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Nineteenth Century Books

HOOKER (Sir William Jackson) and WALKER-ARNOTT (George A.): The British Flora, comprising the Phaenogamous or Flowering Plants and the Ferns. With numerous figures illustrative of the umbelliferous plants, the composite plants, the grasses, and the ferns. The Eighth Edition Revised and Corrected. London: Longman, GVreen, Longman, and Roberts, 1860; £30.00

YONGE (Charlotte M.): Chantry House. In Two Volumes. London: Macmillan and Co., 1886; £150.00

WARNER (H.H.), ed.: Songs of the Spindle & Legends of the Loom. With Illustrations by A. Tucker, H.H. Warner, & Edith Capper. Foreword by Albert Fleming. London: N.J. Powell & Co., 1889; £36.00

TAYLOR (Jane): Memoirs, Correspondence, and Poetical Remains, of Jane Taylor. A New Edition [with preface by Isaac Taylor]. London: Holdsworth and Ball, 1831; £26.00

PRIOR (Matthew): The Poetical Works, 2 vols. [Aldine Edition of the British Poets]. London: Bell and Daldy, n.d.; £45.00

INGRAM (John H.): Christopher Marlowe and His Associates. Illustrated. London: Grant Richards, 1904; £30.00

FREEMANTLE (W.T.): A Bibliography of Sheffield and Vicinity, Section 1 to the end of 1700. Sheffield: Printed by Pawson and Brailsford; London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. Ltd, 1911; £40.00

BOYCE (Anne Ogden): Records of a Quaker Family: The Richardsons of Cleveland. With Portraits of Isabel Casson, Jonathan Priestman, and John Richardson Procter; *also Nine Genealogical Tables, and an Index to the Marriages. London: Samuel Harris & Co., 1889; £75.00

[WHITE (Gilbert)] MARTIN (Edward A.): A Bibliography of Gilbert White, the Natural Historian and Antiquarian of Selborne. Westminster: The Roxburghe Press, [1897]; £35.00

[BRONTË (Charlotte)] SHORTER (Clement K.): Charlotte Brontë and Her Circle. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1896; £32.00

WILKINSON (Sir John Gardner); BIRCH (Samuel): The Egyptians in the Time of the Pharaohs. Being a Companion to the Crystal Palace Egyptian Collections. To which is added an introduction to the study of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs, by Samuel Birch. London: Bradbury and Evans, 1857; £55.00

TENNYSON (Alfred, Lord): In Memoriam. London: Strahan and Co., Publishers, 1869; £24.00

JESSOPP (Augustus): Before the Great Pillage, With Other Miscellanies. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1901; £25.00

ANDERSEN (Hans Christian), tr. BUSHBY (Anne S.): The Sand-Hills of Jutland. Translated by Mrs. Bushby. London: Richard Bentley, 1860; £55.00

[HARRIS (Joseph), tr.]: The Fables of Pilpay [Remodelled from Joseph Harris's English version by J. Mitford]. London: Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy; et al., 1818; £45.00

POWELL (G.H.): Excursions in Libraria, being Retrospective Reviews and Bibliographical Notes. London: Lawrence and Bullen, 1895; £28.00

FARR (Edward), ed.: Select Poetry Chiefly Devotional of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. Collected and Edited for The Parker Society. 2 vols. Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, 1845; £40.00

[LONGUEVILLE (Thomas)]: Pryings among Private Papers chiefly of the Sseventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, by the Author of "A Life of Sir Kenelm Digby". London, New York and Bombay: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1905; £20.00

MAETERLINCK (Maurice): The Unknown Guest, Translated by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos. London: Methuen & Co., Ltd, 1914; £20.00

HENDERSON (T.F.): Scottish Vernacular Literature, A Succinct History. Second Revised Editiion. London: David Nutt, 1900; £28.00

[Hughes (Thomas)]: The Scouring of the White Horse; or, The Long Vacation Ramble of a London Clerk. Illustrated by Richard Doyle. Cambridge and London: Macmillan and Co., 1859; £40.00

TROLLOPE (Rev. Edward): Illustrations of Ancient Art, selected from objects discovered at Pompeii and Herculaneum. London: George Bell, 1854; £40.00

