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Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson: Animals in Translation, Using the mysteries of autism to decode animal behaviour. London: Bloomsbury,2005. £20.00

John A Lorelli: To foreign shores, U.S. Amphibious operations i n World War 11 USA:Naval Institute,1995 £20.00

Rev W. Awdry: Thomas the Tank Engine, Annual 1980. Authorised Edition. Manchester: World Distributord,1979 £145.00

Dieter Herwig and Heinz Rode: Luftwaffe Secret Projects, Strategic Bombers, 1935-1945 Leicester: Midland Publishing,2000. £25.00

David Masters: German Jet Genesis. London: Janes,1982 £25.00

Ronald Blythe: At Helpston, Meetings with John Clare. Norfolk: Black Dog Books,2011 £25.00

Frank Richards: Old-Soldier Sahib London: Faber & Faber,1936 £40.00

Eric Sandon: Suffolk Houses, A study of domestic Architecture. Suffolk: Baron Publishing,1977 £30.00

Miles Cowsill and John Hendy: Steam Packet 175, 1830-2005, the official anniversary book if the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. IOM.: Ferry Publications,2005 £20.00

Maureen Sheridan: Bob Marley,The stories behind every song, Soul Survivor London: Sevenoaks,1999 £20.00

Hilary Evans: Frontiers of Reality, Where Science meets the paranormal. Northamptonshire:The Aquarian Press,1989 £20.00

David Nicholls: One Day. London: Hodder & Stoughton,2009 £35.00

C Anthony Law.: White plumes Astern, The short, daring life of Canada's MTB Flotilla. London: Nimbus,1989 £25.00

Rodney Peppe: Automata and Mechanical Toys. Wiltshire: Crowood Press,2009 £20.00

Mike Peters and Luuk Buist.: Glider Pilots at Arnhem. London: Pen & Sword Military,2009 £25.00

Ed Gordon: HMS Pepperpot, The Penelope in World War Two. London: Robert hale, 1985 £25.00

A J Smithers: Rude Mechanics, An account of tank maturity during the second world war. London: Leo Cooper,1987 £20.00

Robin Prior & Trevor Wilson: Command on the Western Front. Oxford: Blackwell Publications,1942 £20.00

Michael Freedland: Jolie, The story of Al Jolson London: W H Allen;1985. £20.00

Charles Holme: A course of instruction in wood-carving according to the Japanese method. London: The Studio,ndt £35.00

Patrick Beesly: Room 40, British Naval Intelligence 1914-18 London: Hamish Hamilton, 1982 £20.00

H W Ward & Co.: Ward Capstan & Turret Lathes. Small tools & attachments. Edition 50. Birmingham:H W Ward 7 Co.,ndt. £35.00

Alan McGowan: HMS Victory, Her construction, Career and Restoration London: Chatham Publishing,1999 £40.00

Walter Schick and Ingolf Meyer: Luftwaffe secret projects. Fighters 1939-1945. Hinkley: Midland publishing,1997 £20.00

Zecharia Sitchin: The twelfth planet. London: George Allen & Unwin,1977 £20.00

Myra Shackley: Wildmen, Yeti,Sasquatch and the Neanderthal enigma. London:Thames & Hudson,1983 £25.00

Henry Wills: Pillboxes, A study of UK defences 1940 London: Leo Cooper,1983 £25.00

George Wright-Nooth and Mark Adkin: Prisoner of the turnip heads, Horror, Hunger and Humour in Hong Kong, 1941-1945. London: Leo Cooper,1994 £20.00

Martin Middlebrook: The Peenemunde Raid, The night of 17-18 August 1943 London Penguin,1982 £20.00

Henry Phillips: From obscurity to bright dawn, How Nyasaland became Malawi:An insiders account. London: The Radcliffe Press,1998 £25.00

Eric Brown: Wings of the Weird & Wonderful. Volume 1. Shrewsbury: Airlife,1983 £20.00

