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Hello and Welcome

to Coney-Collectibles on the UK BookWorld site
Stock updated on 6 October 2008

We are collectors and sellers of books, postcard and ephemera, based in Spain and England.
We do not have a shop, and sell only on the internet, by mail order, and at book and collectables fairs.
Not all our books are listed on the net,so if you are looking for a special book ask us and if we have not got it, then we will do our best to find it for you.

Our stock is in Spain, delivery to Great Britain and Europe is normally 5-8 days, delivery to USA and the rest of the world normally takes 7-21 days.

Our preferred payment method is by Paypal, but we can also receive cheques and postal orders in British pounds at our English address. And in the unlikely event of you needing to return a book, it can be returned to the English address.

Now you know a little about us, you can buy with confidence.
You can contact us through this website or by emailing us
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