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Innes, Miranda.: COMPLETE HOME CRAFTS. A practical step-by-step guide to decorative crafts for your home.
London. Dorling Kindersley, 1997. Includes skills such as beadwork, ceramics, decoupage, gilding & papier mache. Illustrated with colour photographs on most pages. 224 pages. Cover & contents near fine. D./w. near fine. 28.25cm. x 22cm. ISBN 0751304549. (Book ref. 7667) £8.00
N./ A.: THE BRITISH HERITAGE. The people, their crafts and achievements....
Long Acre, London. Odhams Press, 1948. First edition. 320 pages. Frontispiece and 18 illustrations are in colour, by artists such as Constable, Gainsborough, Nash & Turner. Over 250 b./w. photographs. Contents near fine, no inscription, but endpages are slightly, faintly foxed. Attractive, colourful d./w. is near fine, priced 10/6, but spine is slightly discoloured, the ends of spine, corners, & edges are slightly worn and bumped. Green cloth cover is near fine but ends of spine are slightly bumped, and spine is slightly faded. 22.5cm. x 15cm. (Book ref. 7554) £12.00
London. Lorenz Books/Anness Publishing, 2000. Updated reprint. " The New Handbook of Practical Instructions, with Step-by-Step Techniques and Creative Projects." A very good book, with many ideas for things to make. Instructions for needlepoint, patchwork, machine embroidery, quilting, rug making, beading, knitting, crochet, dyeing, and ribboncrafts etc. Large, heavy book. 256 pages, including glossary, list of suppliers and index. Over 900 colour photographs. 12" x 9". Near fine with illustrated board covers. Near fine d./w. ISBN 85967 093 8. (Book ref. 2404) £9.00
London. William Morris Society & Society pf Designer Craftsman, 1996. "An Exhibition jointly organized by the William Morris Society and the Society of Designer Craftsmen." Stiff card covers. 14 pages.Colour and b./w. photographs. Included are 2 bookmarks from the Morris Centenary Exhibition 1996, and William Morris & the Crafts Today. Near fine. (Book ref. 5689) £8.00
New York. Sterling Publishing Co., 1997. Crafts made from natural materials such as twigs, branches, fruits, dried & fresh flowers, nuts, pinecones, berries etc. 128 pages. Colour photographs or colour illustrations on most pages. How to make things such as wreaths,soap, candles, candle holders etc. in about 2 hours. Near fine, no inscriptions or marks. Near fine d./w., priced on flap $24.95. 10.25" x 8.75". ISBN 0806942932. (Book ref. 4967) £9.00
Hodges, Felice.: " PERIOD PASTIMES. A Practical Guide to Four Centuries of Decorative Crafts."
London. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989. Headings of the 4 sections are "Painting..from penwork to stencils"; " Paper pursuits with scissors: & a pot of gum."; " Lady's Workbox, needles, yarn & threads."; " Fancy work: Fish scales to Porcupine Quills." 189 pages including notes, glossary, bibliography, suppliers & index. Colour & b./ w. photographs on almost every page, drawings & instructions. Near fine, no inscription or marks, except 2 tiny dents in page opposite half-title, not leaving holes & hardly visible. Cream cover with gold decoration. D./w. slightly worn on corners, back top corner slightly torn, bottom corner of pages slightly brown, price clipped, o./w. near fine. Part of edges of flaps stuck onto the endpapers.11" x 8". Heavy. ISBN 0297796313. (Book ref. 4425) £7.00
Richards, Claire E.: " RAFFIA. The Art of Crafts."
