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John Taylor Books PBFA

PEDRICK, Gale Monastic Seals of the XIIIth Century, A Series of Examples, Illustrating the Nature of Their Design and Artistic Value London: The De la More Press, 1902. £75.00

Dalby, Richard The Golden Age of Children's Book Illustration London: Michael O'Mara Books, 1991. £22.00

BB. Denys Watkins-Pitchford Down The Bright Stream London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, No date (1948). £50.00

BB. Denys Watkins-Pitchford The Forest of Boland Light Railway London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1955. £140.00

Churchill, Robert. Revised by Macdonald Hastings Game Shooting London: Michael Joseph, 1975. £40.00

Gray, Thomas. Illustrated by Clarke Hutton Elegy Written In a Country Churchyard and Other Poems. Helicon Series XII London: John Lane The Bodley Head, 1928. £20.00

Forster, E. M. Howards End London: Edward Arnold, 1910. £220.00

Bell, Quentin Virginia Woolf. A Biography. 2 Volumes London: The Hogarth Press, 1973. £20.00

Freud, Sigmund. Translated by Alix Strachey. Edited by Ernest Jones Inhibitions, Symptoms, and Anxiety London: The Hogarth Press, 1936. £20.00

ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER The Memorial. Portrait of a Family London: The Hogarth Press, 1932. £100.00

CALDERON, V. G. The Lottery Ticket done into English by Richard Phibbs with engravings by Dorothea Braby London: Golden Cockerel Press, No date (1945). £50.00

McCrae, Lieut.-Col. John In Flanders Fields and Other Poems Toronto: William Briggs, 1919. £30.00

PLOMER, William Turbott Wolfe London: The Hogarth Press, 1925. £330.00

Green, Henry Back London: The Hogarth Press, 1946. £50.00

TREVELYAN, R. C. Aftermath London: The Hogarth Press, 1941. £30.00

Sackville-West, Vita The Garden London: Michael Joseph, 1946. £30.00

Lawrence, D. H. Pornography and Obscenity. Criterion Miscellany No.5 London: Faber and Faber, 1930. £30.00

Woolf, Virginia Walter Sickert. A Conversation London: The Hogarth Press, 1934. £45.00

WOOLF, Virginia Flush - A Biography London: The Hogarth Press, 1933. £190.00

Gillon, Werner Collecting African Art London: Studio Vista / Christie's, 1979. £30.00

BEETON, (I), Mrs Mrs. Beeton's Every-Day Cookery. New Edition. With Coloured Plates and other Illustrations London: Ward, Lock, 1912. £80.00

RICHARDSON, RAY. Mary Rose Beaumont Ray Richardson Bath: Beaux Arts, 1991. £20.00

Hitchens, Ivon. Caroline Collier, Alister Warman (Foreword). Ivon Hitchens Forty-Five Paintings London: Serpentine Gallery, 1990. £20.00

Waite, Arthur Edward A New Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry (Ars Magna Latomorum ) and of Cognate Instituted Mysteries: Their Rites, Literature and History. Two Volumes London: Rider, 1921. £80.00

WAITE, Arthur Edward The Holy Grail its Legends and Symbolism. An explanatory survey of their embodiment in romance literature and a critical study of the interpretations placed thereon London: Rider, 1933. £110.00

WAITE, ARTHUR EDWARD The Quest of the Golden Stairs: A Mystery of Kinghood in Faerie London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1927. £80.00

Waite, Arthur Edward Secret Doctrine In Israel. A Study of the Zohar and Its Connections New York: Occult Research Press, No date. £35.00

GILBERT, R. A. A. E. Waite. Magician of Many Parts Wellingborough, Northamptonshire: Crucible/ Thorsons, 1987. £40.00

Waite, Arthur Edward The Book of Black Magic, And of Pacts. Including the Rites and Mysteries of Goetic Theurgy, Sorcery and Infernal Necromancy Chicago: De Laurence, 1940. £80.00

Waite, Arthur Edward The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal Des Plaines, Illinois: Yogi Publication Society, No date (1975). £40.00

Levi, Eliphas. Translated, Annotated and Introduced by Arthur Edward Waite The History of Magic, Including a Clear and Precise Exposition of Its Procedure, Its Rites and Its Mysteries London: William Rider, No date. £30.00

