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Various security facilities on this site require cookies to keep track of information. A cookie is a tiny file of information that is stored on your computer - so tiny, in fact, that it might take a hundred of them even to take up one KB of the millions of KB generally available on a hard drive.

It is sometimes claimed that cookies are a security risk. This is actually extremely unlikely to be the case. Your browser will only release information stored in a cookie to the site that set it. In fact, in the case of one of two cookies that this site sets, your browser will only release the information to this site, and then only over a secure (SSL) link.

It is often also suggested that cookies can constitute an invasion of privacy. Again, we see this to be misinformation - a website has to already have access to the information in the first place to set the cookie. There is no way that a website can use cookies to retrieve information that you would not have voluntarily given anyway.

If you are still reluctant to enable cookies, you can always set your browser to warn you before it accepts them. Or, you can enable them for now and then just turn them off again when you leave

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