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Grenfell Anne and Spalding Katie Le Petit Nord: Annals of a Labrador Harbour London: Hodder & Stoughton. £25.00

Melville Herman Moby Dick or the Whale London: Cassell. £120.00

Shakespeare William Shakespeare's Tragedy of Hamlet London: Hodder & Stoughton. £70.00

Arnold Matthew The Scholar Gipsy & Thyrsis London: Philip Lee Warner, 1910. £120.00

Tennyson, Alfred Lord Idylls of the King London: Hodder & Stoughton. £80.00

Cotsell, Michael The Companion to Our Mutual Friend London: Allen & Unwin, 1986. £30.00

Jacobson, Wendy S. The Companion to the Mystery of Edwin Drood London: Allen & Unwin, 1986. £25.00

Sanders, Andrew The Companion to a Tale of Two Cities London: Unwin Hyman, 1988. £25.00

Abrams Lynn The Orphan Country : Children of Scotland's Broken Homes, 1845 to the Present Edinburgh: John Donald Publishers Ltd., 1998. £25.00

Pogany Nandor The Hungarian Fairy Book London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1913. £225.00

Mackenzie Compton Greek Memories London: Cassell, 1932. £300.00

Mackenzie Compton Greek Memories London: Chatto & Windus, 1939. £120.00

"G" (John Gawsworth?) Annotations on Some Minor Writings of "T. E. Lawrence." London: Eric Partridge Ltd. At The Scholartis Press, 1935. £35.00

Bannerman Helen The Story of Little Black Sambo London: Grant Richards, 1901. £150.00

Coybee Eden The Sooty Man London: Grant Richards, 1903. £45.00

Cobb Thomas The Bountiful Lady - or, How Mary Was Changed from a Very Miserable Little Girl to a Very Happy One London: Grant Richards, 1900. £30.00

Mrs. Fenwick The Bad Family; and Other Stories London: Grant Richards, 1900. £20.00

Hepworth Barbara (Introduction By Herbert Read) Barbara Hepworth Carvings and Drawings London: Lund Humphries, 1952. £50.00

Friedman, Terry James Gibbs Yale University Press, 1984. £60.00

Eliot George (Edited By Thomas pinney) Essays of George Eliot London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1963. £34.00

Munnings, Sir Alfred The Autobiography - An Artist's Life; The Second Burst; The Finish London: Museum Press. £60.00

Carey Peter Bliss London: Faber and Faber, 1981. £25.00

Huxley Aldous The Olive Tree and Other Essays London: Chatto & Windus, 1936. £25.00

Hill Draper Mr. Gillray the Caricaturist London: The Phaidon Press, 1965. £20.00

Watry, Maureen The Vale Press Charles Ricketts, A Publisher in Earnest Oak Knoll Press/ The British Library, 2004. £20.00

Milne James Travels in Hope - A Book of Wayfaring Essays London: Hodder & Stoughton. £35.00

Powys John Cowper In Spite of - A Philosophy for Everyman London: Macdonald & Co., 1953. £24.00

Dowson Ernest (Collected and Edited By Desmond Flower and Henry Maas) The Letters of Ernest Dowson Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1967. £25.00

Dowson, Ernest (Edited By Desmond Flower) New Letters from Ernest Dowson Andoversford, Gloucestershire: The Whittington Press, 1984. £45.00

Dowson Ernest Christopher (Edited By Desmond Flower) The Poetical Works of Ernest Christopher Dowson London: Cassell and John Lane, 1934. £35.00

Martin Frederick The Life of John Clare London: Macmillan & Co, 1865. £45.00

Dickens Charles Household Words. A Weekly Journal Conducted By Charles Dickens - 19 Volumes London: Office, 16, Wellington Street, North. £1300.00

Deas James The River Clyde: An Historical Description of the Rise and Progress of the Harbour of Glasgow, and of the Improvement of the River from Glasgow to Port-Glasgow Glasgow: James Maclehose, 1876. £120.00

Webster Robin G. M. (Editor) Stone Cleaning and the Nature, Soiling and Decay Mechanisms of Stone London: Donhead Publishing, 1992. £24.00

Worsdall, Frank The City That Disappeared : Glasgow's Demolished Architecture Glasgow: Molendinar Press, 1981. £25.00

McNaughton Duncan The Clan McNaughton a History Edinburgh: Albyn Press, 1977. £25.00