Raymond Foxall: The Amateur Commandos. London: Robert Hall,1980 £30.00

Frederick I Ordway 111 and Mitchell R Sharpe: The rocket team. London: Heinemann,1979 £20.00

John Leather: The Northseamen, The story of the fishermen, yachtsmen and shipbuildersof the Colne and Blackwater rivers. Suffolk: Terence Dalton,1971 £20.00

Nigel Pennick: Hitlers Secret Sciences, His quest for the hidden knowledge of the ancients. Suffolk: Spearman: 1981 £20.00

K A Merrick: Halifax, An illustrated History of a classic World War 11 bomber London: Ian Allan,1980 £20.00

J R Smith & Antony kay.: German Aircraft of the Second World War. London: Putnam1982 £20.00

Ian V Hogg.: German Artillery of World War Two. London: Greenhill,1997 £20.00

David Wood: Genisis, The first book of Revelations. Kent: The Baton Press,1985 £20.00

Alan Coles: Slaughter at sea, The truth behind a naval war crime London: Hale, 1986 £20.00

Geoffrey Sravert: A study in Southsea, The unrevealed life of Doctor Arthur Conan Doyle. Hants.: Milestone Publications,1987 £25.00

Frida H Brackley: Brackles, memoirs of a pioneer of civil aviatian London: Mackay,1952 £20.00

Frederick Taylor: Exorcising Hitler, The occupation and denazification of Germany London: Bloomsbury, 2011 £20.00

Douglas Botting: Gavin Maxwell, A life. London: HarperCollins,1993 £20.00

Peter Harclerode.: Go to it, The illustrated history of The 6th Airborne Division. London: Caxton editions, 2000 £20.00

Peter Norman Jackson and Elaine jackson: The life of Dick Turpin notorious highwayman. Devon: Arthur Stockwell,1988 £20.00

K R M Short: The Dynamite war, Irish-American Bombers in Victorian Britain Dublin: Gill & Macmillan,1979 £20.00

E L Ahrons: The British Steam Railway Locomotive from 1825 to 1925 London: Ian Allan, ndt. £30.00

Dave McIntosh: Mosquito Intruder. London: John Murray,1982 £20.00

Ray Sturtivant, John Hamlin and james J Halley: Royal Air Force Flying Training and support Units. Kent: Air-Britain (Historians),1997 £50.00

Guy Hartcup: The challeng of war, Scientific and engineering contributions to World War Two. London: David & Charles, 1970 £20.00

George Evans: The landfall story, The D-Day veteran that lives on as a unique floating club. Liverpool: George Evans,1972. £20.00

Chas Mcdevitt: Skiffle, the definitive story. London: Robson Books, 1997 £40.00

Tony Maxwell.: From tiny acorrns. The first hundred years of Woodford Green Athletic club. 1908-2008 Essex; Tony Maxwell,2008 £65.00

Roberto L. Quercetani: Athletics, A history of modern track and field athletics (1860-2000), men and women. Milan: SEP,2000 £35.00

Noel Malcolm: Bosnia A short history. London: Macmillan,1994 £20.00

Hal Higdon: A century of running, Boston, celebrating the 100th. anniversary of the Boston Athletic Association marathon. USA, Rodale Books, 1995. £20.00

Phil Hadwen, John Smith, Peter White and Neil Wylie: A Pictorial history of Felixstowe Dock, landguard Fort to premier port. Felixstowe: The Authors,1998 £35.00

Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham (ed.) Leone F. Litwack and Darlene Clark Hine, Randall K. Burkett: The Harvard Guide to African-American history. USA.:Harvard University Press,2001 £30.00

Robin Lumsden: Edged Weapons in Hitlers Germany London: Airlife,2001 £25.00

E Hallam Moorhouse. (ed.): Letters of the English Seamen;1587-1808 London: Chapman & Hall,1910 £25.00

Sam Smith: Gibraltar, The link with the sea. Gibraltar: Gibraltar Study Circle,1997 £25.00

