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Mike Park Ltd

Clarke, Charles Nepenthes of Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia . £59.50

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Murdy, William H. & Carter, M. Eloise Brown Guide to the Plants of Granite Outcrops Athens: University of Georgia, 2000. £40.00

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Funfstuck, M. Taschenatlas Der Gebirgs Und Alpenpflanzen. Fur touristen end pflanzenfreunde in der Schweiz, den Bayrischen Alpen, Tirol, Steiermark, Karnten, Krain, Salzburg, Jura, Schwarzwald, Vogesen, Rissengebirge, in Savoyen, Dauphine, den Seealpen und Pyrenaen Stuttgart: Verlag Von Eugen Ulmer, 1896. £25.00

Clarke, Charles Baron On the Plants of Kohima and Muneypore . £25.00

Hochreutiner, B.p.g. Plantae Hochreutineranae - Fascicles 1 & 2. Descriptiones Plantarum Bogoriensium Exsiccatarum Novarum. Sertum Madagascariense. Monographie Des Dombeya De Madagascar. Sertum Madagascariense. Notes Sur Les Tiliacees & 13 Other Offprints. . £100.00

Mauseth, James D., Kiesling, Roberto & Ostolaza, Carlos A Cactus Odyssey - Journeys in the Wilds of Bolivia, Peru and Argentina . £25.00

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Hunt, John Dixon & Wolschke-Bulmahhn, Joachim The Vernacular Garden Dumbarton Oaks, 1993. £25.00

Hunt, John Dixon The Dutch Garden in the Seventeenth Century Dumbarton Oaks, 1990. £37.50

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Comber, J.B. Orchids of Java Kew, Richmond, Surrey: Bentham-Moxon Trust, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1990. £22.50

Clayton, Dudley The Genus Coelogyne - a Synopsis Royal Botanic Garden Kew, 2002. £32.50

Phillipps, Anthea and Lamb, Anthony Pitcher-Plants of Borneo . £26.05

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Crawley, Michael J. The Flora of Berkshire, Including Those Parts of Modern Oxfordshire That Lie South of the River Thames. Harpenden: Brambleby Books, 2005. £48.50

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Addison, Joseph; Steele, Richard, (and others). {Edoted By Robert Bissett] The Spectator - a New Edition in Eight Volumes, with Illustrative Notes. To Which are Prefixed the Lives of the Authors By Robert Bissett. London: PRINTED FOR GEORGE ROBERTSON, NUMBER 221 PICCADILLY, 1793. £125.00

Lodovici, Sergio S. Storici Teorici e Critici Delle Arti Figurative d'Italia Dal 1800 al 1940 Roma: Tosi, 1946. £100.00

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Bartlett, Harley H. Fire in Relation to Primitive Agriculture and Grazing in the Tropics. Annotated Bibliography. Volumes II & III. (original printing). University of Michigan: Ann Arbor. £25.00

O'Byrne, Peter A to Z of South East Asian Orchid Species Singapore: Orchid Society of South East Asia, 2001. £22.50

Luther, Hans Verbreitung Und Okologie Der Hohern Wasserpflanzen Im Brackwasser Der Ekenas-Gegend in Sudfinnland Helsingforsiae: Acta Botanica Fennica, 1951. £25.00

La Croix, Isobyl & Nash, Ned Flora's Orchids . £22.10

FLORA OF IRAQ. Volume 3 - Leguminales Baghdad: Ministry of Agriculture, 1974. £28.50

Model Collector Magazine (74 issues) Croydon: Link House Magazines. £25.00

O'Malley, Therese & Wolschke-Bulmahn, Joachim. John Evelyn's "Elysium Britannicum" and European Gardening. (author of Sylva, Kalendarium Hortense, Acetaria, The Compleat Gard'ner, The French Gardiner Etc.) Washington: Dumbarton Oaks, 1998. £27.50

London County Council Return of Outdoor Memorials in London, Other Than Statues on the Exterior of Buildings, Memorials in the Nature of Tombstones, Memorial Buildings and Memorial Trees London: Southwood, Smith and Co., Ltd., 1910. £25.00

Coker, William Chambers The Clavarias of the United States and Canada . £35.00

Tackholm, Vivi & Drar, Mohammed Flora of Egypt (Volumes 2, 3 & 4) Cairo: Cairo University Press, 1950. £125.00

Phillips, E.P. An Introduction to the Study of the South African Grasses with Notes on Their Structure, Distribution, Cultivation, Etc. South Africa: South Africa Central News Agency, Limited, 1931. £30.00

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TAYLOR, W. Annals of St. Mary Overy; an Historical and Descriptive Account of St. Saviour's Church and Parish London: Published for the Author By Messrs Nichols & Son, 1833. £85.00

Worsdell, W.C. ( Wilson Crosfield) The Principles of Plant Teratology London: Ray Society. £30.00

Jellicoe, Geoffrey The Studies of a Landscape Designer over 80 Years (3 Volumes) Woodbridge: Garden Art Press. £55.00

Mathew, Brian & Baytop, Turhan The Bulbous Plants of Turkey - an Illustrated Guide to the Bulbous Petaloid Monocotyledons of Turkey. London: Batsford, 1984. £68.50

Aagaard, C.J. The Common Birds of Bangkok Copenhagen: Chr. Backhausen, 1930. £25.00

Blackburne-Maze, Peter (Blackburn) Fruit - an Illustrated History Toronto: Firefly, 2003. £29.50

Broberg, Gunnar (editor) Linnaeus - Progress and Prospects in Linnaean Research Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International, 1980. £60.00

Pilbeam, John Mammillaria - A Collector's Guide London: Batsford, 1981. £25.00

Mackenzie, William The Rustic Bower; or, Sketches from Nature Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1844. £25.00

Perredes, Pierre Elie Felix London Botanic Gardens London: Wellcome Chemical Research Laboratories, 1906. £40.00

The Fuchsia Annual for 1965, 1966-1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 , 1979 and 1980.. British Fuchsia Society. £65.00

Mayer, A.M. & Poljakoff-Mayber, A. The Germination of Seeds Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1989. £20.00

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Ordnance Survey Map. 1843 . [London / Essex] London: Edward Stanford. £50.00

Essette, Henri Les Psalliotes. [Atlas Mycologiques]. Paris: Paul Lechevalier, 1964. £38.50

Stephens, Theo A. My Garden - an Intimate Magazine for Garden Lovers. Volumes 1 - 12. . £90.00

Milliken, William & Bridgewater, Sam Flora Celtica - Plants and People in Scotland . £26.50

Levy-Yamamori, Ran & Taaffe, Gerard Garden Plants of Japan Portland, Oregon: Timber Press, 2004. £45.00

Le Dantec, Denise & Le Dantec Jean Pierre Splendeur Des Jardins De Paris Paris: Flammarion, 1991. £25.00

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Schinz, Prof. Dr. Hans Flora Der Schweiz Zum Gebrauche Auf Exkursionen, in Schulen Und Beim Selbstunterricht - 1. Teil : Exkursionsflora & 2. Teil: Kritische Flora Zurich: Verlag Von Albert Raustein. £20.00

Sutherland, William Handbook of Hardy Herbaceous and Alpine Flowers Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1871. £20.00

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Stoddart, D.R. & Yonge, C.M. The Northern Great Barrier Reef. A Royal Society Discussion Organized By D.R. Stoddart and Sir Maurice Yonge, F.R.S. Held on 28 and 29 January 1976 London: The Royal Society, 1978. £35.00

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Luis, Grupo San The Genus Turbinicarpus in San Luis Potosi Italy: Cactus & Co., 2004. £22.50

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