Waite, Arthur Edward The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross: Being Records of the House of the Holy Spirit in its Inward and Outward History. With sixteen full-page plates London: William Rider, 1924. £75.00

Levi, Eliphas. Translated, Annotated and Introduced by Arthur Edward Waite Trancendental Magic Its Doctrine and Ritual London: William Rider, 1923. £175.00

Waite, Arthur Edward The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal: Its Legends and Symbolism Considered in Their Affinity with Certain Mysteries of Initiation and other Traces of a Secret Tradition in Christian Times London: Rebman, 1909. £180.00

Waite, Arthur Edward The Works Of Thomas Vaughan: Eugenius Philalethes London: Theosophical Publishing House, 1919. £80.00

Waite, Arthur Edward Emblematic Freemasonry and the Evolution of Its Deeper Issues London: William Rider, 1925. £50.00

Levi, Eliphas (Alphonse Louis Constant). Arthur Edward Waite (translator, preface and notes) The History of Magic. Including a Clear and Precise Exposition of its Procedure, its Rites and its Mysteries London: William Rider, 1922. £200.00

Waite, A. E. (Arthur Edward) The Way of Divine Union, Being a Doctrine of Experience in the Life of Sanctity, Considered on the Faith of Its Testimonies and Interpreted After a New Manner London: William Rider, 1915. £60.00

WAITE, A. E. (Arthur Edward) The Holy Kabbalah. A Study of the Secret Tradition in Israel as Unfolded by Sons of Doctrine for the Benefit and Consolation of the Elect Dispersed Through the Lands and Ages of the Greater Exile London: Williams and Norgate, 1929. £100.00

BUNYAN, John. With a Memoir of the Author by George CHEEBER, and Engravings on Wood by G. E. and J. DALZIEL, From Designs by William HARVEY The Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which is to Come, Delivered Under the Similitude of a Dream London: David Bogue, 1851. £70.00

Burnaby, Fred A Ride to Khiva: Travels and Adventures in Central Asia London: Cassell Petter & Galpin, 1876. £100.00

GRAHAM, STEPHEN The Gentle Art of Tramping London: Robert Holden, 1927. £40.00

Christiansen, Fr Festliches Spanien Leipzig: Bibliographisches Insitut AG, 1935. £20.00

Fluhmann Schone Bucher Schone Bucher Livres Rares Fine books. Katalog 21 Zurich: Fluhmann Schone Bucher, No date. £22.00

BRIDGES, Robert (editor). Charles Williams The Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1930. £35.00

RICKWORD, Edgell Rimbaud: The Boy and the Poet London: Heinemann, 1924. £20.00

Harper, George Mills The Neoplatonism of William Blake Chapel Hill / Oxford: North Carolina U. P. / Oxford U. P., 1961. £35.00

Rhys, Jean Good Morning, Midnight London: Andre Deutsch, 1967. £22.00

Rhys, Jean Voyage in the Dark London: Andre Deutsch, 1967. £22.00

Gemin, Massimo. Translated by Gregory Dowling and Holly Snapp Giambattista Tiepolo. Paintings and Frescoes Venice: Arsenale Editrice, 1995. £25.00

Morrison, Venetia The Art of George Stubbs London: Headline, 1989. £20.00

Meiss, Millard The Great Age of Fresco: Discoveries, Recoveries, and Survivals London: Phaidon, 1970. £25.00

STEARN, William & Frederick A. Roach Hooker's Finest Fruits a Selection of Paintings of Fruits by William Hooker (1779-1832) [with loosely inserted] Hooker's Fruits. The Collector's Portfolio London: The Herbert Press, 1997. £25.00

Mandracci, Vera Comoli & Rosanna Roccia (editors) Torino citta`di loisir. Viali, parchi e giardini tra Otto e Novecento Torino: Archivio Storico, 1996. £40.00

Rudloff-Hille, Gertrud. Kenneth Martin Leake (translator) Dresden Gemaldegalerie London: Oldbourne Press, 1961. £20.00

LINKS, J. G. Canaletto Oxford: Phaidon, 1982. £25.00

Beurdeley, Michel & Cecile. Katherine Watson (translator) Chinese Ceramics London: Thames and Hudson, 1974. £35.00

Cooper, Douglas Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec New York: Harry N. Abrams, No date. £25.00

