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[433] Seeley, L. B. (Editor).: Horace Walpole and His World.
Seeley, Jackson and Halliday, London. 1884. With 8 Illustrations after Sir Joshua Reynolds and Sir Thomas Lawrence. Including portraits of; Walpole, Sterne, the Duchess of Devonshire and Sir Joshua Reynolds. A fascinating insight into 18th century English life. For example:- "Every night I go to Ranelagh. Nobody goes anywhere else. My Lord Chesterfield has ordered all his letters to be directed thither. You can't set your foot without treading on a Prince of Wales or a Duke of Cumberland". Or in his description of a Fete at Strawberry Hill:- "Madame Dusson, who is Dutch built and whose muscles are pleasure proof came with her". And a fatigued Madame Boufflers fared no better at Walpole's pen:- "She came hither to a great breakfast I had made her, with her eyes a foot deep in her head, her hands dangling and scarce able to support her knitting bag". Includes items on:- The slave trade; Strikes; Travels; Balls; Extravagance; the Explosion of 5 Powder Mills at Hounslow, when Walpole's room shook most "robberaceously" and his house shattered; General Elections; the Scavoir Vivre Club; the Gordon Riots; Genteel Comedy; Bonnar's Ghost, Queen Caroline and several deaths. 296pp Contents and Plates vg. Maroon boards with pictorial gilt design and lettering to upper board. Spine missing and bindings a little loose. (Book ref. 433)   £8.00
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[432] Noon Talfourd, Sir Thomas.: Memoirs of Charles Lamb.
W.W. Gibbings, London. 1892. Edited by Percy Fitzgerald. With 9 full page Plates from engravings. Portraits of Lamb (5); Coleridge; Wordsworth; Munden and Godwin. Starting with Lamb's parentage, school days and youth, the insanity of Mary Lamb and early poetic efforts - continuing with Rosamund Gray and John Woodvil. Finally dealing with Lamb's friends - and his character - by way of his sojourns in Edmonton and Enfield. Also some interesting and witty letters "For God's sake give Emma no more watches, one has turned her head. She said something very unpleasant to our old clock". Also some poignant letters from Mary Lamb in the chapter devoted to her. 286pp plus index, generally vg. Beige covers with gilt and brown lettering and design to upper board. Library book plate to inner upper board and spine marking, spine frayed at head. (Book ref. 432)   £7.00
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[434] Landor, Walter Savage.: Landor Poetry & Prose - with Swinburne's Poem.
Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1953. Frontispiece Photograph of Landor taken at Florence in 1861. Contains a Biography of Landor and a chronolgical list of the important events in his life. Swinburne's poem "In Memory of Walter Savage Landor"; and Essay contributions from, Ernest de Selincourt, Sir Walter Raleigh and Oliver Elton. Contains a good selection of his poetry - On Shelley and Keats; On Charles Lamb; On Books and Writers; Wisdom of Life and Death; Enallos and Cymodameia; Ireland; The Death of Artemidora etc etc. Plus selections from Imaginary Conversations. 185pp including Notes. Black boards with silver lettering to spine. Ex libris with mark to spine and to page edges. Free end paper with small section clipped out. Contents generally vg. (Book ref. 434)   £5.00
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[431] Greene, Robert and Lodge, Thomas.: Menaphon and A Margarite of America.
Basil Blackwell, Oxford. 1927. Two classics of the16th century bound in one volume and edited by G.B. Harrison. Containing the respective Title Pages from 1589 and 1595 plus the original Introductions, in the period vernacular, together with the original verses In Laudem Authoris. Concludes with Notes and Textual Notes to both. 234pp Hand cut paper, occasional light spotting but generally vg. Bound in blue cloth boards with beige spine. College library bookplate to inner upper board and very faint marking to spine. (Book ref. 431)   £12.00
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[436] Gilbert,W. S.: The Bab Ballads with which are included Songs Of A Savoyard.
