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Mavor, Wiliam: The British Tourists; or Traveller's Pocket Companion, through England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland comprehending the most celebrated Tours in the British Islands.VOLUME 4. London. Printed for E.Newbery, St.Paul's Churchyard, 1798. £50.00

Favaloro, Professore Michele: Spicilegio storico paleografico di alfabeti e fac-simili tratti da codici, diplomi e monumenti Stab. Lit. F.Huber, Palermo, Italy. [1893 ?] £40.00

Eastlake, Sir Charles: Pictures by Sir Charles Eastlake. With a Biographical and Critical Sketch of the Artist by W,Cosmo Monkhouse London.Virtue & Co. [.n.d.] £50.00

Zinsser, William K.: Search & Research - the Collections and Uses of the New York Public Library at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street New York. The New York Public Library. 1961 £20.00

Zimmermann, Horst: Dresden Gallery : Modern Masters London. Peter Owen. 1966 First British Commonwealth Edition £24.00

Zimmerman, Horst: Dresden Germany - Modern Masters Peter Owen, 1966 £40.00

Young, Edward: Night Thoughts on Life, Death & Immortality to which is added a Paraphrase on part of the Book of Job and "The Last Day" a poem by... London. Suttaby, Evance & Fox and Baldin, Cradock & Joy. 1817 £20.00

Young, Dr [Edward]: Night Thoughts on LIfe, Death and Immortality with his Poem on the Last Day and a Paraphrase on the Part of The Book of Job by the Late Dr Young to which are Added the Life of the Author with Notes. London; Printed for J French...T Hookham...J Mathews...J Bell...M Tollingsby...T Axtell...G Street... & T Street...,1777. Illus & Complete Index by W.Waring. £140.00

Yarrell, William: A History of British Fishes.Illus. by 500 wood engravings London. John Van Voorst. 2nd ed., 1841 £60.00

Wycherley, Mr Wiliam: The Country Wife A Comedy : decorated by Steven Spurrier ( first played in 1672-3) London. Hutchinson & co.1934 £38.00

Wroth, Warwick assisted by A. E. Wroth: The London Pleasure Gardens of the Eighteenth Century Macmillan, 1896 £125.00

Wright, W.H.K.. Borough Librarian of Plymouth. Editor and Introduction by.: Pleasantries from "The Blue Box", being a selection of papers." from grave to gay, from lively to severe" by The Brothers Blue London. Elliot Stock. 1891 £30.00


Wren, R.C,: Potter's Cyclopaedia of Botanical Drugs and Preparations London, Potter & Clarke 2nd ed. [n.d.] £30.00

Woods, James Chapman: Old and Rare Books : An Elementary Lecture delivered at the Royal Institution oof South Wales, Swansea, March 2nd 1885 London. Elliot Stock. 1885 £22.00

Wolfe, Thomas Clayton: The Web and the Rock London. Heinemann. 1st Eng.ed., 1947 £23.00

Woldering, Irmgard: The Arts of Egypt Thames & Hudson, 1967 £60.00

Wolberg, John R.: Prediction Analysis New Jersey. Van Nostrand.. 1st edition, 1967 £25.00

Withers, Hartley: National Provincial Bank: 1833 to 1933 Printed by Waterlow, 1933 £22.50

Wiseman, D.J.: Nebuchadrezzar and Babylon O.U.P., 1985 £25.00

Winternitz, Emanuel: Musical Instruments and their Symbolism in Western Art London. Faber. 1st ed. 1967 £35.00

Wilton, The Right Honourable Countess [ed.]: The Art of Needlework from the earliest ages ; including the notices of the Ancient Historical Tapestries Henry Colburn. 1840. 2nd ed. £61.00

Wilson, Philip (Ed.): Art at auction 1969-70 (The Year at Sotheby's & Parke-Bernet) Macdonald, 1970 £25.00