Partridge Burgo A History of Orgies London: Anthony Blond, 1958. £20.00

Spence Lewis Second Sight Its History and Origins London: Rider & Co., 1951. £20.00

Fermor, Patrick Leigh Between the Woods and the Water : On Foot to Constantinople from the Hook of Holland: The Middle Danube to the Iron Gates London: John Murray, 1986. £225.00

Tolkien J.R.R. Roverandom London: HarperCollins Publishers, 1998. £30.00

Beaton Cecil & Tynan Kenneth Persona Grata London: Wingate, 1953. £28.00

Pullman Philip Puss in Boots: The Adventures of That Most Enterprising Feline London: Doubleday, 2000. £30.00

Morley Sheridan Out in the Midday Sun: The Paintings of Noel Coward Oxford: Phaidon-Christie's Ltd, 1988. £25.00

Murphy John Stewart Canals How They Were Built London: Oxford University Press, 1961. £35.00

Brooke L.Leslie Johnny Crow's Party: Another Picture Book London: Frederick Warne & Co.. £25.00

Barrie J.M. Better Dead London: Swan Sonnenschein Lowrey & Co, 1888. £200.00

Prentice Archibald A Tour in the United States London: Charles Gilpin, 1848. £50.00

Jenkinson Denis (Foreword By Stirling Moss) Jenks A Passion for Motor Sport Croydon: Motor Racing Publications Ltd., 1997. £40.00

Nansen Odd (translator Katherine John) Day After Day London: Putnam & Co. Ltd., 1949. £70.00

Oatts, Lt.-Col. L. B. Proud Heritage the Story of the Highland Light Infantry - Complete in Four Volumes London: Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd. £200.00

Cadell F. C. B. Jack and Tommy Twenty Drawings London: Grant Richards, 1916. £1200.00

Hardy Thomas Tess of the D'Urbervilles: A Pure Woman London: Macmillan & Co, 1926. £2900.00

Ransome Arthur Secret Water London: Jonathan Cape, 1939. £70.00

Ransome Arthur Coot Club London: Jonathan Cape, 1934. £50.00

Ransome Arthur The Picts and The Martyrs: Or Not Welcome at All London: Jonathan Cape, 1944. £25.00

Yeats William Butler (Writing as "Ganconagh") John Sherman and Dhoya London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1891. £1200.00

Pullman Philip His Dark Materials Ted Smart, 2000. £25.00

Scrope William Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing in the Tweed Edinburgh: James Thin, 1975. £25.00

Harris Joseph The Description and Use of the Globes and the Orrery. To Which is Prefix'd , By Way of Introduction, a Brief Account of the Solar System London: John Rivington, 1783. £170.00

Hawker, Lt-Col Peter The Sportsman's Pocket Companion Antony Atha and the Game Conservancy, 1980. £65.00

Lawrie W. H. Scottish Trout Flies: An Analysis and Compendium London: Frederick Muller, 1966. £20.00

Praeger Robert Lloyd Official Guide to County Down and the Mourne Mountains Belfast: M'Caw, Stevenson & Orr, 1900. £50.00

Willock Colin Kenzie the Wild-Goose Man London: Andre Deutsch, 1962. £28.00

Elliott Robert Art and Ireland Dublin: Sealy, Briers & Walker. £28.00

Bickerdyke John The Book of the All-Round Angler. a Comprehensive Treatise on Angling in Both Fresh and Salt Water London: L. Upcott Gill, 1888. £220.00

David Elizabeth A Book of Mediterranean Food London: John Lehmann, 1950. £275.00

Yeats W. B. The Celtic Twilight Dublin: Maunsel & Co, 1905. £60.00

Connolly James Labour in Irish History Dublin: Maunsel & Co, 1910. £90.00

Farrer, Anne Wu Guanzhong : A Twentieth-Century Chinese Painter London: British Museum Press, 1992. £320.00

Johnson Samuel (Edited By Bruce Redford) The Letters of Samuel Johnson - the Hyde Edition Complete in Five Volumes Oxford University Press, 1992. £135.00

Briggs K. M. The Anatomy of Puck an Examination of Fairy Beliefs Among Shakespeare's Contemporaries and Successors London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1959. £50.00

Barnard Alfred The Whisky Distillers of the United Kingdom Edinburgh: Birlinn, 2008. £20.00

