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Adam Mills Rare Books

Double Crown Club 1974. The Menu a sheet of textured card folded once to form 4 pages c. 19 x 19 cms, the front cover with a spray of William Morris leaves printed in green, the interior printed in Morris's Kelsmcott Press Troy type. In fine condition. <> About 100 copies only designed and printed by Sebastian Carter at the Rampant Lions Press. With texts in Morris's Kelsmcott Press Troy type which had been specially cast at Oxford University Press, from the original matrices held by Cambridge University Press, for use in the Rampant Lions superb edition of the Morris & Burne-Jones Cupid & Psyche. Sebastian Carter spoke on Morris and Burne-Jones's Cupid & Psyche Project, Its Origin and Completion. (Book ref. 9395_)
Privately Printed 1959 First Edition, c.pp54 with the top edge gilt, quarter gilt morocco over attractive marbled paper boards. Couple of corners a little scuffed, else an excellent copy. <> 100 copies attractively printed by Brooke Crutchley at Cambridge University Press. A series of poems by Victor Scholderer, the well-known Caxton scholar. (Book ref. 9535)
Whittington Press 1997. Folio, original woodcut-illustrated wrappers over stiff boards. With numerous illustrations and typographical examples tipped-in. Also loosely enclosed are a flyer for Matrix 18 : and Whittington News No 4, Jan 1998. An excellent unused copy, bright, fresh and very handsome. § Edition Limited to 770 copies [and 80 Specials]. Includes important articles on a Washi Tour in Japan, on Oxford Bible Types, on the Golden Cockerel Press, Maximilien Vox, Hermann Zapf, Lissitzky, Bruce Rogers, Caslon Type, Van Krimpen &c. (Book ref. 9528)
Oxford, Inky Parrot Press 1985. Artist's Presentation Copy : and with 3 additional cards and illustrations signed by artist Wilton Priestner.* Tan boards strikingly illustrated allover with numerous line drawings, with matching illustrated slip-case. Folio [binding c. 31 x 23 cms], c.pp155, spine just fractionally sunned, a fine copy. § Wild extravagant nudity : Edition Limited to 360 numbered and signed copies [and a few hand-coloured Specials]. Exceptionally attractive book. Profusely illustrated with hundreds of idiosyncratic scratchy line drawings which, with a great deal of wildly extravagant nudity and sexuality, stress the imperfections and the corruption both of the flesh and of the world. Edition Limited to 360 copies in Garamond designed by Dennis Hall, set on a Monotype Lasercomp and printed litho. Typically exuberant Inky Parrot production. This copy numbered in Priestner's hand 9 of 360 and signed by him : and with an amusing Presentation Inscription to Dennis, very possibly the Inky Parrot owner and designer Dennis Hall. With an original etching in colour of Candide in the form of a large Christmas Card c.19 x 25 cms signed by Priestner : a colour-printed version of the same card, also signed by Priestner and with an amusing inscription in his hand : and finally with a full-page colour illustration of an uproariously nude Paquette [taken from the extremely limited hand-coloured issue of this book] signed in pencil by Wilton Priestner. (Book ref. 7602)
Double Crown Club 1971. White card c. 27 x 16 cms with text printed in red. With 2 transparent paper overlays, one with pencil-drawn lower-case letter c, the other with letter d, an excellent copy of a particularly fragile piece. § About 100 copies only printed by John Miles using Matthew Carter's type drawings. Matthew Carter spoke on Aspects Of Contemporary Type Design. (Book ref. 9383)
Double Crown Club 1971. Sheet of cream paper c. 28 x 20 cms printed in black with two small heraldic shields in blue, pin-prick hole in blank top margin, and signs of two horizontal folds to fit a standard letter envelope, else excellent. § About 100 copies only printed in the style of Newdigate at the Shakespeare Head Press. 'Members may invite their wives, but as the number of places is limited, it may not be possible to invite any additional guests'. With 26-line text detailing arrangements for the activities of the day. (Book ref. 9382)
