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Skipwith Peyton and Webb Brian: Edward Bawden's London London V and A Publishing 2011 £42.00

Rosen Michael and Oxenbury Helen (illus): We're Goimg on a Bear Hunt UK Walker Books 2009 £35.00

Osbourne Ozzy and Ayres Chris.: Trust Me I'm Dr Ozzy London Sphere 2011 £40.00

Lewis Celia: The Illustrated Guide to Pigs London Bloomsbury 2011 £35.00

Donaldson Julia and Scheffler Axel (illustrator): The Highway Rat London Alison Green Books 2011 £25.00

Cornwell Bernard: Death of Kings London Harper Collins 2011 £40.00

St John Lauren: Kidnap in the Carribean London Orion 2011 £20.00

Robinson Peter: Before the Poison London Hodder and Stoughton 2011 £30.00

Khan Imran: Pakistan: A Personal History London Bantam Press 2011 £40.00

Jenkins Simon: A Short History of England London Profile Books 2011 £50.00

Hollinghurst Alan: The Stranger's Child London Picador 2011 £40.00

Goldsworthy Adrian: Beat the Drums Slowly London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2011 £27.00

Ackroyd Peter: The History of England Vol 1 : Foundation London Macmillan 2011 £50.00

Newman Nannette and Chichester Clark Emma (illus): What Will You Be,Grandma ? Dorking Surrey Brubaker,Ford and Friends 2011 £24.00

Barry Sebastian: On Canaan's Side London Faber 2011 £40.00

Bailey Paul: Chapman's Odyssey London Bloomsbury 2011 £40.00

Crystal Ben and Russ Adam: Sorry, I'm British ! Oxford Oneworld Publications 2010 £20.00

Jeffries Richard: The Gamekeeper at Home London Smith Elder 1878 £75.00

Jeffries Richard: The Amateur Poacher London Smith Elder 1879 £85.00

Jeffries Richard: Round About a Great Estate London Smith Elder 1880 £75.00

Jeffries Richard: Wild Life in a Southern County London Smith Elder 1880 £75.00

Jeffries Richard: Hodge and His Masters Volumes 1 and 2 London Smith Elder 1880 £95.00

Jeffries Richard: Nature Near London London Chatto and Windus 1883 £68.00

Jeffries Richard: Field and Hedgerow London Longmans Green and Co. 1889 £57.00

Jeffries Richard: The Toilers of the Field London Longmans Green and Co. 1892 £42.00

Jeffries Richard: The Hills and the Vale London Duckworth 1909 £37.00

Jeffries Richard: Chronicles of The Hedges London Phoenix House 1948 £23.00

Hawthorne Nathaniel and Rackham Arthur (Illus): A Wonder Book London Hodder and Stoughton 1922 £1175.00

Greene Graham: Our Man in Havana U.K. Heinemann 1958 £42.00

Higson Charlie: SilverFin London Puffin Books 2011 £100.00

Forbes Robert L and Searle Ronald (illus): Let's Have a Bite: A Banquet of Beastly Rhymes London Overlook Duckworth 2011 £26.00

Deaver Jeffrey and Fleming Ian (creator): Carte Blanche London Hodder and Stoughton 2011 £200.00

Davey Owen: Foxly's Feast Dorking Templar Publishing 2011 £22.00

Atherton Mike: Glorious Summers and Discontents London Simon and Schuster 2011 £40.00

Young Frances Brett: Black Roses London Heinemann 1929 £28.00

Walpole Hugh: The Young Enchanted London Macmillan 1921 £32.00

Walpole Hugh: Judith Paris London Macmillan 1931 £27.00

Priestley J B: Angel Pavement London Heinemann 1930 £52.00

Millar H R (illus): The Silver Fairy Book London Hutchinson No Date £28.00

Merimee Prosper and Bull Rene (illus): Carmen London Hutchinson circa 1930 £48.00

Masefield John: Midsummer Night London Heinemann No Date £65.00

Lang Andrew (translator): Aucassin and Nicolette New York Roycrofters 1899 £40.00

