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Lee Furneaux Books

Welch, Denton: Maiden Voyage. London, Hamish Hamilton, 1973, £20.00

Evans, Martin: The Model Steam Locomotive: A Complete Treatise on Design and Construction. Swanley, Nexus Special Interests Ltd., 1989 £25.00

Venning, Arthur Bate & Wills, Arthur: Launceston In Camera. Buckingham, Quotes Ltd., 1991, £20.00

Wasley, Gerald: Plymouth: A Shattered City. Wellington, Halsgrove, 2008 £25.00

Hasler, H.G. & McLeod, J.K.: Practical Junk Rig: Design, Aerodynamics and Handling. London, Adlard Coles, 1988, £25.00

Russell, J.H.: Great Western Coaches Appendix Volume Two: Specific Duty Coaches and the Brown Vehicles. Oxford Pub. Co., 1984, £35.00

Dawson, Russell: Jurassic Coast. R&D Publishing, 2009. £20.00

Christian, Andy [Ed.]: Heather Jansch's Diary: A Life in the Year Of... Newton Abbot, Olchard Press, 2009, £20.00

Heckstall-Smith, B.: "All Hands on the Main Sheet!" A Book for Yachtsmen and Sportsmen. London, Grant Richards, 1961, £50.00

Gibson, Guy: Enemy Coast Ahead. London, Michael Joseph, 1946, £85.00

Bruce, Dorita Fairlie: The Dimsie Omnibus: Dimsie Goes to School / Dimsie Moves Up / Dimsie Moves Up Again. London, Oxford Uiversity Press, 1937 £100.00

Cole, Ann (& Friends): The Book of Lamerton: A Photographic History. Tiverton, Halsgrove, 1999, £55.00

Gardner-Thorpe, Christopher: The Book of Princetown: Thomas Tyrwhitt's Dartmoor Town. Tiverton, Halsgrove, 2003, £35.00

Gorton, Tag: Steam in Your Garden. Penryn, Atlantic Transport Pub., 1996, £20.00

Olver, Liz: The Art of Jewellery Design: From Idea to Reality. London, A. & C. Black, 2004 £25.00

Harrison, P.P.O.: The Harrison Book of Knots. Glasgow, Brown, Son & Ferguson, 1964, £20.00

Skilleter, Paul - Cooper, Phil - Williams, John: Practical Classics & Car Restorer: E-Type Jaguar Restoration. Beckenham, Kelsey, 1991, £40.00

Sanders, Maurice H.: Stories of Round Timber Haulage. Baldock, Cortney Pub., 1998 £40.00

Porter, Philip: Original Jaguar XK: The Restorer's Guide to Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150. Drophead Coupe, Fixed-Head Coupe, and Roadster. Bideford, Bay View Books, 1992 £40.00

Lloyd, Christopher: Meadows. London, Cassell Illustrated, 2006, £25.00

Abbott, Marilyn: Gardens of Plenty: The Art of the Potager Garden. London, Kyle Cathie, 2001, £30.00

Slack, Raymond: English Pressed Glass 1830 - 1900. London, Barrie & Jenkins, 1987, £60.00

Moireau, Fabrice [Paintings] & Fernandez, Dominique [Text]: Rome Sketchbook. Singapore, Editions Didier Millet, 2011, £25.00

Manners, Terry: The Man Who Became Sherlock Holmes: The tortured mind of Jeremy Brett. London, Virgin, 1997, £40.00

Jackson, Alan A.: Semi-Detached London: Suburban Development, Life and Transport, 1900-39. Didcot, Wild Swan Pub., 1991, £60.00

Arditti, Joseph: Fundamentals of Orchid Biology. New York, John Wiley & Sons, 1992, £80.00

Mayne, Richard: The Battle of Jersey. London, Phillimore, 1981, £20.00

Goudge, Elizabeth: Henrietta's House. University of London Press, 1943 £20.00

Fielding, Xan: Hide and Seek. Maidstone, George Mann, 1973, £150.00

Christie, Peter & Grant, Alison: The Book of Bideford: The Development of a Devonian Market Town. Tiverton, Halsgrove, 2005, £25.00

Carne, Tony & Thomas, Colyn: Images of the Past: Cornwall's Forgotten Corner. Mount Edgcumbe - Millbrook - Cawsand. Printed Plymouth, E.J. Rickard, 1993, £40.00

