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Robert Humm & Co

ALTHOFF, WILLIAM, F. USS Los Angeles. The Navy's venerable airship and aviation technology.
Brasseys 2004. Large 4to, 287pp, well illus, diags, bibliography, chapter notes and references, flight details. Cloth, jacket, F. (Book ref. RHB8180) £35.00
SANGER, RAY. The Martynside File.
Air-Britain 1999. Large 4to, 261pp, narrative text, listings, photos, diagrams, colour plates. Laminated boards, VG/F. (Book ref. RHB8162) £30.00
GARDNER, BRIAN. Aerial Refuelling At Farnborough.
Air-Britain 1999 Large 4to, 72pp, narrative text, photos, diags. Laminated card cvrs, as new. (Book ref. RHB8160) £14.00
DOYLE, NEVILLE. The Triple Alliance. The predecessors of the first British Airways.
Air-Britain 2001. Large 4to, 128pp, narrative text, aircraft listings, photo illus, colour section. Laminated boards, as new. (Book ref. RHB8147) £20.00
GOODALL, M H. The Norman Thompson File.
Air-Britain 1995 Large 4to, 101pp, narrative text, aircraft listings, well illus. Laminated boards, as new. (Book ref. RHB8142) £20.00
THETFORD, OWEN. British Naval Aircraft Since 1912.
1991, 6th (final?) revised edition, Putnam. 8vo, 512pp, hundreds of photo illus and 3-views, brief histories of each type, technical specifications. Arranged alphabetically by type. Cloth, jacket, VG/F. (Book ref. RHB8127) £30.00
JACKSON, A J. British Civil Aircraft 1919-1972.
Putnam 1988, 2nd edition. Three volumes 8vo, 565pp + 560pp + 636pp, over 1500 photo illus, numerous 3-views, dense text, tables. Aircraft types arranged alaphabetically throughout. Cloth, jacket, fine set. Originally published in 1972, revisions carried out by the author's son. The best single monograph on the subject. (Book ref. RHB8126) £110.00
ABBOTT, PATRICK The British Airship At War 1914-1918
Terence Dalton 1989. 4to, 142pp, well illustrated, diagrams, appendices, bibliography. Cloth, jacket, fine copy. (Book ref. RHB8125) £18.00
COLE, CHRISTOPHER & CHEESMAN, E F. The Air Defence Of Great Britain 1914-1918.
Putnam 1984 8vo, 486pp, numerous illus, squadron details and operations, index. Cloth, jacket, fine copy. Very scarce. (Book ref. RHB8123) £40.00
KINSEY, GORDON. Seaplanes Felixstowe.
1978 Terence Dalton. 4to, 228pp, well illus, tables, appendices. Cloth, jacket, fine copy (Book ref. RHB8122) £22.00
KINSEY, GORDON. Orfordness. Secret site.
1981 Terence Dalton. 4to, 175pp, well illus, map on end papers. (Book ref. RHB8121) £20.00
RANSOM, S & FAIRCLOUGH, R. English Electric Aircraft And Their Predecessors.
1987 Putnam. 8vo, 367pp, numerous illus and 3-views, tables, dense text in the usual Putnam style. Cloth, jacket, F. Standard reference. (Book ref. RHB8114) £28.00
MORGAN, ERIC B & SHACKLADY, E. Spitfire The History.
1986 Key Publishing. Large 4to, 634pp, hundreds of photos and diagrams, some colour, dense listings of individual aircraft, detailed text. The most comprehensive book on the subject. (Book ref. RHB8104) £40.00
RUST, KENN C. The 9th Air Force In World War 2
1970, 2nd edn revised, Aero Publishers. Large 4to, 245pp, detailed text, hundreds of photo illus. Cloth, jacket, fine copy. (Book ref. RHB8102) £38.00
ROBERTSON, BRUCE Lancaster, The Story Of A Famous Bomber.
1967, Harleyford. Large 4to, 216pp, numerous illus and diags, 3-views, cutaways, dense listings. Cloth, jacket, fine copy. (Book ref. RHB8101) £32.00
ROBERTSON, BRUCE Spitfire. The story of a famous fighter
1961, 2nd edn revised, Harleyford. Large 4to, 216pp, many photo illus and diagrams. Detailed text. Cloth, jacket, fine copy. (Book ref. RHB8100) £28.00
HITCHCOCK, THOMAS B. Messerschmitt 0-Nine Gallery.
1973 Monogram. 4to landscape. 120pp, numerous colour and b/w illus and diagrams. Printed boards, not issued with a jacket. Fine copy of a very scarce book (Book ref. RHB8099) £28.00
BOWMAN, MARTIN W. Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.
1998 Crowood Press. Large 4to, 192pp, numerous illus and diags, good narrative text. Cloth, jacket, virtually as new. (Book ref. RHB8098) £24.00
JEFFORD, C G (WING CDR) RAF Squadrons. A comprehensive record of the movement and equipment of all RAF squadrons and their antecedents since 1912.
Airlife 1988 Large 4to, 271pp,numerous photo illus and maps and diagrams, extensive listings. Cloth, jacket, F. (Book ref. RHB8096) £28.00
1967 Faber.. Large 8vo, 494pp, many photo illus, folding plates, extensive appendices. Cloth, jacket, fine copy. (Book ref. RHB8095) £22.00