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Peter Bell Books

Power, Mike The struggle against fascism and war in Britain, 1931-1939 (Pamphlet 70)
Communist Party History Group, n.d. [ca.197-?]. 28 page booklet (Book ref. 10756) £10.00
Fisher, John The Political Plough that Jack built (1821). A facsimile of a pamphlet. With an introduction by Travis L. Crosby
London: Hugh Evelyn, 1974. Introduction + 12 pages (including woodcuts), booklet, very good (Book ref. 10284) £12.00
Buckland James Pros and cons of the Plumage Bill ["To prohibit the trade in wild foreign bird feathers"]
[1911]. [18] page disbound pamphlet, label of St Deniol's Library. *With invitation card from Mr Buckland (Book ref. 9896) £34.00
Herne, Frank S. History of the Town Library (Old Town Hall), and of the Permanent Library, Leicester
Leicester: W.H. Lead, 1891. 28 page stapled booklet (Book ref. 9853) £28.00
Cooper, Daniel A federal British Empire the best defence of the mother country and her colonies
London: W. Ridgway, 1880.. 14 page disbound pamphlet. "With Sir Daniel Cooper's compliments" (Book ref. 8953) £20.00
Falconer, Thomas The mystery of improvidence: the Charity of Thomas Howell, established for the benefit of his Monmouth kinsfolk and others, AD1540. 2nd edition
London: printed by C. W. Reynell, 1860. 28 page disbound pamphlet (Book ref. 8930) £35.00
Jarman, W U.S.A. - Uncle Sam's abscess - hell upon earth for U.S. - Uncle Sam [an anti-Mormon pamphlet]
Exeter: printed by H. Leduc, 1885. 34 page stapled pamphlet, covers dusty. A poorly printed publication (Book ref. 8850) £45.00
[Close, Francis] Why I have taken the pledge; or an apology for total abstinence, and the permissive Maine Law. By the Dean of Carlisle [i.e. Francis Close]
Carlisle: Thurnam, 1860. 32 page disbound pamphlet (Book ref. 8849) £25.00
Erskine, Thomas Address (as reported in the York Courant, March 12th 1840), delivered to the Grand Jury at the York Assize, on March 3rd 1840. By Mr Justice Erskine
[Chudleigh: printed by Searle, n.d., 1840?]. 4 page disbound leaflet (Book ref. 8848) £30.00
Walker, John Curia Oxoniensis, or observations on the Statutes which relate to the University Court, on the illegality of searching houses; on the Procuratorial office; and on the University Police Act. [By John Walker]. 3rd edition
Oxford: H. Slatter "Herald" Office, 1825. 80 page disbound pamphlet (Book ref. 8810) £60.00
Europe The fermentation of Europe - why we have no hopes for France - why we have much hope for Italy and Germany - why we have no fears for England. Public credit and public order the only guarantees for commercial prosperity, full employment and good wages
London: [The Economist], [ca.1850].. 21 pages (a little spotted), disbound pamphlet (Book ref. 8684) £30.00
Cambridge University. Union Society Laws and Transactions of the Union Society, revised and corrected to March 1834. To which is annexed a list of the members and officers from its formation in 1815; and a list of periodicals and other works taken in by the Society
Cambridge: printed by J. Hall, 1834. 109 page disbound pamphlet (Post free in UK) (Book ref. 8630) £35.00
Fitzwilliam, Earl First and second addresses to the landowners of England on the Corn Laws, by Earl Fitzwilliam. 2nd edition
London: James Ridgway, 1836. 72 page disbound pamphlet (Post free in UK) (Book ref. 8629) £25.00
Perrin, Louis A speech of Mr Sergeant Perrin on the motion of Lord John Russell on Monday 30 1835 [on the Irish Church Bill]
London: Henry Hooper, 1835. 12 page disbound pamphlet (Sent post free in UK) (Book ref. 8625) £30.00
Fox, Henry Russell Parliamentary talk, or the objections to the late Irish Church Bill, considered in a letter to a friend abroad. By a Disciple of Shelden [H.R. Fox]
London: James Ridgway, 1836. 52 page disbound sermon. (Post free in UK) (Book ref. 8624) £30.00
Cockburn, Frederick Charge of the Lord Chief Justice of England in the case of the Queen against Nelson and Brand Edited by Frederick Cockburn
London: William Ridgway, 18167. 165 page disbound pamphlet (Book ref. 8466) £40.00
M., R. T Free education: a reprint from the North British Daily Mail, of a series of letters entitled "Scotland ripe for free education". By R.T.M.
Glasgow: printed by William Munro, March 1885. 16 page disbound pamphlet (Book ref. 8343) £30.00
Beadon, Robert J. Uniform imperial postage: an enquiry and a proposal. With an introductory letter to Sir Daniel Cooper, Bart.
London: Imperial Federation League, [1891]. 56 page pamphlet, printed wrappers, several institutional stamps (Book ref. 9898) £28.00
Nugee, George The Bicentenary Question. Dissent as we now see it: who are the cause if it, and what are its consequences. A letter 2nd edn.
London: Spottiswoode, 1862. 24 page disbound pamphlet (Book ref. 8721) £15.00
Episcopal Church of Scotland [Two pamphlets bound together:] Collections of hymns and anthems as used in St Andrew's Cathedral, Aberdeen, and in other chapels of the Episcopal Church of Scotland [and] The Communion-Office for the use of the [Episcopal] Church of Scotland
Aberdeen: printed by D. Chambers, 1847,1844. 12mo. 36+20pp, nice contemporary marbled boards, plain cloth spine (Book ref. 7980) £40.00