Kipling Rudyard and Robinson William Heath: A Song of the English London Hodder and Stoughton and Daily Telegraph 1915 £65.00

Galsworthy John: Loyalties London Duckworth 1930 £45.00

Galsworthy John: Maid in Waiting London Heinemann 1931 £40.00

Crane Walter (illus): Queen Summer London Cassell and Co. 1891 £95.00

Crane Walter (illus): A Masque of Days London Cassell and Co. 1901 £95.00

Belloc Hilaire: Belinda London Constable and Co 1928 £48.00

Beckford Peter and Armour G Denholm (illus): Thoughts on Hunting London Hodder and Stoughton No Date £48.00

Austen Jane: Volume the Third Oxford The Clarendon Press 1951 £20.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Wardlaw Lee: Tales of Grandpa Cat London Pavilion Books 1996 £20.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Wardlaw Lee: Tales of Grandpa Cat New York Dial Books 1994 £35.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and W Henry Brown: Co-Operation in a University Town London Co-)perative Printing Society 1939 £85.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Shaw Irwin: Paris Paris New York Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1977 £20.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Rainbird George: The Subtle Alchemist London M Joseph 1973 £20.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Langley Noel: The Inconstant Moon London Arthur Barker 1949 £20.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Huber Heinz: Anatomie Eines Adlers-Ein Deutschlandbuch Munich 1966 £35.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Huber Heinz: Haven't We Met Before Somewhere London Wm Heinemann 1966 £40.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Hope Stanton W E: Tanker Fleet London Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Company 1948 £65.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Haydon Richard: The Journal of Edwin Carp London Hamish Hamilton 1954 £20.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Gipson Fred: Circles Round The Wagon London Joseph 1949 £25.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Dobbs Kildare: The Great Fur Opera London Dobson 1970 £35.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Dobbs Kildare: The Great Fur Opera Vermont Stephen Greene Press 1970 £40.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Davies Jack,Annakin Ken & Andrews Allen: Monte Carlo or Bust London Dobson 1969 £45.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Campbell Patrick: Life in Thin Slices London Falcon Press 1951 £20.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Campbell Patrick: The Day The Truth Got Out London Lilliput 1948 £20.00

Searle Ronald (illus) and Allbury A G: Bamboo Bushido London Robert Hale 1955 £25.00

Williams Bianco Margery and Rackham Arthur (illus): Poor Cecco New York George H Doran Co. 1925 £275.00

Thubron Colin: To a Mountain in Tibet London Chatto and Windus 2011 £35.00

Stephens James and Mackenzie Thomas (illus): The Crock of Gold London Macmillan 1920 £45.00

Squire John and Shepard Ernest (illus): Cheddar Gorge: A Book of English Cheeses London Wm Collins 1937 £135.00

Rackham Arthur (illus) Robinson W H (illus) Flint W R (illus): The Queen's Gift Book London Hodder and Stoughton 1915 £350.00

Paget J Otho and Rackham Arthur (illus): Hunting London J M Dent 1900 £68.00

Merriman Henry Seton and Rackham Arthur (illus): The Grey Lady London Smith Elder and Co 1897 £325.00

Lodge David: A Man Of Parts London Harvill Secker 2011 £38.00

King Jessie M: Kirkcudbright: A Royal Burgh London and Glasgow Gowans and Gray 1934 £275.00

Johnson Hugh: Trees London Mitchell Beazley 2010 £60.00

Imrie Celia: The Happy Hoofer London Hodder and Stoughton 2011 £40.00

Heaney Seamus: Hailstones Dublin Gallery Books 1984 £650.00

Golding Harry Ed. and Tarrant Margaret (illus): Zoo Days London Ward Lock circa 1920s £48.00

France Anatole and Pape F C (illus): Mother of Pearl London John Lane Bodley Head 1929 £65.00

France Anatole and Pape F C (illus): At the Sign of the Reine Pedauque London John Lane Bodley Head 1922 £62.00

France Anatole and Austen John (illus): The Gods are Athirst London John Lane Bodley Head 1933 £38.00

