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JOHN CAGE M : Writings '67-'72 Calder & Boyars, London, 1973. £55.00

JOHN CAGE Silence : Lectures and Writings Calder & Boyars, London, 1973. £45.00

ANTONY GALTON (Editor) ; contributors include HOWARD BARRINGER, ROGER HALE, FARIBA SADRI, DOV GABBAY Temporal Logics and their Applications Academic Press Ltd, London, 1987. £25.00

PETER DOIG An Outline of Stellar Astronomy The Draughtsman Publishing Co Ltd, London, 1927. £20.00

NIKOLAOS G BOURBAKIS (editor) ; contributors include M W PERLIN, S SHEKHAR & C V RAMAMOORTHY, R W BRAUSE, M McCORD, A BERNTH, S LAPPIN, W ZADROZNY, A SOHN & J-L GAUDIOT International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools (Architectures, Languages, Algorithms). Volume 1 Number 2 June 1992 World Scientific, Singapore, 1992. £25.00

HENRY JAMES ; edited by LEON EDEL The Complete Tales of Henry James. Volume 8 1891 - 1892 Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1963. £20.00

HENRY JAMES ; edited by LEON EDEL The Complete Tales of Henry James Volume 8 1891 - 1892 Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1963. £20.00

HENRY JAMES ; edited by LEON EDEL The Complete Tales of Henry James. Volume 7 1888 - 1891 Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1963. £20.00

HENRY JAMES; edited by LEON EDEL The Complete Tales of Henry James Volume 9 1892 - 1898 Ruper Hart-Davis, London, 1964. £20.00

HENRY JAMES ; edited by LEON EDEL The Complete Tales of Henry James Volume 12 1903 - 1910 Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1964. £20.00

HENRY JAMES ; edited by LEON EDEL The Complete Tales of Henry James Volume 11 1900 - 1903 Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1964. £20.00

LEON EDEL (Editor, Introduction) The Complete Tales of Henry James. Volume 11 1900-1903 Rupert Hart-Davis, London, 1964. £20.00

W J TURNER ; illustrated EDWARD BAWDEN The Duchess of Popocatapetl J M Dent and Sons Ltd, London, 1939. £50.00

HENRY HOWORTH History of the Mongols from the 9th to the 19th Century. Part IV. Supplemet and Indices Reprinted in Peking, China, 1940. £75.00

AUGUSTE RODIN ; PAUL GSELL (editor) L'Art. Entretiens Reunis par Paul Gsell Mermod, Paris, 1946. £20.00

HENRIK IBSEN ; herausgegeben vol JULIUS ELIAS & PAUL SCHLENTHER Samtlishe Werke. Volksausgabe in Funf Banden S Fischer, Berlin, 1916. £30.00

ALFRED DOBLIN November 1918. Eine Deutsche Revolution. Walter Verlag, Olten, 1991. £150.00

[BIBLIOGRAPHY - MEDICAL] Catalogue of Books in the Medical and Biological Libraries of University College, London. With an Appendix Talor and Francis, London, 1887. £45.00

F MULHAUSER (ed) Correspondence of Arthur Hugh Clough. Complete in Two Volumes. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1957. £40.00

HANS VAIHINGER Die Philosophie des Als Ob. System der theoretischen, praktischen und religiosen Fiktionen der Menschheit auf Grund eines idealistischen Positivismus. Mit einem Anhang uber Kant und Nietzsche Felix Meiner, Leipzig, 1920. £45.00

[WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS] ARTHUR HUGH CLOUGH Poems Macmillan & Co., London, 1890. £425.00

MARIA FELCHLIN Vesuche zur ermittlung des spezifischen gewichtes der verschiedenen augenmedien mit einer neuen methode. Inaugural-Dissertation zue erlangung der doktorwurde der medizinischen fakultat der universitat Zurich. Genehmigt auf Antrag von Prof Dr A Vogt Verlagsbuchhandlung Julius Springer, Berlin, 1926. £45.00

[ECONOMICA] FRIEDRICH A HAYEK contributes Scientism and the Study of Society Part I [in Economica. Vol IX(New Series) No 35 August 1942] The London School of Economics and Political Science, The Hostel, Peterhouse, Cambridge, 1942. £85.00

SYDNEY HORLER The House on Greek Street / The Devil and the Deep / Knight at Arms John Crowther (Thrillers) Ltd, London, 1946. £22.00