Glimcher, Arnold & Marc (editors) Je Suis le Cahier: The Sketchbooks of Picasso London: Thames and Hudson, 1986. £30.00

Clark, Kenneth (Introduction). David Finn (Photographs). George Robinson (Commentaries) The Florence Baptistery Doors London: Thames and Hudson, 1980. £25.00

Maas, Jeremy Victorian Painters London: Barrie & Jenkins, 1988. £25.00

Kanter, Laurence B,, Barbara Drake Boehm & Carl Brandon Strehlke Painting and Illumination In Early Renaissance Florence 1300 - 1450 New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Abrams, 2004. £60.00

Tinterow, Gary and Michael Pantazzi, Vincent Pomarede Corot New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Abrams, 1996. £60.00

KETTERER, Roman Norbert (Editor) Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Drawings and Pastels London: Alpine Fine Arts Collection, 1995. £20.00

Hobart, Henry. Great Britain. Court of King's Bench. The reports of that reverend and learned judge, the Right Honourable Sr Henry Hobart knight and baronet, lord chiefe justice of His Majesties Court of Common Pleas : and chancellour to both their Highnesses, Henry and Charls, princes of Wales / Enlarged with the addition of some cases never printed before, and purged from the numberlesse and incurable errors of the former impression London: Printed by James Flesher, for William Lee and Daniel Pakeman, and are to be sold at their shops in Fleet-street, 1650. £240.00

Craig, W. M. and Richard Phillips Description of the plates, representing the itinerant traders of London in their ordinary costume : with notices of the remarkable places given in the background [bound with part of] Modern London being the history and present state of the British Metropolis London: Richard Phillips, no date (1804 and 1805). £440.00

Findlay, John Galloway The Unbroken Melody of Life London: Rider, 1935. £20.00

Appleyard, W. With a Foreword Rev. Frank Ballard Au Revoir, NOT Good-Bye. Remarkable experiences of a City Magistrate and ex-Lord Mayor London: Hutchinson, No date (1925). £25.00

Grohmann, Will Paul Klee London: Lund Humphries, 1965. £50.00

Miller, Margaret (editor); Alfred H. Barr; Julia and Lyonel Feininger; James Johnson Sweeney PAUL KLEE New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1945. £20.00

NALL, John Greaves Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, a handbook for visitors and residents; with chapters on the archaeology, natural history, &c., of the district; a history, with statistics, of the East Coast herring fishery, and an etymological and comparative glossary of the dialect of East Anglia London: Longman, Green, Reader, & Dyers, 1866. £180.00

RICHARDSON, Charles James Observations on the Architecture of England During the Reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James I London: John Weale, Architectural Library, 1837. £175.00

Wilkinson, Wynard R. T. Indian Colonial Silver. European Silversmiths in India (1790-1860) and Their Marks London: Argent Press, 1973. £190.00

Brown, Theodore Stereoscopic Phenomena of Light & Sight: A Guide to the Practice of Stereoscopic Photography and Its Relation to Binocular Vision London: Gutenberg Press, 1903. £190.00

Humphreys, Henry Noel The Coinage of the British Empire. An Outline of the Progress of the Coinage in Great Britain and her Dependencies, from the earliest Period to the Present Time London: David Bogue, 1855. £300.00

Causey, Andrew. Naum Gabo Peter Lanyon His Painting Henley-on-Thames: Aidan Ellis Publishing Limited, 1971. £140.00

Stephens, Chris Peter Lanyon London: Tate Publishing, 2010. £80.00

JERROME, Peter (Introduction and Annotation) So Sweet as the Phlox Is: The Diary of Florence Rapley, 1909-1912 Petworth: The Window Press, 1993. £25.00

Bennett, Arnold; H. V. Lanchester and Amor Fenn The Art of E. A. Rickards: Comprising a Collection of His Architectural Drawings, Paintings and Sketches London: Technical Journals, 1920. £25.00

Pushkin Bakchesarian Fountain 1949. £30.00

Fox & Sons Illustrated Particulars, Plans and Conditions of Sale of the well-known Residential, Agricultural and Sporting Domain known as the Frampton Court Estate comrprising the Imposing and Historic Mansion Frampton Court ... and 16 mixed farms... The whole extending to an area of just over 6,695 acres... Bournemouth: Fox & Sons, 1931. £30.00

