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David Aldous-Cook

Huping, Xu: The Treasures of the Nanjing Museum
Hongkong, 2001 Paperback with a laminated cover, 128pp. The museum was opened in 1999 and Professor Xu Huping has selected 107 of the finest pieces to be included in this book, shown in 103 colour plates. Featuring bronze, gold, jade, pottery, porcelain, lacquer, paintings and embroidery, this book reflects the glories of the Imperial Collection. (Book ref. 427) £15.00
Catalogue: The Haskell F. Norman Library of Science and Medicine Part two
Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 th June 1998 Hardback catalogue, 883 lots. Christies New York, coloured illustrations, all kinds of medical historical documents (Book ref. 629) £15.00
Catalogue: Jewellery
Monday 17th November 1997, Christies Geneva Hard back, 91 lots of exquisite pieces of coloured jewellery. (Book ref. 630) £10.00
Morris, Alistair: Antiques from the Garden
Suffolk, Garden Art Press, 2001 Hardback, cloth bound,with dust jacket, 280 pages containing 250 colour illustrations and 500 black and white. The book covers not only decorative garden antiques but also down- to- earth items without which a garden cannot be made, mowers, wheelbarrows etc. Sections on garden games and garden ephemera are also included. Highlighting our rich gardening past the book is a valuable research tool for students and collectors of gardenalia. (Book ref. 628) £25.00
Eldred, Emmett W.: Eldred Wheeler: A Collectors Guide
U.S.A. Emmett W. Eldred 2010 Large format, hard back, cloth bound with dust jacket, 275 pages and general index, plus many good coloured illustrations. Combining 18th century woodworking practices with 20th century production efficiencies, Eldred Wheeler created a new category of traditional American furniture: superbly made and historically faithful pieces, each built to become a treasured antique in its own right with the passage of time. Emmett and his business partner, Bill Wheeler, launched their shoestring enterprise in 1977. After 27 years, Eldred Wheeler remains a thriving company. The story related in this book is not only inspirational but as a collectors guide is intended as a conprehensive reference source for anyone interested in Eldred Wheeler furniture. Although this is the main focus, this book also tells an entrepreneurial tale that might intrigue anyone starting his or her own business - woodworking or otherwise. (Book ref. 626) £40.00
Bordignon, Laura: The Golden Age of Japanese Okimono
Suffolk, Antique Collectors Club, 2010 Large format, cloth bound, hard back with dust jacket, 302pages with 120 pieces illustrated alongside full descriptions and explanations of the relevant myths, beliefs, folk tales or historical information.The signature marks for each piece are reproduced, along with a transcription and romanised translation. As well as ivory okimono carvings, bronze, silver and shibayama pieces are also illustrated, All the pieces featured in the volume are from the collection of Dr A.M. Kanter. This is an essential referece work for collectors, connoiseurs, dealers and scholars alike. (Book ref. 627) £45.00
Webb, Brian and Peyton Skipwith: E. McKnight Kauffer, Design
Suffolk, Antique Collectors' Club, 2007 Hardback with dust jacket in black/white design, 96pp. full of coloured illustrations of designs by Kauffer for booklets, book jackets, tickets, advertisements and posters. Title pages and illustrations for books.Dates and history with each example. Condition as new. (Book ref. 623) £12.00
Webb, Brian and Peyton Skipwith: Design, Curwen Press
Suffolk, Antique Collectors' Club, Hardback book, with dust jacket, 96pp. features the work of the Curwen Press with 150 colour illustrations of designs by Lovat Fraser,Edward Bawden, Eric Ravilious, Paul Nash and other well known artists. (Book ref. 625) £12.00
Salter, John, Editor and co-author: Wine Labels 1730-2003, A Worldwide History
Suffolk, Antique Collectors' Club, 2004 Large format, hardback, cloth bound with dust jacket, 447pp.This book has been written by a team of experts, including members of the Wine Label Circle and covers labels made of gold,silver, old Sheffield plate, electroplate, bone china, porcelain, pottery, paktong, enamel, bone, aluminium, celluloid, brass, tin, gilt, metal, mother -fo-pearl, tortoiseshell, coconut shell and woven fabric. 1456 illustrations, 4 appendices, notes and index. Condition as new. (Book ref. 622) £70.00
Bennett Daryl and Pill Colin: Newlyn Copper, Arts and Crafts Work in Newlyn
Bristol, Sansom & Company Ltd,2008 Paperback,152pp. profusely illustrated in colour. The first major studyof the Newlyn Industrial Class, a small but yery important part of the Arts & Crafts Movement in Victorian Britain. Established in Cornwall in 1890. Started as a philanthropic gesture aimed at improving the quality of life for the young men of this small fishing village. The decoration of Newlyn work with designs of sea creatures, sea birds and scenes from the fishing village, shows the consistent influence of artist/designer John Mackenzie. The touch of the living craftsmen is the charm of Newlyn work. Condition excellent. (Book ref. 621) £20.00
: Design, Lewitt-HIM
Suffolk, Antique Collectors' Club, 2008 Hardback book with dust jacket, 78pp. with over 90 designs by Jan Le Witt (1907-1991) and George Him (1900-1982. Adverts, posters, book and magazine covers, bottle labels, all in colour. condition excellent. (Book ref. 624) £12.00
Secord, William: Dog Painting, A history of the dog in art.