STEVENSON (Robert Louis): A Child's Garden of Verses, with illustrations by Jessie Wilcox Smith. London: Longmans, Green and Co.; New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1905; £30.00

SHARLAND (Rose E.): Exmoor Lyrics And Other Verses. Bristol: J.W. Arrowsmith; London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Company Limited, 1910; £25.00

MEREDITH (Owen), pseud. of LYTTON (Edward Robert Bulwer, Earl of Lytton): The Earl's Return, with drawings by W.L. Taylor. London: Frederick Warne & Co. [1887]; £40.00

JACQUEMART (Albert), ed. PALLISER (Mrs Bury): A History of Furniture, Translated from the French of Albert Jacquemart, edited... with numerous illustrations. London: Chapman and Hall, 1878; £40.00

HEMANS (Felicia): National Lyrics and Songs for Music. Second Edition, with an Introductory Notice of Her Life and Writings (signed by 'W.A.B.). Dublin: William Curry, Jun. and Company; London: Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.; Edinburgh: Fraser and Co., 1836 £30.00

HAMBLY (R.): Down in a Mine and Poems of West Cornwall &c. Penzance: F. Rodda, 1897; £32.00

FUNNIDOS (Rigdum, Gent.): The Comic Almanack for 1837: An Ephemeris in Jest and Earnest, Containing "All Things Fitting for such a Work". Adorned with a dozen of "Right Merrie" cuts, pertaining to the months, and an hieroglyphic, by George Cruikshank. London: Imprinted for Charles Tilt, [1836]; £32.00

CARPENTER (J.E.): Poems and Lyrics. A New Edition. London: H.G. Clarke and Co., 1845; £32.00

HOOD (Tom, The Younger): The Rules of Rhyme: A Guide to English Versification. With a compendious dictionary of rhymes, an examination of classical measures, and comments upon burlesque, comic verse, and song-writing. London: James Hogg & Son, 1869; £30.00

DUMAS (Alexandre): Histoire d'un Casse-Noisette, Illustré par Bertall. 2 vols. Paris: J. Hetzel, 1845; £65.00

ANDREWS (William): Literary Byways. London: William Andrews & Co., 1898; £24.00

[BORROW (George)] COLLIE (Michael) and FRASER (Angus): George Borrow: A Bibliographical Study. Winchester: St Paul's Bibliographies, 1984; £40.00

TROLLOPE (Anthony): The Golden Lion of Granpere. Copyright Edition. Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1872; £20.00

READ (Charles A.): The Cabinet of Irish Literature: Selections from the Works of the Chief Poets, Orators, and Prose Writers of Ireland, with Biographical Sketches and Literary Notices. 4 vols. (Vol.4 is by T.P. O'Connor). London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin: Blackie and Son, 1880; £100.00

THOMPSON (Francis): The Collected Poetry. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1913; £36.00

HOPE (Robert Charles): Mediaeval Music: An Historical Sketch. Second Edition, Revised. London: Elliot Stock, 1899; £50.00

CIOCCI (Raffaelle): A Narrative of Iniquities and Barbarities practised at Rome in the Nineteenth Century. Eighth editon. London: James Nisbet & Co.; Dublin: Curry, Jun., and Co., and Robertson and Co.; Edinburgh: Kennedy; Glasgow: Bryce, 1847; £25.00

BORROW (George), tr.: Ballads of all Nations, translated by George Borrow. A Selection edited by R. Brimley Johnson from the texts of Professor Herbert Wright. London: Alston Rivers Ltd, 1927; £36.00

BLUNT (Wilfrid Scawen): Francis Thompson. Reprinted from The Academy, 23rd November 1907. London: Burns & Oates, Ltd, [1907]; £35.00

SOUTHEY (Robert), ed. WARTER (John Wood): Southey's Common-Place Book, edited by his son-in-law. 2 vols. London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1849; £69.00

SANDES (Elise): Enlisted; or, My Story. Incidents of Life and Work Among Soldiers. Reprinted from "Forward" and edited by her co-worker M.T. Schofield. Curragh: Office of "Forward," Sandes' Soldiers' Home; London: S.W. Partridge & Co., 1915; £40.00