Devonport & District. Devonport, A.H. Swiss, n/d. [Late 1800s/early 1900s?] £35.00

Furneaux, Rev. Henry: Historical Notices of St. Germans, in the County of Cornwall. With a Description of the Church. Plymouth, I.W.N. Keys, 1892. £30.00

Hingeston-Randolph, Rev. F.C.: The Architectural History of the Conventual and Parochial Church of St. Germans, Cornwall. Exeter, William Pollard, 1902, £35.00

Stewart, Sheila: Country Kate. Kineton, Roundwood Press, 1971, £30.00

Sutcliff, Rosemary: The Eagle of the Ninth. London, Oxford University Press, 1969 £35.00

Lodge, Eric: A Wharfedale Village. A detailed study of the History of Burnsall and Thorpe-sub-Montem. Burnsall, the author, 1994, £30.00

Seymour, John: The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency. London, Faber & Faber, 1976, £30.00

Newman, Phil: The Dartmoor Tin Industry: A Field Guide. Chercombe Press, 1999, £20.00

Richardson, P.H.G.: British Mining Vol.44: Mines of Dartmoor and the Tamar Valley after 1913. Sheffield, Northern Mine Research Society, 1992, £35.00

Chope, R. Pease: The Book of Hartland. Parochial Church Council of Hartland, 1995. £25.00

Ende, Michael: The Neverending Story. New York, Doubleday, 1983, £35.00

Blockley, John: Watercolour Practice and Progress. London, A. & C. Black, 1987 £20.00

Adlam, Brian: The Book of Dorchester. Buckingham, Barracuda Books, 1981. £30.00

Trevor, Elleston: Deep Wood. London, Gerald G. Swan, 1945, £65.00

Richardson, Colonel & Richardson, Mrs.: Fifty Years With Dogs. London, Hutchinson, n/d. [Late 1940s? Early 50s?] £150.00

Goudge, Elizabeth: Linnets & Valerians. Leicester, Brockhampton Press, 1964, £30.00

Rendall, Gerald H.: Dedham Described & Deciphered. Colchester, Benham & Co., 1937, £20.00

Lister, Keith: 'Half My Life': The Story of Sabine Baring-Gould and Grace. Wakefield, Charnwood Pub., 2002, £20.00

Robinson, Chris: Plymouth College: The First Hundred Years. Plymouth, Pen & Ink Publishing, 2005, £30.00

Stevenson, D.E.: Sarah's Cottage. London, Collins, 1968, £30.00

Stevenson, D.E.: Sarah Morris Remembers. London, Collins, 1967, £20.00

Gulik, Robert van: The Willow Pattern. London, Heinemann, 1969 £20.00

Brasey, Edouard: Dragons, Little People, Witches, Fairies, Trolls and Elves. London, Hachette Illustrated, 2003, £30.00

Williams, Dyfri [Ed.]: The Art of the Greek Goldsmith. London, British Museum Press, 1998, £100.00

Silberstein, L.: The Theory of Relativity. London, Macmillan, 1924, £200.00

Blockley, John: Watercolour Interpretations. London, Collins, 1989, £25.00

Deacon, Lois: George Deacon's Seven, of Devon. Guernsey, Toucan Press, 1972, £25.00

Hunt, Hazel R.: The Rough Collie: Companion and Showdog. Bristol, Sharmar Pub., 2003, £20.00

Duncan, Jane: Letter from Reachfar. London, Macmillan, 1975, £25.00

Thun, Maria: Work on the Land and the Constellations. East Grinstead, The Lanthorn Press, 1990/91. £20.00

Fanthorpe, U.A.: Selected Poems. Liskeard, Peterloo Poets, 1986, £25.00

Uttley, Alison: A Traveller in Time. London, The Children's Book Club, 1941, £50.00

Griffiths, Grace: The Book of Dawlish. Buckingham, Barracuda, 1984, £25.00

Pearce, Frank: The Book of Dawlish: A Pictorial Celebration. Tiverton, Halsgrove, 2001, £40.00

[Janah, Sunil]: The Tribals of India through the lens of Sunil Janah. Oxford University Press, 2003. £30.00

Fournier, Alfred: The Treatment and Prophylaxis of Syphilis. London, Rebman Ltd., 1906, £50.00

Bredin, Lieut. Colonel A.E.C.: Three Assault Landings: The 1st Bn. The Dorsetshire Regt. in Sicily, Italy and Normandy. Aldershot, Gale & Poden, 1946, £75.00

