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Reece, Eileen.: FRENCH COOKING.
London. Park Lane Press / M. & S.. 1978.. Recipes from all the regions of France. Stocks, sauces, soups, hors d'oeuvre, entrees, pates, souffles, omelettrs, fish, shellfish, meat, poultry. game, vegetables, plus desserts, cakes, biscuits etc. Recipes illustrated with colour photographs. 224 pages. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Cover near fine, but bottom of spine slightly rubbed. D./w. near fine but slightly worn on corners. 28.5cm. x 21.5cm. (Book ref. 6616) £6.00
London. Octopus Books, 1986 Reprint, first published 1985. Over 500 recipes & information charts, with colour photographs & b./w. drawings. 256 pages. 29.5cm. x 22cm. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w., priced 9.95. ISBN 0706425529. (Book ref. 6613) £5.00
Smith, Delia,: DELIA SMITH'S COOKERY COURSE: Part Three.
London. B.B.C.,1981. Softback. The third, and final part of "Delia Smith's Cookery Course." Pages 490 to 720, including bibliography & index. 8 colour and some b./w. photographs. 22.5cm. x 15.5cm. Contents very good. Corners and edges of cover are rubbed, o./w. its very good. ISBN 05631645165 (Book ref. 6583) £4.00
Slater, Nigel.: "TOAST. The Story of a Boy's Hunger."
London. Fourth Estate, 2003. Nigel Slater's autobiography, before he started cooking at Riverside Cottage on television. 247 pages. 19.5cm. x 14.5cm. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w., priced 16.99. ISBN 1841152897 (Book ref. 6584) £6.00
London. B.B.C., 1980. Softback. Reprint. The 2nd in Delia Smith's series of three books on the basic techniques & skills of cooking. Published by BBC to accompany the series "Delia Smith's Cookery Course" Part 2. 488 pages, with more than 160 recipes, colour and b./w. photographs. 23cm. x 15.5cm. Priced on back 3.75. Very good, no inscription or marks, but ends of spine & corners slightly bumped. ISBN 0563163658 (Book ref. 6566) £4.00
Smith, Delia.: "Delia Smith's Cookery Course. Part One."
London. B.B.C., 1979 Softback. Reprint, first published 1978. Volume 1 of 3. "Covers most of the topics necessary for a lifetime of cooking & entertaining... beginner or experienced." More than 160 recipes, from easy to elaborate. 256 pages. Colour photographs & drawings. Very good, no inscription or marks. Stiff card cover very good but corners slightly bumped. Priced on back 3.75. 23cm. x 15.5cm. ISBN 0563162619. (Book ref. 6558) £4.00
Steinberg, Rafael & Editors of Time-Life Books.: " THE COOKING OF JAPAN. "
Netherland. Time-Life International, 1978. Fifth English edition. From the Time-Life series "Foods of the World." Large plastic folder, 12" x 9.5", with illustrated cover, contains 2 books. The smaller is spiral bound " Recipes: The Cooking of Japan." 117 pages & b./w. photographs. 9" x 5.5". The larger book " The Cooking of Japan." by Rafael Steinberg, with colour photography by Eliot Elisofon. 207 pages including chapters on Great Japanese Seafood, Japanese Ceremonies, a guide to Japanese ingredients, recipe index in English, a recipe index in Japanese and general index. Colour photographs. 11" x 8.5". Time-Life price sticker on front of folder 8.95. Folder & books are near fine. (Book ref. 6523) £10.00
London. Boxtree, 1996. " New, Old & Odd Recipes." Over 80 soup recipes.135 pages including bibliography. Black & white drawings by Katherine McEwen. Contents near fine, no inscription. Laminated cover is near fine, priced on back 12.99. 10" x 7.75". ISBN 075220503X (Book ref. 6497) £7.00
Beeton, Mrs. and Jones, Bridget ( Consultant Editor.): " MRS. BEETON'S COMPLETE BOOK OF FISH & SEAFOOD COOKERY."
London. Ward Lock, 1991. First edition thus. 192 pages including weights & measures, glossary & index. 32 full page colour photographs. Many b./w. drawings & diagrams. Cover & contents near fine, no inscription or marks. D./w. near fine, priced 16.95. 10" x 7.75". ISBN 0706370058. (Book ref. 6439) £7.00
Morgan, Ruth: " GOOD COOKING FOR YOU."