Hale, Kathleen Orlando : A Trip Abroad London: Frederick Warne, 1998. £22.00

Campbell, John M. Gas Conditioning and Processing Norman, Okl: Campbell Petroleum Series, 1974. £25.00

Slim, Field Marshal Sir William Defeat Into Victory London: Cassell, 1956. £22.00

Craft, B. C. & M. F. Hawkins Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, No date. £60.00

Brown, Harrison The Challenge of Man's Future. An Inquiry Concerning the Condition of Man During the Years that Lie Ahead New York: Viking, 1954. £20.00

BERNERS, Dame Juliana. With an Introduction by William Blades THE BOKE OF SAINT ALBANS by Dame Juliana Berners, containing Treatises on Hawking, Hunting, and Cote Armour: Printed at Saint Albans by the Schoolmaster-Printer in 1486. Reproduced in Facsimile London: Elliot Stock, 1901. £60.00

Carter, Mrs Elizabeth; Miss Catherine Talbot; Rev. Montagu Pennington A Series of Letters Between Mrs. Elizabeth Carter and Miss Catherine Talbot, from the Year 1741 to 1770. To Which are Added, Letters from Mrs. Elizabeth Carter to Mrs. Vesey, Between the Years 1763 and 1787; Published from the Original Manuscripts in the Possession of the Rev. Montagu Pennington, M. A. Vicar of Northbourn, in Kent, her Nephew and Executor. Volumes II, III, IV. Three volumes of four only. London: F. C. And J. Rivington, 1809. £90.00

HEMINGWAY, Ernest THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA London: Jonathan Cape, 1952. £90.00

Archer, Stuart and Bill Clark John Thompson. Do you like 'em then? Manchester: Clark Art Ltd, 2006. £30.00

Various The Raven. Downside School Magazine. (With) Downside And The War. (With) St Gregory's Society Downside Roll of Members, Rules and Report Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Somerset: Downside School, 1940, 1941, 1942 (1940). £30.00

An Der Somme. Erinnerungen der 12. Infanterie-Division an die Stellungskaempfe und Schlacht an der Somme. Oktober 1915 bis November 1916. Berlin: Ferd. DŞmmlers, 1918. £100.00

Barringer, Leslie SHY LEOPARDESS London: Methuen, 1948. £100.00

Greene, Graham; Dorothy Craigie (illustrator) The Little Horse Bus London: Max Parrish, 1952. £20.00

Robins, Denise More Than Love London: Hutchinson, No date. £50.00

Wade, Rosalind Present Ending London: Cassell, 1948. £20.00

Various The Raven. Downside School Magazine Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Somerset: Downside School, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943 (1939). £45.00

FRANCIS-JONES, Captain R. C. (Editor) Downside & the War 1939-1945, Containing Memoirs of Old Gregorians who lost their lives during the Second World War Frome / London: Butler and Tanner, 2000. £25.00

Belloc, Hilaire Cautionary Tales for Children, designed for the admonition of children between the ages of eight and fourteen years London: Eveleigh Nash, No date (1907). £40.00

Voltaire, Sarah Bernhardt et al. H. R. Millar (illustrator) The Silver Fairy Book. Comprising Stories By Voltaire, Sarah Bernhardt, E. P. Larken, Louis De Gramont, Xavier Marmier, Wilhelm Hauf et al London: Hutchinson, No date. £25.00

Lodge, Sir Oliver Talks About Wireless. With Some Pioneering History and Some Hints on Calculations for Wireless Amateurs London: Cassell, 1925. £20.00

Wordsworth, William The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth. Complete in One Volume Paris: A. & W. Galignani, 1828. £80.00

Nairn, Ian Counter-Attack Against Subtopia London: Architectural Press, 1957. £60.00

Jones, Barri and David Mattingly An Atlas of Roman Britain Oxford: Blackwell, 1990. £30.00

Hutchison, Charles S. Laboratory Handbook of Petrographic Techniques New York: John Wiley & Sons Inc, 1974. £30.00

Christies The Evelyn Library. Part 1: A-C London: Christies, 1977. £20.00

Jones, David L. Cycads of the World: Ancient Plants in Today's Landscapes Chatswood, NSW: Reed, William Heinemann Australia, 1993. £20.00

