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Victor Sutcliffe

STANLEY COMMITTEE Commissariat and Transport Services (Egyptian Campaign) - Report from the Select Committee...together with the proceedings of the committee, minutes of evidence and appendix. 18 July 1884. (Paper 285). (&) Index...(Paper 285-I).
London: HMSO, 1884 first edition 874 pages. Folio. A soundly bound copy in somewhat worn contemporary half black calf and marbled boards. Exhaustive enquiry into the conduct of the Tel el Kebir campaign. (Book ref. 59863) £225.00
O'NEILL C The Military Adventures of Charles O'Neill...including full histories of the bloody battle of Barossa, and the remarkable siege of Badajos; together with a graphic description of the battle of all of which he was an actor.
Worcester, Mass: printed for the author by Edward Livermore, 1851 first edition vi and 259 pages. 6 plates. A good copy in the publisher's embossed red cloth decorated in gold; the spine is worn with slight loss at the head and toe and the corners are bumped. (Book ref. 59862) £400.00
BULLOCH John Malcolm Territorial Soldiering in the North-East of Scotland during 1759-1814.
Aberdeen: New Spalding Club, 1914 first edition lxviii and 518 pages. Portrait of the 4th Duke of Gordon, colour plate of an officer of the Gordon Highlanders, detail of uniform brass. 4to. A sound copy in the publisher's cloth; the rims are frayed and the corners are bumped with some slight loss; the text is good and clean. Number 274 of an edition limited to 400 copies. The book is referred to often by A S White (page 237 etc) for its records of regular regiments raised before 1794 and subsequently disbanded. It has information also on Aberdeen fencible and volunteer regiments, and a bibliography, iconography and short history of the Gordon Highlanders to 1914. (Book ref. 59861) £200.00
JACOB Major General George le Grand Western India before and during the mutinies: pictures drawn from life.
London: Henry S King, 1871 first edition viii and 262 pages. A very good copy in the publisher's green cloth with black lines; the headcap is slightly pulled and one corner is bumped. Sorsky 568. Ladendorf 299. Colourful account of his life as agent in Kattiawar from 1839 to 1843 and in Sawantari from 1845 to 1851. In the Mutiny he disarmed the 27th Bombay Native Infantry at Kolapur. (Book ref. 59859) £240.00
BLAIR C N M Guerilla Warfare. (Restricted.)
London: Ministry of Defence, 1957 first edition 201 pages. 12 folding maps and 4 extending tables. A good copy in the publisher's red cloth which is however slightly discoloured or faded. Dealing mainly with WW2 operations in Yugslavia and Greece but with a chapter on SOE in the Far East and another on operations in Malaya post 1947. (Book ref. 59858) £75.00
FULLER Major General J F C Armoured Warfare an annotated edition of fifteen lectures on operations between mechanised forces.
London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1943 first edition 168 pages. Text diagrams. A good copy in the publisher's red cloth; the corners are bumped and the covers are slightly dusty. A revised version of the series of talks which Fuller gave to to his officers in 1930 when he was a brigade commander at Wiesbaden. The talks were first published in 1932 with the title Lectures on FSR III (Field Service Regulations volume 3). He argues that technological development has favoured offensive rather than defensive weapons and that the combination of mobility, armour and firepower have made armoured fighting vehicles the master-weapons of the battlefield. (Book ref. 59857) £20.00
CRAWFORD John Lindsay, 20th Earl of Memoirs of the Life of the late Right Honourable John Earl of Craufurd, describing many of the highest military atchievements in the late wars; more particularly, the campaigns against the Turks....
