1. What is UKBookWorld.com?
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4. Booksellers: use the UKBookWorld 'Personal Bookshop' Service
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  Help - 4. Booksellers: use the UKBookWorld 'Personal Bookshop' Service

4.1. What is the UKBookWorld 'Personal Bookshop' service?

The main purpose of the UKBookWorld 'Personal Bookshop' service is to provide booksellers with personal web pages with built-in search-engines of all their books for sale. These web pages can be either accessed directly or incorporated into the bookseller's existing personal website so that their customers can search through their books and their books alone.

An example of a personal page is that of Jeffrey Stern at ukbookworld.com/members/stern.

This online bookshop service comes complete with purchase facilities including, if needed, a secure server for credit card details.

Additionally, visitors to the UKBookWorld.com main website can search through all the books on the database from all the UKBookWorld.com booksellers at the same time.

Sales can therefore be made both to your own personal customers visiting your own website as a result of your publicity or promotion for your business, and to casual visitors to the main UKBookWorld.com website.

Further details can be found at YourOwnBookshop.htm

IMPORTANT NOTE: This service is intended for booksellers, of any size, with regularly changing stock. It is NOT suitable for private individuals seeking to sell a limited number of books from a collection of personal books as a one-off exercise.

4.2. Do orders for my books come direct to me?

Yes. All your books are listed for sale in your name, at your prices. Customers will either purchase books with their credit/debit cards through UKBookWorld's secure server (we do not process the cards on your behalf; we store the details on our SSL encrypted website for you to process in your normal manner) or tell you that they want to pay by cheque.

In either case, we will immediately email you to notify you of the sale so you can supply the customer. You are requested to reply immediately to the customer by email confirming the book's availability and supply arrangements.

It is also possible that purchasers will simply note down your details from the UKBookWorld.com website and contact you direct in some way instead of using the ordering facilities available on our website.

In any event, however a purchase is made, UKBookWorld.com do not act as intermediaries in any transaction - buyers and sellers are put directly in touch with each other. Your books; your prices; your customers.


4.3. How much does it cost per year?

The following listing charges apply (note particularly that these charges are per YEAR, not per MONTH):

30 per year for up to 1,000 books
45 per year for 1,001 to 5,000 books
60 per year for 5,001 to 10,000 books
70 per year for 10,001 to 25,000 books
85 per year for 25,001 to 50,000 books
100 per year for 50,001 to 80,000 books
100 per year for each 100,000 over 80,000

There are currently no further charges of any nature. However, we reserve the right to introduce commission charges on sales, giving appropriate notice.


4.5. Cataloguing restrictions

The information supplied by the bookseller to appear in each of the data fields provided by UKBookWorld (Author, Title, Publisher, Date, Description, Subject keywords) must only be accurate bibliographical information appropriate to the field in question identifying or describing the item.

In particular:

a. The Author, Title, Publisher, Date, and Subject keywords fields should contain no words or wording that could lead to mis-matches on searches;

b. The bookseller's Trading Name field and Address fields should be used for no other purpose than displaying, in plain text (no htm coding), the trading name and address under which the bookseller customarily operates. It must NOT be used for additional publicity material such as website addresses or trade affiliations except where such terms are a formal part of the registered trading name; and

c. The Description field should be used solely for describing the item in question and should not contain either URLs of image files or other htm code or wording promoting other aspects of the subscriber's business.

Overall, the book listings stored in the UKBookWorld database should not contain general advertising copy for other websites, images, books or services. Comments on other services offered by the bookseller should be included in the section for the bookseller's terms and conditions; they must NOT be included in individual book listings.


4.6. Providing full contact information and keeping records up-to-date

a) All booksellers listing books for sale through UKBookWorld MUST provide a full postal address (not a PO Box Number) and a contact telephone number.

b) It is each bookseller's responsibility to ensure that all their contact details and trading terms and conditions, including their postal address, telephone number, email address, payment methods accepted, returns policy, and postage charges, are clearly stated in the boxes provided in the "Manage Your Account" section and kept up-to-date.

To do this, click on Booksellers Sign In at the top right hand corner of this page to find a link enabling you to sign in with your user name and password and choose the option
Manage Your Account

c) Booksellers must take all reasonable steps to delete books from the website immediately they have been sold (or are otherwise no longer available) irrespective of whether they have been sold through UKBookWorld or elsewhere.

UKBookWorld reserve the right to remove the listings of any bookseller failing to comply with the above requirements.

4.7. What do I need to start? Is my data already compatible?

You need a computer, an internet connection, a web browser and your own email address.

You will also need database software on your own computer to create the book lists that you upload to UKBookWorld.com.

This database should be capable of exporting data on your books in one of the data formats that we accept. If you already have your data in the Booklist, Bookseller, Homebase, PowerUp or BMS database, then we can take your data immediately.

If you have any doubts as whether your data is already acceptable, or are unsure how to prepare a suitable file from your existing database, contact support@ukbookworld.com

If you do not already have a database programme on which to catalogue your books, we strongly recommend the Booklist package, available from The Clique at 22. This database enables you to list your books for sale elsewhere on the internet, not merely at UKBookWorld.com.

If you've got all the above, you're ready to open a bookseller's account.