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Stephenson, Ralph and Debrix, J.R.: THE CINEMA AS ART.
London. Panguin Books, 1965. A Pelican paperback. 272 pages. 54 b./w. photographs. Near fine, no inscription. Card cover slightly rubbed on edges, and front & back top corners are faintly creased. (Book ref. 6619) £5.00
Crawshaw, Alwyn; Garrard, Peter John; and Blockley, John.: LEARN TO PAINT WITH WATERCOLOURS, OILS, PASTELS & ACRYLICS.
London. Guild Publishing, 1983. Reprint, first published by Collins inseparate paperbacks. 191 pages, with colour photographs or illustrations on most pages. Contents near fine, no inscription or marks. Laminated cover near fine. (Book ref. 6599) £8.00
kHolroyd, Michael.: AUGUSTUS JOHN. Volume 1: The Years of Innocence.
London. Book Club Associates, 1975. Biography of the artist, volume 1. Reprint, first published 1974 by Wm. Heinemann. 415 pages, including reference notes & index. 37 b./w. photographs on 21 pages. Cover and contents near fine, no inscription or marks. D./w. near fine, except tiny hole on side edge of back. 24cm. x 16cm. (Book ref. 6554) £7.00
Jarvis, Adrian: " PRINCE'S DOCK. A Magnificent Monument of Mural Art."
Rock Ferry. Merseyside Port Folios / National Museum Merseyside, 1991 Ex library. 84 pages. Painting of a ship in colour on double pages, over 30 b./w. photographs and architect's plans. Pages 27/28, 29/30. 31/32 are loose, library stamps, o./w. very good. Cover has been laminated. Priced on back 3.95. 8" x 5.75". ISBN 0951612905. (Book ref. 6447) £4.00
Ritchie, M.T. (Edited by..): " ENGLISH DRAWINGS." Life & Art in Photographs Number 10.
London. Chatto & Windus, 1935. Edited with introduction by M.T. Richie. Introduction on 2 pages, followed by 96 full page drawings. Near fine, no inscription or marks.Near fine d./w. except price clipped, though the first 9 books in the "Life & Art in Photographs" series advertised on the back are 5 shillings each. 10" x 7.5" Includes Hogarth, Rowlandson, Turner, Rossetti, Johns, & Samuel Palmer. (Book ref. 6504) £9.00
von Volborth, Carl-Alexander: " THE ART OF HERALDRY."
London. Tiger Books International, 1991. Reprint. This beautifully illustrated book was first published 1987 by Blandford. 224 pages including bibliography, index of names & general index. 350 colour & over 230 b./w. examples of heraldic art. 11.25" x 8.75" Near fine, no inscription or marks. D./w. is near fine, not price clipped (45) but front bottom edge is slightly bumped. ISBN 1855011549 (Book ref. 6462) £12.00
Newton Abbot. David & Charles, 1994. A practical book, gives advice on composition, guidance on preparing materials, and step-by-step demonstrations. 128 pages, including chapter on materials, & index. Illustrated in colour with David Curtis's paintings on most pages. Unfortunately the bottom of spine is faintly damp stained and the corners of page corners next to it are faintly stained. Despite this the book is full of helpful advice. ISBN 0715300938. (Book ref. 6450) £4.00
Herbert, John. (Editor): " CHRISTIE'S REVIEW OF THE YEAR 1969 / 70."
London. Hutchinson, 1970 Chapters on paintings including Impressionists, jewellry, silver, coins, stamps, wine, ceramics, furniture, porcelain & glass. 432 pages. Many colour and b./w. photographs. Cover and contents near fine but the title page is slightly bluish where the frontispiece of a Rembrandt painting has rubbed against it. A heavy book, the paper over the hinge on the title page has split, but hinge is still intact & tight. D./w. is price clipped, slightly worn & creased, o./w. very good. (Book ref. 6384) £4.00
Clark, Kenneth: "THE NUDE."
London. John Murray, 1960 Reprint. Printed on coated paper. 408 pages including list of books referred to, notes & index. 298 b./w. photographs. 9.25" x 6.5". Cover and contents are good but corners of some pages in the Notes slightly damaged by damp & 12 are damaged from being separated. D./w. worn & torn. Cheap edition. Priced low because of the damage to some pages in the Notes. Heavy. (Book ref. 6366) £4.00
Mansfield, Kenneth. (Editor): " THE ART OF ANGLING." Volume II
London. Caxton Publishing Company, 1960 Volume 2 only. Reprint, first published 1957. Contributions from 29 prominent and expert anglers & fishermen. Plus recipes for fish cookery & fish sauces, including coarse fish, sea fish & shell fish. 378 pages. 2 colour and about 48 b./w. photographs. Contents near fine, no inscription or marks. Cover is near fine. No d./w. 9.5" x 7.25". (Book ref. 6356) £9.00
Dortmund. Ostwall Museum, no date. White stiff card covers. Black stiff paper dust jacket. Pages not numbered, but about 100. A black page with 1 colour plate tipped in, and on reverse 2 b./w. illustrations also tipped in. 65 b./w. illustrations. Stamped on bottom of last page inside a box is 3636. Maybe this implies the books are each numbered, or its a limited edition. (Book ref. 6195) £9.00
Lynton, Norbert .: " BODY AND SOUL."