MacMillan and Co, London. 1906. Beautifully bound book in rich maroon half leather with gilt lettering and gilt design with 5 raised bands to spine. On hand cut paper with 350 humorous and evocative illustrations by the incomparable Gilbert. Including favourite ballads such as:- The Bishop of Rum-Ti-Foo; Sir Barnaby Bampton Boo; A Manager's Perplexities; Phrenology; The King of Canoodle-Dum; The Independent Bee; Etiquette and The Fatal Tum. A thick book with 554 pp of humorous verse, profusely illustrated throughout the text, plus an Index to first lines and an Alphabetical Index to Titles. Contents and Bindings vg. (Book ref. 436)   £28.00
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[430] Dodgson Bowman, William.: The Story of Surnames.
George Routledge, London. 1931. Drawing on - and drawing together - researches from such philologists as: Bardsley, Weekley, Trench, Verstegan and Camden!. We learn that surnames became used in England after the Norman conquest and that they were generally used in southern counties some 200 years before general use in the north. There are explanations of names drawn from:- Localities, Addresses, Patronymics, Prophets and Martyrs, Metronymics, Miracle Plays, names of Fourteenth Century London, Nicknames, Craftsmen, Teutonic and Foreign names and American Surnames. Snippets include:- Cohen (from Kahin a soothsayer); Le Coq (Laycock); Chubb (from Anglo saxon Ceoba - stumpy); Chaucer (from old French chaussier - a Hosier); etc. There are some hilarious (and perhaps astutely observed?) Norman nicknames recorded, such as:- Agnes Houdy-doudy; Fulco Twelpence; Nicholas Quaynte; Losewit; Milksop; Hoggesflesh; Pinchpenny and Wrangservice. 262pp plus a lengthy Index of surnames covered from Abbott to Zimmerman. Contents vg. Original blue cloth boards, spine badly worn, ex college ibris with bookplate to inner upper board and mark to spine. (Book ref. 430)   £12.00
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[429] Dobson, Austin.: Horace Walpole, A Memoir, with an Appendix of Books Printed at The Strawberry Hill Press.
Oxford University Press, London. 1927. Fourth Edition revised and enlarged by Paget Toynbee. Frontispiece illustration of Walpole at Strawberry Hill plus 2 further depictions of Walpole and illustrations of Strawberry Hill in 1774, two Floor Plans of the house in 1781 and also of Thomas Gray. An interesting and most informative biography detailing Walpole's boyhood and schooling at Eton. His interview with George 1. His letters from Cambridge and verses in the Gratulatio; his Grand Tour with Gray; Stage Gossip and small-talk; Walpole in Paris and the French Royal Family in 1765; A full description of Strawberry Hill, his house at Twickenham; his death and Will etc. There is also a most useful list of "Appendix of Books Printed at the Strawberry Hill Press". From Gray's Odes of 1757 with publishing details (2,000 copies printed June 25th 1757, I erected a printing-press at my house - Gray had brought 2 Odes to town to be printed - I snatched them out of Dodsley's hands). Through to 1789 when he published a (now rare) Voltaire translation "The History of Alcidalis and Zelida". Hand cut paper 336pp plus 30pp Index. Title Page in red and black type. Contents vg. Original blue cloth boards with gilt lettering. Ex college libris with spine marking and bookplate to inner upper board. (Book ref. 429)   £15.00
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[439] Dickens, Charles.: The Pic Nic Papers.
Henry Colburn, London. 1841. First Edition, Second Issue, with "young publisher" corrected in the Introduction. 3 Volume set in brown half leather and marbled boards. Uniform maroon labels with gilt lettering to spines. A rare publication which Dickens edited - and contributed "The Lamplighter's Story" - to raise funds for the widow of John Macrone, the publisher of his "Sketches by Boz" who died at a young age. They raised 300 for her. Plates in the 3 volume set are by George Cruikshank, "Phiz" (Hablot Browne) and Robert Hamerton. In this set, volume 1 lacks 2 leaves of text and 1 Plate, volume 2 and volume 3 are complete. So, in total 13 Plates (of 14). Some imperfections (one or two tears, repairable) but generally vg with less than usual foxing. Externally a nice looking set that should be considered "venerably aged" rather than "boards a little worn". (Book ref. 439)   £120.00
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[438] Dickens, Charles.: The Mystery of Edwin Drood.