London: T Becket, 1769 first edition 336 pages. 12mo. A very good copy rebound in modern quarter calf and with new endpapers; there is a small paper flaw on the titlepage. The University of London library copy, previously owned by M S Anderson, is catalogued with a citation from Black's Factotum number 16 'the accounts of the military campaigns are directly transcribed from Crawford's (ms) memoirs, most of the rest of the work can be ascribed to Rolt...' This has been widely copied but is misleading since the ms volume of 'The Earl of Crawford's History' on the Turkish War of 1738 was largely written by Henry Kopp who later financed Richard Rolt's Memoirs of Crawford published in 1753. (Book ref. 59856) £180.00
DONALDSON Sergeant Joseph Recollections of an Eventful Life chiefly passed in the army. By a soldier.
Glasgow: W R M'Phun, 1825 second edition xii and 222 pages. A very good copy rebound in modern boards. This is the first of the three autobiographical volumes which Donaldson began writing to finance his university studies when he was head clerk of the Glasgow Military District and determined to become a surgeon. Recollections, which ends at the battle of Sabugal, was first published in 1821. This second edition was a reissue to accompany his second volume (not included here) The War in the Peninsula. A third volume on his peace service in Ireland came out in 1828. After his death a combined volume also titled Recollections of an Eventful Life was kept in print for many years. (Book ref. 59855) £225.00
HAGGARD Lt Colonel Andrew Under Crescent and Star.
London: William Blackwood, 1895 first edition xi and 406 pages. Frontispiece portrait. A very good copy in the publisher's yellow cloth with crescent in gold on the front board; the covers are slightly soiled and one corner is bumped. Haggard commanded the first battalion of the new Egyptian army and most of his book concerns their services in the eastern Sudan from the second battle of El Teb to Tofrek. (Book ref. 59851) £80.00
ADYE General Sir John Recollections of a Military Life.
London: Smith Elder, 1895 first edition x and 382 pages. 12 plates, 3 maps, 9 text illustrations. A good copy in the publisher's dark blue cloth; both upper corners are bumped and the front hinge is strained. Sorsky 7. Account of active service with the Royal Artillery including 110 pages on the Crimean War, 50 pages on the Indian Mutiny and 45 pages on Sitana and Bhutan in 1864 and 1865. (Book ref. 59850) £65.00
MINA General Francisco Espoz y A Short Extract from the Life of General Mina published by himself.
London: Taylor and Hessey, 1825 first edition 107 pages of English text with Castillian text facing. A fine copy in half calf with marbled boards. The Empecinado's improbable account of his exploits in Navarre include bloodthirsty descriptions of the breaking of three French squares, decisive contributions to Wellington's victories at Salamanca and Vittoria, and collectively inflicting losses on the French 'not far short of 40,000'. (Book ref. 59848) £325.00
BLUMBERG General Sir H E Britain's Sea Soldiers - a record of the Royal Marines during the war 1914-1919. Text voilume & Atlas.
Devonport: Swiss, 1927 first edition xxiii and 492 pages. Text with 18 plates and 22 plans. 7 folding maps in the atlas, 22 plans. Large 4to. A fine pair in the publisher's presentation half black calf with and navy cloth; the covers are slightly scuffed. (Book ref. 59847) £240.00
FIELD Colonel Cyril Britain's Sea Soldiers - a history of the Royal Marines and their predecessors and of their services in action, ashore and afloat, and upon sundry occasions of moment.
Liverpool: Lyceum Press, 1924 first edition 2 volumes. x and 324 pages; x and 357 pages. 23 colour plates, 95 half tone plates, 171 illustrations in the text. Large 4to. A very good pair in the publisher's presentation half black calf with and navy cloth with crests in gold; there is slight abrasion damage to the spine of volume 1, the cloth is slightly discoloured along the extreme outer edges of both volumes. (Book ref. 59846) £280.00
SNODGRASS Major John James Narrative of the Burmese War detailing the operations of Major General Sir Archibald Campbell's army from its landing at Rangoon in May 1824 to the conclusion of a treaty of peace at Yandaboo in February 1826.
