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Liverpool. Historic Society of Lancashire & Cheshire, 1942. Volume 93, for the year 1941. 151 pages. 3 b./w. illustrations. 22cm. x 14.5cm. Very good condition but ends of spine & corners slightly worn. No d./w. (Book ref. 6605) £14.00
Newton Abbot. David & Charles, 1973. Describes the variety of street literature; also discusses the printers and publishers, the chapmen & & patterers who peddled it. 238 pages including glossary, bibliography, and index of names. 38 b./w. illustrations and 54 pages of examples of street literature, such as street notices, handbills, broadside ballads, prose broadsides, newspapers, news in verse, children's literature & chap books. Near fine, no inscription or marks. D./w. near fine but price clipped. ISBN 0715358812. (Book ref. 6548) £15.00
Barnes, Henry Elmer: " An Intellectual and Cultural History of the Western World."
New York. Dover Publications, 1965 Paperback. Third revised edition. Published in three volumes, this is vol.2. It follows on from end of volume 1, with pages from 546 to 944. " From the Renaissance through the 18th century." Volumes 1 & 3 also available. Constable price sticker on front for 24/- (1.20) 8.5" x 5.5" Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine stiff card cover. (Book ref. 6525) £5.00
Armstrong, Karen: " A HISTORY OF GOD. From Abraham to the Present: The 4000-year For God."
London. Mandarin, 1994 Paperback. First published Heinemann. The evolution of belief. .... this examines Western society's unerring fidelty to the idea of One God. 511 pages. 9 maps. Contents very good, no inscription. Cover very good but back has a tear or crease which has been covered with tape. Priced on back 6.99. 7.75" x 5". ISBN 0749306920. (Book ref. 6524) £4.00
London. Swan Sonnenschein, 1907. " With a preliminary view of the Civilizarion of the Incas." New & revised edition. Edited by John Foster Kirk. 510 pages. I map & a facsimile letter. Contents very good but paper has become brownish. Cover very good but ends of spine slightly bumped. 8.75" x 5.5". (Book ref. 6507) £8.00
Prescott, William H.: " HISTORY OF CONQUEST OF MEXICO. With a Preliminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization."
London. Swan Sonnenschein 1908. " .... and the Life of the Conqueror Hernando Cortez." Edited by John Foster Kirk. New & Revised edition. 713 pages. 3 plates illustrated with 2 maps & a facsimile of Cortez's signature. Contents near fine, but front free endpage is missing, paper is slightly browned, and bottom of page 191/192 is torn. 8.75" x 5.5" (Book ref. 6508) £8.00
London. Frederick Warne, 1979. Reprint. A biography, this includes recently discovered photographs by Beatrix's father. 216 pages, including a list of books by Beatrix Potter & index. About 50 colour, and many black & white illustrations & photographs. Near fine, no inscription or marks, in near fine d./w. Near fine d./w. except tiny tear on back side edge, not price clipped but an X is marked in ink over price of 8.50. Price label for 4.25 on back. 10" x 7". ISBN 0723221081. (Book ref. 6493) £8.00
Bryant, Arthur: " LIQUID HISTORY." The Port of London Authority.
London. Privately Printed, 1960 Published privately " To commemorate Fifty Years of the Port of London Authority, 1909-1959." 84 pages. 5 colour and 12 b./w. paintings, prints & photographs. Near fine except inscription on f.e.p. Near fine cover. No d./w. 10" x 6.25". (Book ref. 6484) £5.00
Girouard, Mark: " LIFE IN THE ENGLISH COUNTRY HOUSE. A Social & Architectural History."
New Haven. Yale University Press, 1978 344 pages including index. 33 colour photographs & illustrations. 217 b./w. photographs illustrations & prints. Contents near fine, no inscription or marks. Cover near fine but ends of spine slightly bumped. Near fine d./w. priced 10. 10.25" x 8". ISBN 0300022735. (Book ref. 6473) £10.00
Tom Herbert, Frits Fenger, S. Bradfield, J. Herbulot, & M. Gianola: " SELF STEERING." History, theory & developmemt of self steering gears for yachts & ideas for future improvements.
Hythe, Kent. Amateur Yacht Research Society,1970 "2nd edition with additional gears -1970." First published 1957, expanded 1963, reprinted in 1967 edited, with additions. 164 pages. Illustrated with many b./w. photographs, drawings and figures. Near fine, no inscription or marks. D./w. corners worn o./w. near fine 8.75" x 5.75" (Book ref. 6469) £4.00
London. Granada Publishing, 1984 Ex Library. 192 pages, illustrated with b./w. photographs, plans & maps. Cover & contents near fine except for library marks & stamp "Withdrawn from Stock" on front e.p. D./w. near fine, priced 10.95. 8" x 7.75" ISBN 0246117818 (Book ref. 6400) £5.00
Byrne, Tom: " TALES FROM THE PAST." Anecdotes and Incidents of North Staffordshire History."
