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Peter Bell Books

Richard Hatchwell (Booksellers) Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury, 1588-1679 [The Catalogue of a Collection]
Malmesbury: R. Hatchwell, 1979. small square format. not paginated but 231 antiquarian items catalogued in detail, frontispiece portrait, printed wrappers. Unusual bibliographical item. (Book ref. 12289) £15.00
Goodheir, Albert Founded on a rock: the philosophy of Spinoza after three centuries. Translated from the original in Esperanto
Glasgow: Kardo, 1978.. 9+26 pages, paper covers (Book ref. 12230) £10.00
Paul, Ellen Frankel Altruism
Cambridge University Press, 1993. 250 page academic paperback, the front cover a little creased (Book ref. 12228) £15.00
Waldron, Jeremy The right to private property
Clarendon Press, 1988/90. 470 page academic paperback (Book ref. 12227) £20.00
Mulgan, Tim The demands of consequentialism
Clarendon Press, 2001. 313 pages cloth, dust jacket (Book ref. 12226) £18.00
Kramer, Matthew H. In defense of legal positivism: law without trimmings
NY: Oxford University Press, 1999. 313 pages, cloth, mint in dust jacket (Book ref. 12225) £25.00
Feinberg, Joel Offense to others: the moral limits to the criminal law
NY: Oxford University Press, 1985. 328 page academic paperback, front cover slightly creased (Book ref. 12224) £15.00
Patterson, Dennis (editor) A companion to philosophy of law and legal theory
Blackwells, 1996. 12+602 pages cloth, dust jacket. Heavy (Book ref. 12223) £40.00
Grotius, Hugo The law of war and peace (1646). Translated F.W. Kelsey and others
NY: Bobbs Merrill, 1925. 36+946 pages, cloth - heavy, so postage will be extra (Book ref. 12222) £25.00
Blocker, H. Gene Philosophy of art
NY: Scribner, 1979. 278 pages, plates, paper covers (Book ref. 12221) £15.00
Nagel, Ernest (editor) John Stuart Mill's philosophy of scientific method
NY: Hafner, 1950. 40+461 pages, paperback, owner's name stamped on fore edge (Book ref. 12220) £15.00
Grant, Ruth W. John Locke's liberalism
University of Chicago Press, 1987. 200 page paperback. (Book ref. 12219) £25.00
Cairns, John An examination of Professor Ferrier's "Theory of knowledge and being"
Edinburgh: T. Constable, 1856. 32 page dusty pamphlet, spine neatly taped (Book ref. 12198) £20.00
Tebbit, Mark Philosophy of law: an introduction
Routledge, 2000. 196 page academic paperback (Book ref. 12113) £15.00
Sircello, Gary Mind and art: an essay on varieties of expression
Princeton University Press, 1972. 349 page academic paperback (Book ref. 12108) £15.00
Davie, George (Elder) The crisis of the democratic intellect: the problem of generalism and specialism in twentieth-century Scotland
Edinburgh: Polygon, 1986. 283 pages, excellent copy in dust jacket (Book ref. 8003) £15.00
England, Izhak The philosophy of tort law
Aldershot: Dartmouth, 1993. 354 pages, cloth, excellent dust wrapper (Book ref. 12076) £45.00
Locke, John An essay concerning human understanding. In four books. Nineteenth edition
Dublin: W. Sleater, H. Chamberlaine, 1786. 2 volumes. Introduction + 372 pages, Contents + 339 pages + Index. A clean tight copy in a contemporary (or near contemporary) full leather binding, two contrasting labels, leather a little scuffed but an excellent survival. Each with a neat printed private bookplate probably c.1900? [note: this edition does not appear to be noted in British Library online catalogue] (Book ref. 12072) £450.00
Heyd, David Supererogation: its status in ethical theory [This is the only real book amongst the 10 + PODs]
Cambridge University Press, 1982. 191 pages, cloth, mint dust jacket (Book ref. 12084) £25.00
Cullity, Garrett & Gaut, Berys Ethics and practical reason
NY: Clarendon Press, 1997/8. 421 pages, mint academic paperback (Book ref. 12081) £22.00