JERROLD (Douglas): Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures, as suffered by the late Job Caudle. Edited from the Original MSS. A New Edition. London: Published at the Punch Office, 1846; £30.00

HUNT (Leigh): The Indicator, and The Companion; A Miscellany for the Fields and the Fire-Side. In Two Parts. Bound with The Seer; or, Common-Places Refreshed. In Two Parts. London: Edward Moxon, 1842, 1840; £60.00

SLADEN (Douglas): Sicily; The New Winter Resort. An Encyclopaedia of Sicily. With 234 illustrations, a map, and a table of the railway system... Second Edition, Revised. London: Methuen & Co., 1908; £45.00

THOMSON (James) (B.V.): Biographical and Critical Studies. London: Reeves and Turner, and Bertram Dobell, 1896; £26.00

PORTER (Rev. J.L.): The Giant Cities of Bashan; and Syria's Holy Places. London, Edinburgh and New York: T. Nelson and Sons, 1866; £40.00

PONTON (Mungo): Earthquakes and Volcanoes; their History, Phenomena, and Probable Causes. New and Revised Edition. London, Edinburgh and New York: T. Nelson and Sons, 1870; £21.00

PHILLIPS (John): Vesuvius. Oxford: At the Clarendon Press, 1869; £87.00

PEASE (Alfred E., MP): Hunting Reminiscences. With Illustrations by the late Sir Frank Lockwood, and Others. London: W. Thacker & Co.; Calcutta: Thacker, Spink & Co., 1898; £24.00

NASBY (Petroleum V.), pseud. of LOCKE (David Ross): The Nasby Papers [S.O. Beeton's Books]. London: Frederick Warne and Co., 1865; £40.00

BARBOUR (R.W.): Homer and Other Papers. Edinburgh: The Edinburgh Press, 1896; £24.00

PROCTOR (Richard A.): [Edwin Drood] Watched by the Dead: A Loving Study of Dickens' Half-Told Tale. London: W.H. Allen & Co., 1887; £145.00

WALLEN (William): The History and Antiquities of the Round Church at Little Maplestead, Essex, formerly belonging to the Knights Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, preceded by an Historical Sketch of the Crusades. London: John Weale, printed for the author, 1836; £30.00

INGELOW (Jean): Fated to be Free [The Century Series]. London: R.E. King, Limited, 1900; £20.00

HOBLYN (Richard D.): A Dictionary of Terms Used in Medicine and the Collateral Sciences. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. London: Sherwood, Gilbert, & Piper, 1844; £28.00

[LLOYD'S NATURAL HISTORY] FORBES (Henry O.): A Hand-Book to the Primates [2 vols.] London: Edward Lloyd, Limited, 1896-7; £50.00

MEREDITH (Owen), pseud. of LYTTON (Edward Robert Bulwer), 1st Earl: Serbski Pesme; or, National Songs of Servia. London: Chapman and Hall, 1861; £24.00

DE WATTEVILLE (Vivienne): Speak to the Earth. Wanderings and Reflections among Elephants and Mountains. With a Preface by Edith Wharton. Second Edition. London: Methuen and Co., Ltd, 1936; £24.00

COTTLE (Rev. James): Some Account of the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Taunton, And the Restoration thereof: Together with several Notices on Ecclesiastical Matters. London: Vizetelly Brothers, 1845; £50.00

MOENS (William John Charles): The Walloons and their Church at Norwich. 1565-1832. Lymington: Printed for the Huguenot Society of London, 1888; £60.00

HOLYOAKE (George Jacob): Patriotism by Charity. Leicester: Book Store, [1885] £45.00

HEMANS (Felicia Dorothea): Poetical Remains of the late Mrs Hemans [With a biographical memoir signed: (Delta), i.e. D.M. Moir. Edinburgh: William Blackwood & Sons and London: T. Cadell, 1836; £30.00

HAGGARD (H. Rider): Maiwa's Revenge; or, The War of the Little Hand. London and New York: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1888; £50.00

GRAY (Thomas): The Bard. With Illustrations from Drawings by the Honourable Mrs. John Talbot. London: John van Voorst, 1837; £25.00