FREDERIC DILLAYE Les jeux de la jeunesse. leur origine, leur histoire et l'indication des regles qui les regissent par Frederic Dillaye. Ouvrage illustre de 203 gravures dessinees sur bois Librairie Hachette et Cie, Paris, 1885. £75.00

AUGUST STRINDBERG ; edited by EVERT SPRINCHORN Selected Plays Volume 1 : The Pre-Inferno Period University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 1986. £22.00

J HENRY DIBLE A History of the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland Oliver Boyd Ltd., London, 1957. £50.00

J HENRY DIBLE A History of the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland Oliver & Boyd Ltd, London, 1957. £25.00

F G DONNAN The Influence of J Willard Gibbs on the Science of Physical Chemistry. An Address by F G Donnan on the Occasion of the Centenary Celebration of the Founding of The Franklin Institute and the Inaugural Exercices of the Bartol Research Foundation … The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 1924. £35.00

W DE FONVIELLE ; translated by T L PHIPSON Thunder and Lightning. Illustrated with Thirty-nine Engravings on Wood Sampson, Low, Son, and Marston, London, 1868. £65.00

LANGLEY BANKS New System of Handrailing Published by the Author, Manchester, 1853. £250.00

EDWIN PUGH The Cockney at Home Chapman & Hall, London, 1914. £75.00

[Librairie d'Architecture et d'Art Decoratif] Materiaux et Documents d'Art Decoratif. DeArchitecture Antique. Restauration des Monuments Anciens. Dessins originaux des Architects Pensionnaires de l'Academie de France a Rome Armand Guerinet, Paris. c, 1890. £135.00

TITUS LUCREIUS CARUS ; edited CYRIL BAILEY Tit Lucreti Cari De Rerum Natura Libri Sex Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1947. £185.00

J R R TOLKIEN ; illustrated by ALAN LEE The Lord of the Rings HarperCollins, London, 1991. £40.00

HOMER ; translated by ANDREW LANG & PROF. SAMUEL HENRY BUTCHER The story of Odysseus in the land of the Phæacians, being the sixth and a part of the seventh book of the Odyssey Nathan Haskell Dole, Boston, 1903. £45.00

PAUL COBB METHUEN ; edited by LESLIE HARCOURT Observations and Reflections mode on his journey through France and Italy in the years 1769-1772 Little Rabbit Book Company, London, 1978. £25.00

JOSEPH-RENE RUELLE Operations des Changes des Principales Places de l'Europe, Contenant les noms & la division de leurs differentes monnoies de change considerees entr'elles &c Chez les Libraires Associes, Lyon, 1775. £85.00

CIARAN CARSON Letters from the Alphabet Gallery Press, Loughcrew, Ireland, 1995. £65.00

CAPTAIN MARRYAT The Poacher George Routledge & Sons, London, 1865. £22.00

MICHEL TOURNIER ; translated by NORMAN DENNY Friday or The Other Island William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd, London, 1969. £35.00

T E ALLIBINE The Royal Society and Its Dining Clubs Pergamon Press, Oxford, 1976. £20.00

LEDERER & BURDICK The Ugly American Steimatzky's Agency, Jerusalem, 1959. £25.00

A E HOUSMAN (contributor) The Manuscripts of Propertius [in The journal of Philology Nos 41,42,43] Macmillan & Co. / Deighton Bell & Co., London & Cambridge. 1892-, 1893. £175.00

G KOIZUMI ; intr. LT.COL EDWARD STRANGE Lacquer Work : A Practical Exposition of the Art of Lacquering together with Valuable Notes for the Collector Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd., London, 1923. £37.00

EDWARD STRANGE Catalogue of Japanese Lacquer. [Complete in 2 Volumes. Part I : General & Part II : Medicine Cabinets (Inro)] HMSO / His Majesty's Stationery Office / Victoria and Albert Museum. Department of Woodwork., London. 1924 -, 1925. £40.00

WILLY RUSSELL ; CHAS WHITE & CHRIS SHEPHERD (Introduction & Notes) Blood Brothers Hutchinson & Co Ltd, London, 1986. £40.00

ERNEST HEMINGWAY For Whom The Bell Tolls Jonathan Cape / Thacker & Co Ltd, Bombay, 1944. £35.00

