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Rochdale Book Company

TAVERNER, Eric: Trout Fishing from All Angles. London, Seeley Service, 1929. £950.00

SELKIRK, Earl of, (Thomas Douglas): Observations on the present state of the Highlands of Scotland, with a view of the causes and probable consequences of Emigration. London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1805, £200.00

ROBINSON, N.: A New Method of Treating Consumptions. Wherein All the Decays Incident to Human Bodies, Are Mechanically Accounted for. London,for A. Bettesworth and T. Warner, G. Strahan, and C. Rivington, 1727, £250.00

MORGAN, T: Physico-Theology: or, a philosophico-moral Disquisition concerning Human Nature, free agency, moral government, and divine providence. London, Printed for T. Cox, 1741, £240.00

JONES, Stanley; MAJOR, Kathleen; VARLEY, Joan: The Survey of Ancient Houses in Lincoln. Lincoln Civic Trust, 1984 to 1996, £80.00

GREGORY, David: Dr. Gregory's Elements of Catoptrics and Dioptrics. Translated from the Latin Original, with a Large Supplement, by William Browne, . the Second Edition. To Which Is Added, an Appendix, by J.T. Desaguliers. London, Printed for E. Curl, 1735, £750.00

FOWLER, Thomas: Medical Reports, on the Effects of Tobacco in the Cure of Dropsies and Dysuries or Cases of Pain and Difficulty of Passing Urine. London, Printed for the Author, 1788, £225.00

STONE, Thomas: An Essay on Agriculture, with a View to Inform Gentlemen of Landed Property, Whether Their Estates Are Managed to the Greatest Advantage. Lynn, W. Whittingham, 1785, £400.00

LOCKE, John: Posthumous Works of Mr. John Locke. London, by W. B. for A. and J. Churchill, 1706, £500.00

GRINDON, Leo H: Manchester Banks and Bankers: Historical, Biographical, and Anecdotal. Manchester, Palmer & Howe,1877, £60.00

VARLEY, Joan and TAIT, James: A Middlewich Chartulary Compiled by William Vernon in the Seventeenth Century. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1944, £20.00

JARVIS, Rupert C. (editor): Customs Letter-Books of the Port of Liverpool 1711-1813. Manchester,Chetham Society,1954, £25.00

HIGHET,T.P: The Early History of the Davenports of Davenport. Manchester,Chetham Society,1960, £30.00

CROFTON, H.T: A History of the Ancient Chapel of Stretford in Manchester Parish. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1899-1903, £120.00

CHIPPINDALL, Colonel W. H: A Sixteenth-Century Survey and Year's Account of the Estates of Hornby Castle Lancashire, with an introduction on the owners of the castle. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1939, £90.00

ROCHDALE, LANCASHIRE: The Registers of the Parish Church of Rochdale, in the County of Lancashire. Rochdale, James Clegg 1888-9, Wigan 1921, and Cambridge and Preston, 1924, £285.00

RIDGELY, Robert S. and TUDOR, Guy: The Birds of South America. Oxford University Press, 1989-1994, £100.00

MIDDLETON, George: Annals of Prestwich. Manchester,Abel Heywood,1902, £40.00

MARKS, Edward C. R: The Manufacture of Iron and Steel Tubes. Manchester, 1903, £25.00

HARVIE-BROWN, J.A. and BUCKLEY, T.E: A Vertebrate Fauna of the Moray Basin. Edinburgh, David Douglas,1895, £90.00

BARTLEY, George C. T: The Schools for the People Containing the History, Development and Present Working of Each Description of English School for the Industrial and Poorer Classes. London, Bell & Daldy, 1871, £50.00

BALLARD. Elsie: A Chronicle of Crompton Together with a History of the Families of Crompton and Milne and of A. & A. Crompton & Co. by J.E. Hargreaves. Crompton UDC, 1967, £20.00

SWAIN, John T: Industry Before the Industrial Revolution; North-East Lancashire c.1500-1640. Manchester,Chetham Society,1986, £20.00

RAINES, F.R. and SUTTON, C.W: Life of Humphrey Chetham. Manchester,Chetham Society,1903, £60.00