Chapman and Hall, London. 1870. First Edition. Nicely bound in polished brown half leather and marbled boards. With frontispiece portrait engraving of Dickens taken from the 1868 photograph, with his signature beneath. Engraved Title Page and Illustrations by Fildes. Bookplate to inner upper board in the form of a large white 1d stamp with portrait and signature of Dickens and the text "A tribute to Genius 1812 - 1912 Centenary Testimonial". Light foxing to a few pages and one or two tape repairs. Lacks pages 147/148 and illustration, but with missing text and illustration loosely inserted from another edition. An attractive looking Dickens First Edition when viewed on the shelf. (Book ref. 438)   £28.00
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[437] Dickens, Charles.: Nicholas Nickleby
Chapman and Hall, London. 1839. First Edition. A copy which has suffered a few problems throughout its 165 year existence, but still a First of this popular classic, with the Plates by Phiz. Lacks Title Page - but Half Title, Dedication and Preface present. Lacks first page of Contents listings (but facsimile loosely inserted). Plates are generally good and not foxed, although the book has obviously been well read by its previous owners. A few pages and one or two plates have been tape strengthened or repaired. Bookplate to inner upper board in the form of a large 1d white stamp bearing Dickens' portrait and signature and the words "1812 - 1912 Centenary Testimonial A Tribute to Genius". The final 3 chapters and 3 plates have been bound in from another (later?) edition. The first 36 plates and 62 chapters are as first published. All firmly bound in black half leather with marbled boards - it looks very nice on the shelf. (Book ref. 437)   £38.00
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[440] Dickens, Charles.: Master Humphrey's Clock.
Chapman and Hall, London. 1840-1841. First Edition of the 3 volume set containing the first publication of The Old Curiosity Shop and Barnaby Rudge. Frontispiece illustrations to each volume plus numerous evocative black and white illustrations throughout the text by George Cattermole and Hablot Browne. Each volume with a "Bookplate" to the inner upper board in the form of a large white 1d stamp. With a depiction of Dickens and his signature plus the text - "A Tribute to Genius, 1812 - 1912, Centenary Testimonial". Volume 1, dated 1840, with 306pp plus Dedication to Samuel Rogers. Volume 2, dated 1841, with 306pp. Volume 3, dated 1841, with 426pp. All contents generally vg with occasional spotting as usual. Bound in contemporary marbled boards with leather spines and gilt lettering. 1 Board with fragile upper hinge and 1 board rubbed at top corner, otherwise a nice looking set. (Book ref. 440)   £130.00
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[435] Coleridge, Samuel Taylor.: Coleridge Poetry & Prose.
Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1933. Frontispiece portrait. Biography of Coleridge, plus contributions from Hazlitt; De Quincey; Lamb; Leigh Hunt; Carlyle and Emerson. Selections from Coleridge's poetry include:- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner; Christabel; Kubla Khan; the Garden of Boccaccio; Dejection; Songs of the Pixies etc. The prose works include:- Biographia Literaria and pieces on - Shakespeare; Gibbon ("Gibbon's style is detestable"); Garrick and Robespierre. 184pp including Notes, plus 2pp of Publishers' Advertisements. Blue boards with gilt lettering. Contents generally vg. Bookplate partly removed on inner upper board. (Book ref. 435)   £7.00
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[422] Thomson, Hugh (Illustrator).: Coridon's Song and Other Verses from Various Sources.