John Gaylor.: Sons of John Company, The Indian & Pakistan armies 1903-1991. Kent: Spellmount,1992 £20.00

Richard Hough: BP book of The Racing Campbells. London: Stanley Paul,1960 £35.00

Michael L Gibson: Aviation in Northamptonshire, An illustrated history. Northampton: Northampton libraries, 1982 £25.00

Grace L Knott.: English Smocking, the how to. London: Frederick Muller, 1962 £25.00

E P Statham: The story of Britannia, the training ship for naval cadets. London:Cassell,1904 £55.00

Clive Rose (Introduction): Lavenham Remembers, The rolls of Honour of Two world wars. Suffolk: Lavenham Press,2006 £25.00

George Duncan Grey: Secret Riches, and other essays. London: J W Arrosmith,1903 £25.00

S Warburton.: Chingford at War, A record of the Civil Defence & allied services and incidents which occurred in the borough 1939-1945. Chingford: Chingford Borough Council,1946 £70.00

Reinhard Spitzy: How we squandered the Reich. Norwich: Tussell, 1997 £25.00

W Y Carman: Richard Simkin's Uniform of the British Army, The Cavalry Regiments. London: Webb & Bower,1982 £20.00

Nicholas Foulkes: The Bentley Era, The fast and furious story of the fabulous Bentley boys. London: Quadrille Publishing,2006 £35.00

William Golding: Rites of passage London: Faber & Faber,1980 £20.00

W N Nicholson: The Suffolk Regiment, 1928-1946. Suffolk;The Suffolk regiment Old Comrades Association, ndt. £35.00

E T MacDermot: History of the Great Western Railway, Volume 1, part 1 & Volume 1 part 11, 1833-1863. London: Great Western Railway, Paddington Station, 1927. £40.00

Ken Wells: Wimpys to Mustangs, A pictorial history of Steeple Morden Airfield, 1940-45 Herts.: East Angloa Books, 1999 £30.00

David Attenborough: Zoo quest to Madagascar London: Lutterworth Press,1961 £20.00

David Attenborough: Quest under Capricorn London: Lutterwirth Press,1963 £25.00

Conor O Brien: Voyage and discovery. London; William Blackwood,1933 £250.00

Patrick Riley: Memories of a Blue-Jacket, 1872-1918 London: Sampson Low, ndt. £25.00

Mark Kerr: The Sailor's Nelson London: Hurst & Blackett,1932 £20.00

Henry Denham: Inside the Nazi Ring, A Naval attache in Sweden 1940-1945 London: John Murray,1984 £20.00

D H Clarke: An evolution of Singlehanders. London: Stanford Maritime,1976 £20.00

Michela Denis: Ride a Rhino London: W H Allen.1939 £20.00

Martyn Green: Here's a how-de-do, travelling with Gilbert and Sullivan London; Max Reinhardt,1952. £20.00

John Knox Laughton: Nelson and his comanions in arms, The Nelson Memorial. London: George Allen,1896 £50.00

Hesketh Pearson: Gilbert, his life and strife. London: methuen,1957 £20.00

Tamara De Lempicka.: Tamara De Lempicka, Art deco icon. London: Royal Academy of Arts, 2004 £20.00

Sarah Helm: A life in secrets, the story of Vera Atkins and the lost agents of SOE. London: Little Brown, 2005 £30.00

Philip Anthony Towle.: Pilots and rebels, The use of aircraft in unconventional warfare, 1918-1988 London: Brasseys,1989 £20.00

Neil McCart: HMS Hermes, 1923 &1959. Cheltenham: FAN Publications, 2001. £25.00

Melusine Wood: Historical Dances, 12th to 19th. Century, Their manner of performance and their place in the social life of the time. London: Beaumont, 1952. £20.00

Douglas H Robinson: Giants in the sky, A history of the rigid airship. Oxfordshire, G T Foulis,1973. £35.00