BOGG (Edmund): A Thousand Miles of Wandering in the Border Country. One Hundred and Seventy Illustrations. Newcastle: Mawson, Swan, and Morgan; York: John Sampson, 1898; £48.00

[HEMANS (Mrs)] HUGHES (Harriet): The Works of Mrs Hemans; with a Memoir of her Life, by her Sister. Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1847; £25.00

HOPE (Ascott R.): Evenings Away From Home: A Modern Miscellany of Entertainment for Young Masters and Misses. With Nineteen Illustrations by Gordon Browne. London: John Hogg, 1883; £35.00

[DODDE (The Laird of Thornyburne)]: The Noble Laird of Thornyburne. A Northumbrian Border Ballad, In Three Fyttes. With Introduction and Glossary. London: Saunders and Otley, 1855; £25.00

MOSDELL (J.): The Village of Mortimer and Other Poems. Reading: Printed at the "Reading Observer" Steam Printing Works, 1891; £36.00

MONTESQUIEU (Charles Louis de Secondat, Baron de): Persian Letters, Newly Translated into English with notes and Memoir of the Author, by John Davidson. With Portrait and Eight Etchings by Ed. de Beaumont, engraved by E. Boilvin. In Two Volumes. London: Privately Printed, 1892 (printed by C. Whittingham and Co., at the Chiswick Press); £60.00

BROWN (Thomas, The Younger), pseud. of MOORE (Thomas): Fables for the Holy Alliance, Rhymes on the Road, &c., &c. London: Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1823; £36.00

[MILTON (John)] KEIGHTLEY (Thomas): An Account of the Life, Opinions, and Writings of John Milton. With an Introduction to Paradise Lost. London: Chapman and Hall, 1855; £32.00

STEVENS (Frank): Adventures in Hiveland, with eighty-four illustrations by L.A. Sargent. London: Hutchinson & Co., 1903; £50.00

DUMAS (Alexandre): The Conspirators, or The Chevalier D'Harmental. London: George Routledge and Sons, n.d.; £21.00

[SELDEN (John)] JOHNSON (George W.): Memoirs of John Selden, and notices of the Political Contest During his Time. London: Orr and Smith, 1835; £60.00

OSTON (M.): Queer Patients. Edinburgh: John Currie, [1912]; £20.00

ANDREWS (William), ed.: Bygone Durham. London: William Andrews & Co., 1898; £27.00

TENNYSON (Alfred): Unpublished Early Poems, edited by Charles Tennyson, His Grandson. London: Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1931; £60.00

LORINE (Louis), ed.: Les Rues de Paris. Paris ancien et moderne: origines, histoire, monuments, costumes, moeurs, chroniques et traditions. Ouvrage rédigé par l'élite de la littérature contemporaine... et illustré de 300 dessins ... 2 tomes. Paris: G. Kugelmann, 1844; £80.00

LANG (Jean): A Land of Romance: The Border, its History and Legend. With Six Plates in Photogravure from paintings by Tom Scott. London: T.C. & E.C. Jack, Ltd, n.d.; £20.00

[YOUNG (Edward)]: The Complaint; or Night-Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality. To which is prefixed, The Life of the Author. London: J. Chalmers, 1794; £35.00

[COPE'S SMOKE-ROOM BOOKLETS]: The following, bound together: No. 2, The Smoker's Garland I; No. 6, The Smoker's Garland II; No.3, Selections from James Thomson; No. 4, Charles Lamb; No. 5, Thomas Carlyle; No. 1, The Smoker's Text Book. Liverpool: At the Office of Cope's Tobacco Plant, 1889-1890; £60.00

[BALLINGER (Sir John)]: The Bible in Wales, A Study in the History of the Welsh People, with an Introductory Address and a Bibliography. London: Henry Sotheran & Co., 1906; £28.00

MAYHEW (Henry): The Story of the Peasant-Boy Philosopher: or, "A Child gathering Pebbles on the Sea Shore." (founded on the early life of Ferguson, the shepherd-boy astronomer, and intended to show how [he] became acquainted with the principles of natural science). London: David Bogue, 1857; £66.00

MEREDITH (Owen), pseud. of LYTTON (Edward Robert Bulwer), 1st Earl of Lytton: The Wanderer. London: Chapman & Hall, 1859; £30.00