Metcalf, D. M. Thrymsas and Sceattas in The Ashmolean Museum Oxford. Volume 2. (Royal Numismatic Society Special Publications, No. 27b) London / Oxford: Royal Numismatic Society / Ashmolean Museum, 1993. £100.00

Salmon, Charles Edgar Flora of Surrey: Being an Account of the Flowering Plants, Ferns and Characeae with Notes on the Topography, Climate and Geology and a History of the Botanical Investigation of the County London: Bell, 1931. £25.00

Wienerberger brick '10: Brick Award 2010 Munich: Callwey, 2010. £30.00

Tessimond, A.S.J. & Hubert Nicholson (editor) The Collected Poems of A. S. J. Tessimond Reading: The Whiteknights Press, 1993. £20.00

GILL, ANDRE La Collection Complete de la Parodie, Issues 1-21 bound in one volume (all published) Paris, 1869-70 (1869). £1500.00

DART, JOHN The History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury London: J. Cole, 1726. £400.00

BURNET, JOHN A Practical Treatise on Painting. In Three Parts. Consisting of Hints on Composition Chiaroscuro and Colouring. The Whole Illustrated by Examples from the Italian Venetian Flemish and Dutch Schools London: James Carpenter and Son, 1827, 1826, 1827. £180.00

GRANT, JOHN and WILLIAM LESLIE A Survey of the Province of Moray Aberdeen: Isaac Forsyth, 1798. £240.00

WHITNEY, WILLIS NORTON A Concise Dictionary of the Principal Roads, Chief Towns and Villages of Japan, with populations, post offices, etc. together with list of Ken, Kuni, Kori and railways compiled from official documents Tokyo: Z. P. Maruya & Co., 1889. £300.00

Gilbert, George; illustrated by W. W. Collins, R.I. Cathedral Cities of England London: Heinemann, 1905. £200.00

BROOKE, ARTHUR DE CAPELL A Winter in Lapland and Sweden, with various Observations relating to Finmark and its inhabitants London: John Murray, 1827. £800.00

Jackson, T. J. Dalmatia, The Quarnero and Istria with Cettigne in Montenegro and the Island of Grado. 3 Volumes Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1887. £300.00

Mortimer, F. J. (Introduction). Victoria Folding Cameras Cameras and Photo Supplies Probably London: Unknown, No date (1914). £25.00

Jessup, Anne L. (editor) The Sewing Book New York, NY: Butterick, 1913. £30.00

Arts Council of Great Britain British Image 1 London: Arts Council of Great Britain, 1975. £55.00

PIENKOWSKI, JAN Haunted House London: Heinemann, 1979. £65.00

Joyce, James Ulysses London: John Lane The Bodley Head, 1937. £140.00

LINK, O. Winston and Rupert MARTIN NIGHT TRICK. PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE NORFOLK & WESTERN RAILWAY, 1955-60. O. WINSTON LINK London: The Photographers' Gallery, 1983. £80.00

Notes and Queries. Second Series. Vol I London: Bell and Daldy, 1856. £30.00

MILNE, A. A. The Red House Mystery London: Methuen, 1922. £50.00

FOX, Leslie H. Design for Murder, and five other stories London: Alliance Press, 1945. £40.00

Spence, Lewis Legendary London London: Robert Hale, 1937. £25.00

Avedon, Richard; James Baldwin Nothing Personal London: Penguin Books, 1964. £120.00

Timperley, H. W. Illustrated by L. S. Lowry A Cotswold Book London: Jonathan Cape, 1931. £60.00

Hazan, Eric The Invention of Paris. A History Told in Footsteps London: Verso, 2010. £25.00

Meyerbeer, Mozart, Gounod, Wallace, (H╚rold), Bizet, Thomas, Cowen, Maillart, Corder, Auber Robert the Devil. The Marriage of Figaro. Faust. Maritana. Zampa. Carmen. Mignon. Pauline. Fadette. Nordisa. Fra Diavolo, or, The Inn of Terracina London: Boosey / Charles Dickens and Evans, Various (1886). £50.00

Anonymous Magic, Pretended Miracles, and Remarkable Natural Phenomena London: Religious Tract Society, No date (1848). £50.00

Coleman, Sandra The Book of Buckfastleigh: A Time for Remembering 1930-2002 Tiverton: Halsgrove, 2003. £35.00

