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Simon, Edith: THE PIEBALD STALLION. A Biography of the Knights Templar.
London. Cassell, 1959 312 pages, including bibliography & index. 23 b./w. illustrations, and 6 maps on 7 pages. (Book ref. 6561) £12.00
Behan, Brendan: " BORSTAL BOY."
London Hutchinson, 1958 Autobiography of an Irishman who spent time in a British reform school . No d./w. Worn on edges, but especially on bottom of spine. Contents are clean. 343 pages. 8" x 5". (Book ref. 2654) £6.00
Blunt, Wilfrid.: " ENGLAND'S MICHELANGELO." A Biography of George Frederic Watts, O.M., R.A."
London. Hamish Hamilton, 1975. A life of the Pre-Raphaelite artist & sculptor, George Frederick Watts. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w., but bottom of spine slightly worn, & is price clipped. 258 pages including chronology, bibliography & index. 8 colour & about 40 b./w. photographs on 24 pages. SBN 241891744. (Book ref. 6360) £12.00
Ziegler, Philip.: " MOUNTBATTEN. The Official Biography."
London. Guild Publishing, 1985. Reprint, first published by William Collins. 786 pages including notes & index. With 3 maps & charts, about 70 b./w. photographs, and endpages are family trees. Cover & contents near fine, but edges of paper are slightly brownish. D./w. torn on bottom of spine, small piece missing. (Book ref. 6273) £7.00
Unwin, Rayner: " THE DEFEAT OF JOHN HAWKINS. A Biography of his Third Slaving Voyage."
London. Readers Union / Allen & Unwin, 1961 319 pages including bibliography & index. 11 b./w. illustrations and 3 maps. Near fine, no inscription or marks, in near fine cover. Near fine d./w. but the back is slightly grubby. 7.75" x 4.75". (Book ref. 6064) £5.00
Bechet, Sidney.: " TREAT IT GENTLE."
London. Corgi / Transworld Publishers, 1964. Paperback. First published by Cassell. Sidney Bechet's autobiography. A grandson of slaves, he became world famous for playing traditional jazz on the clarinet. 255 pages including a catalogue of his recordings. Paper is browned, cover is slightly rubbed, o./w. very good. (Book ref. 5933) £4.00
Tanizaki, Junichiro: " The Makioka Sisters."
London. Vintage, 2000 Paperback. 530 pages. Contents very good, but cover slightly worn & corners bumped. Priced on back 7.99. ISBN 0749397101. (Book ref. 5918) £4.00
London. Max Reinhardt, 1958. Ex Library. 335 pages including notes, bibliography & index. 16 b./w. photographs. Front endpapers marked with bits of old library labels & "Sale 1996" stamped in red, library sleeve stuck on with tape leaving marks on front & back endpages. The tape also marked the covers. Contents are very good. D./w. is very good but bottom edge was folded under, to fit inside library sleeve. (Book ref. 5781) £8.00
Gray, Marianne.: " DEPARDIEU. A Biography."
London. Sinclair Stevenson, 1991. A biography of the French actor. 194 pages. About 50 b./w. photographs. Near fine, no inscription. Near fine d./w. but its price clipped. ISBN 1856190951. (Book ref. 5605) £7.00
Chisholm, Anne.: " FRANCES PARTRIDGE. The Biography."
London. Phoenix, 2010. Paperback. Reprint, first published 2009 Weidenfeld & Nicolson. Biography of a member of the Bloomsbury group. 414 pages including source notes & index. About 85 colour and b./w. photographs. Priced on back 10.99. ISBN 9780753826997. (Book ref. 5592) £6.00
Lovell, Mary S.: " THE MITFORD GIRLS. The Biography of an Extraordinary Family."