Clagette Blake: Charles Elliot R.N. 1801-1875, A servant of Britain overseas. London: Cleaver-Hume Press,1960 £30.00

Arthur Herman: To rule the waves, How the British Navy shaped the modern world. London; Hodder & Stoughton, 2004 £20.00

Richard J. Garrett.: The defences of Macau, forts. ships and weapons over 450 years. Hong Kong: HK University Press,2010 £25.00

J. Dalrymple Hay: Lines from my log-books Edinburgh; David Douglas,1898 £40.00

Barrie Kent: Signal, A history of signalling in the Royal Navy. Hampshire: Hyden House,1993 £30.00

Neil McCart: Tiger, Lion & Blake, 1942-1986, The Royal Navy's Last Cruisers. Cheltenham: Fan Publications,1999 £20.00

Jack Broome: Make a signal London: Putnam,1955 £40.00

The Duke of Bedford and Spencer U. Pickering.: First report of the Woburn Experimental Fruit farm, 1897. London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1897 £25.00

H P Clodd: Aldeburgh, The history of an ancient borough Suffolk: Norman Adlard,1959 £20.00

Michael A Fopp.: The lancaster manual, The offficial air publication for the Lancaster MK1 and 111. 1942-1945 London: Greenhill books, 2003 £20.00

Jay Miller: The X-planes. X-1 to X-31 USA.:Orion books, 1988 £20.00

Steven H Newton (Translated & editied): Kursk, The German view. London: De capo Press,2002 £20.00

Ray Whitford: Fundamentals of Fighter Design. Shresbury: Airlife,2000. £50.00

Michael J F Bowyer: The Stirling story. Manchester: Crecy Publishing,2002 £20.00

Maurice Gorham: Back to the Local. London: Percival Marshall,1949 £20.00

P J Griffiths: A history of the joint Steamer Companies. London: Inchape & Co.,1979 £25.00

Jeffrey Plowman. Perry Rowe.: The Battles for Monte Cassino, then and now. Essex: Battle of Britain International, 2011 £35.00

Sonia Surrey-Gent and Gordon Morris: Seaweed, A users guide. London: Whittet Books, 1987 £35.00

Norman Lewis: A voyage by Dhow and other pieces. London: Johnathan Cape,2001 £20.00

W Herrod-Hempsall.: Bee produce, Producing, preparing, exhibiting and judging bee produce. London: The British Bee journal,1948 £20.00

George Wakeford: Bee-master London: Regency Press,1977 £20.00

A I Root: The ABC and XYZ of bee culture, An encyclopedia pertaining to scientific and practical culture of bees. Ohio: A I Root Co. 1974. £20.00

Iona and Peter Opie: The classic fairy tales. London: Oxford University Press,1974 £30.00

Helene Hanff: The Dutchess of Bloomsbury Street. London: Andre Deutsch, 1974. £35.00

Dudley Pope: 73 North. London: The Alison Press,1988 £25.00

Helene Hanff: 84, Charing Cross Road. London: Andre Deutsch, 1971 £100.00

George Steiner: In Bluebeard's Castle, some notes towards the re-definition of culture. London: Faber & Faber,1971 £20.00

Rosemary Harris: Prejudice and tolerance in Ulster. Manchester: Manchester University press,1972 £20.00

Martin Fido & Keith Skinner: The Peasenhall murder. Glos.:Alan Sutton, 1990 £25.00

George Borrow: George Borrow, The Dingle chapters. Norfolk: Brynmill,2001 £20.00

Barbara Dawson: White work embroidery. London: B T Batsford,1987 £20.00

David Pierce: Yeat's worlds, Ireland, England and the poetic imagination. London; Yale university Press,1995 £20.00

B V Rossi: Modern Roses in Australasia Australia: Mitchell & Casey,1930. £20.00

Stirling Moss: All but my life, face to face with Ken W Purdy. London: Kimber,1963 £20.00

