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von Pivka, Otto: " THE ARMIES OF EUROPE TO-DAY."
Reading, Berkshire. Osprey Publishing, 1974 Divided into3 sections, each with chapters on each country which keep a regular army. The NATO countries are in first section, the Warsaw. pact countries in 2nd section, the Neutral and non-aligned nations in the third. 232 pages. Colour and b./w. photographs, & illustrations. 8.75" x 7". Near fine, no inscription. Near fine d./w. but price clipped. ISBN 0540071218. (Book ref. 6474) £8.00
London. Ebury Press, 2003. " A New History of W./W.1 in the words of the Men and Women who were there." Paperback. In association with the Imperial War Museum. Foreword by Martin Gilbert. 322 pages including index of contributors & general index. Many b./w. photographs. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Cover slightly bumped, back has a few faint indendations, o./w. near fine, priced 7.99. 7.75" x 4.75". ISBN 0091888875 (Book ref. 5392) £4.00
Keegan, John and Holmes, Richard: " SOLDIERS. A History of Men in Battle."
London. Guild Publishing, 1985. Wriiten to accompany the BBC TV series "Soldier", this book club edition first published by Hamish Hamilton. Foreword by Frederick Forsyth. 288 pages including index. About 40 colour photographs & illustrations, many in black & white. Near fine except top & bottom of spine slightly bumped, slightly marked on f.e.p. from erased, crossed out pencilled price still visible. D./w. has 2 tears top front edge, tiny tear back bottom corner, o./w. almost near fine. 10" x 7". (Book ref. 2449) £6.00
Lang, Walter N.: "THE WORLD'S ELITE FORCES. The Men, Weapons & Operations in the War Against Terrorism."
London. Guild Publishing / Salamander Books, 1987. 224 pages including index. Hundreds of photographs in colour and b. & w., plus illustrations in colour which include cutaway drawings of weapons, and maps & charts. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w. except slightly bumped on edges. 12" x 8". (Book ref. 4108) £6.00
Tusa, Ann and John.: " THE NUREMBERG TRIAL."
London. Papermac, 1984. Paperback. First published by Macmillan 1983. 519 pages. About 25 b. & w. photographs. Contents clean & near fine, but edge of pages appear faintly marked in places when book is closed. Spine is slightly faded. Tip of back bottom corner is bumped & slightly soiled. Priced on back cover 7.50. 9" x 6". ISBN 0333379144. (Book ref. 4047) £6.00
Wilkinson, Frederick.: " ARMS AND ARMOUR."
London. Hamlyn, 1978. 156 pages including bibliography & index. Illustrated with 80 colour, and 140 black & white photographs. 11" x 8". Near fine. D./w. has " tear back top edge, is worn on corners and top & bottom of spine, o./w. very good & not price clipped (3.95). ISBN 0600303594. (Book ref. 3982) £7.00
London. Guild Publishing,1987. First published by Stanley Paul in 1987. " An A - Z Guide To Artillery Techniques & Equipment Throughout The World." 256 pages including index. Illustrated on most pages in colour, b. & w. and sepia. 12" x 9". Near fine. Near fine d./w. (Book ref. 3974) £7.00
Ascoli, David.: " THE BRITISH ARMY. 1660 - 1983."
London. Harrap,1985. Reprint. First published 1983. 319 pages including a chronology of Political & Military Control, bibliography & index. Illustrated with over 60 b. & w. photographs of paintings & prints. About 200 drawings of the Regimental & Corps Headdress Badges on 27 pages. Appears near fine but there's a tiny hole on back cover & side edge of the last page is damp stained. D./w. also looks near fine but edge of flap is damp stained, a small hole on back & tiny hole on side of flap. Priced low because of condition. 10" x 7". ISBN 0245569603 (Book ref. 3956) £6.00
Gould, Robert W.: " CAMPAIGN MEDALS OF THE BRITISH ARMY 1815-1972. With 1982/83 Price Guide."
London. Arms & Armour Press, 1982. Second edition with new 7 page price guide supplement, & corrections, in front. "An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors." 72 pages with 8 pages of advertisments at back. 70 medals & ribbons illustrated full size & described, with 101 b. & w. photographs. Near fine in near fine d./w. 8.75" x 5.75". ISBN 0853685150. (Book ref. 2622) £10.00
Parker, John.: " THE GURKHAS. The Inside Story of the World's Most Feared Soldiers."
