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London. George Prior Associated Publishers, 1976. Vol. 1 of the series "Old World Origins of American Civilization." 135 pages including addenda & bibliography. 115 b./w. photographs, drawings, & a sketch map of Mesoamerica with some archaeological sites. 22cm. x 16cm. Cover & contents near fine, no inscription or marks. D./w. near fine, priced 3.50, but flap marked where W.H. Smiths price sticker was. ISBN 090400001X. (Book ref. 6555) £10.00
London. Granada Publishing, 1984 Ex Library. 192 pages, illustrated with b./w. photographs, plans & maps. Cover & contents near fine except for library marks & stamp "Withdrawn from Stock" on front e.p. D./w. near fine, priced 10.95. 8" x 7.75" ISBN 0246117818 (Book ref. 6400) £5.00
Williams, Trevor I.: " OUR SCIENTIFIC HERITAGE. An A-Z of Great Britain and Ireland."
Stroud. Sutton Publishing, 1996. " Science, Technology, Archaeology, Medicine and Engineering." 246 pages. 10 maps. Near fine. Near fine d./w. but its price clipped. ISBN 0750908203. (Book ref. 6282) £5.00
Clark, Grahame: " THE STONE AGE HUNTERS."
London. Book Club Associates, 1973 Reprint, first published 1967 by Thames & Hudson. 143 pages including bibliography & index. Illustrated with 137 photographs and drawings, 25 are in colour & 112 in b./w. 8.5" x 6" (Book ref. 6087) £4.00
Petrakos, Basil: " NATIONAL MUSEUM. Sculpture -Bronzes-Vases."
Athens. Clio Editions, 1981. Soft back. This guide is by the Ephor of Antiquities in Attica. 191 pages, with 161 colour photographs. Includes information on the rooms in the museum, and what is displayed in the show-cases. Near fine, but top of spine slightly worn. (Book ref. 5940) £5.00
Ware. Omega, 1985 Reprint, first published 1980 by Phaidon. 207 pages. 350 b./w. photographs & illustrations. 11.25" x 8.75". Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w. but small tear front top corner & edges slightly bumped. ISBN 1850070865. (Book ref. 5757) £7.00
Swinnerton, H.H.: " FOSSILS."
London. Collins, 1973. New Naturalist number 42. Reprint. 274 pages including bibliography & index. Frontispiece in colour and 35 b./w. photographs. 21 text figures. 8.75" x 6" ISBN 0002130661 (Book ref. 5175) £25.00
London. Penguin Books, 1966. A Pelican paperback, number A810. First published 1959 by A. & C. Black. 151 pages including suggested further reading, & index. 8 plates with 14 b./w. photographs. 12 figures. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine illustrated cover. 7" x 4.25". (Book ref. 5066) £4.00
Keller, Werner.: " THE BIBLE AS HISTORY. Archaeology confirms the Book of Books."
London. Book Club Associates, 1974 11th impression, fully revised 1963. First published 1956 by Hodder & Stoughton. 436 pages including index of biblical references, bibliography & index. Map on endpapers of the route of Exodus, with drawings, diagrams & maps within text.. About 50 b./w. photographs. Near fine but previous owner's name on f.e.p. Near fine d./w. but edges slightly worn. (Book ref. 4884) £5.00
Leakey, Mary.: " DISCLOSING THE PAST. An Autobiography."
London. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1984. Mary Leakey and her husband Louis were archaeologists who did most of their work in East Africa, especially the Serengeti Plain. 224 pages including glossary & index. About 51 photographs, in colour and b./w. Near fine but inscription on f.e.p. D./w. is near fine, not price clipped (9.95) but has half inch closed tear front top edge. ISBN 0297785451. (Book ref. 4830) £8.00
Cottrell, Leonard.: "DIGS and DIGGERS. A Book of World Archaeology."
London. Lutterworth Press, 1966. Descriptions of archaeogy sites throughout the world, and the people involved with excavating them. 250 pages including a guide to furthur reading and index. 20 b./w. photographs. Near fine, no inscription or marks. D./w. is worn & torn on corners. (Book ref. 4831) £7.00
Wilson, David.: " THE VIKINGS and their Origins. Scandinavia in the First Millennium."
London. Book Club Associates, 1971. First published 1970 by Thames & Hudson. 144 pages including select bibliography & index. Illustrated with 110 colour and b./w. photographs, drawings, plans & maps. Contents near fine, no inscription or marks, in green cover. Near fine d./w. but slightly rubbed. 8" x 6". (Book ref. 4803) £7.00
Alcock: " ARTHUR's BRITAIN. History and Archaeology AD 367-634."