Chaplais, Pierre: English Medieval Diplomatic Practice Part I, Documents and Interpretation Volumes 1 & 2. London, HMSO, 1982, £60.00

Morrison, Elspeth: The Dorothy Dunnett Companion Volume II. London, Michael Joseph, 2002, £40.00

Morrison, Elspeth: The Dorothy Dunnett Companion. London, Michael Joseph, 1994, £20.00

Dunnett, Dorothy: Checkmate. London, Cassell, 1975, £30.00

Dunnett, Dorothy: The Ringed Castle. London, Cassell, 1971, £50.00

Dunnett, Dorothy: The Disorderly Knights. London, Cassell, 1966, £50.00

Dunnett, Dorothy: Pawn in Frankincense. London, Cassell, 1969, £50.00

Dunnett, Dorothy: Queens' Play. London, Cassell, 1964, £50.00

Price, Barrie: Bugatti 57: The Last French Bugatti. Dorchester, Veloce Pub., 2003, £35.00

Pape, Max: The Art of Driving. London, J.A. Allen, 1988 £50.00

Thomas, Peter: Exeter - A Shattered City: The Story of Hitler's Attack on Exeter and Its People 1940 - 1942. Wellington, Halsgrove, 2009, £20.00

Townsend Warner, Sylvia: Collected Poems. Manchester, Carcanet New Press, 1982, £30.00

Ravilious, James: A Corner of England: North Devon Landscapes and People. Tiverton, Devon Books in assoc. Lutterworth Press, Cambridge, 1996 £60.00

Woodward, Freddy: Forts or Follies? A History of Plymouth's Palmerston Forts. Tiverton, Halsgrove, 1998, £40.00

[Hopkins, Gerard Manley] Ed. by Gardner, W.H. & Mackenzie, N.H.: The Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Oxford University Press, 1967, £40.00

Cleife, Philip: Airway to the Isles. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1966, £30.00

Williams, Frederick S.: Williams's Midland Railway: Its Rise and Progress. A Narrative of Modern Enterprise. Newton Abbot, David & Charles, 1968, £25.00

Thomas, Geo. H.: The Model Engineers Workshop Manual. Hinckley, TEE Pub., 1992, £35.00

Matthews, J.H.: A History of Saint Ives, Lelant, Towednack and Zennor, in the County of Cornwall. St. Ives Trust & St. Ives Library, 2003, £50.00

Hardy, Robert: Longbow - A Social and Military History. London, Patrick Stephens Ltd., 2000 £50.00

Coulthard, Alfred J. & Watts, Martin: Windmills of Somerset and the Men Who Worked Them. London, Research Pub. Co., 1978, £20.00

Wakeham, Peter: Totnes & Bridgetown Races: 225 Years of South Devon Sporting History. Devon, Totnes & Bridgetown Races Company Ltd., 2009. £25.00

Plath, Sylvia: The Colossus. London, Heinemann, 1960, £500.00

Plath, Sylvia: Ariel. London, Faber & Faber, 1965, £300.00

Philo, Phil: Redcar: A Pictorial History. Chichester, Phillimore, 1993, £20.00

Grigson, Jane: Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book. London, Michael Joseph, 1978, £60.00

Follett, Ken: The Bear Raid. Blandford, Harwood-Smart, 1976, £40.00

Cocks, John Somers [Text]: A Dartmoor Century 1883-1983: One Hundred Years of the Dartmoor Preservation Association. Dartmoor Preservation Society, 1983, £20.00

Blumrich, J.F.: The Spaceships of Ezekiel. London, Corgi, 1974, £25.00

Orczy, Baroness: Will o' the Wisp. London, Hutchinson, n/d [1940s?] £25.00

Knox, Ronald: Let Dons Delight: Being Variations on a Theme in an Oxford Common-Room. London, Sheed & Ward, 1958, £25.00

Harnett, Cynthia: The Wool-Pack. London, Methuen, 1951, £75.00

Faltskog, Agnetha (with Brita Ahman): as I am: ABBA Before & Beyond. London, Virgin, 1997, £30.00

Bowen, Elizabeth: Bowen's Court. London, Longmans, Green & Co., 1964, £20.00

Le Feuvre, Amy: A Bit of Rough Road. London, Religious Tract Society, n/d [1920s?] £20.00