London. Abacus, 2004. Paperback. Reprint. 611 pages including sources & chapter notes, bibliography & index. Illustrated with 2 family trees, & 63 b./w. photographs. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Cover is near fine but corners slightly bumped. Priced on back 10.99. ISBN 0349115052. (Book ref. 5555) £5.00
Newington Green, London. China Inland Mission,1953. Biography of a Yorkshireman, trained as a pharmacist, he owned his own chemist shop in Bradford for 10 years, then decided to leave his business and devote his life to serving in the China Mission society. Sadly he was killed when the Comet crashed near Calcutta in 1953. Near fine, but inscription on f.e.p., (dated Xmas 1953.) Near fine d./w., not price clipped, but slightly worn on edges. 7.5" x 5". (Book ref. 5434) £6.00
London. Ebury Press, 2003. " A New History of W./W.1 in the words of the Men and Women who were there." Paperback. In association with the Imperial War Museum. Foreword by Martin Gilbert. 322 pages including index of contributors & general index. Many b./w. photographs. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Cover slightly bumped, back has a few faint indendations, o./w. near fine, priced 7.99. 7.75" x 4.75". ISBN 0091888875 (Book ref. 5392) £4.00
Jules-Verne, Jean.: " JULES VERNE. A BIOGRAPHY ."
London. Macdonald and Jane's, 1976. Biography of the author by his grandson, first published by Librairie Hachette in 1973. Translated by Roger Greaves, he's added a discussion on "Voyage on Ecosse", details on the life of Paul Verne, & new photographs. 245 pages including bibliography & index. 40 b./w. photographs. Near fine, no inscription or marks, black cover with silver lettering. Near fine d./w., but worn on edges & corners, priced 6.50. 9.5" x 6.25". ISBN 0356081966. (Book ref. 5322) £10.00
London. Ward Lock, 1980. Biography of the British Modern Pentathelon athlete who won Olympic gold in 1976. 144 pages. About 25 b./w. photographs. 8.75" x 5.5". Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w., not price clipped (5.95) ISBN 0706359828. (Book ref. 5305) £7.00
Berlin. Ulstein Buch,1988 Paperback. Text in German. 272 pages. 24 b./w. photographs on 16 pages. Autobiography of a titled Gernam lady who, despite her parent's objections, studied zoology at university, & became a vet. Before the war she joined the anti-Nazi resistance movement. In the war, with the cooperation of the Swedish Church, she helped many Jews to escape. The story of her life was filmed as "Forbidden" with Jaqueline Bisset playing Maria. 7" x 4.5" ISBN 3548209416. (Book ref. 5246) £5.00
Davies, Hunter.: " WAINWRIGHT. The Biography."
London. Michael Joseph,1995. Biography of Alfred Wainwright, who wrote & illustrated travel books on the Lake District and other scenic places, by hand.356 pages including bibliography, books written by Wainwright & index. 37 b./w. photographs. Near fine but inscription on f.e.p. D./w. near fine apart from slight wear on corners, price clipped (but Canadian price $40.00 still on flap.) 9" x 6". ISBN 0718139097. (Book ref. 4751) £12.00
Loewenstein, Prince Leopold of: " A TIME TO LOVE ... A TIME TO DIE."
Newton Abbot. Readers Union / W.H.Allen,1971. Reprint, first pub.1970. Biography of Prince Leopold's wife, who died young. 282 pages. 1 b./w. photograph. Near fine, but inkstain is on top edges of back end papers, and flap of d./w.. This hasn't affected the outside of the d./w., or the book cover. D./w. worn on corners, small tears top of spine, which is also faded. 8" x 5" (Book ref. 4749) £7.00
Carpenter, Humphrey.: "DENNIS POTTER. The Authorized Biography."
London. Faber and Faber, 1998 672 pages including chronology of Potter's works, bibliography, source notes, & index. Illustrated with 40 b./w. photographs. Near fine, no inscription. Near fine d./w., not price clipped, but back slightly rubbed, & front top edge slightly bumped. (20. ) 9" x 6". ISBN 0571176852. (Book ref. 4729) £8.00
Hibbert, Christopher.: " BENITO MUSSOLINI. A Biography."
London. Reprint Society, 1963. First published 1962. 415 pages. 30 b./w. photographs on 16 pages. 7" x 5" Near fine, but no d./w. (Book ref. 4696) £6.00