London Boosey and Sons c.1880 ?. £85.00

Gilbert Martin Never Despair Winston S Churchill 1945 - 1965 Heinemann 1998 043429182X. £21.00

Dear I C Ed The Oxford Companion to World War II Oxford 2001 0198604467. £25.00

Twain Mark Mark Twain's Library of Humour New Edition Chatto and Windus 1903. £42.00

Deighton Len Fighter - the true story of the battle of Britain - introduction by AJP Taylor Jonathan Cape 1977 02224014226. £25.00

Menkes Suzy The Windsor Style Grafton 1987 0246132124. £42.00

Kampe Joachim Tr WHDA Swiss Family Robinson Nelson 1893. £42.00

Cook Eliza Poems selected and edited by author Routledge Warne and Routledge 1861. £22.00

Beeton Mrs Every Day Cookery and Housekeeping Book Ward Lock c 1894. £60.00

Birkenhead Earl Rt Hon Fourteen English Judges London Cassell 1926. £35.00

Swift Jonathan Adapted for children W.B. Scott Gullivers Travels London Ernest Nister. £48.00

Pascal Blaise Lettres Ecrites a un provincial Paris 1862 Firmin Didot. £48.00

Hogarth Works vol 1 Black and Armstrong 1837. £35.00

Religious Tract The Sunday at Home 1868 religious tract society. £35.00

Thomson J A Outline of Science Volume II Waverley Book company. £20.00

Chambers WR Chambers journal of popular literature, science, and Arts 1870 Chambers. £20.00

Fleetwood John Life of Christ John Tallis. £30.00

Dickens Charles All the year round Chapman and Hall. £30.00

Champly Henry White women, coloured men John Long 1936 first edition. £25.00

Ribbentrop Von Germany speaks Thornton Butterworth 1938. £35.00