Harde, K.W.: A Field Guide in Colour to Beetles. London, Octopus Books, 1984, £65.00

Davey, Vic & Chan, Danny C.Y.: The Complete World of Little Buses. Volume 1: Britain and Hong Kong. Hong Kong, Northcord International, 1999, £25.00

Curtis, David: The Landscape in Watercolour. A Personal View. Newton Abbot, David & Charles, 1996, £20.00

Cariou, Andre & Tooby, Michael: Christopher Wood - A Painter Between Two Cornwalls. London, Tate Gallery Pub., 1996, £100.00

Wallis, Alfred [Intro. by George Melly]: Alfred Wallis - Paintings from St. Ives. Kettle's Yard (University of Cambridge) in assoc. with Redstone Press, London, £35.00

Burdon, Eric: I Used to Be an Animal, But I'm All Right Now. London, Faber & Faber, 1986, £20.00

Browne, E.O.: When the Saints Slept. London, Heath Cranton, 1930, £20.00

Girvan, Helen: The White Tulip. Oxford University Press, 1945, £20.00

Wilson, Jocky: Jocky: Jocky Wilson's Own Story. London, Arthur Barker, 1983, £50.00

Hughes, Alice: My Father and I. London, Thornton Butterworth, 1923, £100.00

Harbison, Craig: Jan Van Eyck: The Play of Realism. London, Reaktion Books, 1991, £75.00

Hall, Tony: Falconry Basics: A Handbook for Beginners. Shrewsbury, Swan Hill Press, 2003, £50.00

Forrest, David: And to My Nephew Albert I Leave the Island What I Won Off Fatty Hagan in a Poker Game. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1969, £50.00

Numan, Gary (with Steve Malins): Praying to the Aliens (An Autobiography). London, Andre Deutsch, 1998, £25.00

Muller-Madej, Stella: A Girl From Schindler's List. [Original title: Oczami dziecka]. Krakow, DjaF, 2006, £30.00

Keel, John A.: The Cosmic Question. London, Granada/Panther, 1978, £25.00

Hurd, Edgar: Eighty Six Years - Plus: The Story of the London Graving Dock Company Limited. London Graving Dock Company Limited, 1976, £30.00

Tomas, Andrew: Shambhala: Oasis of Light. London, Sphere, 1977, £25.00

Stone, Peter: Rod Making. London, Arco, 1963. £25.00

Hardy, Adam: Fox Double No.1: Prize Money & The Press Gang. London, New English Library, 1973, £20.00

Busby, John: Land Marks & Sea Wings. Lavenham, The Wildlife Art Gallery, 2005, £25.00

Deighton, Len: Spy Line. London, Hutchinson, 1989, £25.00

Powys, Llewelyn: So Wild a Thing: Letters to Gamel Woolsey. Edited as a Narrative by Malcolm Elwin. Dulverton, The Ark Press, 1973, £25.00

Gentile, Gary: The Technical Diving Handbook. Philadelphia, Gary Gentile Prod., 1998, £20.00

Tangye, Derek: Time Was Mine. London, Hutchinson, n/d. [1941?] £50.00

Needham, Violet: The Horn of Merlyns. London, Collins, 1956 £50.00

Spender, Michael: Visions of Venice: Watercolours by Members of the Royal Watercolour Society. Newton Abbot, David & Charles, 1990, £25.00

Norris, Hazel [Ed.]: Chambers Crossword Companion. Edinburgh, Chambers Harrap, 2008 £35.00

Lawrence, Jane R.: From the Beat to the Palace: 175 Years of Gallantry. Studley, Brewin Books, 2005, £20.00

Edmunds, Jonathan: The Book of South Molton: Gateway to Exmoor. Tiverton, Halsgrove, 2006 £20.00

Cunningham, Colin: The Terracotta Designs of Alfred Waterhouse. Wiley-Academy in assoc. The Natural History Museum, London, 2001, £25.00

Boettinger, Shirley [Ed.]: The Parish of St. Gennys - A Pictorial History 1900-2000 A.D. The Life and Times of a North Cornwall Community and its People. Crackington Haven, St. Gennys Gazette, 2000, £30.00

Goodrich-Freer, A.: In a Syrian Saddle. London, Methuen, 1905, £20.00

Sellwood, Arthur & Mary: Black Avalanche. London, Frederick Muller, 1960, £20.00

Gendall, R.R.M. [Ed.]: A Practical Dictionary of Modern Cornish. Part One: Cornish - English. Liskeard, Teere Ha Tavaz, 1997. £30.00