Double Crown Club 1971. 4 pages c. 28.5 x 19 cms french-fold on thick textured paper, tiny thumb-nick to margins, final blank page just slightly darkened at top and bottom edge, else very good. § About 100 copies only printed by R. S. Atterbury's Westerham Press, the illustration printed with the assistance[?] of Harold Hugo, who also gave a talk describing his work at The Meriden Gravure Company. With a full-page print of the engraving Leaves & Tree by Anthony Gross, signed and numbered 7/8 by Gross. (Book ref. 9381)
Double Crown Club 1970. Together 2 items. The Menu printed in mauve and blue on large stiff white card c. 30 x 23 cms, corners just nudged, small marginal spot. The Invitation printed in matching style in green and gold on stiff white card c. 20 x 15 cms, with neat ink annotation cheque 'sent 4/11/70. Guest Graham D.', else excellent. § About 100 copies only. Designed by Herbert Spencer and printed by Lund Humphries. Both items based on a swirling Art Nouveau design by Henry van de Velde for the Continental Havana Compagnie. Fernand Baudin spoke on Henry van de Velde & Typography. (Book ref. 9380)
Double Crown Club 1970. Signed by Ruari McLean , DCC President.* 4 pages c. 20 x 11 cms french-fold on thick cream paper. Printed in black with numerous type decorations in ochre in typical Dwiggins style. Excellent condition. § About 100 copies only. Designed by Stuart Rose, printed by Moore & Matthes. Rollo Silver spoke on W. A. Dwiggins : Six Points Of An American Nonpareil, and showed slides by Dorothy Abbe. (Book ref. 9379)
Double Crown Club 1969. Together 2 items. The Menu in burgundy wrappers c. 29 x 23 cms with striking gilt titling. Containing a sewn-in tinted sheet, the 4 pages printed in cerise and green. Very slight wear, else excellent. The Invitation on tinted paper, the two wings folded over to form c. 9 x 20 cms, printed in green throughout, fine. § Designed by Hans Schmoller and printed by David Gentleman at Cambridge University Press. The burgundy wrappers strikingly printed with outsize DCC initials in gilt, the initials themselves formed by various exotic fruits. A larger than normal gathering : 'The Committee especially hopes to welcome many of our honorary members from here and overseas ... Members' wives are welcome ... and may bring up to two additional guests'. (Book ref. 9377)
Double Crown Club 1968. Stiff tinted card folded twice to give 6 panels each c. 23 x 16 cms. Excellent. § About 100 copies only : designed by Iain Bain and printed at the Stellar Press. The triple extended cover printed with a reproduction of a 15thC woodcut panorama of Florence. The interior with a tipped-in photo of flood-damaged books and shelves in the Biblioteca Nazionale in Florence 1966. Peter Waters (!), Roger Powell & Sydney Cockerell gave a talk describing Books & Floods : Florence & Lisbon. (Book ref. 9375)
Double Crown Club 1963. Sheet of stiff white card folded once to give 4 pages c. 29 x 19 cms. Printed in red and black. A few light foxing-like spots along top strip of front page, else very good. § About 100 copies only. Printed principally in Cyrillic caps : with explanatory texts in a smaller size of roman types in red. John Commander and Rowley Atterbury addressed the meeting. 'The theme of the evening is Design & The Printing Industry. In the more neurotic areas of this field, the harassed designer might ultimately tire even of the roman alphabet itself. Following this nightmare, we give you a menu entirely in the usual English and French, as it might appear had some trick of history endowed us with the characters of St Cyril instead of those of Rome.' (Book ref. 9374)
Double Crown Club 1963. 4 pages c. 25 x 17 cms french-fold on thick tan paper, excellent. § About 100 copies only. Elegant title-page borders in red-brown adapted by Hugh Williamson from a design by Frederic Warde : and with five other designs of fleurons also printed in red-brown. Printed by Benham. (Book ref. 9373)