Wilson, David M.: The Bayeux Tapestry: the complete tapestry in colour. Thames and Hudson, 1985 £120.00

Wilson, Arnold: A Dictionary of British Military Painters F. Lewis, 1972 £35.00

Willson, David Harris: King James VI & I Jonathan Cape, 1956 £20.00

Williamson, Henry: Genius of Friendship : D.H.Lawrence London. Faber & Faber, 2nd impression 1941 £35.00

Williamson, Dr George C.: The Book of Famille Rose Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & co. [n.d.] £50.00

Williams, Henry Lionel and Ottalie K. Williams: Great Houses of America London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1st published in Britain, 1967 £36.00

Willard, E. With additions by the Editor.: Astronography or Astronomical Geography : with the use of the Globes. Arranged for simultaneous reading and study in classes or for study in the common method. London. W.Kent. [n.d.]. Illustrated with up to Fifty Engravings [John Cassell's Educational Course]. £70.00

Willard, Barbara: Chichester & Lewes. Illustrated by Graham Humphreys. London; Longman, First edition, 1970. Local History Series. £25.00

Wilkinson. Alix: Ancient Egyptian Jewellery [Methuen's Handbooks of Archaeology series] London. Methuen.1st ed., 1971 £44.00

Wilkinson, Sir J. Gardener: A Popular Account of The Ancient Egyptians. Vols.1&2 John Murray, 1874 £40.00

Wilde, Oscar: Intentions : The Decay of lying, Pen Pencil and Poison, The Critic as Artist, The Truth of Masks Brentano's, 1905 £45.00

Wilde, Oscar: Decorative Art in America : A lecture by Oscar Wilde, together with letters, reviews and interviews ed. R.B.Glaenzer Brentano's N.Y., 1st ed,1906 £30.00

Wieners, John: Nerves Cape Goliard, 1970 £40.00

Wieners, John: Nerves Cape Goliard, 1971 £38.00

Wiclif, John. Preface by the late very rev. ARTHUR PENRHYN STANLEY, D.D.: A Smaller Biblia Pauperum Contenynge Thyrtie And Eyghte Wodecuttes Illustratynge the Lyfe, Parablis, and Miraclis off Oure Blessid Lorde & Savioure Jhefus Chrift, With the Propre Defcrypciouns thereoff extracted fro the Originall Texte Off JOHN WICLIF, Somtyme Rector of Lutterworth £120.00

Whitman, Walt: Poems Walter Scott, 1886 £20.00

White. J.G.: History of the Ward of Walbrook in the city of London; Together with an account of the Aldermen of the Ward and of the two remaining churches S. Stephen, Walbrook, & S Swithin, London Stone and their rectors London. Bowles and sons printers. 1904 £28.00

Whistler, Hugh: Popular Handbook of Indian Birds Gurney and Jackson, 1928 £25.00

Whinney, Margaret: Early Flemish Painting London. Faber. 1st ed., 1968 £22.00

Wheeler,Monroe (ed). Text by T.S.Eliot,Herbert Read.E.J.Carter and Carlos Dyer: Britain at War New York, Museum of Modern Art, 1st ed., 1941 £30.00

Wheatley, H.B.: A short history of Bond Street Old and New. From the reign of King James II to the corontion of King George V London. Fine Arts Society. [Nd.] £25.00

Wescher, Herta: Collage. Trans. by Robert E. Wolf New York; Harry N. Abrams, 1st ed,1968. £50.00

Welsh, Charles: A Bookseller of the Last Century : Being some Account of the life of John Newbery and of the Books he published with a Notice of the later Newberys London. Printed for Griffith, Farran, Okeden & Welsh, succesors to Newbery & Harris. 1st ed., 1885 £75.00

Wells, H.G.: The Outline of History : Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind in 2 vols George Newnes, [n.d.] £45.00

Wells, H.G.: The Country of the Blind : and Other Stories T.Nelson, [1911] 1st ed. £141.00