FITTON, R.S. and WADSWORTH, A.P: The Strutts and the Arkwrights 1758-1830; a Study of the Early Factory System. Manchester University Press and Kelley,1973, £22.50

GREENWOOD, M and BOLTON, C: Bolland Forest and the Hodder Valley. Privately Printed, 1955, £25.00

FISHWICK, Henry: The History of the Parish of Rochdale in the County of Lancaster. Rochdale, James Clegg, 1889, £325.00

DARBY, H C & MAXWELL, I. S: The Domesday Geography of Northern England. Cambridge University press, 1962, £26.00

Captain X (Gibb A. D): With Winston Churchill at the Front. London and Galsgow, Gowans and Gray Ltd, 1924, £350.00

DUNTHORNE, Robert: Illustrated Catalogue of Etchings by Hedley Fitton, R. E. with Descriptions. London and Liverpool, Rembrandt Gallery, 1911, £50.00

DINSDALE, Alfred: Television [Seeing by Wireless]. London, Sir Isaac Pitman, 1926, £1600.00

BURGESS, Marjorie A Lovell: A Popular Account of the Development of the Amateur Ciné Movement in Great Britain. London, Sampson Low, n.d. (1930's), £30.00

BELL, Rev. Fred: Midnight Scenes in the Slums of New York: or, Lights and Shadows. London and Nottingham, n.d., but preface dated 1881, £45.00

BOULTON, Richard: A Compleat History of Magick,Sorcery, and Witchcraft. London, for E Curll, J.Pemberton and W.Taylor,1715-1716, £1700.00

ROPER, Charles: Where the Birds Sing. A Selection of Rustic Sketches and Idylls of Common Life. Manchester, John Heywood, 1894, £30.00

MOORE, John: A Memoir of Mr. Edward Hobson, Author of "Musci Britannici," &c. Manchester, Simms & Dinham and Samuel Boardman, 1843, £80.00

HICKS, Edith Adlington: Savonarola: a Short Study of His Life and Character. Manchester, Printed for Private Circulation, 1891, £25.00

BAMFORD, Samuel: Poems. Manchester, printed for & published by the author, 1843, £30.00

WALKER, Nigel: Crime and Insanity in England. Vol 1. The Historical Perspective. Vol 2. New Solutions and New Problems. Edinburgh University Press, 1968 and 1973, £55.00

FOSTER, B. F: Penmanship, Theoretical and Practical, Illustrated and Explained. London, Souter and Law, 1843, £75.00

CHAMBERS, William and Robert, (editors): Infant Education from two to six years of age; applicable to the infant school and the nursery. Edinburgh, Chambers, 1836, £45.00

CHALMERS, Andrew: Transylvanian Recollections: Sketches of Hungarian Travel and History. London, Smart & Allen, 1880, £60.00

Anon: On the Responsibilities of Employers. London,William Pickering, 1849, £55.00

HATCHER, FLINN, CHURCH, SUPPLE, ASHWORTH: The History of the British Coal Industry (Complete set of five volumes). Oxford, 1993, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1986, £650.00

FISHWICK, Henry: The History of the Parish of Poulton-le-Fylde, in the County of Lancaster. Manchester,Chetham Society,1885, £28.00

CLAYTON, Howard: The Atmospheric Railways. Published by the author, 1966, £25.00

BARRACLOUGH, K. C: Steelmaking Before Bessemer; Blister Steel the Birth of an Industry, and Crucible Steel the Growth of Technology. London, The Metals Society, 1984, £200.00

WILLAN, T.S: The Navigation of the River Weaver in the Eighteenth Century. Manchester,Chetham Society,1951, £120.00

WILLAN, T. S: The English Coasting Trade 1600-1750. Manchester University Press, 1938, £35.00

PENZIG, Edgar: Happy Jack. The Definitive History of the Bushranger John Gilbert . Katoomba,Tranter Enterprises, 1990 £120.00

LEWIN, Henry Grote: The Railway Mania and its Aftermath 1845-1852. London, Railway Gazette, 1936, £60.00

LANCASTER, J.Y. and WATTLEWORTH, D.R: The Iron and Steel Industry of West Cumberland; An Historical Survey. Workington,British Steel Corporation,1977, £25.00

CHALONER, W.H: The Social and Economic Development of Crewe. Manchester University Press,1950, £60.00