MacMillan and Co, London. 1894. A superbly illustrated book of verse with over 70 full page drawings by the incomparable Thomson. Bringing to life the erstwhile rural idyll of ploughing, sewing, reaping and merrimaking in Coridon's Song. The perils of a Journey to Exeter on horse. Plus the nursery rhyme of "Oh! Dear What Can the Matter Be?" and "Sir Dilberry Diddle" Not overlooking the wall leaning, rolled brim hat wearing rapscallions in "Morning In London" illustrating "Duns at his Lordship's Gate began to meet; and brick-dust Moll had screamed through half the street". 163pp, some spotting, generally light, all edges gilt. Original decorative green boards with gilt design to upper board and spine, a little frayed. Ex libris with bookplate to inner upper board. (Book ref. 422)   £12.00
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[421] Shakespeare, William.: The Works Of.
Bickers and Son, London. 1864. Edited by Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke. Volume 2 only (of 4). Contains:- All's Well; Twelfth Night; Winters Tale; plus Kings John and Richard and a trio of Henrys. 730pp, some spotting. Rebound in blue cloth boards, a little frayed. Ex libris with cancellation plate and spine mark. So, in the words of the Bard, before your "Time bewasted light Shall be extinct with age and endless night" read and re-read - and be stirred and stimulated by the power of the words on the page! (Book ref. 421)   £5.00
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[424] Loftie, W.J.: Kensington Picturesque & Historical.
Field and Tuer, London. 1888. With over 300 illustrations, many in Colour, by William Luker Jr, Engraved by Chs. Guillaume et Cie, Paris. Also Maps of the Parish of Kensington from a Survey of 1837. Which feature; the Knightsbridge Workhouse and Nursery Gardens; Earls Court Farm and the fields of Holland Park, Little Chelsea and Brompton in the South. Plus, in the North of the Parish; The Notting Hill Hippodrome Race Course, complete with hill for spectators; The Notting Hill Potteries and the Porto Bello and Notting Hill Farms. Chapters on; Geography, The Manor including The Vere family, Domesday Survey, population, industry courthouses, gavelkind etc - including "Aubrey the grymme" and "strange death and burial of the Duke of Ireland". Holland House; Old Kensington; Kensington Palace and St Mary Abbot's Church. Numerous historical comments and anecdotes on prominent properties (Castles, Palaces, Manor Houses and Barns); The development of 19th century Kensington with the coming of the now famous streets and roads "A rookery of overcrowded and filthy houses called Campden Place, close to the High Street" or the brewery and slum houses occupying the Gravel Pits upon which "In 1868 the authorities obtained possession cleared the place and built the handsome street called Clanricarde Gardens"; architecture, including the Albert Hall and the Museums; and lists of residents both famous and humble. 287pp plus a list of Subscribers and 7pp of Publishers'advertisements. Colour and Mono illustrations and text are all generally vg. Minor water stain to edges of 2 or 3 leaves only, not affecting text or illustrations. 19th century ownership signature to title page. Original blue cloth boards with gilt lettering and crown (the chief Subscriber was Queen Victoria), binding stretched, loss of colour to part of upper board, small split to spine. (Book ref. 424)   £45.00
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[427] Chaucer, Geoffrey.: The Legend of Good Women.
Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1889. Edited by Walter Skeat, First Edition. Any student of early English literature will surely be fascinated to examine how Chaucer used this poem to lead on towards the compostition of the immortal "Canterbury Tales". "The Legend of Good Women" was published immediately before. Walter Skeat's raison d'etre for this pubication was that "None of the existing editions give a wholly satisfactory text, nor do they give more than extremely meagre comments". Here Skeat rectifies matters by detailing:- Comparison of the two forms of the prologue; Subject and Sources of the Legend; the Metre of the Legend; Description of MS and of the printed editions; the full Text of the poem; Notes and comments; Glossary; and Index of Proper Names and Subjects. 229pp hand cut paper. Many helpful annotations to text, mainly in a neat hand in pencil. For example "My besy gost" translated as "My active spirit" etc. Some damp staining, but all text complete and clear. Ex College library with bookplate to inner upper board. Green cloth boards with gilt lettering. (Book ref. 427)   £9.00
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[423] Beeching, H. C. (Arranger).: A Paradise of English Poetry.