LEON EDEL Henry James : A Biography. [Boxed Set Complete in 5 Volumes : The Untried Years / The Conquest of London / The Middle Years / The Treacherous Years / The Master ] Avon Discus, New York, 1978. £30.00

A FABER-KAISER ; GORDON CREMONESI LTD (Translation) Jesus Died in Kashmir : Jesus, Moses and the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel Gordon Cremonesi Ltd, London, 1976. £35.00

JACQUES PREVERT ; illustrated by IZIS B'IDERMANAS Charmes de Londres Editions de Monza, Paris, 1999. £20.00

ROBERT PENN WARREN Selected Poems 1923-1975 The Franklin Library / First Edition Society, US, 1976. £20.00

SUSAN COOPER [J B PRIESTLEY] J B Priestley : Portrait of an Author William Heinemann Ltd., London, 1970. £85.00

JOHN NORDEN Pensive Mans Practise. London. 1584. Da Capo Press / Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd., Amsterdam & New York, 1971. £25.00

HENRY KING Poems, Elegies, Paradoxes & Sonnets Scolar Press, London, 1973. £40.00

RONALD FIRBANK The Flower Beneath the Feet Duckworth, London, 1929. £20.00

RONALD FIRBANK Vainglory Duckworth, London, 1930. £20.00

JOHN MILTON ; illustrated by A GARTH JONES The Minor Poems of John Milton. The Endymion Series George Bell and Sons, London, 1989. £45.00

JOHN CAGE Empty Words. Writings '73-'78 by John Cage. Marion Boyars, London, 1980. £45.00

WILLIAM SOUTER ; edited by W H AITKEN The Poems of William Soutar : A New Selection Scottish Academic Press, Edinburgh, 1988. £25.00

FRANK McKAY The Life of James K Baxter Oxford University Press, Auckland, New Zealand, 1990. £25.00

CHARLES BULLOCK (editor) ; MRS BRASSEY, GEORGE MacDONALD, ALFRED TENNYSON, EMMA MARSHALL (et al) contribute Home Words for Home and Hearth Hand and Heart Publishing Office, London, 1879. £25.00

MOSES MAIMONIDES ; translated by SIMON FALKENHEIM Die Ethik des Maimonides oder Schemonah Perakim aus der Arabischen des RamBam und nach dem Ebraischen Deutsch bearbeitet nebst einem Vorwort zur Beherzigung fu¨r unsere Zeit von Simon Falkenheim J H Bon's Buch- und Musikalienhandlung, Konigsberg, 1832. £65.00

HENRY WILLIAMSON ; illustrated by WILLIAM KERMODE The Patriot's Progress. Being the Vissicitudes of Pte. John Bullock. Geoffrey Bles, London, 1930. £27.00

PATRICK CREAGH Picture of Tristan William Heinemann Ltd., London, 1965. £25.00

T S ELIOT Sweeney Agonistes : Fragments of an Aristophanic Melodrama Faber & Faber, London, 1932. £25.00

CARL STERNHEIM Oskar Wilde : Sein Drama Gustav Kiepenheuer, Potsdam, 1925. £85.00

PAT SILVER-LASKY Ride the Tiger Ouroborus Books, London, 2005. £45.00

JOHN MASEFIELD The Widow in the Bye Street / Dauber / The Daffodil Fields The English Review, London. 1912-, 1913. £32.00

PHILIP BURY DUNCAN Essays and Miscellanea Thomas Combe, Oxford, 1840. £95.00

IAN FLEMING Live and Let Die Pan Books Ltd., London, 1961. £75.00

J B PRIESTLEY An Inspector Calls : A Play in Three Acts William Heinemann Ltd., London, 1947. £165.00

J B PRIESTLEY Letter to a Returning Serviceman Home & Van Thal Ltd., London, 1945. £25.00

ALDOUS HUXLEY Do What You Will Chatto & Windus, London, 1929. £35.00

J B PRIESTLEY The Balconinny and Other Essays Methuen & Co. Ltd., London, 1929. £25.00

TOM PHILLIPS A Humument : A Treated Victorian Novel Thames & Hudson Ltd., London, 1987. £95.00

WILLIAM BLAKE ; edited by GEOFFREY KEYNES Complete Writings with Variant Readings Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1969. £22.00

JOHN BERRYMAN ; edited by CHARLES THORNBURY Collected Poems 1937-1971 Faber & Faber, London, 1990. £25.00