London. Headline, 1999. " Better To Die Than Be A Coward." is the Gurkhas motto. 276 pages including a list of The Regiments & Battle Honours, a list of Victoria Cross Awards, select bibliography, & index. 38 b. & w. photographs on 18 pages, and 2 maps. Near fine but bottom of page 125 faintly creased. Near fine d./w. which isn't price clipped (17.99) but top & bottom of spine, & corners are a bit bumped. 9" x 6". ISBN 0747275777. (Book ref. 3950) £12.00
London. William Kimber, 1971. Ex Library. Foreword by David Stirling, who founded the S.A.S. in 1941. This book is a history of the S.A.S. regiment, and was written at the request of Colonel Brian Franks. 285 pages, and 30 black & white photographs. 11 maps. 9" x 6". Library stamps, bits of old labels on f.e.p. and some pages slightly soiled, tops of some pages creased where turned over in the past, and there's 5 small brown stains on bottom of pages 92 & 93. Cover is very worn at top & bottom of spine and corners. The binding is encased illustrated boards, with protective cover stuck on top. SBN 7183 0172 2. (Book ref. 2149) £8.00
Jones, R.V.: " MOST SECRET WAR. British Scientific Intelligence 1939-1945. "
London. Hamish Hamilton, May 1978. 3rd impression. ( Ist pub. 1978.) This is R.V. Jones' account of his part in British Scientific Intelligence between 1939 & 1945. Jones, when this book was published, was Professor of Natural Philosophy at Aberdeen University. 556 pages including notes, glossary of abbreviations & code names, and index. 32 pages of about 75 b. & w. photographs. 9"x 6". Near fine but for small indent on front cover. Near fine d./w. except its price clipped, top & bottom of spine slightly bumped, & front is slightly wrinkled in the middle. (Book ref. 1921) £9.00
Humble, Richard: " FAMOUS LAND BATTLES. From Medieval to Modern Times."
London. St. Michael / St. Michael,1979. Reprint. First published by Artus 1979. 184 pages including bibliography & index. Illustrated in colour and b. & w. on almost every page with photographs, paintings, prints & maps. 12" x 9". Near fine but previous owner's small address label removed leaving stickiness on f.f.e.p., I covered it with piece of paper. slightly bumped on bottom of spine & slightly faded along bottom edge. D./w. faded along bottom edge, slightly worn on all edges, especially bottom of spine, o./w. near fine. (Book ref. 3602) £7.00
Carew, Tim.: " FALL OF HONG KONG."
London. Anthony Blond, 1960. Ex. Library. No d./w. Library binding with ref. # bottom of spine, some minor marks on f.e.p. from date-stamp & where label removed. 227 pages and 29 b.& w. photographs on 16 pages. Edges of pages slightly grubby but library binding is firm, strong & apart from library stamps book is v. g. 8" x 5" (Book ref. 1551) £4.00
De Guingand, Major-General Sir Francis: " OPERATION VICTORY."
London. Hodder & Stoughton, 1947 Reprint. Published March 1947, first published Jan.1947. Sir Francis De Guingand, Chief of Staff, Eighth Army 1942-43 and Chief of Staff, 21st Army Group, 1944-45, wrote " accurate account of some of the great events of the war as I saw them." 488 pages including index. B. & w. photograph of author & 53 maps. Front endpapers are a map of the Middle East & Mediterranean Arena; Back e.p. are a map of the North Western Europe Arena. Spine slightly faded, corners a lttle bumped, short inscription on f.e.p., longer one on bottom of half-title, o./w. very good. No d./w. 9" x 5.75". (Book ref. 3405) £6.00
Neuberg, Victor.: " GONE FOR A SOLDIER. A History of Life in the British Ranks from 1642."
London. Cassell, 1989. 160 pages including a list of further reading and index. Illustrated with approximately 85 black & white photographs, prints & old engravings. Near fine. D./w. is near fine except has slightly bumped top corners, and tip of the back top corner is slightly torn. 10" x 7". ISBN 0 304 32243 1. (Book ref. 1660) £8.00
Haswell, Jock: " THE BRITISH ARMY. A Concise History."
London. Thames and Hudson, 1975. 192 pages, including bibliography, list of illustrations & index. 176 b. & w. illustrations. 9" x 7". Near fine except signs of damp on inside of front cover & on the bottom of front endpaper. Small signs of damp on bottom back e./p. & back flap. D./w. is near fine on the outside, but inside, on the top & bottom, there are signs of damp or water stain. ISBN 0500011281. (Book ref. 1659) £8.00
Burne, Lieutenant-Colonel Alfred H.: " THE CRECY WAR. A Military History of the 100 Years War from 1337 to the Peace of Bretigny, 1360."
London. Greenhill Books, date not known. Ex Library, with usual library stamps & price '30p.' on f.e.p. New end papers, and half title is missing which should have details such as date etc., on the reverse, but its probably c.1980's. 366 pages including index. 20 black & white illustrations, maps or charts. Paper is yellowed & pages are slightly warped, corner of a page is missing but this doesn't affect map on it. D./w. inside protective sleeve, & taped onto cover, o./w. very good. Priced low because of condition. 8.75" x 5.5". ISBN 1 85367 081 2. (Book ref. 2448) £5.00
London. Magpie Books, 1997. Softback. First published Central Random House, 1993. 416 pages. Includes an appendix on the world's major special operational forces, bibliography & index. Illustrations by Tony Randell. Slightly worn & creased. 8" x 5". ISBN 1 85487 676 7. (Book ref. 2452) £4.00
Lewis, Jon E.: " THE HANDBOOK OF THE SAS AND ELITE FORCES. How The Professionals Fight And Win."
Bristol. Parragon, 1997. Paperback. Includes advice on the Arctic, & the desert environments. Two chapters on American and Russian Special Forces. First published 1997 by Robinson. 506 pages including index. Illustrated with a number of drawings & diagrams. 8" x 7". Slightly worn & creased. ISBN 1 85487 675 9. (Book ref. 2451) £4.00