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6.1 Public Data

UKBookworld exists to provide listing services for member booksellers and collectors.
We store on behalf of members details of the books they have for sale and details of their business addresses and terms of trade.

It follows that this public data will be disseminated as widely as possible and UKBookworld will circulate it to the widest possible audience both in the UK and abroad. Data may be forwarded to other providers to obtain a wider audience for their books and businesses

UKBookgallery provides a service for the listing of individual high value books and ensures so far as is possible that they will achieve listings and notice in search engine enquiries.

UKBookworld also maintains a “wants” service for members and for members of the public. This records email addresses and details of particular requirements – a routine search is made against this database to see whether there might be a match with new listings and if so notification is sent to the person who registered the interest

6.2 Customer data

UKBookworld operates a checkout facility for those people wishing to buy particular titles. In the course of this, customer addresses and emails are recorded together with the details of the books they wish to order. These details are circulated to the listing bookseller for him/her to fulfil. If the bookseller has asked for the facility, then customer credit card details are recorded in an encrypted form which can only be accessed by the vendor bookseller. If the bookseller accepts Paypal payments then details of the account are collected and forwarded to the supplier bookseller. Details of orders within the system are removed within 14 days. Customer and order data is maintained securely within the system.

All member information data is recorded securely with full password protection. We never pass on to third parties or affiliates, other then the supplier bookseller concerned, customer or order data.

We use “cookies” to track your navigation of the site and to provide an analysis of our audience by country of origin and by browser type. This is for the purpose of providing a better and more relevant service to members and to clients. Data collected in this way is never revealed to third parties.


6.3 Correspondence

We record details of correspondence received and sent,whether written or email, for the purpose of providing the best possible service and for the resolution of disputes.

In compliance with EU Data Protection legislation customers and client may request copies of data held against their name on payment of the statutory fees.