Wells, H.G.: The Anatomy of Frustration : A modern synthesis London, Cresset Press, 1st ed.,1936 £25.00

Wells, H.G.: Phoenix : A Summary of the Inescapable Conditions of World Reorganisation Secker & Warburg, 1942. 2nd impression of 1st ed. £20.00

Wells, H.G.: All Aboard for Ararat Secker & Warburg, 1940 £30.00

Weinberger, Martin: Michelangelo The Sculptor Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1967 £60.00

Weigall, Arthur: The Life and Times of Akhnaton : Pharaoh of Egypt Thornton Butterworth, 1922 £20.00

Weidenfeld, A.G.(Editor): The Public's Progress London, Contact Books. 1947 £40.00

Wedgwood, Josiah C. in collaboration with Anne D. Holt: History of Parliament : Biographies of the Members of the Commons House 1439-1509 London. His Majesty's Stationery Office.1936 £120.00

Wedgeworth, Robert {editor}: World Encyclopedia of Library and Information Services Chicago. American Library Association. 3rd ed 1993 £25.00

Webster, Eric: Advertising for the Advertiser : A Client's Guide London. John Murray. Proof Copy., 1969 £20.00

Webb, J. B.: Naomi or The Last Days of Jerusalem. With illustrations by Gilbert & Bartlett. London. George Routledge & Sons, 1872 £20.00

Waugh, Evelyn: Helena: A Novel London. Chapman & Hall. First Edition,1950 £36.00

Watson, William. Editor: The Gardener's Assistant.. With a Preface by Sir Frederick W. Steele. In 6 Vols London. Gresham.Reprint 1935 £125.00

Watson, William: The Adventures of a Blockade Runner, or, Trade in Time of War. Illus by Capt. Byng London. T.Fisher Unwin. 1st ed., 1892. [The Adventure Series] £32.00

Watson, Hugh Seton: Eastern Europe Between the Wars 1918 - 1941. London. Cambridge U.P. 1st ed., 1945. £30.00

Watkins, A.H. ed.: The Catalogue of the H.G.Wells Collection in the Bromley Public Libraries Bromley Public Libraries, 1974 £28.00

Watkins, A.H. ed.: The Catalogue of the H.G.Wells Collection in the Bromley Public Libraries Bromley Public Libraries, 1974 £28.00

Watkins, A.H. ed.: The Catalogue of the H.G.Wells Collection in the Bromley Public Libraries Bromley Public Libraries, 1974 £28.00

Waterhouse, Ellis: The James A. De Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor Office de Livre; National Trust, 1967 £220.00

Ward, Sir A.W. and A.R.Waller: The Cambridge History of English Literature. Vols.V, VI,Vii,XIV Cambridge. University Press. 1934 £26.00

Ward, James: The Principles of Ornament. Edited by George Aitchison. London; Chapman & Hall, 1896. New & Enlarged edition. £38.00

War Office: DRESS REGULATIONS for the Officers of the Army (including the Militia) 1900 Arms and Armour Press, 1969 £20.00

Walsh, Frances. Edior & Compiler: A Bibliogtaphy of Nursing Literature..The Holdings of the Royal College of Nursing 1976-1980 London.Library Association. 1986 £25.00

Walpole, Robert: Specimens of Scarce Translations of the Seventeenth Century from the Latin Poets J. Mawman, 1805 £80.00

Waller, John Francis LLD , ed.: The Works of Oliver Goldsmith Illustrated. Vicar of Wakefield, Select Poems and Comedies. With Introduction, Notes and a Life of Oliver Goldsmith. London. Cassell, Petter, and Galpin. [n.d. but c1860] £45.00

Wallace, Sir William: THE LIFE SURPRISING ADVENTURES AND HEROIC ACTIONS OF Sir WILLIAM WALLACE, GENERAL and GOVERNOR of SCOTLAND. A NEW EDITION. Wherein the old obfolete words are rendered more intelligible; and adapted to the Underftanding of fuch who have not Leifure to ftudy the meaning and Import of fuch phrafes, without the help of a Gloffary. £200.00