Percival & Co, London. 1893. A very interesting Anthology, reflecting the late Victorian view of the best of lyric and dramatic verse. Divided into sectors of:- Love; Friendship; Man; Patriotism and Art. Representation from Rayleigh, Donne, Sidney, Campion, Drayton, Jonson, Marvel, Gray, Blake, Pope, Wolfe, Fletcher, Keats, Shelley etc. 300pp plus useful Notes. Handcut paper, generally vg. Original brown cloth boards, a little frayed. Ex libris with bookplate to inner upper board. (Book ref. 423)   £5.00
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[425] Austin, Alfred.: England's Darling.
MacMillan and Co, London. 1896. Second Edition. Set in the year 878 AD and based upon the writings of The Saxon Chronicle, this is an epic Play recounting the struggle of King Alfred (England's Darling) against the maurading Danish Army. The author who at the time was Poet Laureate, introduces us to Alfred and his wife Ethelswitha, plus Plegmund Archbishop of Canterbury, Ethelred, Ethelnoth and a host of Thanes, Ealdeormen, Serfs and Jarls. "Not till the Sea hath owned us for its Lord, Will England's shore be free. Hence must we lay our rod along the waters till it stretch, Wide as they welter, further than they foam. Who holds the sea, perforce doth hold the land". (Quote; Scene 4). 103pp plus 10pp of Publishers' Advertisements. Hand cut paper vg. Original blue cloth boards with gilt design depiction of Alfred to upper board. Spine with small tear. College Library Bookplate to inner upper board. (Book ref. 425)   £7.00
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[428] : The Kentish Observer and Surrey and Sussex Chronicle.
E. H. Elvey, Canterbury. 1908. Large Folio. A Bound Volume of weekly Newspapers, complete for the year 1908. Each of the 52 Broadsheet papers containing 8pp. A fascinating taste and insight into real life in Edwardian England. Period Graphic and other Advertisements from Ladies Fashion to "Winter Horse Clothing - sheets, nosebags, driving aprons from 10/6p". Recipes for dishes such as - Turkey Olives; Lemon cream pie and Bengalese Hash. Agricultural Advice including - the trick of building a good Hay Rick. Science Notes (some rather bizarre):- "A dog was exposed to acetylene gas for 40 minutes and then brought back to life". Home Notes with guidance on how to ward off Obesity by "Drinking a goblet of hot water 30 minutes before each meal". Government news:- The New Licencing Bill which proposed the destruction of a proportion of all the Pubs in England to reduce Drunkenness "In the interests of Temperence". Regional and political news:- "Mr Churchill (L) was returned". A hilarious article on the differences between life in the USA and England in 1908:- "It is not unusual for some women stenographers to chew gum!" Or:- "The American is quite satisfied with 3 meals a day as compared with the Englishman's 4". Full description of the famous Canterbury Week - which was then as much a part of the English Social Scene as Ascot or Henley. With a description and scores of the cricket matches played - The script and cast list of The Old Stagers theatrical productions and a description of The Grand Ball complete with Personages Present, the various Hotels they stayed at (to establish the social pecking order) and even the Menu!. A great deal of social, genealogical and historical information - and a very entertaining and enlightening read. Contents generally vg. (Book ref. 428)   £100.00
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[419] : La Sainte Bible Traduite par Lemaistre de Sacy
Furne et Cie, Paris. 1845. Containing numerous detailed engravings by Pelee, Francois, Vallot, Revel, Lecomte, Lesindier, Audibran, Blanchard etc. Page size 10" x 6" (240mm x 150mm). Decorative Head and Tail Pieces and Decorative Initial Letters to chapters. Text in French. Spotting to text, some medium/heavy. Tears to 2 pp, inexpertly repaired. Plates generally clean on image. Black leather with embossed Cross to upper and lower boards. Gilt title and raised bands to spine. All edges Gilt. 462pp. Volume 1 only. Priced to allow for condition of text. (Book ref. 419)   £15.00
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