London. Penguin, 2001. A "Classic Penguin" paperback. 437 pages including bibliography, references & index.Over 60 b./w. photographs on 32 pages. 33 figures in text. 11 maps. Near fine, no inscription but front cover slightly creased & corners slightly bumped. Priced on back cover 9.99. ISBN 0141390697 (Book ref. 4675) £5.00
Cotterell, Arthur.: " THE FIRST EMPEROR OF CHINA." (The Greatest Tomb Find of our Time.)
London. Macmillan,1981. Introduction by Mr. Yang Chen Ching, curator of Museum of Warrior & Horse Figures. 208 pages including chronologies, bibliography, & index. Illustrated with 12 colour, and many b./w. photographs, prints & drawings. 14 maps & plans. 9"x 7". Contents near fine, no inscription or marks, but corners of cover and top & bottom of spine are bumped. D./w. very good, not price clipped (9.95) but back bottom corner torn, and corners slightly bumped . ISBN 0333324447. (Book ref. 4592) £8.00
Karageorghis, Vassos.: " KITION. Mycenaean and Phoenician Discoveries in Cyprus."
London. Book Club Associates,1976. Reprint, first published 1976 by Thames & Hudson. One of Sir Mortimer Wheeler's series "New Aspects of Antiquity." A W.H.Smith /Doubleday label stuck on edge of d./w. flap and front endpaper, says copy was slightly damaged in transit, being sold at a special bargain price. On back endpaper is a large D in crayon. General Editor's preface written by Mortimer Wheeler. 184 pages, including chronological tables, chapter notes, bibliography & index. 20 colour plates, 106 in b. & w., and 27 line drawings. 10" x 7". Near fine, no inscription or other marks. Near fine d./w. but slightly scratched & rubbed, edges are slightly bumped. (Book ref. 4355) £7.00
Renfrew, Colin and Bahn, Paul.: " ARCHAEOLOGY. Theories, Methods and Practice."
London. Thames & Hudson, 1997. Large softback. "The complete introduction to modern archaeology." Reprint of the second edition, fully revised & expanded. First pub. 1991. 608 pages including glossary, chapter notes, bibliography & guide to further reading, and index. Over 550 illustrations including maps, diagrams, charts & reconstructions. 9" x 7". Near fine but previous owner's name & date on f.f.e.p. A few words highlighted neatly in yellow at beginning, but cannot see any after p. 22. Cover slightly worn on edges, slightly bumped on corners, o./w. near fine. ISBN 0500278679. (Book ref. 4284) £7.00
Throckmorton, Peter: " DIVING FOR TREASURE."
London. Thames & Hudson, 1977. First published in USA. The author has dived for 30 years, and discovered the earliest shipwreck, a Bronze age ship. 136 pages including bibliographical notes and index. 10 colour, 126 black & white photographs and illustrations. Near fine, white board with blue cloth spine. Near fine d./w. but top back corner is worn. 9.25" x 8.75". (Book ref. 177) £7.00
Cambridge. Cambridge University Press, 1967. Ex Reference Library, with usual stamps & labels on endpages o./w. contents near fine. D./w. also near fine, but bottom edge was folded under to fit d./w. inside library sleeve. Its not price clipped, 12 & $37.50 in 1967 ! 387 pages including bibliography, followed by 3 folded charts, each folded into 3. 39 plates of photographs in black & white and colour. Approximately 130 figures & drawings. 11" x 9". Heavy. (Book ref. 4191) £60.00
Underwood, Guy.: " THE PATTERN OF THE PAST."
London. Pitman, 1970. Reprint, first pub. 1969 by Museum Press. 192 pages including reading list & index. Illustrated with I24 black & white photographs on 12 pages, and 58 drawings, plans &. diagrams. Near fine, no inscription or marks, but endpages faintly, slightly discoloured or foxed, where flap of d./w. has touched it. D./w. slightly worn on bottom edge and price clipped, o./w. near fine. 8." x 5". SBN 273403273. (Book ref. 4155) £9.00
Collins, Desmond.: " EARLY MAN IN WEST MIDDLESEX. The Yiewsley Palaeolithic Sites."
London. H.M.S.O., 1978. Ex-library. Contributions from T.J. Allen and R.N.L.B. Hubbard. 57 pages including bibliography & index. 11 tables. 24 figures, most of them with a number of b. & w. photographs, diagrams or drawings. Maps and other b. & w. photographs. Near fine apart from library stamps & marks on endpapers. Rebound in fine strong library binding, no d./w., has library number printed on bottom of spine. 10" x 8". ISBN 0112902006. (Book ref. 4114) £8.00