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Island Books

Fine and Rare Books in the Heart of Britain's West Country
GREG (W.W).: A Bibliography of the English Printed Drama to the Restoration. [Second Edition. Complete set]
[Scolar Press for] The Bibliographical Society, 1970 4 vols., roy. 4to., Second Edition, with 4 frontispieces, titles in red and black , and 133 fine plates of facsimiles; original series binding of dark blue cloth, gilt backs, a near fine set. Much-needed re-issue of the standard reference first published in 1939 as the Bibliographical Society's: Illustrated Monograph 24. Besterman, p.1067; NCBEL IV, p.1049. (Book ref. 14938) £196.00
Gray (G.J): The Earlier Cambridge Stationers and Bookbinders and the first Cambridge Printer
Oxford University Press for the Bibliographical Society, 1904 4to., First Edition, with title in red and black, and 29 plates; original society binding of boards, holland back lettered in black, uncut, a near fine copy. Published as no. XIII of the Bibliographical Society's Illustrated Monographs. Very scarce, especially in this condition. (Book ref. 11642) £240.00
Blakey (D): The Minerva Press, 1790-1820
Oxford University Press for the Bibliographical Society, 1939 8vo., First Edition, with 9 plates in collotype and several facsimiles; original society binding of boards, holland back lettered in black, uncut, a very good, bright, clean copy. 'The most famous publishing house which issued Gothic romances was beyond doubt the Minerva' (Summers, A Gothic Bibliography). (Book ref. 11643) £105.00
POLLARD (A.W) and G.R. REDGRAVE.: A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad 1475-1640.
Bibliographical Society, 1948 4to., original society binding of buff boards, ivory holland back, backstrip lettered in black, a near fine copy. Pollard and Redgrave's standard 'STC' was first published in 1926. (Book ref. 11490) £40.00
Davies (M) and J. Goldfinch, eds: Occasional Papers of the Bibliographical Society. No. 7. Vergil. A Census of Printed Editions 1469-1500. Introduction by R.C. Alston. Introduction by Lotte Hellinga. A Centenary Publication
Bibliographical Society, 1992 Roy. 8vo., First Edition, with a portrait frontispiece and 4 full-page facsimiles; original printed wrappers, as issued, a fine copy (Book ref. 6052) £12.00
Bibliographical Society. Wright (C.E) and R.C. Wright, eds: The Diary of Humfrey Wanley, 1715-1726
Bibliographical Society, 1966 2 vols., roy. 8vo., with a portrait frontispiece and a facsimile plate; cloth, gilt backs, a fine copy. Vol. I IS SIGNED BY ROGER SENHOUSE. The first full printing of the journal of the Library-Keeper of Robert Harley. (Book ref. 250) £40.00
Bibliographical Society. Willoughby (E.E).: The Printing of the First Folio of Shakespeare
Bibliographical Society, Oxford, 1932 4to., First Edition, on laid paper, with a folding frontispiece and 3 plates (2 double-page); original printed wrappers, UNCUT AND LARGELY UNOPENED, a near fine copy. 'Supplement to the Bibliogaphical Society's Transactions', No. 8. (Book ref. 249) £40.00
Bibliographical Society. Weiner (J.H): A Descriptive Finding-List of Unstamped British Periodicals, 1830-36
Bibliographical Society, 1970 Sm. 4to., cloth, gilt back, a fine copy. (Book ref. 248) £15.00
Bibliographical Society. Watson (A.G).: The Manuscripts of Henry Savile of Banke
Bibliographical Society, 1969 Sm. 4to., with 5 facsimiles (2 folding): cloth, gilt back, a fine copy (Book ref. 247) £15.00
Bibliographical Society. Morris (B): John Cleveland (1613-1658). A Bibliography of his Poems
Bibliographical Society, 1967 Sm. 4to., with a portrait frontispiece; cloth, gilt back, a fine copy in the original plain dustwrapper. (Book ref. 246) £15.00
Bibliographical Society. Meyer-Baer (K).: Liturgical Music Incunabula
Bibliographical Society, 1962 8vo., with 7 plates; buckram, gilt back, front cover a trifle marked else a near fine copy. (Book ref. 245) £20.00
Bibliographical Society. Meredith (G). Forman (M.B).: George Meredith. A Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verse. TOGETHER WITH: Meredith (G). Forman (M.B). Meredithiana. Being a Supplement to the Bibliography of Meredith
Bibliographical Society, Edinburgh, 1922-24 2 vols., 8vo., First Editions, on laid paper, with a frontispiece and 5 other facsimiles; boards, holland backs, uncut, endpapers browned else a very good copy. (Book ref. 244) £125.00
Bibliographical Society. Masson (I), Sir: The Mainz Psalters and Canon Missae 1457-1459
Bibliographical Society, 1954 Folio, with 6 fine folding plates of facsimiles (2 in colour) and 6 folding tables; boards, cloth back, uncut, a near fine copy. Folio Monograph, No. 1. (Book ref. 243) £60.00
Bibliographical Society. Hyett (F.A): County Bibliographies. A Paper read before the Bibliographical Society...With the Suggestions and Recommendations approvd by the Society...