Geikie, Sir Archibald: Geological Map of England & Wales. Edinburgh Geological Institute, John Bartholomew & Co., 1897. £120.00

Colenso, John William: Ten Weeks in Natal. A Journal of a First Tour of Visitation Among the Colonists and Zulu Kafirs of Natal. Cambridge, Macmillan, 1855, £150.00

(Hunt, Leigh). Ingpen, Roger [Ed.]: The Autobiography of Leigh Hunt: With Reminiscences of Friends and Contemporaries, and with Thornton Hunt's Introduction and Postscript. Westminster, Constable, 1903, £30.00

Woods, Stuart: Blue Water Green Skipper: The Singlehanded Transatlantic Race from Square One. London, Stanford Maritime, 1977, £25.00

Thorold, Henry & Yates, Jack: Lincolnshire: A Shell Guide. London, Faber & Faber, 1965, £20.00

Jackson, Robert: Venom Squadron: Yeoman in the Suez Crisis. London, Arthur Barker, 1983, £30.00

Adam, Brother: Bee-Keeping at Buckfast Abbey (With a Section on Meadmaking). British Bee Pub., 1975. £25.00

Emami, Karim [Comp. & Ed.]: An Introduction to the Art of Black Africa. (Introduction a l'art de l'Afrique Noire). Tehran, The Soroush Press, 1977. £30.00

Granger, Stewart: Sparks Fly Upward. London, Granada, 1981, £25.00

Seaman, Mark: Bravest of the Brave: The True Story of Wing Commander 'Tommy' Yeo-Thomas - SOE Secret Agent - Codename 'The White Rabbit'. London, Michael O'Mara Books, 1997, £50.00

Wright, Thomas [Ed.]: The Works of James Gillray, the Caricaturist with the Story of His Life and Times. London, Chatto & Windus, n/d. £100.00

Stevens, Joan: Old Jersey Houses and Those Who Lived in Them Volume I: 1500-1700. Chichester, Phillimore, 1980, £25.00

Kent, Geoff: The 4mm Wagon Part One - Opens, Minerals and Hoppers. Didcot, Wild Swan Pub. Ltd., 1991, £25.00

Hill, James S.: The Place-Names of Somerset. Bristol, St. Stephen's Printing Works, 1914. £100.00

Hilder, Rowland: Sketching Country. London, Herbert Press, 1991, £20.00

Grinling, Charles H.: The History of the Great Northern Railway 1845-1895. London, Methuen, 1898, £40.00

Taylor, James: Land Rover 1948-1983: Leaf-Sprung Models. A Collector's Guide. Croydon, Motor Racing Pub. Ltd., 1996, £20.00

Ravilious, James: A Corner of England: North Devon Landscapes and People. Tiverton, Devon Books in assoc. Lutterworth Press, Cambridge, 1995, £30.00

O'Donnell, Peter: Dragon's Claw (Modesty Blaise). London, Souvenir Press, 1978, £40.00

Mestrovic, Ivan: Mestrovic MCMXXXIII [1933]. Zagreb, Nova Europa, 1933, £20.00

Heath, Squadron-Lear R.O. [Collected & explained by]: Sparrowhawk: The Story of Moretonhampstead. Printed Totnes, Dartington Litho Ltd., 1977. £30.00

Hardy, Adam: Fox No.13: Sea Flame. London, NEL, 1976, £50.00

Gosling, Gerald & Huddy, Frank [Collected by]: Crewkerne and the Ham Stone Villages in Old Photographs. Stroud, Alan Sutton, 1993, £20.00

Chidgey, Maurice & Joyce: The Book of Crowcombe, Bicknoller and Sampford Brett: A Portrait of Three Parishes. Tiverton, Halsgrove, 2005, £25.00

Benson, E.F.: Mapp and Lucia. London, Hodder & Stoughton, September 1931. £30.00

Elford, George Robert: Devil's Guard. London, New English Library, 1978, £30.00

Lee, Patrick Jasper: We Borrow the Earth: An Intimate Portrait of the Gypsy Shamanic Tradition and Culture. London, Thorsons, 2000, £20.00

Gould, Lieut-Commander Rupert T.: The Marine Chronometer: Its History and Development. London, The Holland Press, 1978 £180.00