Bilodeau Rene and Fraser Anselm Celebrating Thomas Chippendale 250 Years of Influence Alpharetta, Georgia: The Learning Mill Press, 2005. £30.00

Hall, Douglas Haig the Painter Edinburgh: Atelier Books, 2003. £25.00

Hendren Patsy My Book of Cricket and Cricketers London: Athletic Publications, 1927. £20.00

Irvine James W. The Waves are Free Shetland/Norway Links 1940 to 1945 Lerwick: The Shetland Publishing Company, 1988. £40.00

Ford Keith S. Swift and Sure: Eighty Years of No.51 Squadron R.A.F. (York's Own Squadron) Compaid Graphics on Behalf of 51 Squadron Association, 1997. £40.00

Parker R. H. And Yamey B. S. (Editors) Accounting History : Some British Contributions Oxford University Press, 1994. £95.00

Reynolds Sir Joshua (Edited By John Ingamells and John Edgcumbe) The Letters of Sir Joshua Reynolds Yale University Press, 2000. £20.00

Carreira Antonio (Translated and Edited By Christopher Fyfe) The People of the Cape Verde Islands: Exploitation and Emigration London: C. Hurst & Company, 1982. £50.00

O'Dell Andrew C. The Historical Geography of the Shetland Islands Lerwick: T & J Manson, 1939. £35.00

Maxwell William, J.P. The History of Co-operation in Scotland: Its Inception and Its Leaders Glasgow: The Scottish Section of The Co-operative Union, 1910. £50.00

Baird William John Thomson of Duddingston: Pastor and Painter a Memoir with a Critical Review of His Works Edinburgh: Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier, 1907. £30.00

Lyell W.D. In the Eye of the Law: A Tale of Scottish Professional Life Glasgow: William Hodge & Company, 1898. £40.00

Skinner J. Scott The Logie Collection of Original Music for Voice, Violin and Pianoforte Aberdeen: City of Aberdeen Library Services, 1992. £70.00

Thomson, Derick S. (Editor and Translator) Gaelic Poetry in the Eighteenth Century: A Bilingual Anthology Aberdeen: Association for Scottish Literary Studies, 1993. £30.00

Clarke Sommers and Engelbach R. Ancient Egyptian Masonry: The Building Craft London: Oxford University Press/ Humphrey Milford, 1930. £145.00

Gordon, Anne Candie for the Foundling The Pentland Press, 1992. £25.00

Henderson Edward The History of Lochoreshire from the Earliest of Times to the First Quarter of the Present Century Privately Published, 1988. £30.00

Maitland, P.S., Boon, P.J. and McLusky, D.S. (Editors) The Fresh Waters of Scotland : A National Resource of International Significance Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 1994. £50.00

Pennant, Thomas A Tour of Scotland in 1769 Perth: Melven Press, 1979. £35.00

Oliver, Cordelia Joan Eardley, RSA Edinburgh: Mainstream Publishing, 1988. £35.00

Blackwood John London's Immortals: The Complete Outdoor Commemorative Statues London: Savoy Press, 1989. £25.00

Pearce Philippa Mrs. Cockle's Cat London: Constable & Co., 1961. £40.00

Latham Charles In English Homes: The Internal Character, Furniture and Adornments of So0me of the Most Notable Houses of England Historically Depicted from Photographs London: Country Life, 1904. £30.00

Brown George Mackay The Two Fiddlers: Tales from Orkney London: Chatto & Windus, 1974. £20.00

Haynes Dorothy K. Haste Ye Back London: Jarrolds, 1973. £35.00

Shaw Jane Fourpenny Fair London: Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd., 1956. £50.00

Barker George Essays London: Macgibbon & Kee, 1970. £30.00

Raine Kathleen The Inner Journey of the Poet Ipswich: Golgonooza Press, 1976. £35.00

Henderson Hamish The Obscure Voice: Translations from Italian Poetry Edinburgh: Morning Star Publications, 1994. £45.00

Barker George At Thurgarton Church A Poem with Drawings London: Trigram Press, 1969. £25.00

Corke Hilary The Early Drowned and Other Poems London: Secker & Warburg, 1961. £35.00

Murzban M. M. The Parsis in India - Being an Enlarged and Copiously Annotated Up to Date English Edition of Mlle Delphine Menant's "Les Parsis". Two Volume Set Bombay: Published By the Editor, M. M. Murzban, 1917. £60.00

