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Penryn. Atlantic Transport Publishers, 1996 " A Century of British Railway Disasters 1868-1968." A compilation of 8 books, the first were written by Arthur Trevena, and later books by Ken Hoole. 176 pages. Illustrated with b./w. photographs on most pages. Near fine, no inscription. No d./w. ISBN 0906899699 (Book ref. 5951) £9.00
Whitehouse, Patrick and Thomas, David St. John: " A PASSION FOR STEAM."
London. W.H. Smith, 1989. This book, by 2 steam train enthusiasts, has 10 chapters on different aspects of steam trains with contributions from other experts. They are Sir Peter Allen, A..J. Powell, Basil Cooper, F. Harrison & David Wilcock. 192 pages including index. Colour or b./ w. photographs & prints on almost every page of trains around the world. Included are extracts from books, anecdotes from people connected with trains, & travellers in far off lands. Near fine. Near fine d./w. except top of spine is slightly worn & frayed. 11" x 9". ISBN 0 7153 9419 3. (Book ref. 2257) £5.00
Wood, Sydney.: " THE MAGIC OF RAILWAYS."
London. Treasure Press, 1989. 96 pages. Illustrated in colour and b./w.on most pages. Laminated cover is near fine. 11.5" x 8.75". ISBN 0333313070. (Book ref. 5441) £4.00
Tosco, Uberto. (Translated by Pottinger,Gerald.): " MODEL TRAINS. RAILROADS IN THE MAKING."
Leicester. Galley Press/ W.H.Smith, 1981 Reprint. First published 1969 in Italy, translated by Pottinger in 1972. Photography by Carlo Bevilacqua. 15 pages of text , plus 48 pages of 112 colour photographs. 11.75" x 9". Near fine in white binding. D./w. slightly worn & bumped top of spine, faintly creased on back, is price clipped o./w. near fine. ISBN 0861360001 (Book ref. 2314) £6.00
Whitehouse, Patrick B. (Edited by.): " WORLD OF TRAINS."
London. Hamlyn / New English Library, 1976. Reprint, first published 1973. 144 pages. Photographs on most pages, mainly in colour. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w., not price clipped (1.95), but edges slightly bumped. 0 ISBN 0600393453 (Book ref. 4583) £5.00
Battye, Rock and Peascod, Michael: " FURNESS RAILWAY 150. A History of the Furness Railway, Celebrating 150 years..."
Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria. Cumbrian Railways Association, 1996. Softback. 64 pages. Illustrated with about 50 b. & w. photographs, also some diagrams and maps. Priced on front 5.95. 4 pamphlets & 2 used train tickets included. Near fine, no inscription or marks. 11.75" x 8.25". ISBN 095192012X. (Book ref. 3804) £7.00
Various Authors.: " Railway Modeller."
Seaton Devon, Peco Publications, 1971. 12 monthly journals, Jan. - Dec. 1971 bound in blue cloth cover, 412 pages & approx. 25-40 p. of advertizing in each journal. Near fine condition, except on bottom of pages 330 & 331 are stapled 2 diagrams in pencil on paper 4" x 3". Sold as set only. (Book ref. 815) £7.00
Various Authors.: " Railway Modeller."
Seaton Devon. Peco Publications, 1973. 12 monthly journals. Dark blue cloth binding. 1- 392 pages + and the original covers are included. Approximately 40-50 pages of advertizing within each journal. Near fine, 12" x 9". Sold as set, not separately. (Book ref. 816) £7.00
Various Authors.: " Railway Modeller. 1993."
Seaton, Devon. Peco Publicationa, 1993. 12 monthly journals, Jan.-Dec. 1993. 576 pages + index, & about 70 p. of ads. in each journal. Blue cloth binding, covers included. Near fine. (Book ref. 817) £5.00
Various Authors.: " Railway Modeller. 1990."
Seaton Devon, Peco Publications, 1990. 12 monthly journals, Jan.- Dec. 1990. 576 pages & approx. 90 pages of advertizing from each journal included. Near fine. Bound in blue cloth. Very heavy. (Book ref. 824) £5.00
Various Authors.: " Railway Modeller. 1984."
