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John Trotter Books

Yahuda, A.S.: The Language of the Pentateuch in its Relation to Egyptian.
Oxford Univ. Press. 1933. Volume 1. ( all published ). Hb. No Dj. Scuffed and Spotted. Library Bookplate. Good (Book ref. 60603) £35.00
Woolfson, Marion: Prophets in Babylon, Jews in the Arab World
Faber, London. 1980 Hardback. Dustjacket. Very Good Condition (Book ref. 60611) £24.95
Whitley, Charles F.: Koheleth - His Language and Thought.
Berlin 1979. Hardback. Very Good (Book ref. 60616) £45.00
Von Rad, Gerhard: The Problem of the Hexateuch and other Essays.
London, SCM. 1984 Paperback. Very Good (Book ref. 60614) £20.00
Tatz, Akiva: Living Inspired
Feldheim, 1993 Hardback. Dustjacket. Very Good (Book ref. 60597) £29.50
Talmon, S.: King Cult and Calendar in Ancient Israel
Magnes Press, 1986 Hardback. Dustjacket. Very Good (Book ref. 60617) £95.00
Sharoff, Victor: The Heart of the Wood.
Worlds Work Children's Book, 1974 Hb. illustrated. (Book ref. 26639) £5.00
Sacks, Jonathan: Traditional Alternatives - Orthodoxy and the Future of the Jewish People.
Jews College London, 1989. Pb. Covers Scuffed o/w Good (Book ref. 60618) £25.00
Rosenberg, David: The Book of J
Faber & Faber, London. 1991 Hardback. Dustjacket. Very Good Condition (Book ref. 60610) £9.50
Roseman K.: Escape From the Holocaust - A Do it Yourself Adventure Series.
U.A.H.C. New York. 1985. Pb. Illustrated. New. (Book ref. 21661) £10.99
Porush, Israel: The House of Israel - A Study of Sydney Jewry.
Melbourne, Hawthorn Press. 1977. Hardback. Scuffed and torn dustjacket (Book ref. 60602) £25.00
Pearce, K. and Fry, Helen edit.: The Lost Jews of Cornwall - From the Middle Ages to the Nineteenth Century.
Redcliffe Press, Bristol 2000. Pb. illustrated, New. (Book ref. 60598) £50.00
Pausewang, Gudrun: The Final Journey.
Viking, New York. 1996. Hb. Dj. Remaindered copies. Vg. (Book ref. 46895) £7.99
Parfitt, Tudor: The Thirteenth Gate - Travels Among the Lost Tribes of Israel.
London, Weidenfeld. 1987. illustrated. Harback. Dustjacket. Like New (Book ref. 60609) £12.50
Mendelson, Alan & Joan Michelson.: From Bergen-Belsen to Baghdad - The Letters of Alex Aronson.
Mosaic Press, Ontario. 1992. Pb. Vg. (Book ref. 45227) £15.00
Mayes, A.D.H.: The Story of Israel between Settlement and Exile
SCM Press, 1983 Paperback. Very Good (Book ref. 60613) £9.50
Mayerowitsch Rev. H.: Oneg Shabbos - Anthology of Ancient Hebrew Table Songs.
London, E. Goldston. 1951. Hebrew / English. Hb. Covers Stained (Book ref. 60593) £20.00
Lods, Adolphe: Israel - From its Beginnings to the Middle of the Eighth Century.
London, Routledge. 1948 Hardback. Some Underlining. Good Condition (Book ref. 60608) £10.00
Ligocka, Roma: The Girl in the Red Coat
London, 2002 Hardback. Dustjacket. Owners name. Good Condition (Book ref. 60585) £10.00
Levine, Lee: Ancient Synagogues Revealed
Israel Exploration Fund, 1981 Hardback. Sl. Scuffed (Book ref. 60606) £29.50