MARTINDALE, Adam, (Richard Parkinson editor): The Life of Adam Martindale, Written by Himself. Manchester,Chetham Society,1845, £40.00

FISHWICK, Henry: The History of the Parish of Lytham, in the County of Lancaster. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1907, £58.00

CAMPION, George G: The Riddle of the Sphinx, an Essay. privately printed, n.d. (c. 1915), £25.00

BANKS, Mrs G. Linnaeus: Stung to the Quick; a North Country Story. Manchester, Abel Heywood, 1881, £25.00

SCHOFIELD,Robert E: The Lunar Society of Birmingham. A Social History of Provincial Science and Industry in Eighteenth-Century England. Oxford,Clarendon Press,1963, £100.00

GLYNNE,Sir Stephen R: Notes on the Churches of Cheshire. Manchester,Chetham Society,1894, £35.00

BEAMONT, William: Annals of the Lords of Warrington for the First Five Centuries after the Conquest. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1872-3. £70.00

WEBB, Sidney and Beatrice: English Local Government: The Story of the King's Highway. London, Longmans, Green and Co., 1913 £25.00

DUFOUR, G. H: Mémorial pour les Travaux de Guerre. Paris, Cherbuliez, 1831, £150.00

CADBURY, George, Junr.: Town Planning with Special Reference to the Birmingham Schemes. London,Longmans,Green and Co, 1915, £35.00

Anon: Phallic Worship , a Description of the Mysteries of the Sex Worship of the Ancients with the History of the Masculine Cross. Printed for Private Circulation, 1886, £40.00

Anon: Notes on the repair of ancient buildings. Issued by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. London, Batsford, 1903, £20.00

ALCOCK, R.C.and HOLLAND, F.C.: The Postmarks of Great Britain and Ireland, being a Survey of British Postmarks from 1660 to 1940. Cheltenham, Alcock, (1940), £300.00

AKHMATOVA, Anna: Forty-seven Love Poems Translated from the Russian By Natalie Duddington. London, Jonathan Cape, 1927, £125.00

YATES, BOOKER, RAINES: Chetham Miscellanies, Volume 2. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1856, £35.00

WRIGLEY,Ammon: Rakings Up. Rochdale, E. Wrigley & Sons, 1949, £45.00

WRIGLEY, Ammon: The Wind Among the Heather. Uppermill, R.E.Greenwood,(1991), £25.00

WRIGLEY, Ammon: Songs of the Pennine Hills. Stalybridge,Whittaker,1938, £40.00

WRIGLEY, Ammon: Old Lancashire Words and Folk Sayings, Parish of Saddleworth. Stalybridge,Whittaker,1940, £27.50

WRIGLEY, Ammon: At the Sign of the Three Bonnie Lasses. Uppermill, n.d. (c.1925), £21.00

WRIGHT, Wilbur: The Glen Miller Burial File. Wright Books,Southampton,1993, £45.00

WORKMAN, William Hunter and Fanny Bullock: The Call of the Snowy Hispar; a Narrative of Exploration and Mountaineering on the Northern Frontier of India. London, Constable, 1910, £300.00

WOOLF, Leonard S: Socialism and Co-operation. London, Leonard Parsons, 1921, £60.00

WILLIAMS, W. E: Transit over Roadways,Waterways and Railways,in its Relation to the Commercial development of the Country,with a Special Reference to the County of Glamorgan. Swansea,1907, £20.00

WILLIAMS, Bill: The Making of Manchester Jewry 1740-1875. Manchester University Press,1976, £37.50

WILKINSON,Tattersall and TATTERSALL, J.F: Memories of Hurstwood, Burnley, Lancashire. With Tales and Traditions of the Neighbourhood. Burnley,Lupton,1889, £70.00

WESTCOTT, G. F: Handbook of the Collection Illustrating Pumping Machinery. Part I.-Historical Notes. Part II.-Descriptive Catalogue. London, H.M.S.O., 1933, £33.00

WEST, John L: The Taylors of Lancashire; Bonesetters and Doctors 1750-1890. Worsley,H.Duffy,1977, £22.00

WEES, Jan Van: Heavy Transport International. Somerset,Roundoak Publishing, 2002, £25.00