Fielding Henry and Pryse G Spencer (illus): The History of Tom Jones London John Lane Bodley Head 1930 £58.00

Chalmers Patrick and Aldin Cecil (illus): Forty Fine Ladies London Eyre and Spottiswoode 1929 £130.00

Cabell James Branch and Pape Frank C (illus): Jurgen London John Lane Bodley Head 1921 £45.00

Aldin Cecil (illus) and Rackham Arthur (illus): Friends at the Farm London Blackie and Son Circa 1912/13 £375.00

Aldin Cecil: The Cecil Aldin Book London Eyre and Spottiswoode 1932 £72.00

Powell Anthony: Infants of the Spring U.K. Heinemann 1976 £25.00

Oxenham Elsie J: The Abbey Girls Go Back To School London Collins No Date £75.00

Greene Graham: Journey Without Maps USA Garden City New York Doubleday Doran & Co 1936 £250.00

St John Lauren: Dead Man's Cove London Orion 2010 £21.00

Mather Victoria and Macartney-Snape Sue (Illus.): There'll Always Be An England London Constable 2010 £27.00

Goldsworthy Adrian: True Soldier Gentlemen London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2011 £27.00

Blanc Raymond: Kitchen Secrets London Bloomsbury 2011 £50.00

Valentine Ian and Preston Oliver (illus): Out For a Duck Shrewsbury Quiller 2010 £38.00

Robinson Ian: The Rupert Companion London Egmont 2010 £50.00

Raven Simon: The Feathers of Death U.K. Anthony Blond 1959 £20.00

Lewis Jeremy: Shades of Greene London Cape 2010 £50.00

Greene Graham: Travels With My Aunt U.K. Bodley Head 1969 £22.00

Edwards Martin (editor): Original Sins Gladestry Herefordshire Scorpion Press 2011 £105.00

Delaney Joseph: The Spook's Nightmare London Bodley Head 2010 £20.00

Delaney Joseph: The Spook's Bestiary London Bodley Head 2010 £20.00

Barnes Julian: Pulse London Cape 2011 £60.00

Wyclffe John and Parry Nicholas (ILLUS): Cantica Canticori (The Song of Songs of Solomon) Market Drayton Tern Press 1991 £135.00

Swift Jonathan: Verses on His Own Death Market Drayton Tern Press 1992 £125.00

Ridler Anne and Piper John (illustrator): The Jesse Tree London The Lyrebird Press 1972 £250.00

Powell Anthony: Infants of the Spring U.K. Heinemann 1976 £25.00

Porter John and Parry Nicholas (illus): Air Space Market Drayton Tern Press 1991 £28.00

Poole Monica: The Wood Engravings of John Farleigh Henley-on-Thames Gresham Books 1985 £45.00

Orszag-Land Thomas and Parry Nicholas (illus): Prince Bluebeard's Castle and The Splendid Stags Market Drayton Tern Press 1978 £135.00

Lovelock Yann and Parry Nicholas (illus): The Haiku Pavement Market Drayton Tern Press 1990 £25.00

Innes Hammond: The Doomed Oasis London Collins 1960 £25.00

Hughes-Stanton Penelope: The Wood-Engravings of Blair Hughes-Stanton Pinner Middx. Private Libraries Association 1991 £48.00

Hemingway Helen: Reynolds Stone London John Murray 1977 £45.00

Grahame Kenneth and Shepard Ernest (Illus): The Golden Age London John Lane The Bodley Head 1928 £530.00

Conran Anthony (Translator) and Parry Nicholas (Illustrator): Eighteen Poems of Dante Alghieri Market Drayton Tern Press 1975 £180.00

Conran Anthony: Metamorphoses Market Drayton Tern Press 1979 £85.00

Coleman Margery (compiler): The Kenneth Grahame Day Book London Methuen 1937 £25.00

Britten Benjamin,Piper John (illus) Crozier Eric Mc Bean Angus et al.: The Rape of Lucretia London The Bodley Head 1948 £45.00

Best Thomas: A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling Market Drayton Tern Press 1992 £250.00