MARRYAT (Captain): Newton Forster, or The Merchant Service. With Illustrations by E.J. Sullivan,and an Introduction by David Hannay [Illustrated Standard Novels series]. London: Macmillan and Co., Limited; New York: The Macmillan Company, 1902 reprint; £20.00

LOVELACE (Richard): Lucasta. The Poems of Richard Lovelace, Esq. Now first edited, and the text carefully revised. With Some Account of the Author, and a Few Notesd, by W. Carew Hazlitt [Library of Old Authors] London: John Russell Smith, 1864; £20.00

[PERIODICAL}: Macmillan's Magazine, Vols. I-III, ed. David Masson. Cambridge and London: Macmillan and Co., 1860-1861 £36.00

[MANNING (Anne)]: Cherry & Violet, A Tale of the Great Plague. London: Arthur Hall, Virtue & Co., [1853]; £20.00

LOCKER (Frederick): London Lyrics [Not Published]. London: John Wilson, 1868; £21.00

LEVER (Charles): One of Them. With Illustrations by H.K. Browne. London and New York: George Routledge and Sons, 1872; £24.00

MAYHEW (Horace), ed.: Letters left at the Pastrycook's: being the clandestine correspondence between Kitty Clover at School and her "Dear Dear Friend" in Town. Illustrated by Phiz. Third edition. London: Ingram, Cooke, and Co., 1853; £36.00

AXON (Ernest), ed.: Bygone Lancashire. London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., Ld; Manchester: Brook & Chrystal; Hull: William Andrews & Co., The Hull Press, 1892; £27.00

[DALTON (James) and AKERMAN (John Yonge)]: The Gentleman in Black, and Tales of Other Days. With Illustrations by George Cruikshank, and Others. London: C. Daly, [1845?]; £30.00

WELCKER (Adair): Flavia. Copyright 1885 by the Author. Berkeley, California: Adair Welcker, [1887?]; £25.00

STOKES (William): Stokes's Rapid Writing, for rapidly teaching to write, and for teaching to write rapidly. Twenty-second Edition. London: Houlston & Sons; Australia: George Robertson, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, 1884; £25.00

ANON.: The Oxford English Dictionary Compact Edition, in 2 vols. with magnifying glass, in slipcase. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1971; £45.00

L., (R.), Gentleman, i.e. LYNCHE (Richard): Diella: Certaine Sonnets [The Bookworm's Garner. - I]. Edinburgh: E. & G. Goldsmid, 1887; £30.00

KIPLING (Rudyard): Stalky & Co. [Uniform ed.] London: Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1899; £35.00

KINGSLEY (Charles): Plays and Puritans, and other Historical Essays. London: Macmillan and Co., 1873; £20.00

JOHN-THE-GIANT-KILLER, Esq. (pseud.): Food for the Mind: or, a new Riddle-Book. Compiled for the Great and the Little Good Boys and Girls in England, Scotland, and Ireland [Illustrated Shilling Series of Forgotten Children's Books]. London: Leadenhall Press, [1899]; £36.00

AUGUSTINE (Saint): S. Augustine, with Introduction by the Right Rev. J. Macarthur, Bishop of Southampton [The Library of the Soul]. London & Edinburgh: T.C. & E.C. Jack, [1908]; £20.00

WILLIAMS (Edward): Iolo Manuscripts. A Selection of Ancient Welsh Manuscripts, in prose and verse, from the collection made by the late Edward Williams, Iolo Morganwg, for the purpose of formiung a continuation of the Myfyrian Archaiology; ... Llandovery: Published for the Welsh MSS Society. Printed and Published by William Rees, 1848; £75.00

PINKERTON (Allan): Bank-Robbers and The Detectives. New York: G.W. Dillingham, Publisher; London: S. Low, Son & Co., 1887; £32.00

HOOD (Thomas, the Younger) and BRODERIP (Frances Freeling): Excursions into Puzzledom. A Book of Charades, Acrostics, Enigmas, Conundrums, &c. by the late Tom Hood and his sister. With one hundred and eighty illustrations. London: Strahan and Company Limited, 1879; £80.00