Jackson T. G. Dalmatia the Quarnero and Istria with Cettigne in Montenegro and the Island of Grado Volume II Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1887. £30.00

Branson, Major L. H. A Lifetime of Deception - Reminiscences of a Magician London: Robert Hale, 1953. £40.00

Munro, R. W. Scottish Lighthouses Stornoway: The Thule Press, 1979. £40.00

Tulloch Peter A. A Window on North Ronaldsay Kirkwall: The Kirkwall Press, 1974. £25.00

Harrison E. P. Scottish Estate Tweeds Elgin: Johnstons of Elgin, 1995. £28.00

Nau Claude (Edited By the Rev. Joseph Stevenson) The History of Mary Stewart from the Murder of Riccio Until Her Flight Into England. Now First Printed from the Original Manuscripts with Illustrative Papers from the Secret Archives of the Vatican and Other Collections in Rome Edinburgh: William Paterson, 1883. £44.00

Gray Alasdair A Life in Pictures Edinburgh: Canongate, 2010. £50.00

Leslie, Jean and Paxton Roland Bright Lights: The Stevenson Engineers 1752-1971 Edinburgh: Published By the Authors, 1999. £28.00

Rosner, Lisa Medical Education in the Age of Improvement: Edinburgh Students and Apprentices 1760-1826 Edinburgh University Press, 1991. £24.00

Beard James & Watt Alexander Paris Cuisine London: Macgibbon & Kee, 1953. £25.00

Behn Harry Omen of the Birds London: Victor Gollancz, 1965. £20.00

Forester C.S. Brown on Resolution London: John Lane the Bodley Head, 1929. £70.00

Geddie John The Home Country of R. L. Stevenson - Being the Valley of the Water of Leith from Source to Sea Edinburgh: W. H. White & Co, 1898. £30.00

Geddie John The Water of Leith from Source to Sea Edinburgh: W. H. White & Co, 1896. £30.00

Paton, Rev. Henry (Editor) The Clan Campbell: Abstracts of Entries Relating to Campbells in the Books of Council and Session, Register of Deeds, 1554-1660. From the Campbell Collections Formed By Major Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine and Glenure -- Vol. VI Edinburgh: Macniven & Wallace, 1918. £60.00

The Clan Campbell: Abstracts of Entries Relating to Campbells from Various Sources. Second Series. From the Campbell Collections Formed By Major Sir Duncan Campbell of Barcaldine and Glenure -- Vol. IV Edinburgh: Macniven & Wallace, 1916. £70.00

Shankie David The Parish of Colinton from an Early Period to the Present Day Edinburgh: John Wilson, 1902. £25.00

Hill Cumberland Reminiscences of Stockbridge and Neighbourhood Edinburgh: Robert Somerville, 1874. £40.00

Baird William Annals of Duddingston and Portobello Edinburgh: Andrew Elliot, 1898. £44.00

Grant James Memorials of the Castle of Edinburgh Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1850. £45.00

Old Edinburgh Beaux and Belles with Old Edinburgh Pedlars, Beggars and Criminals with Some Other Odd Characters Edinburgh: William Paterson, 1886. £28.00

Lees-Milne, James Prophesying Peace London: Chatto & Windus, 1977. £30.00

Lees-Milne, James Caves of Ice London: Chatto & Windus / The Hogarth Press, 1983. £60.00

Mackay John History of the Barony of Broughton (Now the New Town of Edinburgh , Etc.) Edinburgh: John Menzies & Co, 1869. £28.00

Murray Thomas Biographical Annals of the Parish of Colinton Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1863. £60.00

Colston James The Town and Port of Leith Its Historical Connection with the City of Edinburgh Edinburgh: Printed for the Magistrates and Town Council, 1892. £40.00

Hill Cumberland Historic Memorials and Reminiscences of Stockbridge the Dean, and Water of Leith with Notices Anecdotal, Descriptive and Biographical Edinburgh: Robert Somerville, 1887. £25.00

Reid John New Lights on Old Edinburgh Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1894. £25.00

Ford Helen (Editor) Assemble and Leap - In Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the S.O.B.H.D. Edinburgh: The Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing, 2010. £25.00

MacCabe J.O. (Foreword) The First Eighty Years: Douglas Park Golf Club Douglas Park Golf Club, 1982. £20.00

