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Douglass Hopkins Books

Thompson, A. Hamilton.: The Ground Plan of the English Parish Church.
Cambridge, CUP, 1911. 16mo, 138 pps, The Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature, half title, frontis, 13 prelims, 16 illustrations, no d/w, faded red cloth, black titling and design, corners v slightly rubbed, PO's name and date, eps discoloured, bottom edge uncut, VG. (Book ref. 575) £15.00
Thompson, A. Hamilton.: English Monasteries.
Cambridge, CUP, 1923. 16mo, 158 pps, The Cambridge Manuals of Science and Literature, half title, frontis, 12 prelims, 15 illustrations, includes the religious orders, the conventual church, the cloister and its buildings, the Cistercian cloister, the infirmary and outer court and discipline and the daily life, no d/w, red cloth, black titling and design, PO's name, VG. (Book ref. 574) £8.00
Worswick, Clark.: An Edwardian Observer.
New York, Pennwick Publishing, 1978. 8vo, 149pp, the photographs of Leslie Hamilton Wilson, introduction by Edwin Ndewman, half title, frontis, extensively illustrated by Wilson's mono photography of Edwardian life around the world, unclipped illustrated d/w, black cloth, gilt on front and spine, F. (Book ref. 687) £8.00
Thurlow, S.: The Land Surveyor's Ready Reckoner, or Gentleman and Farmer's Guide to Land Measure.
London, Dean and Munday, 1810. 48mo, 142pp, brown vellum rubbed and well worn, spine chipped, contents complete but well used, originally owned by Thomas James Shakespeare, fair. (Book ref. 674) £5.00
Taborelli, Giorgio.: The Medici in Florence - a workshop of European culture.
Milan, Soliart, 1980. 4to, 137pp, half title, illustrated in colour throughout, with an article by Furio Diaz, unclipped colour d/w, white cloth blind embossed, blue title, F. (Book ref. 682) £12.00
Stewart, Hilary.: Looking at Totem Poles.
Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1993. 8vo, paperback, foreword by Norman Tait, companion volume to Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast, 191pp, extensive mono illustrations, 3 maps, list of poles by location, full colour laminated cover, F. (Book ref. 670) £10.00
Sherman, Arnold (edited by).: Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
London, Sterling Publications Ltd, 1988 first edition. 4to, 108pp, glossy, full colour illustrations throughout, published on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, unclipped illustrated d/w, dark blue untitled cloth, VG. (Book ref. 686) £15.00
Ruskin, John.: Sesame and Lilies.
London, George Allen, 1906. 24mo, two lectures by the author, 1.Of Kings' treasures and 2. Of Queens' Gardens, with new preface, 180pp, half title, red cloth marked, ink stain to front and front edge, spine fraying, gilt to front, spine and top edge, front hinge weak, interior tight and clean. (Book ref. 673) £4.00
Robinson, John Martin.: Windsor Castle.
London, The Royal Collection, 1997. 4to paperback, 64pp, glossy, illustrated in colour throughout with plans,coloured laminated cover, F. (Book ref. 680) £5.00
Plicka, Karel.: Praha ve fotografii (Prague in pictures).
Prague, Panorama, 1991. Folio, 261pp including 200 beautiful mono photographs of Prague, unclipped illustrated d/w, white cloth slightly foxed around edges, gilt spine and crest on front, o/w F. (Book ref. 688) £18.00
Molesworth, Guilford L.: Pocket-Book of Useful Formulae & Memoranda for Civil and Mechanical Engineers.
London, E&FN Spon, 1876, eighteenth edition. 24mo, 592pp, 8 prelims, black morocco rubbed, gilt front, marbled eps with pocket at rear, front hinge loose, degree of foxing, first owned by James Shakespeare, mining engineer, June 13th 1877, well used but G. (Book ref. 671) £12.00
Lemon, Don.: Everybody's Pocket Cyclopaedia of things worth knowing; things difficult to remember; and tables of reference.
London, Saxon & Co, c 1892. 24mo, 224pp, 10pp publisher's adverts at rear, adverts at front missing, blue cloth cover v.worn and detached, shaken, individual pages taped in, reading copy for historical interest only. (Book ref. 672) £4.00
Johnson, Hugh.: The World Atlas of Wine - A Complete Guide to the Wines & Spirits of the World.
London, Mitchell Beazley, 1971 first edition. Folio, 272pp, half title, extensively illustrated with photographs, drawings, maps, wine labels, "the first complete atlas of the wines and spirits of the world", clipped d/w, dark green cloth, gilt on spine and front, headbands, within protective cased box v slightly rubbed, o/w F. (Book ref. 689) £20.00
Jefkins, Frank.: Press Relations Practice - a practical guide for all concerned with establishing satisfactory press relations.
London, Intertext Books, 1968 first edition. 8vo, 243pp, half title, 9 prelims, unclipped d/w a little rubbed, light blue cloth, silver front and spine, F. (Book ref. 668) £6.00
Hogg, Garry.: The Best of England.
London, Book Club Associates, 1974. 8vo, 112pp, half title, full colour illustrations throughout, map, illustrated d/w, black cloth, gilt spine, F. (Book ref. 678) £5.00
Hayman, Richard.: Church Misericords and Bench Ends.
Aylesbury, Shire Publications, 1989. 8vo paperback, No.230 Shire Album series,32pp, frontispiece and 53 further mono images, full colour self cover, F. (Book ref. 675) £5.00
Grimal, Pierre.: Larousse World Mythology.
London, Hamlyn, 1973. 4to, 560pp, half title illustration, frontispiece, 47 colour plates and many b+w illustrations, clipped illustrated d/w, blue cloth, gilt spine, F. (Book ref. 681) £10.00
Greer, Ian.: Right to be Heard - A Guide to Political Representation and Parliamentary Procedure.
London, Ian Greer Associates, 1985. 8vo, 128pp, foreword by Bernard Weatherill MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, unclipped d/w, black cloth, silver spine, F. (Book ref. 667) £15.00
Goaman, Karen.: Spotter's Guide for Country Walks.
London, Usborne Publishing, 1982 first edition. 12mo paperback, 64pp, full colour and mono illustrations identifying many of the common plants and animals likely to be seen on a country walk, illustrated card cover, VG. (Book ref. 684) £4.00
Evans, Edward.: Christ Church Oxford.
Andover, Pitkin Pictorials, 1991. 8vo paperback, 28pp, fully illustrated in colour, illustrated self cover, F. (Book ref. 676) £5.00