Feltham. Optimum Books, 1980 Reprint, first published by Hamlyn. By the cookery editor of ' Woman' magazine. 207 pages, about 80 b./w. colour photographs, and many b./w. drawings. 11.25" x 8.5". Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine red cover but its slightly faded along bottom edge. Near fine d./w. priced 5.95. ISBN 060032172. (Book ref. 6418) £6.00
Macartney, Carol and Good Housekeeping Institute.: " GOOD HOUSEKEEPING'S NEW PICTURE COOKERY."
London. Ebury Press, 1967 Reprint. Over 700 tested recipes. 240 pages. Black & white photographs on most pages, and 22 full page colour photographs. 10" x 7.25". Near fine hardback, no inscription or marks, in cream cover, but top edge slightly dusty. Near fine d./w., not price clipped (25s. / 1.25) (Book ref. 6417) £7.00
Jones, Bridget: " New Cookery Year."
London. Readers Digest, 1997. Reprint, revised and edited, with amendments. 440 pages. Colour photographs, and b./w. drawings. Near fine, in near fine board cover. 8.75" x 10.25". ISBN 0276421523. (Book ref. 6415) £8.00
London. Parragon, 1995. 80 pages, illustrated in colour throughout. 30 recipes, each with full instructions, 4 small step-by-step photographs and one full page of the complete finished recipe. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w. but top of spine slightly frayed. 8.25" x 8". ISBN 1858139406 (Book ref. 6411) £4.00
Mason, Ann: " COOK FOR TOMORROW. A Collection of Recipes You Can Prepare in Advance."
London. The Cookery Book Club, 1969. Reprint, first published 1966 by Andre Deutsch. 206 pages including index. Near fine, no inscription or marks, in near fine d./w. 8" x 5.25". (Book ref. 6394) £5.00
Allison, Sonia: " EUROPEAN COOKING."
London. Book Club Associates, 1979. Reprint, first published 1977 by Wm. Collins. Recipes from 23 European countries. 256 pages including index. 60 colour photographs. 11.75" x 9". Cover and contents near fine, no inscription or marks. D./w. very good but front top corner is creased & torn. Cover is neatly covered in plastic, by publisher or previous owner ? (Book ref. 6396) £5.00
Mansfield, Kenneth. (Editor): " THE ART OF ANGLING." Volume II
London. Caxton Publishing Company, 1960 Volume 2 only. Reprint, first published 1957. Contributions from 29 prominent and expert anglers & fishermen. Plus recipes for fish cookery & fish sauces, including coarse fish, sea fish & shell fish. 378 pages. 2 colour and about 48 b./w. photographs. Contents near fine, no inscription or marks. Cover is near fine. No d./w. 9.5" x 7.25". (Book ref. 6356) £9.00
Carrier, Robert: " GREAT DISHES OF THE WORLD."
London. Thomas Nelson, 1966 Reprint, first published 1963. Developed from Robert Carrier's series 'Great Dishes of the World' that appeared in the Colour Magazine of the 'Sunday Times.' 279 pages. 30 colour full page plates, and drawings by Sophie Granval. Cover & contents are near fine, but d./w. is worn & torn on edges. 11.25" x 8.75". (Book ref. 6352) £8.00
Christian, Glynn; Grigson, Jane; Lousada, Patricia; Mosimann, Anton & Richardson, Rosamond.: " SAINSBURY'S COOKERY CLASSICS. Favourite recipes fron the Sainsbury Cookbooks."
London. Sainsbury's, 1985. Compilation of 9 Sainsbury cookery books. 176 pages. Illustrated with colour photographs, & drawings. Contents near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine laminated cover. (Book ref. 6278) £8.00
Christian, Glynn.: " PIES, PATES AND TERRINES."
London. Martin Books / J.Sainsbury, 1988. Paperback. 96 pages. Near fine, no inscription or marks, but small mark on back cover where price label was. Stiff card cover near fine. (Book ref. 6187) £4.00
David, Elizabeth: " FRENCH COUNTRY COOKING."
London. Penguin Books, c. 1995. Paperback. No publication date but after 1992. 203 pages including index. Illustrated by John Minton. Contents near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine card cover, but front top corner slightly bumped, priced on back 11.00. ISBN 0140467890 (Book ref. 6038) £7.00