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Ken Spelman Books, ABA.

Whitehead, David; Shoesmith, Ron James Wathen's Herefordshire, 1770-1820 : A Collection of His Sketches and Paintings Logaston Press, 1994. £40.00

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Raffald, Elizabeth The Experienced English Housekeeper : For the Use and Ease of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks, &c., Written Purely from Practice... E& W, 1970. £20.00

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ALDIN, Cecil Time I Was Dead, Pages from My Autobiography London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1934. £25.00

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Wainwright, Clive Romantic Interior : The British Collector at Home, 1750-1850 Yale University Press, 1989. £30.00

Sharp, Robert The Diary of Robert Sharp of South Cave : Life in a Yorkshire Village, 1812-1837 The British Academy, 1997. £45.00

Mommsen, Theodor A History of Rome : From the Foundation of the City to the Sole Rule of Julius Caesar Folio Society, 2006. £25.00

Watson, Peter Ideas, a History : Four Volume Set Folio Society, 2009. £95.00

Lancel, Serge Carthage, a History Folio Society, 2012. £25.00

Welsby, Derek A. & Phillipson, David W. Empires of the Nile Folio Society, 2008. £20.00

Meyer, Marvin The Gnostic Gospels Folio Society, 2007. £25.00

GLASGOW EXHIBITION. A commemorative bronze medal of the 1911 Scottish Exhibition, with "Let Glasgow Flourish" and the Glasgow coat of arms on the reverse. N.p., 1911. £25.00

FILDES, Sir Luke, (1844-1927). An autograph note, on card with printed address, to ‘Dear Lethbridge' in response to an invitation from a friend. N.p., 1887. £20.00

HANBURY, Ada. Advanced Studies in Flower Painting. Reproduced from original drawings, specially made for the work. Blackie & Son, 1885. £65.00

LEITCH, R.P. A Course of Water Colour Painting. Cassell & Co, 1883. £40.00

LEITCH, R.P. A Course of Sepia Painting. Cassell, Petter, 1882. £40.00

YOUDALE, W.H. A most interesting late 19th and early 20th century manuscript kept by an amateur artist, and film-maker. N.p., 1880. £650.00

PENLEY, Aaron. Sketching from Nature in Water Colours. With illustrations in chromolithography after original water-colour drawings. Cassell & Co, 1880. £60.00

NEEDHAM, J. Studies of Trees in Pencil and in Water Colors. Second Series. Blackie & Son, 1880. £25.00

NEEDHAM, J. Studies of Trees in Pencil and in Water Colors. First [and Second] Series. Blackie & Son, 1880. £50.00

NEEDHAM, J. Studies of Trees in Pencil and in Water Colors. First [and Second] Series. Blackie & Son, 1880. £65.00

Westcott, Thompson. Centennial Portfolio: a souvenir of the International Exhibition at Philadelphia, comprising lithographic views of fifty of its principal buildings, with letter-press description. Philadelphia: Thomas Hunter, 1876. £195.00

LEITCH, R.P. A Course of Water Colour Painting. Cassell & Co, 1873. £50.00

HAMERTON, P.G. The Etcher's Handbook. Giving an account of the old processes, and of processes recently discovered. Charles Roberson, 1871. £45.00

SAMBOURNE, Edwin Linley (1844-1910). An autograph letter to J. Lucas taking up an appointment to view his pictures. N.p., 1870. £25.00

CHEVREUL, M.E. The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colours, and their applications to the arts. Longman, 1854. £160.00

ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY. Statement for the Royal Institution for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts in Scotland, William Blackwood, 1847. £95.00

FOREIGN PRINTS. A collection of 20 engravings by seventeenth century Dutch & Flemish artists, N.p., 1837. £95.00

STICKNEY, Sarah. Contrasts. A Series of Twenty Drawings, designed by S. Stickney. R. Ackermann, 1832. £320.00

EGLEY, William (1798-1870). A letter to him written on behalf of a ‘sitter', Mrs Colonel Ellis, expediting delivery of her picture. N.p., 1831. £35.00

HAZLITT, William. Conversations of James Northcote, Esq., R.A. Henry Colburn, 1830. £95.00

TAYLOR, CHARLES. A Familiar Treatise on Drawing, for Youth. being an elementary introduction to the Fine Arts, designed for the instruction of young persons. Sherwood, 1827. £160.00

MORSE, Robert. COLLECTION OF PRINTS. A Catalogue of the Extensive and Choice Collection of Prints formed by the late Robert Morse Smith & Davy, 1816. £140.00

LAPORTE, John. A suite of four large etched views, the final one with contemporary hand-colouring. G. Testolini, 1812. £295.00

DAWE, G. The Life of George Morland. With Remarks on his Works. Vernor, Hood and Sharpe, 1807. £95.00

LAVATER, J.H. Essays on Physiognomy; for the promotion of the knowledge and the love of mankind; written in the German language by J. C. Lavater, abridged from Mr. Holcrofts translation. G.G. J. & J. Robinson, 1800. £95.00