Abbs Peter and Parry Nicholas (illus): Songs of a New Taliesin Market Drayton Tern Press 1979 £75.00

Taylor Jane and Ann and Greenaway Kate (illus): Little Ann A Book London Frederick Warne 1882 £120.00

Gordimer Nadine: Face to Face Johannesburg South Africa Silver Leaf Books 1949 £750.00

Stevenson Robert Louis: Will o' the Mill New York Roycroft Shop Press 1901 £250.00

Steedman Amy and Steedman Mary: Knights of Art:Stories of the Italian Painters London TC and EC Jack circa 1913 £25.00

Steedman Amy: The Madonna of the Gold Finch London TC and EC Jack circa 1920 £35.00

Robertson H R: Plants We Play With London Wells Gardner Darton and Co circa 1920s £23.00

Potter Jennifer: The Rose London Atlantic Books 2010 £150.00

Parrott.J.Edward: The Pageant of British History. London Thomas Nelson 1911 £23.00

Macgregor Mary and Rainey William (illus): The Story of France told to boys and girls London TC and EC Jack No Date circa 1920 £23.00

Macgregor Mary and Allen Olive (illus): Stories from Hans Andersen London TC and EC Jack circa 1905 £27.00

Lang J and Robinson W Heath (illus): Stories from The Odyssey London TC and EC Jack circa 1905 £27.00

Kelman Janet Harvey and Robinson W Heath: Stories From Chaucer London TC and EC Jack circa 1903 £30.00

Edler Franklin: Impatient Seas and Other Poems Seattle U S A. The Ivy Press 1937 £40.00

Donaldson Julia and Scheffler Axel (illus): ZOG London Alison Green Books 2010 £23.00

Dickens Charles and Reynolds Frank (illus): The Personal History of David Copperfield Toronto Canada The Musson Book Company circa 1916 £50.00

Dickens Charles and Reynolds Frank (illus): The Old Curiosity Shop London Hodder and Stoughton circa 1916 £50.00

Dickens Charles and Reynolds Frank (illus): Mr Pickwick from the Pickwick Papers London Hodder and Stoughton circa 1916 £50.00

De La Mare Walter and Robinson W Heath (illus): Peacock Pie-A Book of Rhymes London Constable 1916 £65.00

De Couvray J B L: The Amours of the Chevalier of Faublas London Societe des Bibliophiles 1898 £200.00

Cowley Abraham and Sparrow John (Ed): The Mistress with Other Select Poems of Abraham Cowley 1618-1667 London The Nonesuch Press 1926 £150.00

Burnett Frances Hodgson and Robinson Charles (illus): The Secret Garden London Heinemann 1925 £85.00

Bridges Robert: The Testament of Beauty Oxford England The Clarendon Press 1929 £50.00

Andersen Hans Christian and Appleton Honor C (illus): Fairy Tales London Thomas Nelson 1920 £210.00

Agnew Jonathan: Thanks Johnners London Blue Door 2010 £40.00

Ackroyd Peter: The Death of King Arthur London Penguin Classics 2010 £40.00

Wootton David: Galileo:Watcher of the Skies London Yale University Press 2010 £50.00

McKee David: Denver London Andersen Press 2010 £22.00

Hughes Shirley: Don't Want To Go ! London Bodley Head 2010 £22.00

Funke Cornelia and Wigram Lionel: Reckless U K Frome Somerset Chicken House 2010 £27.00

Burningham John and Oxenbury Helen: There's Going to be a Baby London Walker Books 2010 £27.00

Blake Quentin: Angelica Sprocket's Pockets London Jonathan Cape 2010 £22.00

Tempest Annie.: Tottering-By-Gently Annual London Frances Lincoln 2010 £25.00

Tempest Annie.: Tottering-By-Gently Annual London Frances Lincoln 2010 £25.00

Fry Stephen: The Fry Chronicles London Michael Joseph 2010 £70.00

Heaney Seamus: Human Chain London Faber 2010 £20.00

Heaney Seamus: Human Chain London Faber 2010 £525.00

Spalding Frances: John Piper Myfanwy Piper Lives in Art London Oxford University Press 2009 £55.00