Rural Industries Bureau.: The Blacksmith's Craft,an introduction to Smithing for apprentices and craftsmen. London: RIB.,1961 £20.00

John Addey: Harmoniocs in Astrology, An introductory textbook to the New Understanding of an old Science. London: The Urania Trust,1996 £20.00

Paul Tabori and Peter Underwood.: The ghosts of Borley, Annals of the haunted rectory. Newron Abbot: David & Charles,1973 £35.00

Peter Longerich: The unwritten order, Hitlers role in the final solution. Glos.: Tempus Publishing,2001 £20.00

James Hayward: Gypsy Jib, A Romany Dictionary. Suffolk: Holm Oak Publishing,2004 £35.00

Carl Boyd and Akihiko Yoshida: The Japanese submarine force and World War 11 London: Airlife,1996 £20.00

Terry Pratchett: Soul Music, A Discworld novel London: Victor Gollancz, 1994 £20.00

Stephane Groueff: Manhattan project, The untold story of the making of the Atomic bomb. London; Collins,1967 £25.00

Stephen Baxter.: Silverhair USA;The Eastern Press,1999 £40.00

Mrs Fergusson Blair.: The Henwife, her own experience in her owm poultry-yard London: Hamilton, Adams and Co., Simpkin, Marshall and Co., 1863 £100.00

Evelyn Waugh: Love among the ruins, a romance of the near future. London: Chapman & Hall,1953 £25.00

W D "Jim" Jarman: Those wallowing beauties, The story of Landing barges in World War 11 London: The book Guild,1997 £20.00

Sarah Don: The art of Shetland Lace. London: Bell & Hyman,1980. £20.00

N A M Rodger: The Wooden world, An Anatomy of the Georgian Navy. London: Collins,1986 £20.00

J Drinkwater Bethune: A Narrative of the battle of St. Vincent. London: Blackmore,1969 £20.00

G E Barnett (Compiled) V Blanchard (ed.): City of Portsmouth, Records of The Corporation, Volume 1 1936-45, Volume 2 1946-1955. Portsmouth: Corporation of Portsmouth £25.00

Alexander Speltz: Styles of ornament, A collection of more than four thousand decorative and architectural designs. USA:Gramercy Books,1994 £20.00

James Lovelock: The vanishing face of Gaia, A final warning London; Allen Lane, 2009. £30.00

David Fletcher.: The British Tanks 1915-19 Wiltshire: The Crowood Press,2001 £25.00

Vernon E W Finch: The Red star line and international mercantile marine company. Belgium: De Branding,1988 £20.00

Cyril Noall: Cornish Seines and Seiners, a history of the pilchard fishing industry Cornwall: Bradford Barton,1972 £20.00

Rick Barnett: The Thomas Kinkade story, A 20 year chronolgy of the artist. Boston: Bullfinch press, 2003 £20.00

J B Priestley: Over the long high wall, Some reflections & speculations on life, death & time London: Heineman,1972 £20.00

Ronald Seth: Two fleets surprised, The story of the battle of Cape Matapan London: Geoffrey Bles,1960 £20.00

Richard Walker.: Dick Walker's Angling, theories and practice, past, present and to come. London: Angling Time in association with David & Charles,1979 £20.00

Edward P. Von der Porten: The German Navy in World War 11 London: Arthur Barker,2007 £20.00

Adrian Bell: The Cherry tree. London: The Country Book Club,1951 £20.00

Vincent B Redstone: Memorials of old Suffolk. London: Bemrose & Son, 1908 £60.00

Richard Walker: Still-water angling London: David & Charles, 1973 £20.00

R D Usherwood: Drawing for Radio Times London: The Bodley Head,1961 £40.00

Arthur Mee.: Arthur Mees Norfolk, Green pastures and still waters. London:Hodder & Stoughton, 1951 £20.00

Gerald and Margaret Ponting: The story of Kesgrave. Isle of Lewis:Privately printed,1981. £25.00