Bishop, George A Parish Album of Callington Plymouth: Colombian Press, 1988. £25.00

Fraser, Flora Maud: Illustrated Diary San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1985. £25.00

HEATH, R. O. Sparrowhawk: The Story of Moretonhampstead. One thousand years from 700 AD to 1700 AD or thereabouts with a few further episodes of interest Totnes: Published by the author, 1977. £20.00

Witkop, Philipp and A. F. Wedd (Translator) German Students' War Letters London: Methuen, 1929. £60.00

Bailey, Alice A. The Soul and Its Mechanism. The Problem of Psychology New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1930. £50.00

Asquith, Cynthia (editor) The Black Cap. New Stories of Murder and Mystery London: Hutchinson, No date (1927). £80.00

Anonymous The Male Body. 58 pictures with an introduction. Seen by the Camera No.5 London: George Routledge & Sons, No date. £80.00

Atkinson, M. E. and Stuart Tresilian (illustrator) Challenge to Adventure London: John Lane The Bodley Head, 1943. £30.00

Atkinson, M. E. and Harold Jones (illustrator) The Compass Points North London: John Lane The Bodley Head, 1941. £30.00

M. B. Oxon (pseudonym) Cosmic Anatomy and the Structure of the Ego London: J. M. Watkins, 1921. £60.00

ROTHENSTEIN, John British Artists and the War London: Peter Davies, 1931. £45.00

DAVIES, John (photographs), Ian WALKER (essay) Cross Currents Cardiff / Manchester: Ffotogallery / Cornerhouse, 1992. £20.00

Stewart, Lieut. Colonel Rupert The Victoria Cross, The Empire's Roll of Valour London: Hutchinson, No date (1928) (after 1921). £80.00

WEAVER, LAWRENCE Memorials and Monuments Old and New: Two hundred subjects chosen from seven centuries London: Country Life, 1915. £45.00

Sennett, A. R. Garden Cities in Theory and Practice. Being an Amplification of a Paper on the potentialities of Applied Science in a Garden City read before Section F of the British Association. Complete in 2 volumes London: Bemrose, 1905. £360.00

Rickert, Edith Ancient English Christmas Carols London: Chatto & Windus, 1928. £30.00

Forrest, David The Great Dinosaur Robbery London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1970. £20.00

Basho, Matsuo. Dorothy Britton (translator) and Dennis Stock (photographer) A Haiku Journey. Basho's 'The Narrow Road to the Far North' and Selected Haiku Tokyo / New York: Kodansha International, 1974. £20.00

Burbidge, John Lectures on Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" by the Rev. John Burbidge Sheffield: Smith and Corbitt, 1867. £50.00

Shepard, Ernest H. Introduction by A. A. Milne Fun and Fantasy. A Book of Drawings from Punch by Ernest H. Shepard London: Methuen, 1927. £22.00

Arnold, Eve Eve Arnold: In Retrospect London: Sinclair-Stevenson, 1996. £40.00

Lund, Susan Red Hot Poker London: Davis-Poynter, 1974. £25.00

McInnes, Colin Hot War, Cold War. The British Army's Way in Warfare, 1945-95 London: Brassey's, 1996. £25.00

Various, many Anonymous The Second Collection of Pathetic, Sentimental, and Moral Narratives; selected from the best authors. Embellished with Six Engravings, by Hopwood and Son London: B. Crosby & Co., 1807. £30.00

Gardiner, Sir Alan Egyptian Grammar, Being An Introduction To The Study Of Hieroglyphs Oxford: Griffith Institute, 1976. £20.00

Diaghilev. Serge Lifar BALLETS RUSSES DE DIAGHILEW. 1909 a 1929 Paris: Mus╚e des Arts D╚coratifs, 1939. £40.00

Bidermanas, Izis Paris Des Reves Lausanne: La Guilde Du Livre, 1950. £50.00

Malaparte, Curzio. Cesare Foligno (Translator) Kaputt London: Alvin Redman, 1948. £20.00

Staite, Frances A. Glove Making at Home London: Pitman, 1927. £20.00

LAMB, L. M. Jacko. The story of the little black and white rabbit London: Sands, No date (1938). £30.00