WATKINS, George: The Textile Mill Engine. Newton Abbot,David & Charles,1970-1971, £60.00

WARE, Samuel Hibbert: Lancashire Memorials of the Rebellion 1715. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1845, £60.00

WARDLE, Thomas: On Sewage Treatment and Disposal: for Cities, Towns, Villages, Private Dwellings and Public Institutions. Manchester, John Heywood, (1893), £45.00

WARD,J: Workmen and Wages at Home and Abroad . London,Longmans,Green,1868, £30.00

WALTON-On-The-HILL, Lancashire: Registers of the Parish Church of Walton-on-the-Hill, Volume 1, 1586-1663. Rochdale, L.P.R.S., 1900, £45.00

WALKER, John W. and Margaret L: The Church Plate of Berkshire. Privately Printed, 1927, £60.00

WALKER, F: Historical Geography of Southwest Lancashire before the Industrial Revolution. Manchester,Chetham Society,1939, £30.00

WALKER, Arthur M: The Holcombe Hunt. Manchester, Sherratt and Hughes,The Saint Anne's Press,1937, £250.00

WAINWRIGHT, Joel: Memories of Marple. Manchester, Privately Printed, 1899, £160.00

TURNER, William: Transfer Printing on Enamels, Porcelain and Pottery; Its Origin and Development in the United Kingdom. London,Chapman and Hall, 1907, £22.00

TUPLING,HOUGHTON,HAWKES: Chetham Miscellanies, New Series, Volume VIII. Manchester,Chetham Society,1945, £25.00

TRINKLER, Emil: the Stormswept Roof of Asia: by Yak, Camel and Sheep Caravan in Tibet, Chinese Turkistan and over the Kara-koram. London,Seeley Service,1931, £65.00

TRAPPES-LOMAX, Richard: A History of the Township and Manor of Clayton-le-Moors Co. Lancaster. Manchester,Chetham Society,1926, £100.00

TOUT, T. F: Chapters in the Administrative History of Mediaeval England; The Wardrobe, The Chamber and The Small Seals Manchester University Press, 1967, £130.00

THORNLEY, James L: The Monumental Brasses of Lancashire and Cheshire. Wakefield,EP Publishing,1975, £20.00

THOMAS, Herbert: Cornish Mining Interviews, Copiously Illustrated, with Portraits of Celebrities and Photographs of Mining Scenes at Home and Abroad, including : Underground Scenes by J. C. Burrow. Cornwall,The Camborne Printing and Stationary Co, 1896, £160.00

TAIT, James and McNULTY, Rev Joseph: Chetham Miscellanies, New Series, Volume 7. Manchester,Chetham Society, 1939, £45.00

TAIT, James (editor): The Domesday Survey of Cheshire. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1916, £45.00

TAIT, James (editor): Lancashire Quarter Sessions Records. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1917, £50.00

SUTTON,C.W: A List of Lancashire Authors with Brief Biographical and Bibliographical Notes. Manchester,Abel Heywood,1876, £20.00

STRETTON, Clement E: The History of the Midland Railway. London,Methuen,1901, £50.00

STOCKWELL, A.H. ( editor): The Baptist Churches of Lancashire. London, Arthur H. Stockwell, n.d. ( circa 1910), £60.00

STOCKS, TAIT, BROXAP, CLEMESHA, MUMFORD: Chetham Miscellanies, New Series, Volume IV. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1921, £60.00

STOCKS, George Alfred: The Records of Blackburn Grammar School. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1909, £65.00

STEPHENSON, Mill: A List of Palimpsest Brasses in Great Britain. London, John Bale, Sons and Danielson, 1903, £20.00

STANDISH, Lancashire: The Registers of the Parish Church of Standish in the County of Lancaster 1560-1653. Cambridge, L.P.R.S., 1912, £40.00

STALMINE, Lancashire: The Registers of the Parish Church of Stalmine 1583-1724. Rochdale, L.P.R.S., 1914, £55.00

SPURR,H.A: Place-Names of North-East and North-West Lancashire. Blackburn,Cotterill,1891, £24.00

SOUTHEY, Robert: Sir Thomas More:or Colloquies on the Progress and Prospects of Society. London,John Murray,1829, £70.00