Cecil J Sharp: The sword dances of Northern England. Part 1 Part 11 Part 111. London; Novello and company.1951 £45.00

W A Barber: From Paddle-steamer to nuclear ship, A history of the engine-powered vessel. London: Watts,1965 £20.00

Kenneth Nicholls Palmer: Ceremonial Barges on the river Thames, A history of the Barges of the city of London Livery Companies and of the crown. London: Unicorn Press,1997 £20.00

John G Wells: Whaley, The story of HMS Excellent 1830 to 1980 Portsmouth:: HMS Excellent,1980 £40.00

Gregory L Mattson: SS-Das Reich, The history of the Second SS Division 1939-45 Kent: Spellmount,2002 £20.00

Gerald D Feldman: Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933-1945 Cambridge: CUP., 2001 £20.00

Francis W Simpson: Simpsons flora of Suffolk Suffolk: Suffolk Naturalist's Society,1982 £45.00

Geoffrey Inchbald: Imperial Camel Corps. London; Johnson,1970 £40.00

Gordon Biddle: The Railway Surveyors, The story of Railway property Management 1800-1990 London: Ian Allan, British Rail Property Board,1980. £20.00

Gabriel White: Edward Ardizzone, Artist & Illustrator. London: The Bodley Head,1979 £30.00

Chris Hawkins and George Reeve: Great Eastern Railway, Engine sheds. 2 Volumes Oxon:Wold Swan Publications,1986 £50.00

Patrick Delaforce: The fighting Wessex Wyverns, from Normandy to Bremerhaven with the 43rd. Wessex Division. Glos.: Alan Sutton, 1994 £20.00

Nigel Pickford & Michael Hatcher: The legacy of the Tek Sing, China's Titanic-its tragedy and its treasure Cambridge: Granta Editions,2000 £25.00

Laurent Binet: HhhH London: Harvill Secker,2012 £20.00

Ralph Barker: The Schneider Trophy. Shrewsbury: Airlife, 1981 £20.00

Alexander Kent: Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger London; Hutchinson,1978 £40.00

Brian J Boeck.: Imperial Boundaries, Cossack Communities and Empire-Building in the age of Peter the Great. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press,2009 £25.00

Alf Francis, Peter Lewis.: Alf Francis, racing mechanic. London: G T Foulis,1957 £50.00

R Borlase Matthews: The Aviation Pocket-Book for 1916. London: Crosby lockwood & Son, 1916. £20.00

Mrs Ward: The microscope. London:Groombridge & Sons. ndt. (late 1800's) £70.00

W E J Van Den Bold.: Handbook of Thematic Philately Cyprus: The British Thematic Association, 1994. £20.00

Richard Barber: The story of Ludgrove. Oxford: Ludgrove School,2004 £50.00

John Roberts: Billiards for beginners. London: Ward Lock, 1909 £20.00

B Hickman (ed.): Japanes Crafts, materials and their applications. London: Fine Books Oriental,1977 £20.00

R B Freeman: Charles Darwin, A companion Kent: dawson,1978 £20.00

Frederick William Wallace: In the wake of the wind-ships, Notes, records and biographies pertaining to the Square-rigged Merchant Marine of British North America. London: Hodder & Stoughton,ndt., £22.00

Dominic Gill (ed.): The book of the Violin. Oxford: Phaidon Press,1984. £20.00

D W Bailey: British military Longarms, 1715-1865 London: Arms & Armour Press, 1986 £25.00

Brian Macdermot: Ships without names, The story of the Royal Navy's Tank landing ships of World War two. London; Arms & Armour Press, 1992 £36.00

Dylan Thomas: Under Milk Wood, A play for voices. London; The Folio society, 1979. £20.00

Anne Riches.: Victorian Church building and restoration in Suffolk. A supplement to H. Munro Cautley's Suffolk Churches. (4th. ed.) Suffolk: Boydell Press, 1982 £20.00