Kavounas, Alice The Invited London: Sinclair-Stevenson, 1995. £50.00

PRICE, Henry An Alphabetical List of the Names of the Hundreds, Parishes, Chapelries, Villages, Gentlemens' Seats, Farm Houses, And Other Places, in the New Map of Herefordshire, Lately Published by Henry Price Hereford: Watkins and Wright, Stamp Office, 1818. £125.00

Robinson, H. P. Homeland, being photographic reproductions of all the Principal Places of Interest throughout the British Isles. In Town Supplment London: W. Lucas, 1895. £40.00

Anonymous One Hundred Gems of English Scenery. A Collection of Permanent Photographs London: The Graphotone Co., No date. (1901). £90.00

Anonymous English Country Houses. One Hundred Plates Boston: Bates & Guild Company, 1898. £180.00

Huson, Thos Huson on Photo-Aquatint and Photogravure: a practical treatise, with illustrations and a photo-aquatint plate ... To which is appended a treatise on machine printed Photogravure, chiefly compiled from ... articles contributed to The Process Photogram during 1896-7 by A. Villain and J. William Smith London: Dawbarn & Ward, No date (1897). £30.00

Cheroux, Clement, Andreas Fischer, Pierre Apraxine, Densi Canguilhem, Sophie Schmit The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult New Haven and London: Yale, 2005. £30.00

MACPHERSON, K. (Editor) Close Up. The Only Magazine Devoted to Films as an Art. Vol I, no.1; no.2; no.3; Vol VI, no.2 Riant Chateau, Territet / London: Pool, 1927, 1930 (1927). £220.00

COBURN, Alvin Langdon (photographer) Manchester Civic Week. Official Handbook Manchester: Civic Week Committee, 1926. £50.00

Anonymous Souvenir of Havana No date. £50.00

Weaver, Mike (Editor) British Photography in the Nineteenth Century: The Fine Art Tradition Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989. £22.00

Gernsheim, Helmut. Foreword by Nikolaus Pevsner Focus on Architecture and Sculpture London: Fountain Press, 1949. £20.00

McGrath, Roberta Seeing Her Sex: Medical Archives and the Female Body Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2002. £50.00

MacKenzie, John M. The Empire of Nature. Hunting, Conservation and British Imperialism Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1988. £50.00

Cooper, Thomas Joshua Thomas Joshua Cooper: Point of No Return London: Haunch of Venison, 2004. £100.00

Davis, Keith F. An American Century of Photography: From Dry-plate to Digital - The Hallmark Photographic Collection New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1995. £50.00

Sandweiss, Martha A. (Editor) Photography in Nineteenth-Century America Forth Worth / New York: Amon Carter Museum / Harry N. Abrams, 1991. £50.00

Wolf, Sylvia Julia Margaret Cameron's Women New Haven and London: Yale, 1998. £60.00

Norfolk, Simon. Essay by Michael Ignatieff For Most of It I Have No Words: Genocide, Landscape, Memory Stockport: Dewi Lewis, 1998. £30.00

Nash, George C. General Forcursue and Co.: More Letters to the Secretary of a Golf Club London: Chatto & Windus, 1936. £35.00

Moore, John The Brensham Trilogy. Brensham Village. Portrait of Elmbury. The Blue Field London: Collins, 1966. £50.00

Lindley, John A Synopsis of the British Flora; Arranged According to the Natural Orders: Containing Vasculares, or Flowering Plants London: Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1841. £25.00

Pratchett, Terry Guards! Guards! London: Gollancz, 1989. £25.00

Bede, the Venerable, Saint. Claudius, Bishop of Turin. Giovanni Crisostomo Trombelli Bedae et Claudii Taurinensis, itemque aliorum veterum patrum Opuscula a canonicis regularibus Sancti Salvatoris Bononi╩ majori ex parte nunc primum edita Bononi╩: Apud Hieronymum Corciolani, & H.H. Colli ex typographia S. Thom╩ Aquinatis, 1755. £300.00

ROBERTSON, William An Historical Disquisition concerning the Knowledge which the Ancients had of India; and the Progress of Trade with that Country prior to the Discovery of the Passage to it by the Cape of Good Hope. With an Appendix, containing Observations on the Civil Policy - The Laws and Judicial Proceedings - the Arts - the Sciences - and Religious Institutions, of the Indians London / Edinburgh: A. Strahan and T. Cadell; and E. Balfour, 1791. £235.00

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