Borthwick Shearer The Chronicle of the Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh 1936-1985 Volume II Broxburn: Alna Press Ltd., 1987. £25.00

"A Lady" (Mrs. Maria Eliza Rundell) A New System of Domestic Cookery; Formed Upon Principles of Economy, and Adapted to the Use of Private Families London: John Murray, 1807. £200.00

Reminiscences of Levi Coffin The Reputed President of the Underground Railroad London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1876. £150.00

An Introduction to Vegetable Physiology with References to the Works of De Candolle Lindley Etc. London: William Pickering, 1845. £35.00

Markham C. R. Examination of the Southern Half of Lake Tanganyika By Lieut. V. L. Cameron R. N. Compiled Chiefly from Lieut. Cameron's Diary (Extract from the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society) . £30.00

Burton Richard F. On Lake Tanganyika, Ptolemy's Western Lake -Reservoir of the Nile (Extract from Vol. XXXV of the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society) . £30.00

Burton R. F. And Speke J. H. A Coasting Voyage from Mombasa to the Pangani River; Visit to Sultan Kimwere; and Progress of the Expedition Into the Interior (Extract from Journal of the Royal Geographical Society Volume 28) . £50.00

Jowett F. M. The Irish Terrier Manchester: "Our Dogs" Publishing Company. £50.00

Rolt L.T.C. The Landscape Trilogy: The Autobiography of L.T.C. Rolt Stroud: Sutton Publishing, 2001. £20.00

Haslem John The Old Derby China Factory: The Workmen and Their Productions. London: George Bell & Sons, 1876. £35.00

Duponchel A. Le Chemin De Fer Trans-Saharien Jonction Coloniale Entre L'Algerie et Le Soudan. Etudes Preliminaires Du Projet et Rapport De Mission Montpellier: Boehm & Fils, 1878. £60.00

Gamble William (Editor) Penrose's Pictorial Annual 1902-3. An Illustrated Review of the Graphic Arts London: Penrose, 1902. £40.00

Joan Natalie Ameliaranne in Town London: George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., 1930. £22.00

Various Authors The Ruby Fairy Book London: Hutchinson. £40.00

Garrick John A Book of Pollyglops London: Chantry Publications Ltd,., 1960. £22.00

Ainsworth Ruth RuftyTufty The Golliwog London: William Heinemann, 1952. £25.00

Wright T. Some Account of the Life of Richard Wilson, Esq. R.A. With Testimonies to His Genius and Memory, and Remarks on His Landscapes London: Longman Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, 1824. £120.00

Chinese and Japanese Ceramics from the Collection of Sir Harry and Lady Garner London: Bluett & Sons Ltd., 1973. £20.00

Pietri, Le Capitaine Les Francais Au Niger Voyages et Combats Paris: Librairie Hachette, 1885. £40.00

Williams Iolo A. Early English Watercolours and Some Cognate Drawings By Artists Born Not Later Than 1785 London: The Connoisseur, 1952. £30.00

Merrick Rice A Book of Glamorganshire's Antiquities Sir T. Phillipps, 1825. £220.00

Blunt Anthony The Paintings of Nicolas Poussin - Text, Plates and Critical Catalogue (Three Volumes) London: Phaidon, 1966. £170.00

Walpole Horace (Edited By W.S. Lewis and John Riely) Horace Walpole's Miscellaneous Correspondence - 3 Volumes Oxford University Press, 1980. £70.00

Walpole Horace (Edited By W.S. Lewis and A. Dayle Wallace) Horace Walpole's Correspondence with the Countess of Upper Ossory - 3 Volumes Oxford University Press, 1965. £80.00

Cook Eliza Melaia and Other Poems London: R.J. Wood, 1838. £60.00

Blyton Enid The Ship of Adventure London: Macmillan & Co, 1950. £20.00

Crayon Geoffrey [Washington Irving] The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. Paris: A. and W. Galignani, 1824. £40.00

Ball James Moores The Sack - 'em - Up Men: An Account of the Rise and Fall of the Modern Resurrectionists Edinburgh: Oliver & Boyd, 1928. £30.00

Campbell John L. and Hall Trevor H Strange Things: The Story of Fr Allan McDonald, Ada Goodrich Freer, and The Society for Psychical Research's Enquiry Into Highland Second Sight London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1968. £40.00

