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PETTY (Sir William): A treatise of taxes and contributions. Shewing the nature and measures of Crown Lands, Assessments, Customs, Poll-Moneys, Lotteries, Benevolence, Penalties, Monopolies, Offices, Tythes, Raising of Coins, Harth-Money, Excise, etc.
With several intersperst discourses and digressions concerning Warrs. The Church, Universities, Rents and Purchases, Usury and Exchange, Banks and Lombards, Registries for Conveyances, Beggars, Ensurance, Exportation of money [and] wool, Free-Ports, Coins, Housing, Liberty of Conscience, etc. The same being frequently applied to the present state of affairs of Ireland. Second edition, 4to. [16],72pp. Light soiling to title, slight chipping to edges of first and last leaf. Old round stamp of the Birmingham Law Society on the title page. Excellently rebound in quarter calf, marbled boards. London. Printed for Nath. Brooke at the Angel formerly in Cornhill, now in Gresham College, going into the Exchange from Bishopsgatestreet. ., 1667. Photograph available on request. Keynes Bibliography of Sir William Petty No 9. "This edition was published during Petty's absence in Ireland and was probably unauthorised by him." Wing P1939. Goldsmiths' 1849. Kress 1291. Hollander 131. Massie 825. McCulloch p. 318 (the 1679 edition). Sweet and Maxwell I.,p 331. Amex No 355. "According to McCulloch this is 'one of the most remarkable of the early tracts in any branch of political economy, Petty touches in this treatise on various subjects of great interest and importance, and his remarks are uniformly distinguished by their depth and appropriateness. He has in different parts of this tract indicated, with considerable distinctness, the fundamental principle, by establishing which Mr. Ricardo gave a new aspect to the whole science, that the value of commodities is, speaking generally, determined by the quantities of labour required to produce and bring them to market." (op. cit. p. 318). The Treatise was Petty's first economics treatise and was published in 1662 soon after the Restoration, when changes in the method of raising revenue were being discussed." As is indicated on the title page Petty is at great pains to stress the application of his observations to the state of Ireland. In the Preface, written about the time when as Duke of Ormonde he went to Ireland as Lord Lieutenant; he sets this out in detail. (Book ref. 19535)   £3500.00
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WALPOLE (Horace): The Mysterious Mother, A Tragedy,
First Dublin Edition, x, (3)-102pp., octavo, contemporary calf, light wear to hinges but an attractive copy, Dublin, Printed for John Archer, William Jones, and Richard White, 1791. With the engraved bookplate of James Clayhills of Invergowrie surrounded by sixteen pre-perforation British Penny Red stamps, all variously franked. First published at the Strawberry Hill Press in 1768 in an edition of 50, followed by a London edition of 1781 and then this Dublin edition. A Gothic play about incest for which Walpole offers a most humble sham apology in presenting it to the public - "he is sensible that the subject is disgusting, and by no means compensated by the execution" - and maintains he offers the printing only as a means to thwart the circulation of several pirated editions. (Book ref. 20506)   £180.00
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HENREY (Blanche): British Botanical and Horticultural Literature Before 1800. Comprising a History and Bibliography of Botanical and Horticultural Books Printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland from the Earliest Times until 1800.
First Edition, [and best edition - the reprints are not to the same standard], 3 vols, a fine set in original cloth with slip-case, folio, over 9" - 12", Oxford University Press, London, 1975. PHOTOGRAPHS SENT ON REQUEST. Comprising: Volume I: The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries History and Bibliography, pp. xxvi + 290. Colour frontispiece and 62 b/w plates. Volume II: The Eighteenth Century History, pp. xvi + 748. B/w frontispiece, 30 colour plates and 146 b/w plates. Volume III: The Eighteenth Century Bibliography, pp. xvii + 142. The great standard history and bibliography of some 1900 botanical and horticultural books printed in England, Scotland and Ireland from the earliest times to 1800. Over 1,500 entries are included in the bibliography, and the author has personally seen and collated most of the items, and indicates their locations. Extensively illustrated both in colour and monochrome plates, this work covers all aspects of the subject, including herbals, floras, nurserymen and their publications, work on gardening, garden design, and on botanical drawing books. (Book ref. 20490)   £140.00
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PYMS GALLERY: IRELAND: The Irish Revival, An Exhibition of Irish Paintings from 1880 to 1950
Pyms Gallery, exhibition catalogue 8vo., 70pp., 50 coloured & plain illustrations, Very Good, wrappers, 1982. (Book ref. 20365)   £15.00
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WENHAM (Edward): Domestic Silver of Great Britain and Ireland,
First Edition, xxiii, 186pp +95 plates, small folio, a very good ex-library copy with some stamps and marks in later strong library cloth, London, Oxford University Press, 1931. (Book ref. 1084)   £10.00
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THE ROYAL KALENDAR: The Royal Kalendar and Court and City Register for England, Scotland, Ireland and the Colonies for the Year 1832, including a correct list of the Tenth Imperial Parliament..,
First Edition, 408pp 8vo old leather, very good copy, London, Longman &c., 1832 (Book ref. 1994)   £28.00
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CRICK (B. R. editor): A Guide to Manuscripts Relating to America in Great Britain and Ireland,
First Edition, xxxvi, 667pp royal octavo, ex-library copy with a few stamps and discrete marks but good and clean in original cloth, London, Oxford University Press, 1961. (Book ref. 830)   £12.00
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