SMITH, Walter E: The Recent Depression of Trade;Its Nature,Its Causes,and the Remedies Which Have Been Suggested For It. London,Trubner,1880, £25.00

SMITH, Joseph: The Pearl of Great Price: being a Choice Selection of the Revelations, Translations and Narrations. Liverpool, William Budge, 1879, £250.00

SMITH, H.L: A Contribution to the Life-History of the Diatomaceae. 1886-7, £50.00

SMILES, Samuel: Lives of Boulton and Watt. Principally from the original Soho MSS. Comprising also A History of the Invention and Introduction of the Steam-Engine. London, John Murray, 1865, £65.00

SLUGG, J.T: Reminiscences of Manchester Fifty Years Ago. Manchester,Cornish,1881, £45.00

SIMMS, Rupert: Bibliotheca Staffordiensis; or a Bibliographical Account of Books and other Printed Matter Relating to......the County of Stafford. Lichfield,Privately Printed, 1894, £200.00

SHAW, R. Cunliffe: Records of a Lancashire Family from the XIIth to the XXth Century. Preston,1940, £75.00

SHAW, J.G: History and Traditions of Darwen and its People. Blackburn,Toulmin,1889, £100.00

SHAW, Captain Eyre M: Fire Protection. A Complete Manual of the Organization, Machinery, Discipline and General Working of the Fire Brigade of London. London, Charles and Edwin Layton, 1890, £600.00

SCOTT, J.E: A Bibliography of the Works of Sir Henry Rider Haggard 1856-1925. Bishop's Stortford,Elkin Mathews,1947, £55.00

SCOTT, E. Kilburn (editor): Matthew Murray, Pioneer Engineer: Records from 1765 to 1826. Leeds, Edwin Jowett, 1928, £25.00

SCHOLES, James Christopher and PIMBLETT, William: History of Bolton: with Memorials of the Old Parish Church. Bolton, Daily Chronicle, 1892, £145.00

SALE, Lady: A Journal of the Disasters in Afghanistan 1841-2. London, John Murray, 1843, £60.00

SABBEN-CLARE, James. (translator): Fables fron Aesop. Winchester College Printing Society,1976, £35.00

RUSSELL, Nicholas: Like Engend'ring Like: Heredity and Animal Breeding in Early Modern England. Cambridge University Press,1986, £20.00

ROYLE, Edward: Radicals,Secularists and Republicans: Popular Freethought in Britain 1866-1915. Manchester University Press,1980, £20.00

ROTH, H. Ling: The Yorkshire Coiners 1767-1783 and Notes on Old and Prehistoric Halifax. Halifax,King & Sons,1906, £100.00

ROSCOE, William: Catalogue of the Very Select and Valuable Library of William Roscoe, Esq. Which will be Sold by Auction, By Mr. Winstanley at His Rooms in Marble Street, Liverpool, On Monday the 19th of August, and Thirteen Following Days. Printed by J. M'creery, 1816, £200.00

ROPER, William Oliver: Materials for the History of the Church of Lancaster. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1892-1906, £135.00

RILEY-SMITH, Jonathan: The First Crusaders 1095-1131. Cambridge University Press,1997, £20.00

RICHARDSON, R.C: Puritanism in North-West England; a Regional Study of the Diocese of Chester to 1642. Manchester University Press,1972, £20.00

RENAUD, Frank: Contributions towards a History of the Ancient Parish of Prestbury, in Cheshire. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1876, £75.00

RATTRAY, John, and MILL, Hugh Robert, (editors): Forestry and Forest Products. Edinburgh, David Douglas,1885, £50.00

RANDALL, John: Old Sports and Sportsmen Or, the Willey Country: with Sketches of Squire Forester. London,Virtue,1873, £25.00

RAINES, Rev. F.R. (editor): The Journal of Nicholas Assheton of Downham in the County of Lancaster, Esq. Manchester,Chetham Society,1848, £35.00

RAINES, Rev. F.R: The Rectors of Manchester,and the Wardens of the Collegiate Church of that Town. Manchester,Chetham Society,1885, £35.00

RAINES, Rev. F.R: Miscellanies; being a Selection from the Poems and Correspondence of The Rev. Thomas Wilson....with Memoirs of his Life. Manchester,Chetham Society,1857, £20.00