Hazen Allen T. A Catalogue of Horace Walpole's Library (with "Horace Walpole's Library" By Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis) Complete in Three Volumes London: Oxford University Press, 1969. £50.00

Carnegie V.M. A Kenyan Farm Diary Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood & Sons, 1931. £24.00

Rodger, Richard The Transformation of Edinburgh : Land, Property and Trust in the Nineteenth Century Cambridge University Press, 2001. £25.00

Anderson, John MacKenzie West Highland Cattle: The Grand Olde Breed Parsons, West Virginia: McClain Printing Company, 1986. £40.00

Rogerson Sidney Both Sides of the Road: A Book About Farming London: Collins, 1949. £20.00

Tunnicliffe C.F. Mereside Chronicle with a short Interlude of Lochs and Lochans London: Country Life Ltd., 1948. £20.00

Ross, George MacDonald & McWalter Tony (Editors) Kant and His Influence Bristol: Thoemmes Antiquarian Books, 1991. £20.00

Remnant G. L. A Catalogue of Misericords in Great Britain Oxford University Press, 1969. £60.00

Jones Stinton Russia in Revolution Being the Experiences of an Englishman in Petrograd During the Upheaval London: Herbert Jenkins, 1917. £20.00

Yonge Charlotte M The History of Sir Thomas Thumb Edinburgh: Thomas Constable & Co, 1855. £40.00

Burnand Sir Francis The Fox's Frolic or A Day with the Topsy Turvy Hunt London: Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.. £85.00

Norman E.R. The Catholic Church and Ireland in the Age of Rebellion 1859-1873 London: Longmans, 1965. £20.00

Miscellanea of the Rymour Club Edinburgh Volumes I and II and Transactions (Formerly Miscellanea) of the Rymour Club Edinburgh Volume III Edinburgh: Privately Printed. £200.00

Wilson Sir Daniel Memorials of Edinburgh in the Olden Time: Two Volume Set Edinburgh and London: Adam & Charles Black, 1891. £145.00

The Civil Engineer in War: A Symposium of Papers on War-Time Engineering Problems Volume 1 Airfields, Roads, Railways and Bridges London: The Institution of Civil Engineers, 1948. £35.00

The Civil Engineer in War: A Symposium of Papers on War-Time Engineering Problems Volume 2 Docks and Harbours London: The Institution of Civil Engineers, 1948. £35.00

Greene Barbara Land Benighted London: Geoffrey Bles, 1928. £140.00

Rountree F. R. G. Birds of Sark As at 31 December 1972 Sark Ornithological Committee, 1974. £20.00

Foreman Michael War and Peas London: Hamish Hamilton, 1974. £28.00

Sassoon David & Stemp Sinty The Glamour of Bellville Sassoon Woodbridge, Suffol;k: ACC Editions, 2009. £45.00

Gard Joyce Smudge of the Fells London: Victor Gollancz, 1965. £20.00

Ranson, Ron Edward Seago Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1987. £55.00

Emett Engines, Aunties and Others: A Book of Curious Happenings London: Faber & Faber, 1943. £25.00

Sindbad the Sailor and Other Stories from the Arabian Nights London: Hodder & Stoughton. £250.00

Paton James (Editor) Scottish National Memorials; A Record of the Historical and Archaeological Collection in the Bishop's Castle, Glasgow 1888 Glasgow: James Maclehose & Sons, 1890. £45.00

Pringle W. J. Melrose Abbey in Twelve Photographic Views London: Marion & Co, 1870. £180.00

Turner Samuel Siberia a Record of Travel, Climbing and Exploration London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1905. £130.00

Helme Elizabeth St. Clair of the Isles: Or, the Outlaws of Barra. A Scottish Tradition London: G. Virtue, 1825. £30.00

Close Charles Louis Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart, (Count of Albany), Commonly Called The Young Pretender; With Notices of The Rebellion in 1745 in Two Volumes London: Henry Colburn, 1845. £45.00

Papp, Jozsef;Rethy, Zsigmond Magyar Madartani Bibliografia: Bibliographia Ornithologica Hungarica Bekes megyei Tanacs VB Kornyezet- es Termeszetvedelmi Bizottsaga, 1980. £25.00

Zimmer John Todd Catalogue of the Edward E. Ayer Ornithological Library Parts I and II Chicago: Field Museum of Natural History, 1926. £50.00