[KENDALL (Edward A.)]: Burford Cottage and its Robin Red-Breast. By the Author of Keeper's Travels. London: Printed for Thomas Tegg and Son; Dublin: Tegg, Wise, and Tegg; Glasgow: Griffin and Co.; Sydney: J. and S.A. Tegg, 1835; £70.00

[HOMER, HESIOD, MUSAEUS, JUVENAL] CHAPMAN (George), tr.: Homer's Batrachomyomachia, Hymns and Epigrams. Hesiod's Works and Days. Musaeus' Hero and Leander. Juvenal's Fifth Satire. Translated by George Chapman, with introduction and notes, by the Rev. Richard Hooper. Second Edition [Library of Old Authors]. London: John Russell Smith, 1888; £38.00

HONE (William): Ancient Mysteries Described, especially the English Miracle Plays, founded on Apocryphal New Testament Story, extant among the Unpublished Manuscripts in the British Museum;...With engravings on copper and wood. London: Printed for William Hone, 1823; £28.00

HOBBES (John Oliver), pseud. of CRAIGIE (Pearl Mary-Teresa): The Gods, Some Mortals and Lord Wickenham. London: Henry & Co., 1895; £21.00

HEINE (Heinrich) [and also AESCHYLUS, HORACE and GOETHE]: Songs from Heine and Other Pieces. Translated into English Verse by M.P.W. Boulton. London: Chapman and Hall, Limited, 1880; £20.00

HARTE (Bret): East and West Poems. Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1871; £24.00

HARDY (Thomas): A Changed Man, The Waiting Supper and Other Tales, concluding with The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid. New York and London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1913; £40.00

GOETHE (Johann Wolfgang von) and CARLYLE (Thomas): Correspondence Between Goethe and Carlyle, edited by Charles Eliot Norton. London and New York: Macmillan and Co., 1887; £30.00

GESSNER (Solomon): The Works, translated from the German. With some account of his Life and Writings. In three volumes. Liverpool, printed by J. M'Greery; for T. Cadell, Junr. and W. Davies, Strand, London, 1802; £35.00

FALCONER (William): The Shipwreck: A Poem. With Life by Robert Carruthers. Illustrated by Birket Foster. London, Edinburgh and New York: T. Nelson and Sons, 1868; £20.00

FALCONER (William): The Shipwreck, A Poem, by Wiliam Falconer, A Sailor. With a Life of the Author. Edinburgh: For Alexander Mackay; London: For John Murray, 1807; £36.00

[FOSTER (Mrs. Alexander Frederic)]: Hand-Book of Italian Literature, Historical, Biographical and Critical. London and Edinburgh: W. and R. Chambers, [1853]; £20.00

[FERRIER (Susan)]: The Inheritance. By the Author of "Marriage". Revised by the Author [Bentley's Standard Novels]. London: Richard Bentley; Edinburgh: Bell and Bradfute; Dublin: J. Cumming, 1841; £20.00

STARRETT (Vincent): The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. London: Ivor Nicholson & Watson, Limited, 1934; £24.00

DOBSON (Austin): De Libris Prose & Verse. London: Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1908; £25.00

DASENT (George Webbe): Popular Tales from the Norse. With an Introductory Essay on the Origin and Diffusion of Popular Tales. Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1859; £40.00

DASENT (George Webbe): Jest and Earnest. A Collection of Essays and Reviews. In Two Volumes. London: Chapman and Hall, 1873; £20.00

SPENCER (Herbert): An Autobiography. 2 vols. London: Williams and Norgate, 1904; £28.00

CAMDEN (William): Remains concerning Britain [Library of Old Authors]. London: John Russell Smith, 1870; £25.00

AINSWORTH (William Harrison): The Miser's Daughter. With Illustrations by George Cruikshank. London: George Routledge and Sons, Limited, n.d.; £25.00

AINSWORTH (W. Harrison): Rookwood, A Romance. With Illustrations by George Cruikshank and Sir John Gilbert [with a Memoir of the author by Laman Blanchard]. London: George Routledge and Sons, Limited, n.d.; £35.00

[HARDY (Thomas)] JOHNSON (Lionel): The Art of Thomas Hardy, with a Portrait etched from life by William Strang and a Bibliography by John Lane. London: Elkin Mathews and John Lane; New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1894; £45.00