Moran Philip and Foreman Michael (illustrator): Soggy the Bear Plymouth Mabecron Books 2006 £22.00

Moran Philip and Foreman Michael (illustrator): Soggy and the Mermaid Plymouth Mabecron Books 2008 £22.00

Moran Philip and Foreman Michael (illustrator): Soggy and the Golden Treasure Plymouth Mabecron Books 2009 £22.00

Moran Philip and Foreman Michael (illustrator): Soggy The Sailor Plymouth Mabecron Books 2010 £22.00

Greene Graham: The Name of Action U.K. Heinemann 1930 £350.00

Gaze Harold: The Merry Piper London,Longmans Green and Company 1925 £28.00

Stevenson Robert Louis and Gehry Frank (designer): Treasure Island London Puffin Books 2010 £200.00

Palgrave and Bell Robert Anning (illus): Palgrave's Golden Treasury UK J M Dent 1907 £125.00

Dickens Charles and Blake Peter: Oliver Twist London Puffin Classics 2010 £200.00

Ballantyne R M: The Young Fur Traders London Thomas Nelson circa 1900 £75.00

Ballantyne R M: Martin Rattler London Thomas Nelson circa 1914 £75.00

Corke H Essenhigh and Nuttall G.Clarke: Wild Flowers as They Grow London Cassell and Company 1911 £25.00

Corke H Essenhigh and Nuttall G.Clarke: Wild Flowers as They Grow London Cassell and Company 1912 £25.00

Zo Yoshi: A Flight of Butterflies London Thames and Hudson & The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1970 £65.00

Williams Hywel: Emperor ofthe West London Quercus 2010 £50.00

Sides Hampton: Hellhound on His Trail London Allen Lane 2010 £50.00

James Peter: Dead Like You London Macmillan 2010 £40.00

Gregory Philippa: The Red Queen London Simon and Schuster 2010 £40.00

Gorham Maurice and Ardizzone Edward (Illus): Back to the Local London Percival Marshall 1949 £45.00

Queen Ellery: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine U.S. American Mercury Inc. April 1950 £20.00

Queen Ellery: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine U.S. American Mercury Inc. December 1949 £20.00

Queen Ellery: Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine U.S. American Mercury Inc. July 1954 £20.00

Lilliput: Lilliput Magazine U K Hulton Publications March/April 1953 £20.00

Lilliput: Lilliput Magazine U K Hulton Publications May/June 1951 £20.00

Lilliput: Lilliput Magazine U K Hulton Publications August 1947 £20.00

Lilliput: Lilliput Magazine U K Hulton Publications June 1942 £20.00

Lilliput: Lilliput Magazine U K Hulton Publications July 1950 £20.00

Rackham Arthur: Arthur Rackham's Book of Pictures London Heinemann 1913 £850.00

McEwan Ian: Solar London Cape 2010 £70.00

McEwan Ian: Solar London Cape 2010 £40.00

Jeffries Richard and Parry Nicholas (illus): A Rook Book Market Drayton Shropshire England Tern Press 1988 £450.00

Dulac Edmund: Princess Badoura:A Tale From the Arabian Nights London Hodder and Stoughton 1913 £1500.00

Dulac Edmund: A Fairy Garland London Cassell 1928 £385.00

Clare John and Parry Nicholas (illus): Birdsnesting Market Drayton Shropshire U K Tern Press 1987 £180.00

Titchmarsh Alan: The Nature of Britain London BBC Books 2007 £35.00

Stewart Paul and Riddell Chris: WyrmeWeald: Returner's Wealth London Doubleday Books 2010 £27.00

Morpurgo Michael and Foreman Michael (illus): Not Bad for a Bad Lad Dorking Surrey Templar Publishing 2010 £27.00

Armitage Simon: Seeing Stars London Faber 2010 £25.00

Wuorio Eva-Lis and Ardizzone Edward (illus): The Island of Fish in the Trees London Dobson 1964 £52.00