Liverpool. Peter Moores Liverpool Project 3. / Walker Art Gallery, 1975. Exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool, 23 October 1975 - 4 January 1976, sponsored jointly by the Peter Moores Charitable Foundation and the Walker Art Gallery. Foreword by Ben Shaw, Merseyside County Council. Preface by Peter Moores. Introduction by Norbert Lynton. Divided in 5 sections Report & Scrutiny; Pain; In Society; Love & Sex; & The Implied Presence. Pages aren't numbered but over 40 including 30 black & white plates, followed by about 28 pages of advertisements. Near fine, no inscription. Near fine stiff card cover. (Book ref. 6192) £9.00
Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos: " PICASSO Creator and Destroyer."
London. Pan Books, 1989. Paperback. Well researched biography of Pablo Picasso. 558 pages, including 81 pages of notes on sources / bibliography / & index. 70 b./w. photographs on about 30 pages. Contents near fine, but cover is slightly bumped on corners. ISBN 0330307452 (Book ref. 5987) £4.00
Berti, Luciano: " THE UFFIZI. All Paintings Exhibited in 657 Illustrations."
Firenze. Becocci Editore, 1971 Softback. Luciano Berti is Director of the Gallery. 132 pages, including index. Illustrated with colour and b./w. photographs. Near fine, but previous owner's name & address on inside of front cover. Near fine stiff card cover. (Book ref. 5925) £7.00
London. Publisher not known, c.1890 Victorian album, in landscape form, 10.5" x 13.5". Sadly the title page is missing so the publisher is unknown, the pages aren't numbered so its not possible to say if any are missing. There are approximately 95 large black & white photographs of the British Isles, mainly of scenery, and buildings such as castles, stately homes and cathedrals including their interiors, but it also includes well known people such as Queen Victoria, Edward Prince of Wales, Alexandra Princess of Wales, Admirals of the Fleet, and some large ships. Cover is very worn on ends of spine. Contents are very good but edges of a few pages have small tears, (Book ref. 5877) £40.00
Rothenstein, Sir John: " THE TATE GALLERY."
London Thames & Hudson, 1958 Rothenstein was Director of the Tate when he wrote this. He gives its history from 1897 and his selection of all its paintings & sculpture to show an example of their vast collection. Only 1/5 of it can be exhibited at one time, because the gallery (in 1958) isn't big enough. A large impressive book. 195 pages including list of paintings & sculptures. 68 reproductions in colour on tipped in plates & 39 b./w. plates in photogravure. Near fine in linen-look textured cloth binding, navy cloth spine & title printed in gold. Near fine d./w. with price 6 6s. About 13.5" x 11.75". Very heavy. (Book ref. 2817) £28.00
Gaunt, William.: " THE RESTLESS CENTURY. Painting in Britain 1800-1900."
London. Phaidon Press,1972 255 pages. 46 pages of text are followed by the illustrations printed on coated paper, they are 24 colour plates and 147 b./w. plates. After the plates the biographical details of artists, bibliography, and indexes are on pages 217 to 255. 11.25" x 10". Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w., which isn't price clipped (6.50) but there is a small tear front bottom corner. ISBN 0714815446. (Book ref. 5832) £12.00
Bindman, David.(Editor): " ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF BRITISH ART."
London. Thames & Hudson, 1985. Softback. From the T. & H. "World of Art" series. 320 pages including a World Gazetteer of Museums & Galleries, bibliography & index. 316 b./w. illustrations. 8.25" x 5.75". Near fine, no inscription. Near fine cover. ISBN 050020229X. (Book ref. 5787) £7.00
Williams, Denis.: " ICON AND IMAGE. A Study of Sacred and Secular Forms of African Classical Art.""
London. Allen Lane/Penguin Books, 1974. 331 pages, including bibliography, notes & references, literary sources and index. Near fine, no inscription or marks, in near fine maroon cloth cover. Near fine d./w., not price clipped (8.50) but top of spine slightly worn, and back top corner slightly bumped. .ISBN 0713904771. (Book ref. 5650) £25.00
Camp, Jeffery.: " DRAW. How To Master The Art."
London. Dorling Kindersley, 1984. Large size soft back. 10th impression. Foreword by David Hockney. 256 pages including index. Illustrated in colour and b./w. Contents near fine, no inscription or marks. Stiff card cover is near fine, priced on back 14.99. ISBN 0863180396. (Book ref. 5611) £9.00