JOHNS (Rev. C.A.): Botanical Rambles. London: The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1846; £45.00

GOETHE (J.W.): The Auto-Biography of Goethe. Truth and Poetry: From My Own Life. Translated from the German, by John Oxenford. Thirteen Books, with The Concluding Books. Also Letters from Switzerland, and Travels in Italy. Translated by the Rev. A.J.W. Morrison. London: Henry G. Bohn, 1848, 1849, in two volumes [Bohn's Standard Library]; £40.00

DICKENS (Charles): Letters of Charles Dickens to Wilkie Collins 1851-1870. Selected by Miss Georgina Hogarth, edited by Laurence Hutton. London: James R. Osgood, McIlvaine & Co., 1892; £45.00

[VARIOUS]: Johnson Club Papers by Various Hands. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1899; £55.00

[MANNING (Anne)]: The Household of Sir Thos. More, with an Introduction by the Rev. W. H. Hutton, and twenty-five illustrations by John Jellicoe and Herbert Railton. London: John C. Nimmo, 1896; £24.00

[LLOYD'S NATURAL HISTORY] LYDEKKER (Richard): A Hand-Book to the Carnivora. Part I. Cats, Civets, and Mungooses London: Edward Lloyd, Limited, 1896; £48.00

[COLERIDGE (Edith), ed.]: Memoir and Letters of Sara Coleridge. Edited by her Daughter. New York: Harper & Brothers, Publishers, 1874; £55.00

BOWRING (Sir John): The Decimal System in Numbers, Coins and Accounts: especially with reference to the decimalisation of the currency and accountancy of the United Kingdom. Illustrated with One Hundred and Twenty Engravings of Coins, Ancient and Modern. London: Nathaniel Cooke, 1854; £75.00

HINDLEY (Charles): The True History of Tom and Jerry; or, The Day and Night Scenes, of Life in London from the Start to the Finish! With a Key to the Persons and Places, together with a Vocabulary and Glossary of the Flash and Slang Terms, Occuring in the ... Work. London: Charles Hindley, n.d. [probably the 1892 reprint]; £24.00

GRAINGE (William): The Battles and Battle Fields of Yorkshire; from the earliest times to the end of the great Civil War. York: James Hunton; London: A. Hall & Co., 1854; £36.00

BROOKFIELD (Charles and Frances): Mrs. Brookfield and Her Circle. 2 vols. Third Edition. London: Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, Ltd, 1906; £45.00

ANON.: The British Almanac of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, for the Year of our Lord 1883. Bound with Companion to the Almanac; or Year-book of General Information for 1883. London: Charles Knight, [1882]; £40.00

MONTAGUE (Leopold A.D.): A Guide to Roman "First Brass" Coins. Bury St Edmund's: C.H. Nunn, at the office of the "Numismatic Magazine", 1896; £30.00

HUNT (Leigh) and LEE (S. Adams), eds.: The Book of the Sonnet. 2 vols. London: Sampson Low, Son, & Marston, 1867; £54.00

ANON. and MOORE (Francis): The British Almanac of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, for the Year 1853. Bound with The Companion to the Almanac; or Year-book of General Information for 1853; bound with Vox Stellarum: or, A Loyal Almanack for ... 1853. London: Charles Knight, [1852]; £45.00

ANON.: The British Almanac of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, for the Year 1836. Bound with The Companion to the Almanac; or Year-book of General Information for 1836. London: Charles Knight, [1835]; £33.00

[WATTS (G.F.)] WATTS (M.S.): George Frederic Watts: the Annals of an Artist's Life. 3 vols. London: Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1912; £84.00

[JORDAN (Denham)]: In the Green Leaf and the Sere, by A Son of the Marshes, edited by J.A. Owen, with illustrations by G.C. Haité and D.C. Nicholl. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co. Ltd, 1896; £30.00

SYMONDS (John Addington): Renaissance in Italy: The Age of the Despots. London: Smith, Elder, & Co., 1875; £60.00

POE (Edgar Allan): Arthur Gordon Pym, A Romance, Illustrated by A.D. McCormick. London: Downey & Co., 1898; £30.00

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