Wallace, Sir Donald Mackenzie: Russia. 2 vols. New, enl. ed. revised, re-set and in great part re-written. Cassell, 1905 £98.00

Wallace, Sir Donald Mackenzie: Russia in 2 vols. Cassell, Peter & Galpin, 1877 £50.00

Walker, William: Forest trees of British Landscape : A work for students London. Private copy - one of fifty, 1876 1st ed £310.00

Waley, Arthur (intro): Chin P'ing Mei: The Adventurous History of Hsi Men and his Six Wives Bodley Head, 1959 £25.00

Waley, Arthur: The Book of Songs. Translated from the Chinese London. G.Allen and Unwin. 1t ed., 1937 £28.00

Walcott, Derek: The Gulf and Other Poems Jonathan Cape, 1969 £180.00

Wagner, Dr. W..: Asgard and the Gods : the Tales and the Traditions of the Northern Ancestors. Adapted from the work of Dr. Wagner by W.M.Macdowall and edited by W.S.W.Anson London. W.Swan Sonnenshein, 3rd ed., with numerous illustrations, 1884. £50.00

Volavkova, Nana: A Story of the Jewish Museum in Prague. Trans by K.E.Lichteneker Prague. Artiia.. 1st ed., 1968 £32.00

Visiak, E.H. [llustrated by Jack Matthews]: The Haunted Island: Being the history of an adventure to a Remote Island in the Remote South Sea. Of a Wizard there. Of his pirate gang.His Treasure. His Combustible. His Skeleton. Antic Lad Of his Wisdom. London. Peter Lunn.1st illustrated ed., 1946 £30.00

Virgil: The Georgics of...translated with notes by William Sotheby. London. Printed for John Murray by W. Bulmer. 2nd ed. 1815 after 1st edition of 1800. £90.00

Vincent, Frank: Actual Africa or, The Coming Continent : A Tour of Exploration Heinemann, 1895 £20.00

Villari, Professor Pasquale. Trans. Linda Villari.: Life and Times of Girolamo Savonarola London. T Fisher Unwin, 10th ed.,1909 £25.00

Vegas, Liana Castelfranchi: International Gothic Art in Italy Thames & Hudson, 1968 £30.00

Vecchio. Walter: The Fashion Makers : Text by Robert Riley New York. Crown. 1968 First Ed £22.00

Vaughan, Robert: Revolutions in English History London. Longmans Green. 2nd ed., 1867 3 volumes. £40.00

Van der Meersch, Maxence: The Bellringer's Wife London. William Kimber. 1st Eng ed., 1951 £20.00

Val Baker, Denys: Britain's Art Colony by the Sea London. George Ronald. 1st ed 1958 £28.00

Uvedale, Mr,......: The Memoirs of Philip de Comines containing the History of Lewis X!. and Charles VIII of France;and of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy....As also the History of Edward IV and Henry VII of England. Including that of Europe....Vol.1. London; Printed for J.Brotherton, 2nd edition,1723 £60.00

Utigawa, Wakana: The Lady of Decoration Hodder & Stoughton, [n.d.] £30.00

Urquhart, Sir Thomas and Peter Motteux: The Complete Works of Doctor Francois Rabelais... with annotations by Duchat, Ozell and introduction by J.Lewis May. English text. Many illustrations by Frank C.Pape. In two volumes. London; John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1933. £25.00

Uncle Dan: The Wonderland Annual.1922 for Boys and Girls London. Playtime, Fleetway House.1922 £50.00

Udall, Nicholas: Roister Doister.. Written, also probably represented' before 1553.. Carefully edited from the unique copy, now at Eton College by Edward Arber. London..5 Queen Squaare. 24 July, 1869 [English Reprints] £25.00