JARDIN DES TUILERIES. Precis Historique et Fabuleux sur les Statues qui Ornent le Jardin des Tuileries. Paris: Chez Chaudrillie, 1799. £220.00

Principles of Landscape PRINCIPLES OF LANDSCAPE. A bound collection of 38 fine engraved plates, each with caption, issued by C. Taylor between 1791 and 1793. C. Taylor, 1791. £650.00

Anon. Secrets Concernant les Arts et Metiers: ouvrage utile, non-seulement aux artistes, mais encore ŕ ceux qui les emploient. Paris: Moutard, 1790. £680.00

ANON ARTIST'S ASSISTANT, in the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences... G. Robinson, 1785. £295.00

FARINGTON, Joseph. An interesting and very early letter written by the young Joseph Farington, from Houghton [Hall], dated October 4th 1773, and addressed to Mr [John] Boydell, Cheapside, London. N.p., 1773. £495.00

WEBB, Daniel. An Inquiry into the Beauties of Painting; and into the merits of the most celebrated painters, ancient and modern. R & J Dodsley, 1769. £220.00

VILLIERS, Edward., 1st Earl of Jersey, Knight Marshal of the Royal Household. A warrant addressed to Earl Montague, Master of the Great Wardrobe, requiring him to give orders for the cleaning "the tapestry hangings in his Majesties Drawing Room at Kensington N.p., 1701. £495.00

Elzea, Betty Frederick Sandys, 1829-1904 : A Catalogue RaisonnĂ© Antique Collectors Club, 2001. £25.00

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Haley, K.H.D. The First Earl of Shaftesbury Oxford, 1968. £35.00

John, Lewis Great Western Steam Rail Motors : And Their Services Wild Swan, 2004. £30.00

Forester, C.S. Mr Midshipman Hornblower Michael Joseph, 1950. £30.00

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Gould Gould's History of Freemasonry. In 3 Volumes (of 6) Caxton, 1920. £20.00

Barnard, Alfred The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom David and Charles, 1969. £40.00

Sato, Tomoko; Pallasamaa, Juhanni; Aalto, Alvar; Pallasmaa, Juhani Alvar Aalto : Through the Eyes of Shigeru Ban Black Dog Publishing, 2007. £25.00

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Sartre, Jean-Paul Intimacyand Other Stories Peter Nevill, 1949. £20.00

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Fender, P.G.H. The Tests of 1930: The 17th Australian Team in England Faber & Faber, 1930. £20.00

TARBUCK, Edward Lance. The Encyclopaedia of Practical Carpentry and Joinery : A.H. Payne, 1859. £280.00

Browning, Robert Selections from the Poetical Works. First Series. Smith, Elder & Co, 1896. £60.00

Joyce, James. Finnegans Wake. Faber & Faber, 1948. £60.00

James M. Fleming The Fiddle Fancier's Guide. A Manual Of Information Regarding Violins, Violas, Basses and Bows of Classical and Modern Times Haynes, Foucher & Co, 1892. £20.00

George Eliot The Novels of George Eliot, Vol I: Adam Bede William Blackwood. £25.00

Haygarth, William Greece a Poem W. Bulmer & Co, 1997. £20.00

Kruft, Hanno-Walter A History of Architectural Theory : From Vitruvius to the Present Princeton Architectural Press, 1994. £50.00

The National Bank of Greece The Greek Merchant Marine The National Bank of Greece, 1972. £20.00

Rosen, David and Porter, Andrew Verdi's Macbeth : A Sourcebook Cambridge, 1984. £25.00

Schumacher, Thomas Surface and Symbol : Giuseppe Terragni and the Architecture of Italian Rationalism USA: Ernst & Sohn, 1991. £45.00

Horne, Alan The Dictionary of 20th Century British Book Illustrators, 1915-1985 Antique Collectors Club, 1994. £30.00

Lees-Milne, J. Ceaseless Turmoil John Murray, 2004. £20.00

Lees-Milne, James The Milk of Paradise : Diaries, 1993-1997 John Murray, 2005. £20.00

Lees-Milne, James Holy Dread : Diaries 1982-1984 John Murray, 2001. £25.00

Lees-Milne, James Deep Romantic Chasm : Diaries, 1979-1981 John Murray, 2000. £25.00

Ramirez, Mari Carmen El Taller Torres-Garcia : The School of the South and Its Legacy University of Texas, 1992. £20.00

Benimeli, Ferrer J. A. La Masoneria, Espanola y La Crisis Colonial Del 98 : Two Volume Set Zaragoza, 1999. £25.00

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Wilhelm Worringer Form in Gothic Putnam, 1927. £20.00

Braund, Susan H. Beyond Anger : A Study of Juvenal's Third Book of Satires Cambridge, 1988. £30.00

Tatlow, Ruth Bach and the Riddle of the Number Alphabet Cambridge, 1991. £32.00

Figueras, Joan Molina Bernat Martorell I la Tardor Del Gòtic CatalĂ  : El Context ArtĂ­stic Del Retaule de PĂşbol Museu D'art De Girona, 2003. £20.00

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Victorian Cricket Association Annual Report for the Season 1932-1933 W & J Barr. £20.00

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