F D Corfield: The origins & growth of Mau Mau, An historical survey. Sessional paper No. 5 of 1959/60 Kenya: Colony & Protectorate of Kenya, 1960. £30.00

Peter Dawlish: Capatin Peg-legs War. London: OUP., 1939 £25.00

James Gilmour: Among the Mongols London: RTS., ndt. £20.00

East London Rubber Co. Ltd.: Cycle Catalogue 1938, Cycles, Tyres and tools,Accessories & clothing. London: E L R C., 1938 £75.00

Spike Mays: Fall out the officers. London; Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1969 £25.00

Michael Hill: Brian Ryder, painting atmospheric landscapes, Norfolk and Beyond Somerset: Halstar, 2010 £30.00

Andrea Rose: Pre-Raphaelite Portraits. Somerset: Oxford Illustrated Press,1981 £20.00

A G Street: A Crook in the furrow London; Faber popular books, 1947 £25.00

Roy & Lesley Adkins: Jack Tar, Life in Lord Nelsons Navy. London; little Brown, 2008 £20.00

Marius B. Jansen: The making of modern Japan. USA.,; Harvard University Press,2000. £20.00

Duff Hart-Davis: Raoul Millais, his life and work. Shrewsbury: Swan Hill, 1998 £25.00

Roald Dahl: The Mildenhall Treasure. London: Jonathan Cape, 1999 £20.00

Henry Laver.: Colchester Oyster Fishery, Its antiquity and position, method of working, and the quality and safety of its products Colchester: Colne Fishery Board, 1916. £45.00

F W Welldon: Two sermons preached by Rev. F W Welldon in Ashbocking Church on Sunday January 27th. 1901. Suffolk: W S Cowell, 1901 £40.00

Albert Keim: La Decoration et le Mobilier a Lepoque Romantique et sous Le Second Empire. Paris; Nilsson, ndt (20's) £40.00

Ina Brosseau Marx, Allen Marx & Robert Marx: Professional Painted Finishes. New York:Watson-Guptill Publications,1991 £20.00

C Leo Reid.: North Country Clockmakers of the 17th, 18th, and 19th. Centuries. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Andrew Reid, 1925 £38.00

Andrew Hendrie: Canadian Squadrons in Coastal Command. Canada: Vanwell Publishing,1997 £20.00

Edward Storey.: The winter fens. London; Robert Hale, 1993 £20.00

Marie Angel: Painting for Calligraphers. London; Pelham Books, 1989 £30.00

Norman Scarfe: Suffolk in the Middle Ages Suffolk: The Boydell Press,1986 £20.00

John Mac Cormick: The Island of Mull, It's history, scenes and legends. Glascow: Alex Maclaren, 1923. £20.00

David Dymond and Edward Martin (ed.): An Historical atlas of Suffolk Ipswich: Suffolk County Council,1988. £20.00

Who's Who in Suffolk. Worcester: Ebenezer Baylis,1935. £20.00

W R Chorley: In Brave Company, 158 squadron operations. Salisbury: P A Chorley, 1990 £70.00

Ken Buchanan: The Tartan legend, The autobiography London: Headline publishing,2000 £20.00

James Kotsilibas-Davis & Myrna Loy: Myrna Loy, Being and Becoming London: Bloomsbury,1987 £60.00

Duncan Edwards.: Tackle soccer this way. London; Stanley paul, 1958. £25.00

Albert Z. Conner.: A History of our own; Stafford County, Virginia USA.; The Donning Company Publishers, 2003. £30.00

Roger Finch: A cross in the Topsail, An account of the shipping interests of R & W Paul Ltd., Ipswich Ipswich: The Boydell Press, 1979 £20.00

Salman Rushdie: Shalimar the clown London: Jonathan Cape,2005. £25.00

R M Healey: Hertfordshire, A shell guide. London: Faber & Faber, 1982 £20.00

T E Lawrence: The Mint. A day-book of the RAF Depot between August and December 1922 with later notes. by 352087 A/c Ross London: Jonathan Cape, 1955 £20.00