Twyman, Michael: Early Lithographed Books, a Study of the Design and Production of Improper Books in the Age of the Hand Press with a Catalogue London. Farrand Press & Private Libraries Association. 1st ed 1990 £45.00

Turner, Sir George: Mary Stuart : Forgotten Forgeries Rich & Cowan, 1934 £20.00

Turnbull-Kemp, Peter: The Leopard London. Bailey Bros. & Swinfen. 1st English edition 1961. £110.00

Turnbull, Gael: A Trampoline: Poems 1952-1964 Cape Goliard, 1968 £22.00

Turfan, Barbara, ed. with Kathleen Ladizesky and Inese A. Smith: Emerging Democracies and Freedom of Information: Proceedings of a Conference of the International Group of the Library Association (IGLA) Oxford, September 1994 London. Library Association. 1995 £26.00

Tuer, Andrew W.: Old London Street Cries and the Cries of Today With Heaps of Quaint Cuts Including Hand-coloured Frontispiece London. Field & Tuer, 1885 £35.00

Tudor Craig, Sir Algernon: Armorial Porcelain of the Eighteenth Century London The Century House 1925 £125.00

Trowell, Margaret: African Design Faber & Faber, 1960 £55.00

Trollope, Anthony: The Small House at Allington in 2 vols. Shakespeare Head Press, 1929 £160.00

Trollope, Anthony: The Last Chronicle of Barset in 4 vols. Edited by Michael Sadleir Shakespeare Head Press, 1929 £180.00

Trollope, Anthony: Framley Parsonage in 2 vols. Shakespeare Head Press, 1929 £160.00

Trollope, Anthony: Doctor Thorne in 2 Vols. Shakespeare Head Press, 1929 £65.00

Trimen, Andrew: Church and Chapel Architecture from the earliest period to the present time ; with an account of the Hebrew Church Longman, Brown & Green, 1856 £20.00

Trendall, A.D. and T.B.L. Webster: Illustrations of Greek Drama London, Phaidon, 1st edn.,1971 £98.00

Toynbee, Arnold: The Crucible of Christianity : Judaism,Hellenism and the Historical Background to the Christian Faith London, Thames and Hudson,1st edn, 1969 £28.00

Townley, Charles: Olympian Games and Gambols with the Gods : A Comic Mythology London. Frederick Arnold. 1873 £30.00

Town, Mr. [Critic and Censor-General]: The Connoisseur. Vol 2. No.36 (Oct 3 1754)-No.70 (May 9 1755) London, J. Parsons, 1793 £25.00

Topolski. Feliks: Holy China London. Hutchinson. 1st ed., 1968 £35.00

Topolski, Feliks: 88 pictures by Feliks Topolski. With an introduction by Harold Acton. Methuen, 1st edition,1951 £45.00

Tong, Hollington K.: Chiang Kai-Shek: Soldier and Statesman in 2 vols. Hurst & Blackett, 1938 £85.00

Tobias, S.A. and F. Koenigsberger. eds.: Advances in Machine Tool Design and Research. Proceedings of the International M.T.D.R.Conference,University of Birmingham, September 1966 Oxford. Pergamon Press, 1967 £20.00

Timbs, John: The romance of London: Supernatural Stories Sights and Shows Strange Adventures and Remarkable Persons London. Frederick warne and company. N/d £25.00

Timbs, John: Curiosities of London Exhibiting The Most Rare And Remarkable Objects Of Interest In The Metropolis With Nearly FIfty Years' Personal Recollections London: David Bogue, 1855 £75.00

Tibon, Gutierre: Versos Decaglotas 1919-1940. Mexico. Editorial Amexica, 1st ed,1964. Spanish Text. £140.00

Thouless, Robert H.: Stright and Crooked Thinking London. Pan Books.7th printing, 1963 £24.00

Thorpe, Mary and Charlotte: London Church Staves : With some notes on their surroundings. With a Preface by Edwin Freshfield London. Elliot Stock. Cheap ed.,1898 £30.00

