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Clent Books (Est.1977)

FARMER, Janet. Compiled and written by MENITH WOOD 2000
. First Edition. Soft Cover. Very Good. 1903360048 Signed by the author on title-page "Best wishes. Janet Farmer." Small 2" light crease on front cover. viii, 256pp, including Appendices. With 5 coloured and numerous black-and-white photographs throughout the book. Menith Wood is a small village a few miles from Bewdley in the County of Worcestershire. A record of the history, geography, nature, agriculture, people and stories of village life from Domesday until the year 2000. (9"h x 7"w) (24cms x18.5cms) approx. (Book ref. 7666) £14.00
FISHER, James. Text and edited by. Revised by John Parslow THORBURN'S BIRDS
London: Peerage Books, 1985. Illustrated by Archibald Thorburn. Reprint. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. 1850820186 Book in very good condition, spine ends slightly bumped, otherwise in fine condition. Dustjacket in good condition, three " repaired tears along top edge, and top of spine is rubbed. 190pp, including Bibliography and maps. With 82 coloured plates depicting over 400 different birds of the British Isles and are accompanied by an informative text, providing global distribution of each species and on its status and history in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. (Book ref. 7665) £10.50
U.K: Logaston Press, 1989. First Edition. Hard Cover. Fine/Very Good. 0951024256 Book in fine condition. Dustjacket in very good condition, two small creases at top back edge. 170pp, including Sources and Further Reading. With 26 original drawings and engravings by Reg Boulton, Elin Dodson, Peter Horrocks, Kenneth Hutchinson and Ellen Exton. Worcestershire is a county of contrasts. The industry to the north and agriculture to the south; the home of Royal Worcester and the Malvern Hills at its western edge with their imposing barrenness. Among its famous men are Stanley Baldwin, Guy Fawkes, and Edward Elgar. (10"h x 7"w) (25cms) 19cms) approx (Book ref. 7664) £12.50
London: Apollo, 1999. Reprint. Hard Cover. Fine/Very Good. Book in fine condition. Dustjacket in very good condition, just top of spine slightly rubbed. 96pp, including Bibliography and Index of Flowers. With frontispiece and 42 full-page and more than 100 full-colour details, all very attractive illuminated watercolours. Fanny Robinson, an amateur artist is known to have been painting in Norfolk in the 1840s, she combines evocative poetry - including extracts from Keats and Shakespeare. The illustrated flower groupings reflect the mood of the poetry, but have additional and intriguing symbolic meanings that are explained in the commentary by Gill Saunders, Senior Curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum. (9"h x 8"w) (23.5cms x 20cms) approx. (Book ref. 7662) £12.50
. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good. Book has been rebound. Front board has some foxing. The free endpapers to title-page have a small light brown stain by the top inside edge. About 4 pages have one or two spots of foxing. Bookseller's label pasted inside front board. A very good tight book. 89pp. With 19 black-and-white illustrations and one map. Contents: Ancient Bridges, Fords and Ferries - Worcestershire Low Side Windows - Street Names, Birmingham - Notes at Open Meeting: Ancient Stone Roods, Assyrian Seals and Tablets, African Flints, and Local Finds - Proceedings of the Society 1915-16 - List of Officers - Annual Reports and Accounts. (9"h x 6"w) approx. (Book ref. 7661) £40.00
BOUGHEY, Joseph CHARLES HADFIELD. Canal Man and More
U.K: Sutton/Inland Waterways Assoc, 1998. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. 0750910526 Ex-Library copy. Book and dustjacket in very good condition. Front free endpaper has light mark at the top where the library paper has been removed and also has the barcode strip, Back of title-page has neat library label and date is underlined in red biro, otherwise the book is in fine condition. xv, 223pp, including Notes, Select Bibliography and Index. With 60 black-and-white photographs. Hadfield is well-known for his accurate and detailed histories on canals, he was also co-founder of David and Charles Publishing. He died in 1996. With autobiographical writings by Charles Hadfield. (Book ref. 7660) £12.00
STANLEY, Arthur P HISTORICAL MEMORIALS OF CANTERBURY. The Landing of Augustine. The Murder of Becket. Edward the Black Prince. Becket's Shrine
London: John Murray, 1883. Reprint. Hard Cover. Good.. Tenth edition. Book in good condition, slightly rubbed at spine ends. Half inch tear at front edge of page 109. Some of the pages are rough-cut at the front edge. Folding plan of Canterbury Cathedral has 1" tear at top edge (not on the actual plan). A good tight copy. Inscription on half-title page "Alice Mason. Canterbury Oct 2nd 1887." With frontispiece, 9 illustrations and one plan. (7"h x 5"w) (19.5cms x 13.5cms) approx. (Book ref. 7659) £20.00
KNIGHT, Ian. Edited by MARCHING TO THE DRUMS. Eyewitness Accounts of War from the Kabul Massacre to the Siege of Mafeking
U.K: BCA, 2000. Reprint. Hard Cover. Fine/Fine. BCA edition. Book and dustjacket in fine condition. 303pp, including index. With 31 black-and-white illustrations and 7 maps. Dramatic eyewitness accounts of battles, campaigns and massacres, covering the Crimea - India and Afghanistan - Policing the Empire - Egypt and the Sudan - South Africa. Battles include Alma, Balaclava, Kabul, Chillanwalla, Tele-el-Kebir Mafeking and others. (Book ref. 7658) £17.00