Double Crown Club 1962. Stiff green wrappers c. 29 x 18 cms with elegant DCC initials in matt gold. Containing a tipped-in folded sheet of contrasting acid yellow card printed in brown and ochre. Excellent copy. § About 100 copies only. Designed and printed by Will Carter. (Book ref. 9372)
Double Crown Club 1959. 4 pages c. 25 x 19 cms french-fold on salmon-pink paper. Cover printed with crowns in two shades of mauve : interior with Greek script in two shades of blue. Excellent copy. § About 100 copies only. Designed by Christopher Bradshaw. The Rev J. D. Wilkinson spoke on Greeks & Barbarians. (Book ref. 9371)
Double Crown Club 1959. 4 pages c. 26 x 18 cms french-fold on stiff grey card printed with the menu and illustrated with printing machinery. Opened and then unfolded, the white verso is unexpectedly also printed with the menu and with further examples of historic printing machinery. Excellent condition. § About 100 copies only of this Menu were produced. Designed by A. S. Atterbury, and film-set and printed lithographically at the Westerham Press. Ian Parsons gave a talk titled Dragons Blood, Tissue Paper & String : British printing today as it strikes an old-fashioned publisher. (Book ref. 9370)
Double Crown Club 1958. 4 pages c. 24 x 17 cms french-fold on thick handmade[?] paper, excellent. The cover with a large woodcut portrait by George Buday of Joseph Moxon. § About 100 copies only handsomely designed by Harry Carter in 17thC style, and printed by Vivian Ridler in Fell types. The back of the Menu printed with a full-page advert in amusing cod 17thC wording for the forthcoming Herbert Davis and Harry Carter edition of Moxon's Mechanick Exercises : and the talk at the dinner given by Herbert Davis on Joseph Moxon. (Book ref. 9369)
Double Crown Club 1957. Together 3 Items. The Menu in striking blue wrappers c. 27 x 20 cms with large flourished DCC initials in gold. Containing a sewn-in french-fold sheet, the 4 pages printed in red & black. Contained in original thick brown envelope overprinted with the large Double Crown and Gezelschap initials in blue , together with Invitation and Keepsake. All in excellent condition. § About 125 copies only designed by Charles Batey. An exceptionally large, handsome and complex Menu designed & printed by Gezelschap Nonpareil. Also loosely enclosed are - 1. The Invitation, handsomely printed in red and black on thick grey paper, giving full details for the visit to Oxford and advising that Harry Carter would give a paper on Dutch Types & Oxford Printing - and 2. A Keepsake strikingly printed on yellow paper with a fine display of fleurons. (Book ref. 9366)
Double Crown Club 1959. Broadside of stiff card-like paper folded to form 4pp of approx size 28 x 18 cms. Front cover with striking all-over illustration in black and gold on a blue ground of two crowned and dancing female figures; central double-page opening printed with menu in black over an illustration of the same dancing figures in pale tan repeated three times; rear cover with printed imprint and printed initial JO'C / TCH [illustrator John O'Connor and designer Tom Hart]. Couple of slight marks at extreme foot of mainly blank rear cover, else an excellent copy of a fragile piece. § Strikingly illustrated by John O'Connor : the image on the front cover with printed initials JO'C. About 100 copies only of this Menu were produced : designed by Tom Hart : and printed by Benhams in Colchester. (Book ref. 8988)
Double Crown Club 1974. Complex pamphlet c. 19.5 x 13.5 cms, the double thickness tri-fold cream overwrappers printed in red and black, and containing within a french-fold pamphlet in stiff red-brown wrappers. In excellent condition. § The 50th Anniversary Menu : the front cover very handsomely lettered in red and black : and containing a facsimile of the earliest Double Crown Club Menu which had been designed by Oliver Simon in 1924. About 100 copies only designed and printed by MH, JR & WH [probably Michael Harvey, John Ryder and William Hummerstone]. Nicolas Barker spoke on Holbrook Jackson, the first President of the Double Crown Club. (Book ref. 9397)