Wodehouse P G: Uncle Fred in the Springtime U K Herbert Jenkins 1939 £45.00

White T H and Ardizzone Edward (Illus): The Godstone and the Blackymor London Cape 1959 £42.00

Rowling J K: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban London Bloomsbury 1999 £25.00

Ray Cyril and Ardizzone Edward (illus): Merry England London Vista Books 1960 £35.00

Lawrence T E: The Mint London Cape 1955 £480.00

Lawrence T E: The Seven Pillars of Wisdom London Cape 1935 £680.00

Khayyam Omar and Fitzgerald Edward (translator): Rubayyat of Omar Khayyam London Siegle Hills and Company No Date £375.00

Farjeon Eleanor and Ardizzone Edward (illus): The Little Bookroom London Oxford University Press 1956 £35.00

Faralla Dana and Adizzone Edward: Swanhilda of the Swans London Blackie 1964 £55.00

Fabre J H and Detmold E J (illus): Fabre's Book of Insects New York Tudor Publishing Co. (Dodd Mead) 1936 £150.00

Emanuel Walter and Aldin Cecil (illus): A Dog Day London Heinemann 1903 £65.00

de la Mare Walter and Ardizzone Edward (illus): Peacock Pie London Faber and Faber 1970 £20.00

Corrin Stephen and Ardizzone Edward: Ardizzone's Hans Andersen London Deutsch 1978 £32.00

Ardizzone Edward: Lucy Brown and Mr Grimes London Bodley Head 1970 £58.00

Ardizzone Edward: Ardizzone's English Fairy Tales London Deutsch 1980 £27.00

Aldin Cecil: Old Inns London Heinemann 1921 £55.00

McEwan Ian: Solar London Cape 2010 £40.00

McEwan Ian: Solar London Cape 2010 £40.00

Morpurgo Michael and Blake Quentin (Eds.): The Birthday Book London Jonathan Cape and Hatchards 2008 £100.00

McEwan Ian: Solar London Cape 2010 £70.00

Housman Laurence: Echo de Paris UK Cape 1923 £37.00

Eliot T S: Notes Towards the Definition of Culture UK Faber 1948 £32.00

Thomson Pat and Jaques Faith (illus): Good Girl Granny London Gollancz Children's Paperbacks 1989 £150.00

Salinger J D: Raise High the Roof Beam,Carpenters and Seymour an Introduction U.S. Little Brown 1963 £125.00

Richardson Agnes: Having the Duckiest Time London 1930s £150.00

Rackham Arthur: Arthur Rackham's Book of Pictures London Heinemann 1913 £450.00

Carroll Lewis and Weevers Peter (illus): Alice's Adventures in Wonderland U K Hutchinson 1989 £120.00

Weir Alison: The Lady in the Tower London Cape 2009 £42.00

Strang Paul: South- West France the Wines and Winemakers London University of California Press 2009 £65.00

McCaughrean Geraldine and Wyatt David (illus): Peter Pan in Scarlet UK Oxford 2008 £30.00

Mantel Hilary: Wolf Hall London 4th Estate 2009 £60.00

Goddard Robert: Long Time Coming London Bantam Press 2010 £32.00

Flint Sir William Russell: Catalogue Raisonne Volume 2 Bristol Michael Stewart Associates 1994 £225.00

Archer Jeffrey and Searle Ronald (illus.): Cat O'Nine Tails UK Macmillan 2006 £55.00

Adamson John: The Noble Revolt London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2007 £25.00

Powell Anthony: A Dance To The Music Of Time U K Heinemann 1951-1975 £5250.00

Horowitz Anthony: Crocodile Tears London Walker Books 2009 £30.00

Feaver William: Frank Auerbach New York Rizzoli International Publications 2009 £250.00

Wright Louise: The Road From Aston Cross Leamington Spa Smedley-HP.Foods Ltd 1975 £20.00

Gill Conrad: History of Birmingham Volume 1 London Oxford University Press 1952 £25.00

Forster E M: Howards End London Edward Arnold 1910 £500.00

Robertson Major F A deV: Aircraft of the World London Humphrey Milford Oxford University Press 1924 £28.00