Huddersfield, U.K: Richard Netherwood, 1990. First Edition. Hard Cover. Fine/Very Good. 1872955002 Book in fine condition. Dustjacket in very good condition, top of spine very slightly rubbed. 172pp, including Appendices: Appendix One: Victoria Cross Awards - Appendix Two: War Graves - Appendix Three - The Schlieffen Plan, and Bibliography. With 66 black-and-white photographs, and 6 maps. This is the story of one town's efforts and sacrifice during the First World War and the part played by the Hull Pals of the East Yorkshire Regiment. (9"h x 7"w) (24.5cms x 17.5cms) approx. (Book ref. 7657) £16.00
Birmingham , U.K: Cornish Brothers, 1950. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Book in very good condition, spine ends very slightly bumped. Dustjacket in good condition, repaired tear at top front edge and by back top spine edge. Spine ends are slightly rubbed. On spine the title has a small piece rubbed off so the letters 'WA' are missing from the word 'War' (see image). 136pp, including Index. With 11 illustrations and a folding map. The story of what happened in the Midland parishes of England from Stafford to Worcester, from Lichfield to the Severn during the Civil War. There are accounts of the sieges of garrisons including Dudley Castle, Lichfield Cathedral Close, Hartlebury Castle and Rushall Hall. (8"h x 5"w) (21cms x 14cms) approx. (Book ref. 7656) £17.00
London: Hutchinson Benham, 1985. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. 0091584906 Book and dustjacket in very good condition, top spine edge on both very slightly bumped, otherwise in fine condition. 232pp, including Sources and Index. With frontispiece a coloured tipped-in illustration of John Hall, plus numerous black-and-white illustrations throughout the book. Halls of Dartford started as a one-man workshop when the Industrial Revolution was itself young, pioneer of refrigeration, the book celebrates two hundred years of progress. (9"h x 7"w) (24cms x 19cms) approx. (Book ref. 7655) £10.00
U.K: Shropshire Libraries, 1980. Illustrated by Joyce Fogg. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good. 0903802139 EX-LIBRARY copy. Book has been rebound, originally a softcover. Library label on front free endpaper and library barcode strip and numbers on title-page, otherwise in very good clean condition. Pages in fine condition. 34pp, plus 38 blank pages at the back of the book. With 4 pencil drawings by Joyce Fogg and one map. Part One - contains brief biographical notes on authors connected with Shropshire who are no longer living, followed by an index of places in the county with literary connections. The geographical location of each place is given with a note of what the literary connection is and a reference to the map. Part Two follows a similar pattern with a list of contemporary Shropshire authors and examples of their works, and a place index. . There is also a list of buildings open to the public at sites mentioned in the text. (Book ref. 7654) £8.00
O'SULLIVAN, Timothy THOMAS HARDY. An Illustrated Biography
London: Macmillan, 1975. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Fair. Book in very good condition, spine ends slightly rubbed, two small pictures pasted on front free endpaper, one the letter 'M' the other of daffodils. Dustjacket in fair condition, has small pieces missing at spine ends, and " tear at back top edge. Price clipped. 192pp, including Bibliography, Reference Books and Critical Studies, and Index. Chronology from his birth in 1840 to his death in 1928. With 43 photographs (14 colour and 22 black-and-white all full-page, plus 7 black-and-white double-page photographs), also sketches by Hardy and his first wife Emma. In total over 150 illustrations personal and topographical. (11"h x 8"w) (28cms x 20.5cms) approx. (Book ref. 7653) £12.00
U.K: Pen and Sword Military, 2005. First Edition. Hard Cover. Fine/Fine. 1844151735 Book and dustjacket in fine condition. viii,184pp, including Glossary of Military Terms, Notes, Selected Bibliography and Index. With 26 black-and-white photographs and 34 maps -Tactical maps by Joshua B. Allfree and Regional maps by John Cairns. Through the exploration of 26 battles, the author surveys the changing tactical relationships between the four weapon systems - heavy and light infantry and heavy and light cavalry - focusing on how shock and missile combat evolved from tentative beginnings in the Bronze Age to the highly developed military organisation created by the Romans. (Book ref. 7652) £22.00
SOLLY, N. Neal MEMOIR OF THE LIFE OF DAVID COX. With Selections from his Correspondence and some Account of his Works
London: Chapman and Hall, 1873. First Edition. Hard Cover. Good.. Full-leather. Top gilt edge. Bevelled edges. Has been re-bound on the spine and new endpapers. Outer corner edges are a little rubbed. There is foxing around the sepia illustrations (but not on the illustrations), the pages on either side of these illustrations also have foxing, no foxing on the other illustrations, some of the text pages have a few spots of foxing. Illustration page opposite page 60 has " tear at front edge (not on illustration). A really good tight book. 339pp. With 22 photograph plates of the artist's work, plus 8 pages of letters, of which 3 contain sketches. Appendices: Drawing exhibited in the Water-colour Society, 1813 to 1859 - Notice of Sales of Drawings and Sepias, 1856 to 1872 - Critique of the Exhibition in the German Gallery, 1859. David Cox was a Member of the Society of Painters in Water-Colours. Cox's life from 1783 to his last years at Harborne, 1855 to 1869. (10"h x 7"w) (26.5cms x 19cms) approx. (Book ref. 7651) £95.00
RANSOME, Mary. Edited by THE STATE OF THE BISHOPRIC OF WORCESTER 1782-1808. Vol. 6. Worcestershire Historical Society. New Series.