W B YEATS ; illustrated by JACK B YEATS The Collected Poems of W B Yeats. Definitive Edition, with the Author's Final Revisions. Oxford University Press / The Franklin Library, New York, 1983. £75.00

CHARLES WILLIAMS Region of the Summer Stars Editions Poetry, London, 1944. £20.00

e e cummings ; intr. LLOYD FRANKENBURG 1x1 [1 x 1 / One Time One] Horizon, London, 1947. £45.00

RONALD FIRBANK The Princess Zoubaroff : A Comedy Duckworth, London, 1930. £20.00

ALFRED & CHARLES TENNYSON Poems by Two Brothers Macmillan & Company Ltd., London, 1893. £20.00

GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO ; translated by SIR ISRAEL BOCCACCIO Boccaccio's Olympia The Florence Press / Chatto & Windus, London, 1913. £25.00

FUJIWARA TEIKA ; translated & edited ROBERT H BROWER Fujiwara Teika's Hundred-Poem Sequence of the Shoji Era 1200 Sophia University, Tokyo, 1978. £45.00

HECTOR H MUNRO [SAKI] ; illustrated by F CARRUTHERS GOULD The Westminster Alice The Westminster Gazette, London. not dated but,, 1902. £30.00

JACQUES LAFITTE Reflexions sur la Reduction de la Rente, et Sur L'Etat du Credit [printed by Didot for] Galerie du Bossange Pere, Paris, 1824. £95.00

TERRY PRATCHETT The Colour of Magic Corgi Books, London, 1985. £35.00

DENIS BABLET & JEAN JACQUOT (Editors) Les Voies de la Creation Theatrale III Editions du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, 1972. £20.00

JULIAN GALLEGO & JOSE GUDIOL ; KENNETH LYONS (Translator) Zurbaran 1598 - 1664 Secker & Warburg, London, 1977. £35.00

FRANCES AMES-LEWIS Drawing in Early Renaissance Italy Yale University Press, New Haven, 1981. £27.00

AJIT NARAYANAN On Being a Machine. Volume 2 : Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence Ellis Horwood Ltd. / Simon & Schuster International, London, 1990. £75.00

GUNTHER PALM Neural Assemblies : An Alternative Approach to Artificial Intelligence Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg & New York, 1982. £30.00

CAPTAIN MARRYAT Snarleyyow The Dog Fiend Baudry, Paris, 1839. £40.00

RUDYARD KIPLING ; illustrated by DUDLEY CLEAVER Departmental Ditties and Other Verses W Thacker & Co., London, 1897. £150.00

PAUL SABATIER La Vie de Francoise d'Assise Librairie Fischbacher, Paris, 1896. £85.00

WALTER GOLDSTEIN Chronik des Herzl-Bundes 1912-1962 : Die Geschichte einer Zions-Sehnsucht Prasidium des Herzl-Bundes, Tel Aviv, 1962. £25.00

E VICTOR MORGAN Studies in British Financial Policy, 1914 - 25 Macmillan & Co. Ltd, London, 1952. £30.00

EDWIN BORMANN ; translated by HARRY BRETT The Shakespeare Secret T H Wohlleben, London, 1895. £25.00

HENRY SIDGWICK The Elements of Politics Macmillan & Co. Limited, London, 1897. £25.00

[NAVAL HISTORY / CHAPBOOK] The Seaman's Confidence : A Dialogue Between Two Seamen After a Storm Printed and Sold by J Evans and Sons (& 2 others), London. not dated. c, 1815. £45.00

[Parlement / France ] Recueil d'arrests et re`glements de la Cour de Parlement, pour les Baillages, Sie`ges royaux et justices subalternes, des 10 juillet et 10 de´cembre 1665, 12 janvier 1666 et 3 septembre 1667... Henry Charpentier, Paris, 1689. £65.00

SIR CHARLES BELL Tibet Past & Present Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1924. £195.00

CHUNG WAH NAN Contemporary Architecture in Hong Kong Joint Publishing (h.K.) Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, 1989. £35.00

JOSEP FERNANDEZ ROYO (Introduction) Barbie Creacion Y Diseno Mattel, Barcelona, 1994. £20.00

EDWARD BULWER LYTTON Poems John Murray, London, 1865. £95.00

FRANK WHITFORD (Foreword) Paul Wunderlich : First London Exhibition. Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings, Graphics Redfern Gallery, London, 1968. £35.00