RAINES, Rev. Canon Raines, (Henry H Howorth editor): The Vicars of Rochdale. Manchester,Chetham Society,1883, £52.00

RAINES, F.R: The Fellows of the Collegiate Church of Manchester. Manchester,Chetham Society,1891, £48.00

RAINES, F.R: Chetham Miscellanies, Volume 6. Manchester,Chetham Society,1878, £20.00

RAEBURN, Harold: Mountaineering Art. London,T. Fisher Unwin,1920, £45.00

PIXLEY,Francis W: A History of the Baronetage. London,Duckworth,1900, £20.00

PICKARD-CAMBRIDGE, Rev O: Monograph of the British Phalangidea or Harvest-Men. Dorchester,Sime & Co,1890, £50.00

PICCOPE, Rev. G. J: Lancashire and Cheshire Wills and Inventories. Manchester, Chetham Society, !857-61, £95.00

PERRETT, Bryan: Liverpool, a City at War. London, Robert Hale, 1990, £20.00

PENNINGTON AND URSWICK, Lancashire: The Registers of St Michael's, Pennington in Furness and of the Parish Church of Urswick in Furness in Lancashire Cambridge, L.P.R.S., 1907, £40.00

PANIKKAR, K.M: Malabar and the Portuguese.......from 1500 to1663. Bombay,D.B.Taraporevala,1929, £35.00

ORMEROD, T: Calderdale; a Descriptive Account of the Streams Forming the Lancashire Calder. Burnley,Lupton Bros,1906, £40.00

NORMINGTON, Thomas: The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. Manchester, John Heywood, 1898, £150.00

NEWCOME, Rev. Henry, (HEYWOOD, Thomas, editor ): The Diary of the Rev.Henry Newcome from September 30, 1661 to September 29, 1663. (Newcome's Diary). Manchester,Chetham Society,1849, £24.00

NEWCOME, Henry, (Richard Parkinson editor): The Autobiography of Henry Newcome. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1852-53, £55.00

MUSSON, A.E. and ROBINSON, Eric: Science and Technology in the Industrial Revolution. Manchester University Press,1969, £48.00

MOUNTMORRES,Viscount: The Congo Independent State.A Report on a Voyage of Enquiry. London,Williams and Norgate,1906, £25.00

MOSS, Fletcher: A History of the Old Parish of Cheadle in Cheshire. Didsbury,Morten,1970, £45.00

MORRIS, William and BAX, E. Belfort: Socialism, Its Growth & Outcome. London, Swan Sonnenschein, 1893, £20.00

MORLEY, Claude: A Revision of the Ichneumonidae based on the collection in the British Museum (Natural History) with Descriptions of New Genera and Species. British Museum,1912 - 1915, £40.00

MILLER, George C: Blackburn Worthies of Yesterday. Blackburn Times, 1959, £65.00

MIDDLETON, Thomas: Legends of Longdendale. Hyde, 1906, £75.00

MIDDLETON, LANCASHIRE: Registers of the Parish Church of Middleton in the County of Lancaster 1541-1729. Rochdale, L.P.R.S., 1902-1904, £90.00

MIDDLETON, James: Oldham Past and Present Rochdale, Edwards & Bryning, (1903), £75.00

MEYERS, Jeffrey: T.E.Lawrence: Soldier, Writer, Legend. Macmillan, 1989, £24.00

McKAY, James: Pendle Hill in History and Literature. London and Burnley,(1888), £90.00

McCULLOCH, J.R. (editor): The Works of David Ricardo, Esq., M.P. With a Notice of the Life and Writings of the Author. London, John Murray, 1846, £650.00

MAXWELL, Sir Herbert: A History of the House of Douglas, From the Earliest Times down to the Legislative Union of England and Scotland. London, Freemantle, 1902, £50.00

MATHER, J.Marshall: Rambles Round Rossendale. Rawtenstall,Riley,1894, £36.00

MARLAND, Simon: Bolton Wanderers, A Complete Record 1877-1989. Derby, Breedon Books, 1989, £40.00

MANDLEY, J.G. de T: The Portmote or Court Leet Records of the Borough or Town and Royal Manor of Salford from 1597 to 1669. Manchester,Chetham Society,1902, £50.00

