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Jarvis, Adrian: " PRINCE'S DOCK. A Magnificent Monument of Mural Art."
Rock Ferry. Merseyside Port Folios / National Museum Merseyside, 1991 Ex library. 84 pages. Painting of a ship in colour on double pages, over 30 b./w. photographs and architect's plans. Pages 27/28, 29/30. 31/32 are loose, library stamps, o./w. very good. Cover has been laminated. Priced on back 3.95. 8" x 5.75". ISBN 0951612905. (Book ref. 6447) £4.00
McCutchan, Philip.: " TALL SHIPS." The Golden Age of Sail.
London. Book Club Associates/Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1976. The history of sailing ships, architects, captains, passengers, cargo & ports.160 pages including bibliography & index. Illustrated with many stunning photographs, engravings and prints in colour and b./w. Near fine, no inscription or marks. D./w. worn & slightly bumped on top of spine, on corners & top edge. (Book ref. 6180) £6.00
Young, E. Hilton, M.P.: " BY SEA AND LAND. Some Naval Doings."
London. T.C. & E.C. Jack, 1920 362 pages. Contents clean, no inscription or marks, but paper over front inner hinge has split, although the cloth lining underneath is completely intact and the book is firm, & tight. Endpapges are slightly foxed. No d./w. (Book ref. 6005) £16.00
Wilkes, Kenneth.: " OCEAN YACHT NAVIGATOR. Celestial Navigation for the RYA Yachtsmaster Ocean Certificate."
London. Nautical Books / Conway Maritime, 1985. Reprint. 4th edition, revised. First published 1975. 167 pages with glossary of terms, and index. 9 b./w. photographs, and 98 figures. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine laminated board, priced on back 10.95. ISBN 0851773656. (Book ref. 5630) £5.00
Coote, John. (Edited by): " THE FABER BOOK OF THE SEA. "
London. Faber & Faber, 1991. Reprint. Paperback. Introduction by Hammond Innes. 408 pages. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine card cover, priced pn back 7.99. ISBN 0571161359. (Book ref. 5627) £5.00
London. Methuen & Co., 1948. Appears to be a first edition. 368 pages including bibliography, glossary, & index. 16 b./w. photographs, and a map. Front endpaper illustrated with map of South Africa. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Edges of d./w. slightly bumped, corners a little worn o./w. near fine, and not price clipped (10s.6d.) 7.5" x 5". (Book ref. 5453) £10.00
Low, C.R.: " THE HISTORY OF THE INDIAN NAVY 1613-1863. VOL. 2."
Uckfield. Naval & Military Press, no date. NOTE, this is only volume 2, which covers years 1838-1863. Softback. Originally published 1877, the text is complete & unabridged, with a new index by Cap. Douglas-Morris. Publication date may be 1991. 622 pages. 8.5" x 5.5". Fine condition. ISBN 1843420147. (Book ref. 5159) £15.00
Higgins, Turnbull.: " WINSTON CHURCHILL and the DARDANELLES."
London. Heinemann,1964. Proof copy. Paperback. Compliments slip from Heinemann enclosed. Written on cover in red ink "36/- " and "Publication date 27th July 1964." Cover slightly worn & spotted, spine creased o./w. very good. Contents clean. 231 pages including bibliography, chapter notes & index. 8.25" x 5.5" (Book ref. 4966) £6.00
Taylor, D.W.: "THE SPEED AND POWER OF SHIPS. A Manual of Marine Propulsion. Vol. 2.Tables & Plates."
New York. John Wiley, 1910. Please note, vol. 2 only. ( Vol. 1 is the text.) "First Edition. First Thousand." printed on title page. 15 tables. 277 figures. Pages not numbered. Landscape format 9" x 12". Front free endpaper has been creased at some time or folded back. No inscription or obvious marks. Contents clean. Slightly rubbed on corners, and either slightly soiled or shelf rubbed along edges, o./w. very good condition or better. (Book ref. 4482) £25.00
N./ A.: " TRANSACTIONS. VOL. 1X 1955-1961"
Liverpool. Liverpool Nautical Research Society, 1963. Card covers. Published to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the society. 135 pages plus a few pages of advertisements at beginning & end. 19 b.& w. photographs. 8" x 5". Cover slightly worn bottom of spine, small tear on bottom side edge of spine o./w. near fine. Contents near fine, no inscription or marks. (Book ref. 4438) £12.00
Eastland, Jonathan.: "THE ROMANCE OF TALL SHIPS."
London. Apple / Quintet, 1990. Lovely photographs of magnificent old Tall Ships, sailing once again around the world. Some governments have committed their assistance, and many sponsors have offered finacial help, helping to restore & save them. 96 pages including glossary & index. Near fine, in near fine d./w., which isn't price clipped (8.95) 12" x 9". ISBN 1850762430. (Book ref. 4149) £7.00
Blake, Clagette.: " CHARLES ELLIOT R.N. 1801 -1875. A Servant of Britain Overseas."