Bibliographical Society, 1896 4to., on laid paper; wrappers, as issued, uncut, a near fine copy of a very scarce work. This important essay by one of the foremost topographical bibliographers is introduced by A.W. Pollard (Book ref. 241) £30.00
Bibliographical Society. Gibbon (E). Keynes (G): The Library of Edward Gibbon. A Catalogue of his Books with an Introduction by Geoffrey Keynes
Bibliographical Society, 1950 8vo., on laid paper, with a portrait frontispiece, 10 plates (one double-page) and three full-page facsimiles of title-pages in th text; boards, holland back, UNCUT AND LARGELY UNOPENED, in the dustwrapper, a remarkably fine copy of a very scarce work. This classic study was first published by Jonathan Cape in 1940, but Keynes recounts in his memoirs '...publication in 1940...very few copies were sold. A few months later most of the stock was destroyed by German bombs...fewer than 100 sets of sheets of the book had been salvaged. These I offered to the Bibliographical Society for sale to its members, and they were soon taken up, while Cape's volume became much sought after...This volume is therefore the second issue of the first edition'. Keynes, 'The Gates of Memory' (1981), pp. 246-251. (Book ref. 239) £120.00
Bibliographical Society. Emmanuel College, Cambridge: A Hand-List of English Books in the Library of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, printed before MDCXLI
Bibliographical Society, Cambridge, 1915 8vo., on laid paper; original boards, holland back, uncut and partly unopened, a very good, clean copy. With an introductory note by A.W. Pollard, the work lists some 2,600 volumes (Book ref. 238) £50.00
Bibliographical Society. Dahl (F): A Bibliography of English Corantos and Periodical Newsbooks, 1620-1642
Bibliographical Society, 1952 8vo., with 16 facsimiles in the text; boards, cloth back, front free endpaper and succeeding leaf creased else a very good, clean copy (Book ref. 237) £26.00
Bibliographical Society. Birley (R).: Roger and Thomas Payne: with some Account of their earlier Bindings
Bibliographical Society, 1960 8vo., First Edition; original printed wrappes, a very good, clean copy. (Book ref. 236) £45.00
Bibliographical Society: Handlist of Books in the Library of the Bibliographical Society March 1935
Bibliographical Society, Oxford, 1935 4to., on laid paper; original boards, holland back, somewhat marked and worn, but internally a clean copy, UNCUT AND LARGELY UNOPENED. A considerably expanded edition of the original Handlist published in 1907 (Book ref. 235) £30.00
Bennet (T). Clements (H). Hodgson (N) and C. Blagden: The Notebook of Thomas Bennet and Henry Clements (1686-1719). With some Aspects of Book Trade Practice. A N L MUNBY'S COPY
Oxford, 1956 4to., on laid paper; newly bound in buckram gilt, gilt back, original wrappers preserved, a fine copy, uncut amd partially unopened, Oxford Bibliographical Society, New Series, vol. VI (1953). A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY WITH HIS NEAT SIGNATURE ON FRONT FREE ENDPAPER. Munby provided an assessment of this work for the Modern Language Review. A typscript copy of this is present together with another for the Times Literary Suplement (Book ref. 42) £86.00