Thorpe, David (photographer) Le Poste, Pierre ( writer): Rude Food Macmillan, 1981 £20.00

Thornton, Peter: Baroque and Rococo Silks London, Faber, 1st ed., 1965 £270.00

Thornton, L.S.: Revelation and the Modern World : being a first part of a treatise on The Form of the Servant London.Dacre Press., 1st ed., 1950 £28.00

Thoreau, Henry: A Week on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers. With a prefatory Note by Will H. Dircks London. Walter Scott. [Prefatory Note is dated July 1889] . The Camelot Series, edited by Ernest Rhys. £65.00

Thomson, Robert [Edited and Revised by William Watson]: Thomson's Gardener's Assistant : A Practical and Scientific Exposition of the Art of Gardening in all its Branches.In 6 Vols. London. Gresham. [nd] £55.00

Thomson, John: Desciptive Catalogue of the Writings of Sir Walter Scott Philadelphia.. No 1 Bulletin of The Free Library of Philadelphia. Nov. 1898 £30.00

Thomson, James; P.Murdoch; J.Aikin: The Seasons by James Thomson to which is prefixed The Life of the Author by P.Murdoch and An Essay on The Plan and Character of The Poem by J.Aikin. London; Wilkie & Robinson, J.Walker, Cadell & Davies...1811. £25.00

Thomson, H. C.: The Case for China George Allen & Unwin, 1933 £25.00

Thompson, A. Hamilton: Military Architecture in England during the Middle Ages H. Frowde, O.U.P., 1912 £20.00

Thomas, Edward: Oxford : Painted by John Fulleylove London. A & C Black, 1922 [Black's Popular Series of Colour Books] £28.00

Thomas, Edward: Oxford A & C Black, 1922 £22.00

Thomas, Dylan: The Poems ed. with intro. by Daniel Jones J.M.Dent, 1971 £20.00

Thomas, A. H. (ed.): Calendar of Select Pleas and Memoranda of the City of London. Preserved among the archives of the Corporation of the City of London at the Guildhall, AD 1381-1412. Cambridge. C.U.P., 1932 £25.00

Thomas, A. H. (ed.): Calendar of Plea and Memoranda Rolls. Preserved among the archives of the Corporation of the City of London at the Guildhall, AD 1364-1381. Cambidge. C. U.P., 1929 £25.00

Thomas, A. H. (ed.): Calendar of Plea and Memoranda Rolls. Preserved among the archives of the Corporation of the City of London at the Guildhall, AD 1413-1437. Cambridge. C.U.P., 1943 £25.00

Theuriet, Andre: Jules Bastien-Lepage and his Art : A memoir. [Contains] Jules Bastien Lepage as Artist by George Clausen , Modern Realism in Painting by Walater Sickert and a Study of Marie Bashkirtseff by Mathilde Blind. London, T.Fisher Unwin, 1st ed., 1892 £98.00

The Wandle Group [Edited by Twilley, Royston & Wilks, Michael]: The River Wandle : A Guide and Handbook Sutton. Sutton Public Libraries, 1974 £30.00

The Lotos Club: Lotos Leaves : Stories, Essays, and Poems by Members of the Lotos Club. With Numerous Illustrations. London, Chatto and Windus, 1st English ed., 1875 £380.00

Thackeray, W.M.: The History of Pendennis : His Fortunes and Misfortunes, his Friends and his Greatest Enemy in 2 vols. Bradbury and Evans, 1849 & 1850 £40.00

Thackeray, W.M.: The English Humourists of the Eighteenth Century Smith, Elder & co., 1858 £28.00

Thackeray, W. M.: The Chronicle of the Drum London. Frederick Warne & Co, 1886 £40.00

Terrace, Edward L.B.: Egyptian Paintings of the Middle Kingdom London, George Allen & Unwin, 1st British Publication, 1968 £30.00