U.K: Worcs. Historical Society, 1968. First Edition. Hard Cover. Fine. vii, 252pp, including Index. With 2 black-and-white illustrations. Including the Deanery of: Kidderminster -Droitwich - Blockley - Evesham - Pershore- Powick - Worcester - Kineton - Warwick and The Cathedral Church. (9"h x 6"w) (25cms x 15.5cms) approx. (Book ref. 7650) £40.00
HATTERSLEY, Roy BLOOD AND FIRE. William and Catherine Booth and their Salvation Army
London: Little, Brown, 1999. First Edition. Fine/Fine. 0316851612 Signed by Author Book and dustjacket in fine condition. Signed by the author on card which is pasted to title page. 417pp, including References and Index. With 31 black-and-white photographs. With his wife William Booth founded the East London Christian Mission because he felt the Church of England and the Wesleyans were ignoring the needs of the poor, and before the end of the of the 19th century it had become the Salvation Army. (9"h x 6"w) (24cms x 16cms) approx. (Book ref. 7649) £21.00
London: Hutchinson, 1931. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Book in very good condition, spine ends slightly bumped, a few spots of foxing on the title-page and one or two spots of foxing on a few of the pages, otherwise pages are clean and bright. A very good tight copy. With frontispiece and 32 black-and-white sketches by the author and others. 288pp, including Index. Contents include: Priest's Holes - Facilities of Highwaymen - Smugglers and Thieves - Subterranean Passages - Rooms of Romance - Haunted Rooms. (8"h x 5"w) (22.5cms x 14.5cms) approx. (Book ref. 7647) £39.00
London: Jonathan Cape, 1935. Hard Cover. Good/Good. This edition was published for general circulation in 1935. It was first privately printed in 1926. Book in good condition, buckram boards, there is a number of pale brownish marks on them. Some pages are rough-cut at front and bottom edges. Front free endpaper has pale mark along top where pasted label? has been removed. Page 15 has 1" tear at the bottom edge. Some foxing on front edge, and back of frontispiece and title-page. and some pages have a little foxing. Webbing is partly showing a little near top between pages 16 and 17, but there is no looseness. A really good tight copy. Dustjacket in good condition, slightly tanned, with small nicks at spine ends and outer corner edges and two small tears at top front edge. Spine lightly creased at sides. Not price clipped, 672pp, including Epilogue: Why the taking of Damascus ended my efforts in Syria - Appendix One: Nominal rolls of armoured cars and Talbot battery - Appendix Two: A diary of place-names and dates. With 4 folding maps and 54 black-and-white plates (reproductions) - most are full-page and some are in the text - by various artists including Eric Kennington, William Nicholson, William Roberts, Augustus John, Gilbert Spencer, William Rothenstein, Carline, Frank Dobson, Colin Gill, R.M Young, etc Line drawings listed as being on pages 302-3 are actually on pages 304-5. Includes small 2-page leaflet "Lawrence of Arabia Memorial." (10"h x 7"w) (26cms x 19.5cms) approx. (Book ref. 7646) £210.00
VELMANS, Edith EDITH'S BOOK. The True Story of How One Young Girl Survived the War
London: Viking, 1998. First Edition. Hard Cover. Fine/Fine. 0670881619 Book and dustjacket in fine condition. xiii, 240pp. With 31 black-and-white photographs. Edith was a Jewish girl living in Holland when the German invaded. Her parents sent her into hiding with a Christian family in a small town in the south of Holland. Based on her diaries and her parent's letters, Edith tells how one young girl was saved by the courage of those who believed. (Book ref. 7645) £10.50