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London. Michael Joseph, 1984. First published 1977, this new edition is fully revised & expanded. 192 pages. 18 colour photographs & many step-by-step drawings. Cover is near fine but bottom edge is shelf rubbed. Contents near fine, no marks or inscription. D./w. torn front top corner, slightly worn & a bit scratched back bottom edge, priced 9.95. 10.5" x 8" ISBN 0718124898. (Book ref. 6397) £5.00
Herbert, John. (Editor): " CHRISTIE'S REVIEW OF THE YEAR 1969 / 70."
London. Hutchinson, 1970 Chapters on paintings including Impressionists, jewellry, silver, coins, stamps, wine, ceramics, furniture, porcelain & glass. 432 pages. Many colour and b./w. photographs. Cover and contents near fine but the title page is slightly bluish where the frontispiece of a Rembrandt painting has rubbed against it. A heavy book, the paper over the hinge on the title page has split, but hinge is still intact & tight. D./w. is price clipped, slightly worn & creased, o./w. very good. (Book ref. 6384) £4.00
Burton, S.H.: " THE NORTH DEVON COAST." A Guide To Its Scenery & Architecture, History & Antiques.
London. Werner Laurie, 1953 Ex library, but the only sign is a small neat library stamp on the title page, and another on the last page. 172 pages including index. 17 b./w. photographs. Endpages illustrated with map of North Devon from Lynmouth to Welcombe. Near fine apart from library stamps. Near fine d./w., not price clipped (18/-) but bottom edge is folded under to fit inside library sleeve. (Book ref. 6370) £7.00
Eames, Penelope.: " FURNITURE HISTORY. Vol. XIII. Furniture in England, France & Netherlands From 12th-15th Century."
London. Furniture History Society, 1977. Card cover. "Cinoa Award." 303 pages of text including bibliography & index, followed by the b./w. illustrations on 72 pages, that is roughly counting there are about 130 photographs. Near fine, no inscription or marks but bottom corners of first few pages slightly bumped. Card cover near fine but front bottom corner slightly bumped.( Note on inside of back cover of the 1980 Vol. XV! copy, this 1977 Vol.XIII copy is priced 9.00.) 9.75 x 7.25". (Book ref. 5803) £18.00
London. Furniture History Society, 1976. Card covers. The Journal of the Furniture History Society, volume XII, published for 1976. 113 pages of text including notices, reviews, and bibliography of books & articles, followed by 40 pages of about 80 b./w. photographs of furniture. Near fine, no inscription or marks. 9.75" x 7.5". (Book ref. 5796) £18.00
Bruce-Mitford, Rupert.: " THE SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON. Notes On Its History & Possessions."
Piccadilly, London. Burlington House, 1951. "First issued on the Occasion of the Bicentenary of the Society's Royal Charter. 2 November 1951." Preface by James Mann. 77 pages. Frontispiece & 24 b./w. plates, with about 33 photographs. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Cover is near fine, with navy spine, beige board sides & gilt lettering. Publisher's clear sliightly torn on edges, & large piece missing from back.. (Book ref. 5695) £9.00
Mills, John Fitzmaurice.: " HOW TO DETECT FAKE ANTIQUES. "
London. Arlington Books, 1972. " ... can be the first line of defence for the collector." 88 pages including glossary & index. 53 b./w. photographs on 28 pages. 8.75" x 5.5". Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w., not price clipped (2.25) ISBN 851401392. (Book ref. 5455) £5.00
Savage, George,: " FRENCH DECORATIVE ART. 1638 -1793."
London. Allen Lane/The Penguin Press, 1969. Ex Library. 189 pages including bibliography & index. 113 b./w. illustrations are at the end of the book. 11" x 7.25" Library label and "Sale1993" stamped on front endpapers, cream coloured cover has 2 small patches of residue on top & bottom edges of front cover where library cover was taped on, o./w. near fine. D./w. very good but edges slightly nicked, priced 4.20. Bottom edge is creased, where it was folded under to fit inside library slleeve. SBN 713900547. (Book ref. 5316) £8.00
Tenterden. Chancellor Press / Octopus, 2003. Reprint first published 2002. 464 pages including useful addresses of dealers & collecor's clubs, and index, Laminated cover, near fine. Priced on back 17.99. ISBN 0753707659. (Book ref. 5117) £10.00
Litchfield, Frederick.: " HOW TO COLLECT OLD FURNITURE."
London. George Bell, 1904. 2nd edition, published October 1904, the first was pub. Sept. 1904. 169 pages including index, followed by some pages of advertisments for Bell books illustrations. No d./w. (Book ref. 4846) £12.00
N./A.: " SOTHEBY'S. World Guide To Antiques And Their Prices. 1986 Edition."