Lee, Peggy: Miss Peggy Lee: An Autobiography. New York, Donald I. Fine, 1989, £50.00

Tisdall, M.W.: God's Beasts: Identify and understand animals in church carvings. Plymouth, Charlesfort Press, 1998, £75.00

Trist, Edward: Take Cover. (The wartime memories of a Devon policeman, 1938-1946). Newton Abbot, Forest Pub., 2001, £20.00

Pizzey, Erin: The Slut's Cook Book. London, Macdonals, 1981, £20.00

Johns, Captain W.E.: Biggles Scores a Bull. London, Children's Book Club, 1966, £75.00

Walker, Mick & Carrick, Rob: International Six-Days Trial: The Olympics of Motorcycling. London, Osprey, 1992, £50.00

Rogers, Mary: Mary Rogers on Pottery & Porcelain: a hand-builder's approach. Sherborne, Alpha Books, 1979, £20.00

Rhoades, Walter C.: A Houseful of Rebels. Being an Account of Three Naughty Girls, and Their Adventures in Fairyland. Westminster, Archibald Constable, 1897, £60.00

Goodwin, Peter: The 20-gun ship Blandford. London, Conway Maritime Press, 1988, £45.00

Rogers, Jim: Tunnelling into Colditz: A Mining Engineer in Captivity. London, Robert Hale, 1986, £80.00

Lenkiewicz, Robert O.: Vagrancy. [Observations on Local Vagrancy Plymouth]. Ashburton, The Ferns Pub. Co. [1973]. £60.00

Darlington, Roger: Night Hawk: The biography of Flight Lieutenant Karel Kuttelwascher DFC, the RAF's greatest night intruder ace. London, William Kimber, 1985, £20.00

Service, Robert W.: Ploughman of the Moon: An Adventure into Memory. London, Ernest Benn, 1946, £30.00

Pilkington, I.G.: The Tale of the Goats. London, Frederick Muller, 1939, £30.00

Molyneux, Joyce (with Sophie Grigson): The Carved Angel Cookery Book. London, Collins, 1990, £25.00

Middleton, Sheila Hoey: Seals, Finger Rings, Engraved Gems and Amulets in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter. Exeter City Museums, 1998, £20.00

Fraser-Smith, Charles (with Gerald McKnight & Sandy Lesberg): The Secret War of Charles Fraser-Smith. London, Michael Joseph, 1981, £20.00

Forest, Antonia: Peter's Room. London, Faber Fanfares, 1978, £30.00

Estoril, Jean: Drina Dances in Paris. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1962, £40.00

Woodward, F.W.: Citadel: A History of the Royal Citadel, Plymouth. Exeter, Devon Books, 1987, £40.00

Drake, Nicholas [Ed.]: The Sixties: A Decade in Vogue. London, Pyramid, 1988, £20.00

Kersh, Gerald: The Terribly Wild Flowers. London, Remploy, 1980 £20.00

Fleet, Vice-Admiral H.L.: An Admiral's Yarns. London, Swan Sonnenschein, 1910, £20.00

Emery, Anthony: Dartington Hall. London, Oxford University Press, 1970, £50.00

Uttley, Alison: Sam Pig Goes to the Seaside. London, Faber & Faber, 1960, £20.00

Powell, Cecilia: Turner in the South. Rome, Naples, Florence. New Haven & London, Yale University Press for The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, 1987, £20.00

Martin, Judy: Pastels Masterclass: Learning from Professional Artists at Work. London, HarperCollins, 1993, £25.00

Hyde, H. Montgomery [Ed.]: Trial of Christopher Craig and Derek William Bentley. London, William Hodge, 1954, £40.00

Gat, Jozsef: The Technique of Piano Playing. London, Collet's, 1965, £20.00

Yoshida Yasuo et al: Japanese For Today. Yokyo, Gakken, 1993, £28.00

Thompson, G.W. St. Clair: The Protection of Woodlands. By Natural as Opposed to Artificial Methods. London, Witherby, 1928, £20.00

Middleton, Margaret: Three Girls and a Car. London, Blackie, n/d. (Prize label dated 1932). £20.00

Fiennes, Ranulph: The Feather Men. London, Bloomsbury, 1991, £100.00

Dickinson, Bruce: The Adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace. London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1990, £50.00

Carter, Forrest: Gone to Texas. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1975, £30.00