Robert H. Rankin: Military Headdress, A pictorial history of military headgear from 1660 to 1914 London: Purnell Services, 1976 £35.00

John E Barnard: Building Britain's Wooden Walls, The Barnard Dynasty, c1697-1851 London: Anthony Nelson, 1997 £75.00

Paul Lund & Harry Ludlam: The war of the Landing Craft. London: W Foulsham, 1976 £25.00

Leon Turrou: The Nazi spy conspiracy in America, as told to David Wittels. London: George G. Harrap, 1939 £20.00

The Austin Motor Co.: Austin A90 A95 A105, Series BS4, BS5, BS7, BS8, BW6. Birmingham:The Austin Motor Co., Ltd., ndt. £25.00

Marcus Morris and Frank Hampson (ed): Dan Dare's spacebook, Dan Dare, pilot of the future in Eagle. London:Hulton Press , ndt., (early 1950's) £50.00

Geoff Dyer: The missing of the Somme London: Hamish Hamilton, 1994 £35.00

Robert Weir, J. Moray Brown: Riding with (Polo) Illustrated by G D Giles & others. London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1891 £25.00

Dick Francis: Knock Down. London: Michael Joseph, 1974. £20.00

A Samler Brown & G Gordon Brown.: The South and East African Year book & Guide. London: Sampson, Low, Martson & Co., for The Union-Castle Mail Steamship Co. London. 1919. £20.00

Victor K. Kaledin: Underground Diplomacy, the adventures of a private spy. London: Hurst & Blackerr, ndt. £30.00

Samuel James Capper.: The shores and cities of The Boden See, Rambles in 1879 and 1880. London: Thos. De La Rue & Co., 1881. £100.00

Kenneth Mansfield (ed.): The art of Angling, 3 volume set. London: The Caxton Publishing Co., 1957. £30.00

J R R Tolkien: Tree and leaf. USA.:Houghton & Mifflin & co., 1965 £50.00

J J North.: English Hammered Coinage, Early Anglo-Saxon to Henry 111, C650-1272 Volume 1. London: Spink & Son,1963 £60.00

Cyril Hall.: Models and how to make them. London: C Arthur Pearson, 1906 £20.00

Robert C Mikesh: Flying Dragons, The South Vietnamese Air Force London: Osprey Publishing, 1988 £35.00

Richard Creagh-Osborne: Dinghy Building London: Granada Publishing, 1978 £20.00

George Perry: Forever Ealing, A celebration of the Great British Film Studio. London: Pavilion Books, 1981 £20.00

Neil Allen: Olympic diary, Tokyo, 1964. London: Nicholas kaye, 1965. £35.00

Macgregor Knox, Williamson Murray: The dynamics of military revolution, 1300-2050 Cambridge: C U P., 2001 £20.00

Kate A. Ter Horst: Cloud over Arnhem, September 17th-26th 1944 London: Allan Wingate, 1959. £90.00

Jimmy Mcilroy: Right inside soccer. London: Nicholas Kaye, 1960 £30.00

Jack Higgins: The Eagle has flown. London:Chapmans Publishing, 1991. £25.00

Alan Lupack: The Oxford guide to Arthurian literature and legend. Oxford|: Oxford University Press, 2005 £25.00

Dennis R Mills: Lord and peasant in Nineteenth Century Britain. London: Croom Helm, 1980 £20.00

Bob Noakes.: Last of the Pirates, A saga of everyday life on board Radio Caroline Edinburgh: Paul Harris publishing, 1984. £25.00

Helene Parmelin. Translated by Christine Trollope: Picasso Says. London: George Allen & Unwin,1969 £20.00

W D Wansbrough: The Portable Steam Engine, Its construction and management. A Practical manual for owners and users of Steam Engines generally. London: Crosby Lockwood, 1912. £75.00

Stevie Smith.: Not waving but drowning. London: Andre Deutsch, 1975. £50.00

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