Jerrold Clare and Robinson Charles (illus): Road Rail and Sea London Blackie and Son Circa 1907 £25.00

Carroll Lewis and Rountree Harry (illus): Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Glasgow The Children's Press No Date £28.00

Belloc Hilaire: Cautionary Tales For Children London Eveleigh Nash No Date £35.00

Bairnsfather Bruce: Fragments from His Life London Hodder and Stoughton No Date £25.00

Aldin Cecil: Cathedrals and Abbey Churches of England London Eyre and Spottiswoode 1924 £25.00

Aldin Cecil: An Artist's Model London H F and G Witherby Sept.1930 £128.00

Yeats William Butler: The Wind Among The Reeds London Elkin Mathews 1903 £150.00

Woolf Virginia: Orlando London Hogarth Press 1928 £85.00

Woolf Virginia: The Waves New York Harcourt Brace and Co 1931 £125.00

Waugh Evelyn and Boyle Stuart (illus): The Loved One London Chapman and Hall 1948 £65.00

Villon Francois and Ardizzone Edward (illus): Poems London The Cresset Press 1946 £25.00

Thomas Dylan: The Map of Love London J M Dent 1939 £125.00

Rutter Joan Ed.: Here's Flowers London Golden Cockerel Press 1937 £65.00

Robinson W Heath: Railway Ribaldry London Great Western Railway 1935 £75.00

Linklater Eric and Stone Reynolds (illus): A Sociable Plover:Stories and other conceits. London Rupert Hart-Davis 1957 £45.00

Joyce James: Ulysses Hamburg The Odyssey Press 1933 £85.00

Harvey J G Russell and Thomas Charles (illus): Tommy's ABC Bristol Red Cross Society circa 1915 £25.00

Gray Thomas and Hutton Clarke ( illus): Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard and Other Poems London John Lane Bodley Head 1928 £25.00

Dahl Roald: Two Fables London Viking 1986 £20.00

Carroll Lewis and Cloke Rene (illus): Alice in Woderland London The Waverley Book Co Ltd No Date £25.00

Woolf Virginia: Walter Sickert : A Conversation London The Hogarth Press 1934 £75.00

Surtees R S and Aldin Cecil (illus): Handley Cross or Mr Jorrock's Hunt London Edward Arnold 1911 £95.00

Shute E L: What the Toys Did! London Frederick Warne circa 1910 £22.00

Nabakov Vladimir: Lolita London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1959 £250.00

Mosse Kate: Winter Ghosts London Orion Books 2009 £30.00

Major Sir John: More Than a Game London Harper Collins 2007 £50.00

Greene Kathleen Coyningham: The English Landscape in Picture Prose and Poetry London Ivor Nicholson and Watson 1932 £25.00

Garnett Eve: Is It Well With The Child? London F Muller 1932 £25.00

Foreman Michael: The Littlest Dinosaur's Big Adventure London Bloomsbury 2009 £22.00

Clayton Frances ( iIlus.): The Book of Revelations London Faber 1931 £45.00

Stoker Bram,Raven Nicky (Adaptor) and Gilbert Anne Yvonne (Illus): Dracula Dorking Templar Publishing 2009 £32.00

Stevenson R L and Foreman Michael (Illus): Treasure Island London Pavilion Children's Books 2009 £30.00

Rankin Ian: The Complaints London Orion 2009 £40.00

Marr Andrew: The Making of Modern Britain` London Macmillan 2009 £50.00

Hastings Max: Finest Years:Churchill as Warlord 1940-45 London Harper Press 2009 £50.00

Harley Belinda: Mad About The Dog London Souvenir Press 2009 £20.00

Drabble Margaret: A Writer's Britain London Thames and Hudson 2009 £27.00

Cornwell Bernard: The Burning Land London Harper Collins 2009 £40.00

Belloc Hilaire and Grey Mini (illus): Jim: A Cautionary Tale London Jonathan Cape 2009 £28.00