Ramsbury, Marlborough. Crowood Press, 1998 A guide on working with raffia, with instructions on making things like hats, bags, & items for the home. 96 pages including bibliography, suppliers & index. Illustrated with colour photographs. Board covers, attached to pages with spiral binding. 10" x 8". Contents near fine, no inscription or marks. Binding is slightly worn top & bottom of spine, on edges & corners. ISBN 1861261616. (Book ref. 4407) £10.00
London. Dorling Kindersley, 1995. Softback. Reprint, first published 1987. "Celebrates the everyday skills once practised in the home." Divided into 6 groups... Kitchen Crafts, Dairy Crafts, Laundry Crafts, Around the Home,Textile Crafts, Decorative Crafts. 192 pages including index. Very well illustrated with drawings & photographs throughout. 11" x 8". Card cover bumped on corners & slightly creased, side edge of closed book slightly marked, o./w. contents clean, no inscription. Priced on back 12.99. ISBN 0751303682. (Book ref. 4267) £6.00
London. Book Club Associates, 1980. Reprint, first published by Michael Joseph. How to repair all sorts of materials, such as wood, textiles & upholstery, leather, carpets & rugs, glass, pottery & porcelain, stone & metals. 192 pages including a list of tools & supplies, bibliography, & index. Illustrated with 500 line drawings, diagrams and b. & w. photographs. Near fine in near fine d./w. 10" x 7". (Book ref. 4240) £6.00
Robertson, Seonaid Mairi ( for Unesco 1961).: CRAFT AND CONTEMP0RARY CULTURE.
London. George G.Harrap & United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. Ex Library, from a training college. Near fine apart from small label & red library stamp ' Withdrawn' on f.e.p. Remains of old labels, some minor marks, college stamp and red library stamp ' Withdrawn' on b.e.p., o./w. near fine. D./w. is slightly grubby on back, o./w. near fine, no tears and not price clipped. 158 pages & 2 page index. About the teaching of crafts around the world, the teaching of craft teachers, and those they teach, including artists, designers, craftsmen, potters, weavers, glass blowers, architects & engineers . Illustrated with 18 black & white photographs and 7 designs in text. (Book ref. 2036) £7.00
Untracht, Oppi.: " Enameling on Metal."
Philadelphia. Chilton publishers, 1962. Third printing. D./w. damaged from damp or moisture, mainly visible on inside, hence my cheap price. Publishers price label 42/- or 2 /2s. Cover slightly marked top & bottom, faint damp stain, end papers & title page etc. rippled, contents & text are clean. Part of 'Arts & Crafts Series'. First pub.1957. 191 p. including text. 100's of b. & w. photographs, & 1 p. in colour. 11" x 7". (Book ref. 683) £6.00
Hurst, Jacqui (Photography) and Margetts, Martina.(General Editor).: " CLASSIC CRAFTS. A Practical Compendium of Traditional Skills."
London. Guild Publishing / Conran Octopus, 1989. Reprint. A beautiful book on traditional crafts. Divided into 4 parts. 1) Textile crafts. 2) Paper crafts. 3) Kitchen crafts. 4) Decorative crafts. Among the 35 crafts descibed are handblock printing, Ikat weaving, and rag rugs. Paper making, wood engraving, letterpress printing, bookbinding, goats cheese making, smoking fish, basketry, candle making, walking sticks, carving birds, leatherwork, stained glass & jewellery. 224 pages including index & directory. Clear instructions and illustrated with beautiful colour photographs, drawings & diagrams. Fine in fine d./w. 11.25" x 9.75". (Book ref. 1843) £10.00
London. Batsford, 1978. How to create Victorian crafts. Instructions & advice on shellwork, silhouettes, pressed flowers, beadwork, paperwork, featherwork, & decorating with paint. 120 pages including bibliography, suppliers & index. Illustrated with 4 colour & 76 b. & w. photographs and 56 line drawings. 10" x 7". Near fine in near fine d./w. ISBN 0 7134 1277 1. (Book ref. 2434) £7.00
Jones, Mary Eirwen.: WELSH CRAFTS. An account of the historic Welsh Crafts and as they exist today.