Seaton Devon. Peco Publications, 1984. 12 monthly journals Jan.- Dec. 1984. Bound in blue cloth, (Cordex self binding, which is a bit loose.) 504 pages + approx. 70 pages of advertizements icluded within each journal. Near fine except Feb. & Oct. covers slightly wrinkled. Also page 12a has coupon for 1984 model railway exhibition on bottom of page cut out. 12" x 8" x 3" deep at spine. (Book ref. 820) £6.00
Various Authors.: " Railway Modeller. 1983."
Seaton Devon. Peco Publications, 1983. 12 monthly journals, Jan. - Dec. 1983. 516 pages. Bound in blue cloth, & approx. 70 pages of advertizing included with each journal. Near fine. 12" x 8" x 3" wide at spine. (Book ref. 821) £7.00
Various Authors.: " Railway Modeller. 1967."
Seaton Devon, Peco Publications, 1967. 12 monthly journals, bound in blue cloth 'Self-binding Cordex' cover. 384 pages, & between 25 to 35 pages of advertisments in each. Near fine. Heavy (Book ref. 818) £8.00
Various Authors.: " Railway Modeller. 1965."
Seaton Devon, Peco Publications, 1965. 12 monthly journals Jan.- Dec. 1965. 10.75" x 8.5". (Smaller size than recent years.) Bound in blue ring-binder. 340 pages & approx. 30 p. of advertizing in each of the journals. Near fine condition, except 2 holes punched in journals for rings of binder, which is slightly faded. (Book ref. 822) £9.00
Various Authors: " Railway Modeller. "
Seaton Devon, Peco Publications, 1994. In blue plastic file case, 12 monthly journals, Jan. - Dec. 1994. All in near fine condition. No tears or creases. 12" x 9". Approx. 584 pages for whole year + each has about 70-80 pages of advertizing. Priced when new, 1.75 - 1.85 each. Sold as a set of 12 only. (Book ref. 814) £5.00
No Author.: " Railway Modeller."
Seaton. Peco Publications, 1973. 12 months of the Railway Modellers' magazine, Jan. 1973 - Dec. 1973. Bound in dark blue cloth cover. 392 pages, plus pages of ads included at beginning & end of each edition. Approx. 12" x 9". Many photographs, some in colour, many illustrations & designs. Near fine. Heavy. (Book ref. 609) £5.00
Seaton, Peco Publications, 1968. Monthly magazine. 12 issues, bound in darkblue cloth cover. Jan. 1968 - Dec. 1968. Near fine/ near fine. Includes an article by Rev. W. Awdry. 384 pages, with b. & w. photographs, diagrams, designs, and many pages of advertisements at beginning and end of text of each month's magazine. Approx. 11" x 9". Heavy. (Book ref. 606) £7.00
Vaughan, Adrian.: " SIGNALMAN'S MORNING."
London. John Murray, 1984. Reprint. First pub.1981.Vaughan recalls the last days of steam trains on Brunel's Line. 177 pages including index. 21 b.& w. photographs. The endpapers are illustrated with a map of the area covered, Oxford down to Andover, Swindon across to Reading. 8.75" x 5.75". Near fine, in slightly worn d./w. ISBN 0719538270. (Book ref. 3634) £7.00
Rasmussen, Henry.: " AMERICAN STEAM LOCOMOTIVES. Alive And Still Working Today."
Osceola, WI. U.S.A. Motorbooks International, 1988. ..."The Spirit of live steam in America lives again ! " 128 pages. Steam locomotives in the U.S.A., beautifully photographed in colour on every page by Henry Rasmussen. Near fine, no inscription or marks, in black cloth cover. D./w. near fine but tiny scratch on back. 10.75" x 9.25". ISBN 0879382848. (Book ref. 3188) £9.00
Wigston, Leicester. Magna Books, 1993. Reprint, third edition. First published by Ian Allan in 1966. 189 pages including tables. A concise history, illustrated with some colour, but mainly b. & w. photographs of about 300 old steam locomotives. 11.25" x 8.75". Near fine, no inscription or marks. D./w. is slightly bumped on top edge o./w. also near fine. ISBN 1854224743. (Book ref. 3189) £5.00