London: John Murray, 1827 first edition xvi and 319 pages. 2 engraved plates, 1 large folding map of the Burmese Empire. A very good copy in half calf and marbled boards; the map is somewhat foxed and has been repaired on the folds; the text, platers and binding are in near fine condition. (Book ref. 59845) £275.00
LONG Charles Edward A Reply to the Misrepresentations and Aspersions on the Military Reputation of the late Lieut-Gen R B Long, contained in a work entitled 'Further Strictures on those Parts of Col Napier's History of the Peninsular War...
London: James Ridgway, 1832 first edition ...which relate to the military opinions and conduct of General Lord Viscount Beresford, GCB &c &c &c' accompanied by extracts from the ms journal and private correspondence of that officer, and corroborated by the further testimony of living witnesses. iv and 145 pages and errata. 2 plans to illustrate the cavalry action on the road to Campo Mayor on 25 March 1811. A very good copy in later buckram, a few patches of foxing in the text, spine slightly faded. Long's account of the action at Campo Major is largely accepted by Oman. (Book ref. 59844) £280.00
DUBERLY Mrs Henry Journal Kept during the Russian War from the departure of the army from England in April 1854 to the fall of Sebastopol.
London: Longman Brown et al., 1855 first edition vii and 311 pages. A good copy in the publisher's blind stamped black cloth; covers slightly rubbed and faded. Mrs Duberly accompanied her husband, who was paymaster of the 8th Hussars, to the Crimea. (Book ref. 59843) £250.00
FRANCOIS Capt C From Valmy to Waterloo - extracts from the diary of Capt Charles Francois, a soldier of the Revolution and the Empire. Translated and edited by Robert B Douglas. With a preface by Jules Clarette.
London: Everett, 1906 first English edition x and 332 pages. A bright copy in the publisher's blue cloth but with a damp stain on the back cover affecting the back endpaper. Tulard NBC 570 for the French editions. This English edition is more Douglas than Francois with short extracts from Francois sandwiched by connecting narrative. Chuquet produced a ten page list of Francois' errors but nevertheless the Dromedary of Egypt's memoirs are still treated as a reliable first hand account. As well as Egypt, he served in many other campaigns, being wounded at Jena, captured at Baylen and carrying the colours of the 30th out of Russia. (Book ref. 59842) £25.00
DEROULEDE Paul Le Premier Grenadier de France - La Tour d'Auvergne etude biographique.
Paris: George Hurtrel, 1886 first edition 272 pages. 4 colour plates, 6 full page text illustrations, several chapter heads and tail piece vignettes. A fine copy in half calf and marbled boards, decorative gilt lines and motifs on the spine. Number 50 of 100 copies on Holland paper signed by the publisher. La Tour d'Auvergne was named premier grenadier by Napoleon in 1800 after he joined the armee d'Helvetie as a conscript in the place of the son of a friend. He made his name on the Spanish frontier where he commanded la colonne infernale, a corps of 800 grenadiers. He was killed in action at Neuburg in 1800. (Book ref. 59840) £75.00
CREASY Sir Edward The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World from Marathon to Waterloo.
London: Richard Bentley, 1905 edition xiii and 407 pages. Text plans. A fine Harrow prize binding copy in full maroon calf, all edges gilt. (Book ref. 59830) £65.00
BLAKE Colonel J Y A West Pointer with the Boers.
Boston: Angel Guardian Press, 1903 first edition 411 pages. 48 plates. Publisher's black cloth titled in white with flags of the republic on the spine and laid on illustration of the author on horseback on the front board. Colonel Blake was a lieutenant in the US Army when he resigned his commission in 1889 after serving in the Apache Wars. He failed as a businessman in Grand Rapids and went to South Africa as a gold prospector. In 1899, when John McBride organised the Transvaal Irish Brigade for the Boers from the American Irish miners, Blake was appointed commander. But he was wounded quite early and Macbride took over. The brigade had its uses; it serviced Long Tom at Ladysmith and delayed the British advance on Pretoria by blowing bridges. (Book ref. 59819) £95.00