Woodbridge, Antique Collectors' Club, 2009 Large format, cloth bound with dust jacket, 455pp. 525 paintings illustrated.As the noted authority on 19th century dog painting, Secord has virtually unlimited access to the world's great collections of dog paintings. The Royal collections of Belgium, England and France are represented. The national kennel clubs of America and England and paintings from 25 museums are included. Condition excellent. (Book ref. 619) £30.00
Laurence Mouillefarine and Evelyne Posseme, Editors: Art Deco Jewelry
London, Thames & Hudson 2008 Large format with dust jacket featuring a Semaphore brooch C1928, 432 illustrations, 392 in colour. 256 pp. This book presents some of the finest Art Deco jewelry produced by the worlds leading designers and makers between 1910 and 1937. Eighteen designers and houses are featured. A number of the world's foremost authorities explore the world of Art Deco in essays throughout the book. condition new. (Book ref. 618) £30.00
: Jubilee Royal
London 1977 Large format, paperback catalogue of an exhibition of commemorative items at the Goldsmiths Hall in London 1977, tracing the origins and history of Royal Jubilees from the earliest times to the Jubilee of H.M. Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Arranged and presented by the Commemorative Collectors Society. Over 600 items shown in black and white photos. Good condition (Book ref. 620) £10.00
Sturm, Philip: West Indian Antique Furniture of the Lesser Antilles 1740-1940
Suffolk, Antique Collectors' Club, 2007 Large format, hardback with dust jacket, 200 pages, 346 illustrations mainly in colour. Gives a brief historical background to the furniture of the Lesser Antilles. Describes the influence of most of Europe and America on the furniture design, includes Port furniture. 3 appendices. Condition as new. (Book ref. 616) £40.00
Carney, Margaret: Lithophanes
U.S.A. Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2008 Large format, hardback with dust jacket, 224pages featuring 370 stunning photographs and a detailed scholarly text. Lithophanes are porcelain three-dimensional pictures, which can be seen only when backlit, very popular in the Victorian era. Condition as new. (Book ref. 615) £49.00
Slater Greg: Clarice Cliff for Collectors
U.K. Thames & Hudson 2009 Soft laminated cover, 240 pages with over 500 colour illustrations. The book is a concise, accessible and practical reference for collectors of every level of experience, from novice to expert, who want to build, display and care for a collection of Clarice Cliff. a Guide to patterns and shapes, also provides key information on identifying her work. Includes the original sales material from the Wilkinson and Newport potteries. (Book ref. 611) £18.95
Miller, C.L.: Postmortem Collectibles
America, Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2001 Soft laminated cover, landscape, 160pages full of coloured photographs. covers the subject from embalming and mortuary science through final dispositions, cremation and burial, postcards of the event and hints on care of collectible documents. condition new. An amusing read. (Book ref. 614) £24.00
Mentasti, Rosa Barovier: Anzolo Fuga, Murano Glass Artist
New York, Acanthus Press 2005 Large format, hard back with dust jacket, 211pages illustrated with170 colour photographs of spectacular objects never seen before. this is the first monograph on this exceptional designer. Anzolo Fuga played a prominent role in the renaissance of Murano Glass in the 20th century. Condition new (Book ref. 613) £40.00
Lyons Harry: Christopher Dresser The People's Designer 1834-1904
Suffolk Antique Collectors' Club 2005 Hard back with dustjacket, 320 pages, over 400 colour and 250 b/w illustrations in this extensively researched book, it contains a comprehensive look at Dresser's work including his less well-known designs in textiles, wallpapers and graphic design also examines some of the previously overlooked manufacturers. (Book ref. 612) £25.00