London. Cleaver-Hume Press Ltd., 1960. Ex Library. Biography of Admiral Sir Charles Elliot. Born in Dresden of a Scottish father, he volunteered for the Navy in 1815. Among places he served in were Venezuela, China, Texas, Macao, he also became Governor of Bermuda, and later St. Helen's, spending most of his life overseas until his retirement. Pp. i - xv, 130 pages and 11 illustrations of paintings, engravings & maps. Publisher's thin transparent paper d./w, inside the main d./w., which is inside a plastic sleeve. Near fine except 'Sale 1995' is stamped in red on f.e.p., 2 small library stamps on back of title page, & remnants of old label on f.e.p. The d./w. is illustrated with a map of Texas c. 1840, and near fine except bottom edge has been folded under to fit inside library's protective sleeve. Where taped on the cover, there are 3 small marks. 10" x 7.75". (Book ref. 1872) £10.00
Neill, Peter & Krohn, Barbara Ehrenwald ( Introduced by ): " GREAT MARITIME MUSEUMS OF THE WORLD."
New York. Balsam Press / Harry Abrams, 1991. A beautiful book. 26 of the world's great maritime museums are described by their curators, the buildings, ships and their contents. 304 pages including index. Beautifully illustrated with 293 colour illustrations, and 16 in black & white. 11"x 9". Near fine but topmost edge slightly faded. Near fine d./w. apart from slight wear bottom of spine, & a few faint wrinkles on edges. Coated paper. Heavy. ISBN 0917439120. (Book ref. 3601) £20.00
Duffy, Fisher, Greenhill, Starkey, Youings. (Editors): " THE NEW MARITIME HISTORY OF DEVON. VOLUME 1."
London & Exeter. Conway Maritime Press / The University of Exeter,1992. Volume 1: "From Early Times to the Late Eighteenth Century." 256 pages including index. 142 b. & w. figures & illustrations, and 14 maps. Near fine except bookseller's small label on bottom of f.e.p. No inscription. Near fine d./w., not price clipped (35) 12" x 10". Heavy. ISBN 0851776116 (Book ref. 3252) £28.00
Pike, Dag.: " MOTORSAILERS."
London. Stanford Maritime, 1976. About the design of motorsailers, ... the hulls, propulsion, steering, rigs, deck layouts, accomodation etc. of cruising yachts with large engines. 224 pages. Illustrated with about 47 b. & w. photographs & line drawings. Near fine, on nice smooth, crisp paper, contents very clean & tight, no inscription or marks. D./w. near fine & not price clipped (4.95) except bottom of spine is worn & slightly bumped and front bottom edge is slightly bumped. ISBN 0540071439 (Book ref. 3493) £6.00
Pack, Captain S.W.C.: " ADMIRAL LORD ANSON. The story of Anson's voyage & naval events of his day."
London. Cassell & Co.,1960. Ex Library. 262 pages including index. 18 b. & w. photographs of portraits & prints. 7 maps. 8.75" x 5.5". Contents are clean, but cover is worn along edges, residue from old label, and 'SALE 1994' is stamped in red on f.f.e.p. D./ very good but top edge has been folded under to fit inside a sleeve & there are marks on corners from old tape. The tape marked the top & bottom of cover and the back e.p. slightly too. (Book ref. 3379) £6.00
Anon: " SEA BREEZES. The Ship Lover's Digest. July-Dec. 1959."
Liverpool. Charles Birchall, 1959 Volume 28. Interesting magazine all about the sea & sailors, ships, schooners, barques, steamers, sailing ships, crews & captains etc. 6 monthly journals, July - December 1959, bound in green cloth. On reverse of title page is "owing to printing dispute July edition less than usual pages." Spine faded & fading continues 1" on front cover. Contents near fine. 436 pages, 16 page index. Many b. & w. photographs, 3 double page illustrations in colour. 7" x 5". (Book ref. 2708) £7.00
Author or Editor Not Given.: " SEA BREEZES. The Ship Lover's Digest. Vol. 29. JANUARY to JUNE 1960."
Liverpool. Charles Birchall & Sons, 1960. Stories & articles about ships, sailing, engineers & designers, and the people associated with the sea. 468 pages plus 16 page index. Note, this is only the first volume, Jan. to June of 1960. About 6 colour, and many b. & w. photographs & illustrations. 7" x 5". No d./w. Spine is faded, but contents are clean & tight. (Book ref. 2998) £7.00
Anon. Ministry of Information.: " EAST OF MALTA WEST OF SUEZ. The Admiralty Account of the Naval war in the Eastern Mediterranean September 1939 to March 1941."
London His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1943. Softback. 63 pages. Front endpapers are a propaganda map of the Mediterranean issued in June 1940 by the Italian government, showing how the Italian Navy & airforce had cornered the British & French fleet. Black & white photographs, diagrams or maps on almost every page. 9" x 7". Paper cover is slightly worn along the spine especially near the 3 staples, the bottom corners on front & back are creased, a tiny piece is missing from back side edge, but the contents are near fine. (Book ref. 2843) £5.00