Tunnicliffe C.F. Mereside Chronicle: With a Short Interlude of Lochs and Lochans London: Country Life, 1948. £32.00

Morgan, Gerald A Welsh House and Its Family : The Vaughans of Trawsgoed Ceredigion, Wales: Gomer Press, 1997. £25.00

Mullens W. H; Swan H. Kirke; and Jourdain Rev. F. C. R. A Geographical Bibliography of British Ornithology from the Earliest Times to the End of 1918 Arranged Under Counties London: Witherby & Co, 1920. £45.00

Court Ian Birds of Conservation Concern in the Yorkshire Dales National Park Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, 2000. £20.00

Low G. Carmichael The Literature of the Charadriiformes from 1894-1928 with a Classification of the Order and Lists of the Genera, Species and Subspecies London: H.F.& G.Witherby, 1931. £20.00

Katrak, Sohrab K. H. Who are the Parsees? Karachi: Pakistan Herald Press, 1965. £45.00

Lamb Alastair Britain and Chinese Central Asia: The Road to Lhasa 1767 to 1905 London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1960. £24.00

MacDonald Keith Norman In Defence of Ossian. Being a Summary of the Evidence in Favour of the Authenticity of the Poems Reprinted from the Oban Times, 1906. £30.00

O Cathasaigh P. (Sean O'Casey) The Story of the Irish Citizen Army Dublin: The Talbot Press, 1971. £28.00

Von Scherff, Major W. The New Tactics of Infantry (Studies In) London: Henry S. King & Co, 1873. £40.00

"Morar" Three Clanranalds: Highland Tales of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1900. £20.00

Wacha D. E. Premchund Roychund His Early Life and Career Bombay: The Times Press, 1913. £25.00

Magor, R. B. African General Service Medals London: Published for the Author By the Naval And Military Press, 1993. £30.00

Bannatyne, Lieut.-Colonel Neil History of the Thirtieth Regiment Now the First Battalion East Lancashire Regiment 1689-1881 Liverpool: Littlebury Bros., 1923. £120.00

MacFetridge C. H. T. and Warren J. P. (Editors) Tales of the Mountain Gunners : An Anthology Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1973. £22.00

Churchill , Winston S. The River War an Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1949. £50.00

Paget, Gen. Lord George The Light Cavalry Brigade in the Crimea. Extracts from the Letters and Journal of the Late Gen. Lord George Paget, K.C.B. During the Crimean War EP Publishing Ltd., 1975. £25.00

Churchill , Winston S. The World Crisis - Five Volume Set London: The Folio Society, 2007. £100.00

Willis N. P. American Scenery; or, Land, Lake and River Illustrations of Transatlantic Nature New York: Virtue and Yorston. £280.00

Bryce William Moir The Scottish Grey Friars Vol.I History and Vol.II Documents Edinburgh and London: William Green & Sons, 1909. £100.00

Taylor Maurice The Scots College in Spain . £40.00

A Dictionary of Painters, Sculptors, Architects and Engravers, Containing Biographical Sketches of the Most Celebrated Artists, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time; to Which is Added an Appendix ---- London: Gale and Curtis, 1810. £40.00

Solano, E. John (Editor) Field Entrenchments. Spadework for Riflemen. Hasty Fire-Cover, Fire-Trenches, Communications, Concealment, Obstruction, Shelters London: John Murray, 1914. £30.00

Solano, E. John (Editor) Drill and Field Training - Attack, Defence Outposts, Scouting, Bayonet Fighting, Field Sketching, Night Operations London: John Murray, 1914. £25.00

Cartes Postales. France. Including St. Jean De Luz, Langeais, Cambo, Azay-le-Rideau, Chinon, San Sebastien, Chateu De Blois, Fontarabie, Amboise, Biarritz, Blois, Chenonceaux, Loches, Bull-Fighting, French Kings and Queens . £250.00

Japanese Landscape Gardens Tokyo: Japanese Government Railways, 1926. £28.00

Sime John (Editor) James, First Marquess of Montrose 1612-1650 London: F. E. Robinson & Co, 1903. £45.00

Smiles Samuel Lives of the Engineers. The Locomotive. George and Robert Stephenson London: John Murray, 1877. £20.00

Cumming C. F. Gordon In the Hebrides London: Chatto & Windus, 1883. £50.00

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