Terentii, P[ublius] [Terence]: Carthaginensis Afri COMOEDIAE Sex. Interpretatione & Notis Illustravit Nicolaus Camus J.U..D. jussu Christianissimi Regis, in usum Serenissimi Delphini Londini. Edition Prtorius Longe Emaculatior. 1749. Imprimatur Guil Needham.. Italiian text £35.00

Tennyson, Lord Alfred: Lyrical Poems Macmillan, 1899 £20.00

Tennyson, Alfred: Poems London, Edward Moxon, 11th edn., 1856 £65.00

Tennyson, Alfred: Idylls of the King Edward Moxon, 1865 £25.00

Tennyson, Aldred Lord: The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson Macmillan, 1911 £30.00

Taylor, Tom: Leicester Square: Its Associations and Its Worthies London. Bickers and SOn, 1874 £38.00

Taylor, Kenneth Frederic: Poesies... from a hovel Published by author, 1973 with illus by him £20.00

Taylor, John W.R. ed. & comp.: Combat Aircraft of the World Ebury Press & M. Joseph, 1969 £40.00

Taylor, Jeremy, D.D.: The Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying,.together with Prayers and Acts of Virtue to be used bySick and Dying Persons, or by others standing in their attendance. Oxford and London. John Henry and James Parker. New edition 1860. £35.00

Taylor, Jeremy D.D. (and late Bishop of Down and Connor): The Worthy Communicant: or, A Discourse of the Nature, Effects, and Blessings consequent to the Worthy Recieving of the Lord's Supper; And of of all the Duties Required in order to a Worthy Preparation. Together with the Cases of Conscience. London. Awnsham Churchil. 1683 £210.00

Taylor, Jeremy: The Rules and Exercises of Holy Living. Together with Prayers, Containing the whole Duty of a Christian. Oxford & London. John Henry & James Parker. New edition, 1863 £35.00

Taylor, A.J.P.: Beaverbrook London. History Book Club / Hamish Hamilton. 1972 £22.00

Tasso, Torquato: Il Goffredo o vero Gierusalemme liberata.Poem heroico del Signor Torquato Tasso Invinegia, Presso Daniel Bisuccio, 1606. £190.00

Taperell, Nicholas and James Innes (Publishers): The Ancient Cities of London and Westminster in the Early Part of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth [Map] London, Nicholas Taperell & James Innes, 1849 £1500.00

Tanguy, Yves: Un Recueil de Ses Oeuvres : A Summary of His Works Pierre Matisse, New York, 1963 [no.913 of 1200 copies] £310.00

Tambs, Erling: The Cruise of the TEDDY. With an Introduction by Arthur Ransome London. Rupert Hart-Davis, 1958 [The Mariners Library] £30.00

Tambimuttu, M.J.: Poetry in Wartime Faber, 1942 £25.00

Taine, H.: Notes on England.. Translated, with an Introductory Chapter by W.F.Rae London. Strahan & Co., 2nd ed., 1872 £25.00

Tabore, Rabindranath: Chitra. A Play in one act London, Macmillan, 1914 £20.00

Swinburne, H.Lawrence: The Royal Navy : Painted by Norman L, Wilkinson. Described by H. Lawrence Swinburne. With some notes on the costume of the sailors of the past by Commander Charles N.Robinson. Illus by J.Jellicoe. A. & C. Black, 1st ed., 1907 £35.00

Suzuki, Juzo: Sharaku (Masterworks of Ukiyo-E) Kodansha International Ltd, 1968 £60.00

Sutcliff, Rosemary: The Chronicles of Robin Hood G. Cumberledge O.U.P., 1950 £20.00

Surtees,R.S.: Mr.Facey Romford's Hounds. With coloured plates by John Leech and Hablot K.Browne London.Folio Society, 1952 £35.00

