1. What is UKBookWorld.com?
2. Important hints on searching
3. How to order
4. Booksellers: use the UKBookWorld 'Personal Bookshop' Service
5. Creating and operating a bookseller's account
6. Privacy Policy
  Help - 1. What is UKBookWorld.com?

1.1. General

UKBookWorld.com is a central website containing a searchable database of over two million old and out-of-print books offered for sale by over 450 independent British booksellers.

The website enables you to search right through all the books that have been listed for sale with UKBookWorld by those booksellers, the books for any search being listed with most recent arrivals being at the top of the list displayed.

The bookseller offering each book for sale is also identified. Orders for books may then be placed direct with the booksellers concerned by completing a form on the website (using our secure server for your credit card details if appropriate). UKBookWorld.com immediately notifies the bookeller of your order and emails you a confirmation of your order with the contact details of the bookseller concerned.

Alternatively, you can note down the details of the bookseller(s) and contact them yourself in whatever way suits you best.

As stated in more detail in the next section, in either case you will be buying books direct from the booksellers listing the books for sale. UKBookWorld.com is not involved in any way in the supply process; we are merely the central website listing books for sale on behalf of each bookseller.


1.2. Conditions of purchase through UKBookWorld.com

In purchasing books or other items from a UKBookWorld.com website member, your transactions are with that member and all dealings with them will be governed by separate terms and conditions between you and that Member.

UKBookWorld.com is solely the central listing website and does not act in any way either as the agent for any seller; in guaranteeing that the books listed are still available at the time of ordering; in the supply or delivery of books ordered; or in the processing of credit card details supplied in payment for any books (the booksellers themselves process any credit or debit card payments, using the information provided by you to our secure server).

You should contact the bookseller from whom you order any book to answer any questions regarding supply of any item. As stated above, UKBookWorld.com is not involved in any way in the supply chain; our function is providing a website on which booksellers list books for sale, inviting customers to deal with them directly.

1.3 How to contact us

UKBookworld is the trading name of UKBookworld Limited
a company registered in England - 8536773
Registered office:
3 Downs Avenue,
Epsom, Surrey KT18 5HQ.
Email support@ukbookworld.com

Please note that support relates to the computer operations. If you want help with valuing or obtaining books then please contact one of the members booksellers - see right hand panel for list.