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Peter Bell Books

Clarendon Press,1975. large octavo. 17+478p, cloth, and excellent copy in preserved dust wrapper (Book ref. 13750)
London: Nelson, 1962. large octavo. 14+441p, cloth, torn but preserved dust jacket (Book ref. 13749)
Oxford: Green College, 2005. Square. 186p, 76 pls (many in colour), figs, laminated covers (Book ref. 13748)
SAVE, 1980. large oblong format, not paginated but mainly full page plates of lost country houses, paper covers (Book ref. 13746)
Cambridge: James Clarke 2012. 175p, illus, excellent paperback (Book ref. 13745)
University of Illinois Press, 2000. 14+314p, map, soft back academic paperback (Book ref. 13743)
East Linton: Tuckwell Press, 1998. 16+271p, figs and tables, very good academic paperback (Book ref. 13742)
Oxford University Press, 1989/91. 16+417p, illus, maps, large academic paperback (Book ref. 13741)
Oxford University Press, 2005. 12+283p, cloth, excellent copy in dust jacket (Book ref. 13735)
Manchester University Press, 2005. 15+249p, maps, tables, cloth, very good dust wrapper (Book ref. 13734)
Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press, 2007. 294p, cloth, as new (Book ref. 13733)
Oxford University Press, 2000. 12+383p, excellent academic paperback (Book ref. 13740)
Cambridge University Press, 1985. 12+354p, cloth, dust jacket, tables, cloth, dust jacket slightly bumped (Book ref. 13739)
Oxford University Press, 2005. 6+398p, cloth, dust jacket very slightly creased (Book ref. 13738)
Oxford University Press, 2009. 8+294p, text illus, cloth, excellent copy in dust jacket (Book ref. 13737)
Edinburgh: Scottish Cultural Press, 1998. 163p, academic paperback (spine a little faded) (Book ref. 13736)