WILLIAM ROTHENSTEIN Twenty Four Portraits by William Rothenstein : Second Series : With Critical Appreciations by Various Hands Chatto & Windus, London, 1923. £22.00

FRANCIS JAMMES Les Georgiques Chretiennes Mercure de Paris, Paris, 1921. £45.00

A H E TAYLOR The Future of the Southern Slavs T Fisher Unwin, London, 1917. £22.00

ANATOLE FRANCE Le Livre de Mon Ami. Illustrations de Dufour. Editions du Houblon, Bruxelles. sans date. c, 1950. £20.00

EDNA FERBER Giant Victor Gollancz, London, 1957. £35.00

PAUL MOORHOUSE Albert Irvin : Life to Painting Lund Humphries Publishers, London, 1998. £37.00

JEAN SAUCET (Editor) ; RADOVIN IVSIC (Texts) Toyen Editions Filipaccchi, Paris, 1974. £37.00

IRIS COLLIER A Nest of Scorpions Severn House Publishers, Wallington, 1991. £25.00

IRIS COLLLIER Evil in the Sun Severn House Publishers, Wallington, 1990. £25.00

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES A Treatise on Money. Volume I : The Pure Theory of Money / Volume II : The Applied Theory of Money Macmillan & Company Ltd., London, 1965. £95.00

LASZLO MOHOLY-NAGY; text by FLORIS M NEUSUSS & RENATA HEYNE ; intr. HERBERT MOLDERINGS Fotogramas 1922-1943 Fundacio Antoni Tapies, Barcelona, 1997. £65.00

GEORGE LYTTLETON A Modest Apology for My Own Conduct M Cooper, London, 1748. £45.00

IVO ANDRIC ; translated by LOVETT F EDWARDS The Bridge on the Drina George Allen & Unwin Ltd., London, 1959. £295.00

LEON EDEL Henry James : The Treacherous Years : 1895-1901 J P Lippincott, New York, 1969. £20.00

REVEREND WILLIAM GILL Gems from the Coral Islands; or, Incidents of Contacts Between Savage and Christian Life of the Savage Sea Islanders. [Complete in Two Volumes] Ward and Co., London, 1856. £165.00

CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER A Foreshadowing of 21st Century Art. The Color and Geometry of Very Early Turkish Carpets. Oxford University Press, New York, 1993. £175.00

RAYMOND CARR Spain 1908-1975 Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1982. £20.00

CAMILLA CARR & JONATHAN JAMES Sky Is Always There Canterbury Press, Norwich, 2008. £25.00

CHARLES KINDLEBERGER The World in Depression 1929-1939 Allen Lane / The Penguin Press, London, 1973. £25.00

NORMAN ROSE Lewis Namier and Zionism Clarendon / Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1980. £20.00

IRIS COLLIER King of the South Severn House Publishers, Wallington, 1992. £25.00

PETER WILSHER & ROSEMARY RIGHTER Exploding Cities Kajima Institute Publishing Co., Ltd., Tokyo, 1976. £25.00

RESHAD FEILD ; SALIK CHALOM (Illustrations) The Last Barrier Turnstone Books, London, 1976. £20.00

REUBEN AINSZTEIN Jewish Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Eastern Europe, with a historical survey of the Jew as fighter and soldier in the Diaspora Paul Elek, London, 1974. £85.00

FRIEDRICH MEINECKE ; trans DOUGLAS SCOTT ; intr DR WERNER STARK Machiavellism : The Doctrine of Raison d'Etat and Its Place in Modern History Yale University Press, New Haven, 1962. £20.00

ADRIAN BURY Water Colour Painting of Today The Studio Ltd, London, 1937. £25.00

LAURENCE BINYON English Water-Colours A & C Black, London, 1933. £25.00

JAMES L CLIFFORD & DONALD J GREEN (Compilers) ; MAGDI WAHBA (Editor) Johnsonian Studies including a Bibliography of Johnsonian Studies, 1950 - 1960 S.O.P. Press [Societe Orientale de Publicite], Cairo, 1962. £20.00

MRS SHERWOOD [MARY MARTHA SHERWOOD] The History of Susan Gray as Related by a Clergyman; Designed for the Benefit of Young Women When Going into Service &c Houlston & Wright, London. not dated. c, 1860. £55.00