London. B.T. Batsford, 1978. The craftsmen of Wales work in many materials, including slate,leather, willow, wrought iron, rushes, sea reeds, thatch and wood. They create beautiful objects such as miniature paintings, stained glass, jewellry, quilts, tweed, lace, clogs, saddles, baskets, gates, china, pottery, knitting, rugs, carvings, furniture, walking sticks, memorial stones and drystone walls etc. Not forgetting the Caldey Island monks' perfumes, and the harp makers ! 160 pages including index. Illustrated with 27 b.& w. photographs and 12 line drawings by J. Hoad within text. Near fine in near fine d./w. 8.75" x 5.5". ISBN 0713410876. (Book ref. 2037) £9.00
Hemel Hempstead. Nexus Special Interests, 1998. Large soft back. Many creative ideas for painting on glass, silk, fabric etc. in an evening, with the instructions, pattern & picture of the finished item. 78 pages. Many colour illustrations. Approx. 11.75" x 8.25". Near fine. ISBN 1 85486 174 3. (Book ref. 1368) £6.00
Pluckrose, Henry.: " Creative Arts and Crafts."
London. Macdonald Educational,1971. Reprint of 2nd edition. Ideas for teachers and carers ( & possibly parents of artistic children ?) to encourage children to use their creative ability. 232 pages, including list of suppliers. 26 b.& w. photographs, & 25 b. & w. diagrams. Near fine in near fine d./w. SBN 356 00532 1. (Book ref. 1354) £6.00
Alexander, Bruce.( Editor.): " CRAFTS AND CRAFTSMEN."
London. Croom Helm, 1974. ' A buyer's guide to British craftsmanship.' In this book Britain is divided into 10 regions, and the craftsmen are grouped into 11 crafts : metal, stone, clay, jewellery & precious metals, fabrics, wood, leather & book binding, musical instruments, toys & models, thatching & straw, and glass. Board covers, no d./w. Illustrated with drawings & diagrams by Mike Gibson. 216 pages including bibliography, a list of some museums and some useful addresses. Slightly worn on top front corner & in other places but contents very good. 8" tall x 9" (landscape) The scan shows the back cover as there's a description printed on it. ISBN 0856641788. (Book ref. 1662) £6.00
London. John Baker,1977. Reprint. First published in 1968. Country crafts such as coppicing, gate & wattle hurdles, walking sticks, rakes, scythes, forks, helves, yokes, shovels, peels, flails, besoms, fencing, clapboards, shingles, clogs, charcoal, carpentry, chair-bodging, chairs, farriery, wrought-iron, wheelwrighting, millwriting, thatching, wood-carving, wood-turning, weaving, coracles, pottery, hedges, dry-stone walls, baskets, traps, saddlery & harness, horn-work, corn-dollies, flint-knapping, coopering, pillow-lace, quilting, highland pipes, briar pipes, & timber. 358 pages including list of further reading, museums, & index. Illustrated with 12 colour & 64 b. & w. photographs, and 53 line drawings by the author. 8" x 5". No d./w., laminated illustrated cover. Near fine but spine slightly faded. ISBN 0212998218. (Book ref. 3069) £8.00
Manchester. Dolphin Publications, 1995. Reprint. "Project Ideas and Over 100 Charted Designs." First published by Cassell in 1990. 128 pages, with a chart and colour photograph of each project. There are both large & small designs, for placemats, bibs, tablecloths, pictures, blouses, pin cushions, spectacle cases etc. Near fine, no marks or inscription. D./w. near fine but has " tear on bottom front corner. 10" x 7.75". ISBN 1850792712 (Book ref. 2981) £7.00
Johnstone,James B. (& the Sunset Editorial Staff.): " WOODCARVING. Techniques & Projects."
Menlo Park, Calif. Lane Books, 1976 Larger size softback. 9th printing. A Sunset Hobby & Craft Book. 80 pages including list of woodcarving terms. Illustrated with many black & white photographs. 10.75" x 8.25". Near fine. No inscription, no tears or stains. (Book ref. 2884) £4.00