Surtees, R.S.: Jorrock's Jaunts and Jollities. With coloured plates by Henry Alken London.Folio Society.1949 £35.00

Surtees, R.S.: Hillingdon Hall. With the original illustrations coloured by hand. London.Folio Society. 1956 £36.00

Surtees, R.S.: Hawbuck Grange.With coloured plates by "Phiz". London.Folio Society. 1955 £35.00

Surtees, R.S.: Handly Cross. With Col plates by John Leech London.Folio Society,1951 £51.00

Surtees, R.S.: Ask Mama. With col. plates by John Leech London.Folio Society.1954 £28.00

Summerhayes. V.S.: Wild Orchids of Britain: with a Key to the Species (The New Naturalist Series) London. Collins 1951. First Edition £25.00

Sullivan, Michael: The Cave Temples of Maichishan Faber & Faber, 1969 £35.00

Suckling, Sir John: A Ballade Upon a Wedding and Other Poems. Illustrated by Herbert Cole London, John Lane, Bodley Head. 1st edn.1928 The Helicon Series. £22.00

Stubblebine, James H: Giotto : The Arena Chapel Frescos. With Source Material and Selected Critical Writings London, Thames & Hudson, 1969. [Critical Studies in Art History] £20.00

Stratton, Arthur: Elements of Form and Design in Classic Architecture Batsford, 1925 £40.00

Strachey, Lytton. Introduction by Michael Holroyd: Ermyntrude and Esmeralda - An Entertainment. Illustrations by Erte. London. Anthony Blond.1st ed.,1969 £30.00

Stowe, Harriet Beecher: Uncle Tom's Cabin : A Tale of Life among the Lowly S.W. Partridge, [n.d.] £40.00

Stowe, Harriet Beecher: Uncle Tom's Cabin : A Tale Among the Lowly J. Nisbet, [n.d.] £25.00

Stowe, Harriet Beecher: Uncle Tom's Cabin : A Picture of Slave Life in America G. Routledge, 1896 £20.00

Stowe, Harriet Beecher: Uncle Tom's Cabin Nelson, 1899 £20.00

Storrs, Ronald: Orientations Readers Union by arrangement with Ivor Nicholson & Watson, 1939 £25.00

Storrs, Ronald: Orientations Nicholson & Watson, 1945 £40.00

Storrs, Ronald: Orientations Ivor Nicholson & Watson, 1937 £50.00

Stilt, J. Carlton: List of Ladies' Armorial Book-Plates {Anon} £85.00

Stillman, W. J.: Old Italian Masters Engraved by Timothy Cole T. Fisher Unwin, 1910 £20.00

Stillman, Damie: The Decorative Work of Robert Adam Tiranti,1st ed, 1966 £30.00

Stevens, Wallace: Selected Poems Faber, 1953 £40.00

Stevens, Henry: Who spoils our new English Books, Asked and Answered by... London. Henry Newton Stevens. 1st Ed., 1884 £40.00

Stevens, Henry: Recollections of Mr James Lenox of New York and the Formation of His Library London. Henry Stevens & Son. First Edition. 1886 £85.00

Stevens, Henry: A Catalogue of My English Library Collected and described by Henry Stevens. London. Printed by C.Whittingham. For Private Distribution, 1st editon 1853.. £75.00

Stephens, Theo A, and A.T.Johnson: My Garden's Choice of Rock Plants, Trees and Flowering Shrubs, and Herbaceous Plants Surrey. My Garden Ltd and C.Arthur Pearson, Ltd.3rd imp 1950 £26.00

Steingraber, Erich ed.: Royal Treasures. Trans by Stefan de Haan. Photographs by Claus and Liselotte Hansmann London. Weidenfeld & Nicolson.1968 £40.00

Stechow, Wolfgang: Dutch Landscape painting in the seventeenth century [National Gallery of Art : Kress Foundation Studies in the History of European Art.] London. Phaidon, 2nd ed. 1968 £38.00

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