Stevens, James [Ed. by P.A.S. Pool]: A Cornish Farmer's Diary. Penzance, P.A.S. Pool, 1977, £25.00

Seymour, John: Voyage into England. Newton Abbot, David & Charles, 1966, £20.00

Rowe, Alan (with collaboration of Andy Andrews): Air-Sea Rescue in World War Two: A First-Hand Account of the Royal Navy North Sea Rescue Motor Launches. Stroud, Alan Sutton, 1995, £20.00

Locke, Bobby: Bobby Locke on Golf. London, Country Life, 1953, £20.00

Crook, J. Mordaunt: The Greek Revival: Neo-Classical Attitudes in British Architecture 1760-1870. London, John Murray, 1972, £30.00

Westerman, Percy F.: The Mystery of Nix Hall. London, Blackie, n/d [1950]. £25.00

Tolkien, J.R.R.: Tree and Leaf (including the poem Mythopoeia). London, Allen & Unwin, 1988, £25.00

Pritchett, V.S.: Nothing Like Leather. London, Chatto & Windus, 1935, £30.00

Gill, Crispin: Plymouth: A New History 1603 to the Present Day. Newton Abbot, David & Charles, 1979, £25.00

Blockley, John: Watercolour Practice and Progress. London, A. & C. Black, 1987 £25.00

Ellington, Duke: Music is My Mistress ( An Autobiography ). London, W.H. Allen, 1974, £20.00

Barrow, K.M.: Three Years in Tristan Da Cunha. London, Skeffington & Son, 1910, £70.00

Ivall, D. Endean & Thomas, Charles: Military Insignia of Cornwall + A Supplement to Military Insignia of Cornwall. Penwith Books in assoc. D.C.L.I. Regimental Museum, 1974 & 1976, £30.00

Roberts-Goodson, R. Bruce: Spray: The Ultimate Cruising Boat. London, Adlard Coles Nautical, 1995, £25.00

Porter, Philip: Original Jaguar E-Type: The Restorer's Guide to 3.8, 4.2 and V12. Roadcaster, Fixed Head Coupe and 2+2. Bideford, Bayview, 1990, £60.00

Moore, Jerrold Northrop: Elgar and his Publishers: Letters of a Creative Life. Vol.1: 1885-1903 & Vol.2: 1904-1934. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1987, £60.00

Young, Desmond: The Man in the Helmet. London, Cassell, 1963, £150.00

Wren, P.C.: Flawed Blades: Tales from the Foreign Legion. London, John Murray, 1933, £50.00

Smith, Thorne: The Bishop's Jaegers. London, Arthur Barker, 1938 £20.00

Heward, Constance: Ameliaranne at the Farm. London, George G. Harrap, 1942 £20.00

Heward, Constance: Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella. London, George G. Harrap, 1936 £30.00

Durrant, Tom: The Camellia Story. Heinemann, 1982, £20.00

Deighton, Len: Penguin Cookbooks: Ou Est Le Garlic & Action Cook Book. London, Penguin, 1967, £35.00

Cooper, Charles: The English Table in History and Literature. London, Sampson Low, Marston & Co., n/d (1920s/30s?). £20.00

Cameron, L.C.R.: The Lady of the Leash: A Sporting Novel. London, Lincoln Williams, 1935, £25.00

"Roland Quiz" (Richard M.H. Quittenton): Tim Pippin: The Wonderful Adventures of Tim Pippin. London, Joiner & Steele, 1947. £150.00

Violet, Ultra: Famous For 15 Minutes: My Years with Andy Warhol. London, Methuen, 1989, £20.00

Powys, John Cowper: Owen Glendower: An historical novel. London, John Lane The Bodley Head, 1941, £60.00

McKechnie, Sue: British Silhouette Artists and their Work 1760-1860. Sotheby Parke Bernet, 1978, £100.00

Forester, C.S.: Lord Hornblower. London, Michael Joseph, 1946, £20.00

Farjeon, Eleanor & Herbert: Kings and Queens. London, Dent, 1957, £30.00

Burton, Richard F.: A Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome. With Notices of the So Called "Amazons", the Grand Customs, the Yearly Customs, the Human Sacrifices, the Present State of the Slave Trade, and the Negro's Place in Nature. London, Tinsley Brothers, 1864, £1000.00

Auden, W.H. & MacNeice, Louis: Letters from Iceland. London, Faber & Faber, 1937, £50.00

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