MACLEAN, John S: The First Railway Across Britain; The Newcastle & Carlisle Railway 1825-1862. Newcastle,!948, £25.00

MAAS, Jeremy: Holman Hunt and the Light of the World. London and Berkeley,Scolar Press,1984, £48.00

LYTHAM AND BISPHAM, Lancashire: The Registers of the Parish Church of Lytham and of Bispham in the County of Lancaster. Wigan, L.P.R.S., 1908, £40.00

LYNCH, Judge David: Northern Circuit Directory 1876-2004. Liverpool,Bluecoat Press,2005, £40.00


LUKIS, Pardy and BLACKHAM, R.J: Tropical Hygiene for Anglo-Indians and Indians. Calcutta and Simla,Thacker Spink and Co, 1914, £20.00

LOMAX, Abraham: Royal Lancastrian Pottery 1900-1938. Bolton,published by the author,1957, £80.00

LENORMANT, Francois: Chaldean Magic: its Origin and Development. London, Bagster,n.d. (Preface dated 1877), £75.00

LE QUEUX, William: Landru; His Secret Love Affairs. London,Stanley Paul,1922, £30.00

LANGTON, Willian (editor): The Visitation of Lancashire and a part of Cheshire made in.1533 by Special Commission of Thomas Benalt. Manchester,Chetham Society, 1876-1882, £80.00

LANGTON, William (editor): Abstracts of Inquisitions Post Mortem made by Christopher Towneley and Roger Dodsworth. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1875-76, £40.00

LANCISI, Giovanni Maria: Aneuryisms. New York,Macmillan,1952, £25.00

KNIGHT, L Stanley: Welsh Independent Grammar Schools to 1600: Their Charters of Foundation, Deeds, Statutes, Customs, etc. Newtown, (1926), £30.00

KIRA, Tetsuaki: Shells of the Western Pacific in Color. Japan,Hoikusha Publishing,1970, £48.00

KINGSFORD, P. W: Victorian Railwaymen; the Emergence and Growth of Railway Labour 1830-1870. London,Cass,1970, £45.00

KING, Thomas William and RAINES, F. R. (editors): Lancashire Funeral Certificates. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1869, £22.00

KIDSON, J.Herbert: Records of St.Margaret's,Holyrood,Prestwich,1849-1926. Shrewsbury,Wilding,1927, £20.00

KEW, Harry Wallis: A Synopsis of the False Scorpions of Britain and Ireland. Dublin,Hodges Figgis,1911, £20.00

KAY, James Phillips: The Moral and Physical Condition of the Working Classes Employed in the Cotton Manufacture in Manchester. Didsbury,Morten,1969, £40.00

KAY, Harry: Things About Blackburn Rovers. Blackburn,Dickinson,1948, £30.00

JONES, Thomas (editor): A Catalogue of the Collection of Tracts For and Against Popery (published in or about the reign of James II.) in the Manchester Library Founded by Humphrey Chetham. Manchester,Chetham Society,1859-1865, £75.00

JONES, Ernest (Editor): Notes to The People 1851-1852. London, Merlin Press, 1967, £30.00

JEFFERIES,Richard: Hodge and His Masters. London,Smith,Elder,& Co.,1880, £125.00

JAMES, Rev. Richard, (Rev. Thomas Corser editor): Iter Lancastrense; a Poem Written A.D.1636 by the Rev. Richard James. Manchester,Chetham Society, 1845, £30.00

HULTON, W. A. (editor): The Coucher Book or Chartulary of Whalley Abbey. Manchester, Chetham Society, 1847-1849, £135.00

HUGHES, W.E: Modern Electro-Plating. London, Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton,1923, £20.00

HOWARD,Mary M: Hastings Past and Present. Hastings,Diplock,1855, £50.00

HOWARD, Joseph Jackson, (editor): The Chethams of Suffolk. Extracted from the "Visitation of Suffolke". Lowestoft, Samuel Tymms, 1867, £35.00

HOWARD, Frank: Colour, as a Means of Art, Being an Adaptation of the Experience of Professors to the Practice of Amateurs. London, Joseph Thomas, 1838, £35.00

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