London. Remploy Ltd., 1981 Reprint. First published 1977 by the Ironmarket Press. 48 stories, tales, anecdotes and incidents from the Potteries & North Staffordshire's history. Foreword by Robert Copeland of Spode. 241 pages, followed by 3 pages illustrated with 2 family trees & a sketch map of Burslem in 1750, it shows the birth place of Josiah Wedgwood. With b./w. drawings by Byrne. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w. not price clipped, but price has been marked out. ISBN 0706609077 (Book ref. 6380) £12.00
Burton, S.H.: " THE NORTH DEVON COAST." A Guide To Its Scenery & Architecture, History & Antiques.
London. Werner Laurie, 1953 Ex library, but the only sign is a small neat library stamp on the title page, and another on the last page. 172 pages including index. 17 b./w. photographs. Endpages illustrated with map of North Devon from Lynmouth to Welcombe. Near fine apart from library stamps. Near fine d./w., not price clipped (18/-) but bottom edge is folded under to fit inside library sleeve. (Book ref. 6370) £7.00
McCrorie, Ian.: " Clyde Pleasure Steamers. An Illustrated History."
Greenock. Orr, Pollock & Co., 1987. Softback. 96 pages. About 46 colour illustrations, from a painting of 1820 to colour prints, old postcards & modern photographs. Inside endpapers show colour map of the Firth of Clyde & islands. Landscape format 5.75" x 8.25". Priced on back 5.95. Near fine. ISBN 1869850009. (Book ref. 1326) £7.00
Carson, P.A. and Garner, C.R.: " THE SILVER SCREENS OF WIRRAL. A History of Cinemas in Wallasey, Hoylake, West Kirby & South Wirral."
Rock Ferry, Birkenhead. Countryvise / Wirral Central Library, 1990. Softback. Also about cinemas that used to be in Ellesmere Port, Heswall, Liscard, Moreton, Neston and New Brighton. 113 pages. B./w. photographs on most pages. 11.75" x 8.25". Near fine, no inscription or marks. Stiff card cover is near fine, priced on back 7.50. ISBN 0904582108. (Book ref. 5415) £9.00
Jacobs, Flora Gill.: " A HISTORY OF DOLLS' HOUSES."
London. Cassell & Co., 1954. Ex Library. 320 pages including bibliography & index. 116 b./ w. photographs. Very good but has obviously been read before. Library marks on f.e.p., bits of old label, and "Sale 1997" stamped in red. Green library binding with library number bottom of spine. (Book ref. 6344) £8.00
Foster, Harry.: " SOUTHPORT. A HISTORY."
Chichester. Phillimore, 2008. A history of the attractive town of Southport. Situated on the Lancashire coast it is well known in the North West for, besides the fresh sea air, its annual Flower Show, and the Birkdale golf club. 134 pages, including reference notes, bibliography & index. 150 b./w. photographs, engravings & prints. Fine condition, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w., priced 16.99. ISBN 9781860775024. (Book ref. 6296) £12.00
Falkus, Malcolm and Gillingham, John. (General Editors.): " HISTORICAL ATLAS of BRITAIN."
London. Book Club Associates, 1981. "Full colour Atlas of every important aspect of British history, from before 4000 BC to the present day." 223 pages, maps, diagrams, photographs, paintings & drawings. 11" x 9". Near fine, no inscription or marks. D./w. torn on top & bottom edges, o./w. very good. (Book ref. 1349) £8.00
London. Book Club / Macdonald & Jane's, 1974. Edited by Jay Gold. 347 pages including bibliography & index. 11 b./w. photographs on 8 pages. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w. but small tear front top edge, corners & edges slightly worn & bumped. (Book ref. 6257) £7.00
Balsdon, J.P.V.D.: " ROMAN WOMEN. Their History And Habits."
London. The Bodley Head, 1962. Probably ex-library. 351 pages including folded family trees of Roman families, notes, bibliography & index. About 50 b./w. photographs, on 16 pages. Previous owner removed front endpage roughly which has torn the half-title page next to hinge. Small tear on a page repared with tape which has yellowed. A few pencil notes in margins. Cover is worn on top of spine, & small split bottom of spine. No d./w. (Book ref. 6256) £4.00