London. Penguin Books, 1985. Photographs of 8000 objects, many of them in colour. 688 pages including index. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine illustrated board cover except faint scratch on front, top & bottom of spine & corners slightly bumped & a bit worn. Priced on backcover 14.95. 10" x 7". Heavy ISBN 0140081747. (Book ref. 4450) £9.00
Winchester, Alice (Edited by, with staff of Antiques Magazine.): " THE ANTIQUES BOOK."
New York. Bonanza, 1950. Ex-library. Interesting book mainly on American antiques, divided into 11 sections, ... ceramics, furniture, glass, silver, pewter, architecture, prints, folk art, textiles, firearms, and toys. 35 chapters. 319 pages. Contents near fine, but library marks, "Cancelled" & stamps on f.f.e.p., marks on cover from old tape on top & bottom edges. D./w. nicked & worn on edges & corners, and three " tears on top edges. Over 200 b. & w. photographs on 96 pages. 11" x 8". (Book ref. 3990) £8.00
Lewis, Christopher. (Edited by): " ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. Experts on Objects."
London. Guild Publishing, 1988. Reprint, first published by BBC in 1987. "12 of the Antique Roadshow's experts talk about the items people bring to the show." David Battie, John Bly, Simon Bull, Michael Clayton, James Collingridge, Bill Harriman, Hilary Kay, Eric Knowles, Gordon Lang, Anthony Lester, Hugo Morley-Fletcher & Henry Sandon are the well known experts. 192 pages including glossary & index. Illustrated with photographs on almost every page, in colour and black & white. 10" x 7". Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w. (Book ref. 3919) £6.00
London. Country Life/ Hamlyn, 1970. Third impression, first published 1965. 376 pages including marks & index. Illustrated with over 900 drawings by Therle Hughes. 6" x 4". Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w. but its price clipped. ISBN 0600433897. (Book ref. 3899) £7.00
Eyles, Desmond, and Dennis, Richard.: " ROYAL DOULTON FIGURES. Produced at Burslem 1890 - 1978."
Stoke on Trent. Royal Doulton Tableware Ltd., 1978 Large reference book with information & useful details for Royal Doulton figures, 1890-1978. 432 pages, illustrated with hundreds of photographs of Royal Doulton figures in colour & a few in black & white. 12" x 9". Near fine in near fine d./w. ISBN 09062602003. (Book ref. 3839) £35.00
Miller, Judith & Martin (Compiled by.): " THE ANTIQUES ROADSHOW QUIZ BOOK."
London. Treasure Press, 1991. Reprint. First published 1986 by B.B.C. 154 pages, well illustrated throughout with b. & w. photographs of antiques. Near fine, in illustrated laminated board covers, no d./w. 10" x 7". ISBN 1850514488. (Book ref. 3495) £7.00
Wells, Geoffrey.: " THE BOOK OF COPPER & BRASS."
London. Country Life, 1968 96 pages including selected bibliography & index. 119 black & white photographs & illustrations. (But description on flap says 121? ) Near fine, no inscription or marks, in green cloth cover. Near fine d./w. except top of spine bumped and " tear top back edge.10" x 7". (Book ref. 3350) £8.00
Cummings, Robert.(Editor): " CHRISTIE'S GUIDE TO COLLECTING."
Oxford. Phaidon . Christie's, 1984 " Up-to-Date Information & Practical Advice on Becoming a Collector, Looking After a Collection, Buying and Selling." With advice on insurance, conservation, fakes & forgeries, valuations etc. 224 pages including list of Classic Books for Collectors, Professional Associations, Directories of Auction Houses & Dealers, & index.. 118 b. & w. photographs. 9.75" x 6.75". Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w. but price-clipped, & slightly bumped back bottom edge. ISBN 071488006X. (Book ref. 3307) £12.00
Fisher, Stanley W.: " FINE PORCELAIN & POTTERY. The Best of the World's Beautiful China."
London. Galley Press / Cathay Books, 1981. Reprint, first published 1979. 97 pages including bibliography & index. Illustrated with very good colour photographs on almost every page of some beautiful porcelain & pottery. Near fine. Near fine d./w. but for a 3" tear on back bottom edge. 12.75" x 9.25". ISBN 0904644677. (Book ref. 34) £7.00
London William Heinemann, 1916 One of "The Collector's Pocket Series." 109 pages including index. Over 30 illustrations ( not numbered) of black & white photographs & diagrams. No d./w. Almost near fine, no inscription, no stains or tears. 6.75" x 4.5". (Book ref. 2860) £8.00