RUDYARD KIPLING The Fringes of the Fleet Doubleday Page, New York, 1915. £37.00

OLIVIA ROSSETTI AGRESTI Giovanni Costa : His Life Work and Times Grant Richards, London, 1904. £55.00

ARTHUR SCHNITZLER ; illustrated O LASKE Der tapfere Cassian. Puppenspiel in einem Akt Karl Konig, Wien & Leipzig, 1922. £145.00

P A SILJESTROM The Educational Institutions of the United States, Their Character and Organisation John Chapman, London, 1853. £55.00

A M REYNOLDS The Life and Worlk of William Holl Methuen & Co., London, 1912. £22.00

G W BOWERSOCK Augustus and the Greek World Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1966. £20.00

KEMAL PERVANIC The Killing Days : My Journey Through the Bosnian War Blake Publishing, London, 1999. £35.00

SUE HUBBARD (Foreword) ; BRYAN ROBERTSON (Essay) Sculpture at Goodwood : A Vision for Twenty-First British Sculpture : A Celebration of the First Ten Years Sculpture at Goodwood Limited, London, 2002. £22.00

J R R TOLKIEN ; CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN (Editor) The Silmarillion George Allen & Unwin, London, 1977. £45.00

RUDYARD KIPLING ; illustrated by STUART TRESILIAN Kim Macmillan, London, 1958. £30.00

BETTY ROWLANDS Malice Poetic Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1995. £25.00

RUDYARD KIPLING The Story of the Gadsbys & Under the Deodars Lovell, Coryell & Company, New York. c, 1892. £25.00

W O HENDERSON The Rise of German Industrial Power 1834-1914 Temple Smith, London, 1975. £20.00

HUGH KENNEDY The Prophet and the Age of the Caliphates. The Islamic Near East in the Sixth to the Eleventh Century Longman, London, 1986. £20.00

H A WILSON (editor) Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiastical 1604 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1923. £35.00

WILLIAM WINKS Lives of Distinguished Shoemakers Davis & Southworth, Philadelphia, 1849. £30.00

WILLIAM BOWSKY The Finance of Commune the of Sienna 1287-1355 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1970. £45.00

FREDDIE YOUNG Seventy Years Young : A Life in the Movies Faber & Faber, London, 1999. £25.00

WILLIAM COOK The Chess Players Compendium : A Practical Guide to the Openings. Fifth Edtion with new Supplement by Alfred Amery Frank Hollings, London, 1910. £40.00

HERBERT SPENCER Education : Intellectual, Moral and Physical. Williams and Norgate, London. not dated, but, 1861. £75.00

A BOARDMAN A Defence of Phrenology : Containing I - An Essay on the Nature and Value of Phrenological Evidence &c Samuel R Wells, New York, 1847. £40.00

WILLIAM RUSSELL Normal Training. The Principles and Methods of Human Culture : A Series of Lectures Addressed to Young Teachers The American Journal of Education, Hertford, CT, 1873. £50.00

THOMAS A KEMPIS Of the Imitation of Christ. Four Books. Grant Richards, London, 1903. £27.00

ALBERT BRUNOIS Nous, Les Avocats Librairie Plon, Paris, 1958. £30.00

JEAN-MARIE MAGNAN ; JEAN COCTEAU (Illustrator) Le Pese Taureau Forces Vives, Paris, 1963. £35.00

A EAGLEFIELD HULL Scriabin : A Great Russian Tone-Poet Kegan, Paul, Trench and Trubner & Co. Ltd., London, 1916. £22.00

E L STAHL Holderlin's Symbolism : An Essay Basil Blackwell, Oxford. not dated, but, 1944. £22.00

MICHAEL HAMBURGER & CHRISTOPHER MIDDLETON (editors and translators) Modern German Poetry 1910-1960 : An Anthology with Verse Translations Macgibbon & Kee, London, 1962. £22.00

HEINRICH MANN Die Jugend das Konigs Henri IV Querido Verlag N.V.,, Amsterdam, 1935. £35.00

OMAR F HAMOUDA & JOHN N SMITHIN (editors) Keynes and Public Policy After Fifty Years. Volume 2 : Theories and Method Edward Elgar, Aldershot, 1988. £45.00

W OLAF STAPLEDON Last and First Men : A Story of the Near and Far Future Methuen & Co. Ltd, London, 1931. £27.00