Truss Lynne: Get Her Off The Pitch London Fourth Estate 2009 £25.00

Reeve Philip: Mortal Engines London Scholastic 2009 £60.00

Harris Robert: Lustrum London Hutchinson 2009 £60.00

George Dorothy M: Hogarth to Cruikshank. London Allen Lane 1967 £35.00

Paver Michelle: Ghost Hunter London Orion 2009 £25.00

Muchamore Robert: Brigands M.C. London Hodder 2009 £27.00

Chevalier Tracy: Remarkable Creatures London Harper Collins 2009 £35.00

Oxford.: The Oxford Annual for Girls 1932 London Humphrey Milford Oxford University Press 1932 £25.00

Oxford.: The Oxford Annual for Girls 1938 London Humphrey Milford Oxford University Press 1938 £25.00

Waterhouse Keith and Hall Willis: Billy Liar:A Play U K M Joseph 1960 £35.00

Hobb Robin: The Dragon Keeper London Harper Voyager 2009 £42.00

Byatt A S: The Children's Book London Chatto and Windus 2009 £75.00

Waugh Evelyn: Diaries U.K. Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1976 £28.00

Murphy Dervla: The Island That Dared London Eland 2008 £35.00

Greene Graham: The Name of Action U.K. Heinemann 1930 £3500.00

Zafon Carlos Ruiz: The Angel's Game London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2009 £40.00

Zafon Carlos Ruiz: The Angel's Game London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2009 £60.00

Waters Sarah: The Little Stranger London Virago 2009 £35.00

Waters Sarah: The Little Stranger London Virago 2009 £35.00

Waters Sarah: The Little Stranger London Virago 2009 £60.00

Spenser Edmund: The Wedding Songs UK Golden Cockerel Press July 21st 1923 £85.00

Larsen Reif: The Selected Works of T.S.Spivet London Harvill Secker 2009 £70.00

Berkmann Marcus: Ashes to Ashes London Little Brown 2009 £35.00

Wagner Richard and Rackham Arthur (illus): The Rhinegold and the Valkyrie London Wm Heinemann 1910 £1450.00

Waugh Evelyn: Helena London Chapman and Hall 1950 £2450.00

Sassoon Siegfried: Memoirs of a Foxhunting Man UK Faber 1929 £850.00

Marchant Bessie: Maisie's Discovery London Collins 1912 £20.00

Marchant Bessie: The Unknown Island London Blackie circa 1920s £20.00

Marchant Bessie: Harriet Goes A-Roaming London Blackie No Date (circa 1920s) £20.00

Avery Harold: Captain Swing London Thomas Nelson 1907 £20.00

Ishiguro Kazuo: Nocturnes London Faber 2009 £50.00

Hughes Ted: Gaudette UK Faber 1978 £25.00

Hughes Ted: Gaudette UK Faber 1978 £25.00

Baxter Peter: Inside the Box Shrewsbury Quiller 2009 £40.00

Ali Monica: In The Kitchen London Doubleday 2009 £36.00

Walters Minette: The Sculptress U.K. Macmillan 1993 £100.00

Tennyson Alfred Lord and Harrison Florence (Illus): Tennyson's Guinevere and Other Poems London Blackie and Son 1912 £450.00

Surtees R S and Leech John (Illus.): Handley Cross or Mr Jorrocks's Hunt London Bradbury,Agnew And Co 1850s £200.00

Rossetti Christina and Harrison Florence ( Illus.): Poems London Blackie and Son 1912 £550.00

Greene Graham: In Search of a Character U.K. Bodley Head 1961 £22.00

Hughes Ted: Henry Williamson UK Rainbow Press 1979 £225.00

Hughes Ted: Collected Animal Poems London Faber 1995 £60.00

Feinstein Elaine: Ted Hughes :The Life of a Poet London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2001 £20.00

Cox Michael: The Meaning of Night UK John Murray 2006 £85.00

Paxman Jeremy: The Victorians London BBC Books 2009 £50.00

Grisham John: The Associate London Century 2009 £20.00

Winn Christopher: I Never Knew That About England London Ebury Press 2008 £45.00

Palin MIchael: Around the World in 80 Days:Special 20th Anniversary Edition London Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2008 £42.00

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