T E LAWRENCE Revolt in the Desert Jonathan Cape, London, 1927. £20.00

ALAN WINTERMUTE (Editor) Claude to Corot: The Development of Landscape Painting in France Colnaghi, New York, 1990. £25.00

JEAN GIRAUDOUX Sans Pouvoirs Editions du Rocher, Monaco, 1946. £25.00

KENT COUNTY CONSTABULARY ; R.L. THOMAS (Editor) The Kent Police Centenary 1857 - 1957 Centenary Booklet Sub-Committee of the Kent Constabulary, Canterbury, 1957. £20.00

ROBERT RANKIN The Sprouts of Wrath Abacus, London, 1988. £25.00

EDWARD J. O'BRIEN The Plutus File Daily Mail, Germany, 2005. £20.00

EDWARD CARPENTER Marriage in a Free Society Labour Press Society Ltd, Manchester, 1894. £30.00

F St J STEADMAN Local Anaesthesia in Dental Surgery Henry Kimpton, London, 1929. £95.00

TITUS ARBITER PETRONIUS ; edited by J G KARL SCHLUTER Sammtliche Werke, metrisch und prosaisch ubersetzt, mit einem vollstandigen Commentare, von J G Karl Schluter. Johan Christian Hendel, Halle, 1796. £45.00

JEAN BALL, MARGARET FISHER, PEARL MITCHELL, MARION ROSE, VERA STANLEY Under the Oaks : The Historical Record of the Parish of Ebrington Privately Published, Ebrington, 1978. £22.00

[JUDAICA] Gebet-Ordnung fur den Jugendgottesdienst in der judischen Gemeinde zu Berlin. (Sabbath-Nachmittag) Julius Sittenfeld, Berlin, 1895. £35.00

LOLA KINEL Under Five Eagles : My Life in Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany and America : 1916 - 1936 Putnam, London, 1937. £22.00

WILLIAM FOSTER (Editor) The Journal of John Jourdain 1608 - 1617 : Describing His Experiences in Arabia, India, and the Malay Archipelago Cambridge University Press / Hakluyt Society, Cambridge, 1905. £30.00

D K FIELD Colonialism 1870-1945 Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1981. £25.00

ASA MESSER A Discourse Delivered in the Chapel of Rhode-Island College, to the Senoir Class on the Sunday Preceding Their Commencement, 1799. By Asa Messer,A.M. Professor of the Learned Languages John Carter, Jun., Providence, RI, 1799. £145.00

GIAN FRANCESCO STRAPAROLA ; J LOUVEAU & P DE LAVIREY ; preface G BRUNET Les Facetieuses Nuits du Seigneur J.-F. Straparole Librairie des Bibliophiles, Paris, 1882. £225.00

GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO Decameron. Filocolo. Ameto. Fiammetta Riccardo Ricciardi Editore, Milano, 1952. £30.00

HANS BETHGE Hafis Insel Verlag, Leipzig, 1910. £45.00

WILLIAM COWPER ; edited by THOMAS WRIGHT The Correspondence of William Cowper Arranged in Chronological Order, with Annotations. Complete in 4 Volumes Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1904. £65.00

ANTHONY TROLLOPE Phineas Finn Stahan & Co. Publishers, London, 1870. £22.00

BAROLOME MITRE ; translated by WILLIAM PILLING The Emancipation of South America. Being a Condensed Translation by William Pilling of The History of San Martin by General Don Bartolome Mitre, First Constitutional President of the Argentine Republic Chapman & Hall, London, 1893. £30.00

STANISLAS JULIEN (translator) Le Livre Des Recompenses Et Des Peines: En Chinois Et En Francais; Accompagne De Quatre Cents Legendes, Anecdotes Et Histoires, Qui Font Connaitre Les ... De La Secte Des Tao-Sse Printed for the Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland and Sold by Richard Bentley ..., Paris & London, 1835. £295.00

FREDERIC MASSON ; illustrated by F de MAYRBACH Aventures de Guerre : Souvenirs et Recits de Soldats 1792-1809 Boussos, Valadon et Cie, Paris, 1894. £95.00

ALFRED DOBLIN Wallenstein S Fischer Verlag, Berlin, 1922. £20.00

CARL MICHAEL BELLMAN Les Epitres de Fredman P A Norstedt & Soners Forlag, Stockholm, 1953. £45.00

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